Eric Edwards at Locol

February 14, WSAW, 2013
This feb we willl be featuring art from West Seattlite Eric Edwards...

Artist Statement:'I work primarily in mixed media collage and found object assemblage.
I use pop culture advertising posters torn from buildings in Seattle, London, San Francisco, Miami and New York City. I like to use the garish, colorful adverts and paper fragments in a painterly way and often the image themselves pull me off in unexpected ways.

I really enjoy the spontaneity and sometime frustration of collage: the losing of some cool image to something cooler, or something that just works better.

I am influenced by street art, graffiti murals, wheat pastes, tags and stickers. Influences also include Robert Rauschenberg, Max Ernst and Romere Bearden and, lately, Judith Supine and Michael Anderson.'

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