New works by Cyn Moore at Twilight Artist Collective

November 8 WSAW, 2012

-WHATNew works by Cyn Moore

-CLOSES: Friday, December 7th, 2012
-WHERE: Twilight in the Junction, 4306 SW Alaska St

Baltimore Zoo – Oil and acrylic on canvas

Cyn Moore explores the crux between animal symbolism in traditional fairy tales,
and the often, uneasy relationship between captive animals and humans which
exists in modern times. Cyn works in encaustics, oils and acrylics.

Merryweather Books

November 8 WSAW, 2012

Unfortunately Merryweather Books will be closed for this month's art walk but will be back next month!

Carla Nitkey at Kim Tingley Windermere

November 8 WSAW, 2012

Kim Tingley is proud to present Carla Nitkey, local West Seattle resident as the featured artist at the Windermere Gallery.  This month we will be featuring artisans in an artwalk boutique, jewelry, glass artist, leather goods and more will be for sale.  Please bring a food item for the food bank!

 "Carla's contemporary new art is a fusion of mystic realism, old school painting philosophies and modern perspective in digital pop art.
She moved to Seattle in 1989 and have been living in West Seattle since 2001."

Join Kim the 2nd Thursday of every month for the West Seattle Artwalk. Stop by Windermere, pick up a map, have a snack and a bev. and enjoy a wonderful community event! Hope to see you soon!

Jewelry designer Katherine Dancer at Heidi Horowitz DDS

November 8 WSAW, 2012

Katherine Dancer @ Orthodontics for All Ages, 4400 California Ave.

Katherine Dancer creates jewelry with a flair for the dramatic! Her extensive background onstage has set a bold tone for her unique pieces. When she couples this with a deep appreciation for the amazing natural gemstones and diverse cultures of our Earth, it sets the stage for a show stopping choreography in jewelry. Please come in to meet your gracious host and  the artist she is presenting and explore this intriguing collection with us. See you then!

Wanda Nevel at Bakery Nouveau

November 8 WSAW, 2012

After receiving her degree from Western Illinois University, Wanda taught art to students of all ages for nearly 30 years. As an award-winning artist, Wanda has worked in watercolor, colored pencils, watercolor pencils, inks, oils, glass etching, beading, and stained glass.

A gypsy at heart, Wanda traveled throughout the United States after retirement, pushing herself to expand her subjects to include ocean life and portraits. Although landlocked in northern Idaho, her love of the ocean inspired her to visit and reproduce coastal landscapes from Seattle to San Diego and Arcadia National Park to the Florida Keys. Her classic works portray still lifes; domestic animals; and the wildlife and scenery found throughout the western United States, especially deer, elk, barns, and lighthouses.

Wanda has participated and sold her artwork in several art shows, including “Art in the Park” in Leavenworth, Washington; the Spring and Fall Art Shows in Riggins, Idaho; and the Idaho County Fair in Cottonwood, Idaho. She has family in Seattle and visits often.

Ian Prebo at Shoofly Pie

November 8 WSAW, 2012

Ian Prebo is a lifetime West Seattelite. He attended film school @ Seattle central Community College and is the lead singer and rhythm guitarist for the Blackheart Honeymoon. Ian has been painting consistently since the age of 17. He hopes that you enjoy yourself and his show!

Julia Garrels and Karen Danielson at Nature Consortium

November 8 WSAW, 2012

Join Nature Consortium for a fun filled evening of art, music and socializing with light refreshments! Live music 7-8pm with local band Modern Relics,

Julia Garrels/Metalwingstudios

Bio:  I have been working in metal for over 14 years now.  I studied in Michigan, then made my way West, first working out of studios in Chicago, then to Portland, next to Seattle where I have resided for almost 10 years.  My inspiration comes from the nature that surrounds us.  I have worked mainly in enamel for the last 6 years.  Enamel is the fusion of glass to metal, an ancient process that involves heating the glass and metal together at a very high temperature.  I fell in love with the medium/process because it really speaks to me and helps bring my visions to life.  Much of my focus is on the birds of the Northwest.

Karen Danielson/Sky and Earth Healing Arts

Bio:  The inspiration for my work comes from nature, the elements, indigenous cultures, creation, stories, and myth.  I want to remind people of the natural world all around us and the miracle of creation.  The various materials I use in my pieces include clay, cloth material, paint, inks, feathers, wood, bones, horse hair, deer hide, beads, and metals.  Each piece is one of a kind and comes with a story.

Jimmy Gerson at Locol Barley and Vine

November 8 WSAW, 2012

My name is Jimmy Gersen. I make my home in Seattle, Wa., where I graduated from the University of Washington School of Art. I began displaying my work in small restaraunts, and galleries throughout the area. I was mainly working with charcoal and pastels producing painting like drawings. Some where along the line I decided to literaly, dip my hands into some paint and see what I could do. Soon, painting became my new love. In 2000 I started to perform paintings live. That may not sound unusual, but painting behind a Heavy Metal band was.

After a five year hiatus, I found the urge to paint live, too strong to ignore. Returning to the stage in 2009, I have ressurected my painting career. I've performed for fundraisers, private parties, and other special events, all the while becoming a regular performer during West Seattle art walk at Angelina's.

