Jaina R. Rodriguez & Josh Powers at RE/MAX

West Seattle Art Walk, Thursday May 9 2013, 6-9pm

Two quirky and creative artists come together, blending a mix of light and dark, humor and sadness, and cute VS the macabre in this shared art show:

Jaina R. RodriguezArtist Statement:
"By day, I am a manager of creatives and by night, I am a creator. I have been a freelance graphic designer and artist since I graduated from The Burnley School of Arts (now the Art Institute of Seattle) and The University of Washington… over 17 years. My current collection was inspired by my favorite things: history, printmaking, the human/animal form, and other oddities. Some think I am dark and brooding with my love of skulls and fascination of history’s darker times. Truth is, I think we all possess a certain level of curiosity in these things, I’m just not afraid to grab a stick and give it a poke.
I don’t pretend to have a deep reasoning for why I do what I do. You may look at these images and see a deeper meaning, allegory, or political commentary… that’s what art is, if you ask me. It’s not about me, the artist, but about the viewer (you) and how you relate and connect to the art. It’s personal, and that’s the beauty of it."

Josh PowersArtist Statement:
"After coming to the sobering conclusion that my weak arches wouldn’t get me to Broadway, I hitched my wagon to another dream; making whimsical and fancifully fantastical illustrations. I’ve been a designer and illustrator for over 10 years, creating everything under the sun. From posters for local bands to greeting cards for Hallmark. Hours of watching the Muppet Show, my fascination for vintage cookie jars and an avid collector of glow sticks have lead me to what hangs from these walls… Illustrations crafted with care and pure imagination, usually while eating waffles or pudding."

RE/MAX is located at 4727 44th Ave SW #101.

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