Hannah Viano: book signing and original artwork at Click! Design That Fits

May 8, 2014

Hannah Viano's beautiful Northwest alphabet book S is for Salmon was recently released by Sasquatch Books. Her original paper-cut art work will be available at Click! as well as framed, signed prints of each letter that became a page in the book, and perhaps a few new goodies and surprises as well. 

Hannah Viano:
I take inspiration from voyages and beachcombing done along the shorelines, where waves lap and lash out and leave everything new. To distill these impressions down I use an exacto knife and pieces of black paper. The act of carving out the pictures is a delicious and delicate process that gives itself perfectly to the flowing shapes of wood and water, the way faring a hull feels right in the hands, or a sweetly blossoming bowl on the potters wheel.

Click! Design That Fits is located at 4540 California Ave SW.

Jon Taylor and Clare Johnson at The Gatewood Bed & Breakfast

May 8, 2014

This month, we will be featuring a unique and ongoing project from Clare Johnson. A must-see! Clare will be onsite to talk about her Post-it Note Project as well as demoing other work.

Description of project:

Each night before she goes to bed, artist Clare Johnson draws a picture on a post-it note. Using a combination of images and writing, each drawing depicts something she’s thinking about that evening - a moment from the day, a feeling or thought running through her head as the end of that day approaches.

Started almost 9 years ago and still continuing today, the Post-it Note Project currently consists of roughly 2,500 of these drawings. Over the years it has spanned Johnson’s life in London, Cambridge and Oxford, as well as her return to Seattle a few years ago. It has been exhibited in Seattle at Barnstorm, Richard Hugo House, Fred Wildlife Refuge and the Ballard Underground, with a cover feature in Real Change and a “Best of Seattle” from Seattle Magazine in 2011. The Gatewood is exhibiting a small portion of the project, representing its earlier years. Three different poster designs, representing different samples of the post-it drawings, are available for sale.

Artist statement about the project:
Each night before I go to bed I draw a picture on a post-it note, depicting a moment from the day, or simply recording what I’m thinking at the time. I see post-its as the epitome of an ordinary, daily effort at remembering - designed to help you hold on to all the things slipping away from your mind. Usually used for remembering household tasks, work deadlines or lists, here they instead serve as a visual record of my life. In this, I am acknowledging both the urgency and the ordinariness of my desire to hold on to passing moments. While making these drawings helps me keep a record of my experiences, it is also a continual reminder that the days pass with or without my acquiescence.

Come by this Thursday between 6 and 9pm to see Jon Taylor’s paintings, acrylic resin, welded steel and wood/stainless steel sculptures.

Shown are some basic tools used for the assembly of wood sculpture. Most of the mixed media pieces and panel work are made with wood or acrylic sheet. Many of the wood components are milled down from other wood projects from sculpture, architectural models, furniture or found wood from construction sites or drift wood from the Pacific Ocean or shores in and around Seattle. Metal, usually stainless or carbon steel are added as details. Some are jobbed out, others are done in-house. Most of the sculpture on this page are from 2014, several are displayed at the Gateway B and B in West Seattle. Wood components of sculptures have recently been finished with classic linseed oil or modern ingredients in modified linseed oil. Sometimes graphite, spray paint or acrylic or oil paint is added.

Jon has used water-based paints for decades. Acrylic paint and its modifiers and gels are extensive in the market place. Although Jon uses many brands, he particularly enjoys Golden paints and would highly recommend anyone wanting to understand the vast array of products and techniques to take advantage of Golden’s excellent website and great knowledge base. The company was founded by artists and continues to serve the artistic community with new product lines, custom products and on-going on-line help.

Bethany Alsin at chaco canyon organic cafe

May 8, 2014

Bethany Alsin:
My aim with this series is to expose the relationships that happen between artists and their truest muses. I am focusing on artists that reigned during the twentieth century. This time period fascinates me because of how the figures depicted are essentially ghosts; most are now dead or very old but their energy is still present in their contributions to the arts. I want the word artist to represent a range of masters that conquered the visual, written, musical, and theatrical arts. 
When I paint I focus on the energy of the relationship between a particular muse and artist. My aim is to depict that energy conceptually by utilizing color and composition.

Joey Veltkamp at ArtsWest

May 8, 2014

This is not a protest. It’s a celebration! is the debut show of quilts and flags by Joey Veltkamp. Themes of comfort, social/political affirmation, and Northwest mythologies that Veltkamp’s past projects have touched on are thoroughly realized in these quilts and flags that reference women’s suffrage, Twin Peaks, feminism, gender identity, quilt history, The Carpenters, and queer politics. With aphorisms like “A day without lesbians is like a day without sunshine”, the quilts are meant to replace worry with comfort. The flags take social injustices and turn them into memorials. 

Veltkamp writes:
The idea of creation is important, but as I get older creation isn’t enough. It has to be loved as well. It has to comfort. It has to stand for something larger than my ego. And so I present This is not a protest! It’s a celebration!, which is, of course, a protest hidden (squirreled away) inside of a celebration.

ArtsWest is located at 4711 California Ave SW.

