Cherylin Andre & James Zetterberg at Office Junction

April 10, 2014
Cherylin Andre & James Zetterberg

"Up In Smoke" by Cherylin Andre
A graduate of Cornish, Cherylin studied fine she makes fine art out of the most unpredictable medium you can Images literally rendered by smoke and fire. You won't be disappointed with her unexpected portraits.

"Don't Buy It" by James Zetterberg
James Zetterberg shares his collection of drawings and other such noodlery with us He enjoys unleashing such an isolated activity into a wilderness of brains and eyeballs. He timidly says, “Alone, we prepare and together we share.”Zetterberg was birthed by his Mother, Father and Seattle. If you enjoy what you see, know he will make more.

Join us celebrating our new space at 6040 B California Ave in the Morgan Junction! We'll serve drinks and appetizers. We'll also give tours of our new space, answer questions about Coworking, play a special edition of bingo, chat and have fun.

Office Junction is located at 6040 California Ave SW.

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