Call for Artists

The West Seattle Art Walk is pleased to announce two opportunities for local artists: 

The West Seattle Junction is looking for artist submissions for public art on the electrical junction boxes in the neighborhood. See http://wsjunction.org/blog/junctions-call-artists/ for more details. The deadline is June 1st, 2014.

Artists who have participated (or are scheduled to participate) in the West Seattle Art Walk are also asked to submit images for consideration to be used for future Art Walk posters and postcards here. The deadline is May 9th, 2014.

Project Girl Crush at Twilight Gallery & Boutique

May 8, 2014
May 8th - June 4th, 2014
Opening May 8th, 2014 6 to 9pm

The premise of Project Girl Crush is simple: to seek THE AWE and express THE ART. Through in-depth interview, photo, and video, this project uncovers, embodies, and perpetuates the force that is a woman's creative inspiration.
THE AWE is derived from the countless inspiring women the project founders, Genevieve Pierson and Jen Utley, have had the opportunity to profile.

THE ART is what has been created as a result of that inspiration.

Like the project, this show features women as the central figure. Here, her corporeal form is deconstructed to reveal both her omnipotence and her individuality. Through image and verse, this collection reveres the physical as an homage to the intangible.

  • Q&A with Genevieve and Jen during Art Walk.
  • DJ set with Hannah Levin of KEXP
  • Window Installation and reading by artist/poet, Ana Karina Luna
  • Performance by Anna Lisa of Hannalee
  • Rosarium Blends by Master Herbalist, Alchemist and Ritual Artist, Catamara Rosarium

See also:https://www.facebook.com/ProjectGirlCrush

Twilight Gallery & Boutique is located at 4306 Sw Alaska St.

Pamela Frenz at Wild Rose's

May 8, 2014

Pamela Frenz:
The creative process has filled me with enthusiasm and passion for decades. I first began as a stained glass artist in the ‘70s, then turned my attention to photography to look at the world through a different lens. 
Also, as an environmentalist and advocate of Mother Earth, through photography I can express my significant relationship with the natural world. Most of my images have been taken in lovely residential gardens close to home in the West Seattle Admiral District. The intricacy, grace and beauty of each flower is truly a joy to behold!

Wild Rose's is located at 4529 California Avenue SW.

Charles Lenny at HomeStreet Bank

May 8, 2014

Charles Lenny was born in June of 1996 in Seattle. Lenny mainly uses watercolors layered with ink in his works. Lenny currently studies art through the International Baccalaureate program at Chief Sealth International High School. He currently has a piece in the Naramore Art Competition which is displayed at the Seattle Art Museum as well as an enlarged image of one of his pieces on the corner of Alaska and Fauntleroy.

Light refreshsments and non-alcoholic beverages will be served.

Theresa Neinas at West Seattle Cellars

May 8, 2014

Theresa Neinas received her B.A. in art at the University of Washington. She is active in linoleum block printing and dabbles in painting, drawing, and whatever captures her fancy. She is co-founder and member of the art group "No Rules,” which started in 2001. She teaches at Pratt Fine Arts Center and is translating her blocks into stained and fused glass. Her work has been exhibited locally and abroad and is a part of many private collections throughout the United States.

On Art Walk Thursday this month, from 5:30 to 9:00, we’ll be featuring German wines at our weekly free tasting. Stop by to check out Theresa’s artwork and sample a great line-up of delicious wines from Germany.

West Seattle Cellars is located at 6026 California Ave. SW

Michelle Smith-Lewis at Wallflower Custom Framing

May 8, 2014

Fine art photographer, Michelle Smith-Lewis uses historic photographic techniques to explore the world around her. This show features the use of wet plate collodion process to record the cycles of growth and decay in her environment.

Her work has been shown in galleries in New York, Vermont, Arizona, California and throughout the Seattle Metropolitan area.

Thanks to you, Wallflower is FIVE!
This month marks Wallflower's 5th year in business. It's extra sweet for us to have you over for this opening.

In fine birthday style, this evening's event will be catered by the new bird on the block. 
The Admiral Bird is bringing snacks and beer, not to mention cheer. Join us!

Sheila Lengle at Vue Apartments

May 8, 2014

Sheila Lengle:

After a decade of challenging health issues, that pretty much left me totally empty, weak and wimpy, I was reminded by a few lifelong friends that I was still the Sheila they'd always known and loved. They encouraged me to rediscover my creative spirit, soul, center...wherever my purpose and passion was hiding.For now, I'm inspired by flowers. I create MY flowers to fit the design I want to paint based upon their shapes and colors. I reference coloring book and paint-by-number art. I love the simplicity and flatness. Even though I’m 66 years old, I still view the world from a child’s point of view; happy, bright and full of possibilities.

As a new addition to West Seattle The Vue is really excited to be part of the W.S. Artwalk and the rest of the community. We are filling our units quickly and want to help our residents get familiar with the local culture. We're happy to show you around our space when you drop by so see you at Artwalk when you stop by for some refreshments and to meet the artist!

Vue Apartments is located at 3261 SW Avalon Way.