View My Online Portolio Here:

Jaki Reed and Danitra Hunter at Zatz a Better Bagel

November 8 WSAW, 2012

Handmade Tiles by Jaki Reed

A life-long artist, Jaki utilizes her background in drawing, painting, printmaking, and figure sculpture to create unique handmade tiles and mosaic art. Her work explores a variety of themes, including cats, birds, sea creatures, water, landscapes, people, symbols, and signage.

Youthful Folly Studio

Danitra Hunter is a West Seattle resident and artist. She creates unique drawings, paintings, and gifts featuring her bird characters. Danitra is also a Mehndi henna tattoo artist, and will be doing beautiful henna tattoos at ArtWalk. Henna tattoos are natural, non-toxic, non-permanent, and pain free.

Nicole Melchior at Heartland Cafe

November 8 WSAW, 2012

Nicole Melchior is a self taught artist that was born and raised in West Seattle. Many of her pieces convey the struggles and triumphs of women in modern society with the ever present stigma of idealistic media standards weighing in. She also does freelance work in portraits, typography and signage. She is consistently adding skills to her repertoire, currently learning to crochet and taking a woodworking class at Seattle Central Community College. Please check out her upcoming project, a lifestyle blog created with her friend and avid crafter Kim Glockner. If you are interested in freelance work, please email or visit The Heartland CafĂ©, Mon-Wed where she is the daytime server.

ArtsWest: A feast for the eyes

November 8 WSAW, 2012

IN THE GALLERY: A Feast for the Eyes: Food in Art
October 30 – December 15, 2012

A Feast for the Eyes: Food in Art features paintings and photographs by Pacific Northwest artists Christopher Boffoli, Kristen Reitz-Green and Jere Smith. Curated by Mark Daughhetee, the exhibition is an invitation to explore worlds opened up by beautiful food.

Please join us for the reception on Thursday, November 8th from 6:00 - 7:30pm, in conjunction with the November West Seattle Art Walk. During art walk the following month, Thursday, December 13th from 6-7:30pm, we will host an informal artist talk where each of the artists will speak about their work in the exhibition and visitors will have the opportunity to ask questions and engage in conversation with the artists.

To learn more about the artists, visit their websites:
Christopher Boffoli:
Kristen Reitz-Green:
Jere Smith:

Kari-Lise Alexander at Wallflower

November 8 WSAW, 2012

In Norwegian folklore, as in the tales of other cultures, you find the common themes: struggles between good and evil, overcoming of adversity, all told though a filter of innocence that often hides behind subtle curtains of darkness. "Eventyr" is my own version of these same themes and a retelling of that same folklore. Exploring the complex relationships that often develop in these stories between the maiden in distress, the creatures that she encounters, the challenges she faces, I hope to create unique pieces that can be read in many different ways from the viewer. Using muted color palettes and incorporating influences of Norwegian rosemaling; a type of decorative folkart, helps give these pieces a feeling of yesteryear all while maintaining that mystery that hides behind the tales of "Eventyr."

West Seattle Cellars November Artist: Glenn Brewer

November 8 WSAW, 2012

Once again this month we'll be displaying watercolors by local artist, Glenn Brewer. Glenn majored in art at the University of Washington, studying sculpture with George Tsutakawa, as well as painting, printmaking, and jewelry design with other local artists. His primary interest was in sculpture and three-dimensional design, but life eventually led him to a career in architecture, where he worked for 42 years. He is now retired, and can devote his time to the art that he has always loved. Although he had always thought of himself more as a sculptor, it is painting that he focusses on today. We are displaying a number of his works this month—mostly landscapes but also, appropriately enough, a rendition of Bacchus, the Roman god of wine. Glenn says, "My interest in subject matter, techniques, and style, are still evolving. I try may different approaches in order to find who I am as a painter. It's still too early to know."

The theme for our free wine tasting this Thursday, which coincides with Art Walk night, is "French wines for the holidays." Think sparkling wine, reds and whites for holiday meals and parties and, of course, dessert. Come in between 5:30 and 9:00 and get some holiday inspiration, while you enjoy the artwork of Glenn Brewer. He won't be joining us this time, as he just had heart surgery, but you can raise a taste of wine to his speedy recovery!

Rachel Austin at Click! Design That Fits

November 8 WSAW, 2012

Rachel Austin returns to Click! Design That Fits with her oil painting series "Poppies and Lanterns", including the piece that is the current West Seattle Art Walk poster. 

Rachel explores a number of themes with her paintings.  Many of her current works resonate a sense of the simple beauty found in the spare and innocent scenes of everyday life. 

Rachel is a full time artist living in Portland, Oregon. Her map series paintings, along with cards, journals, and prints, are regularly featured at Click!. 

During art walk Click! will also feature a tasting of locally made jams and preserves by Rebecca Staffel of Deluxe Foods.

J. Conrad Nivens at Mind Unwind

November 8 WSAW, 2012

J. Conrad Nivens explores the depths of uncharted seas through imaginative mixed media paintings.

Mind Unwind is also featuring its newly opened beer & wine lounge, "Treehouse Lounge" during November's Art Walk.

Mind Unwind, Art Gallery & Interactive Studio
2206A California Ave SW

'A Playground for Your Creative Imagination' 
There will be lots of amazing artists, our favorite Clown/Magician Just Sage, along with E. Grace Dager and her Band Of Toy, and the masterful soundscapage of Tim Scallon.

No artist at Brent Amacher State Farm this month

November 8 WSAW, 2012

Unfortunately Brent Amacher State Farm has needed to cancel this month, but there are still several other participating businesses in the Admiral District so head on up there and Brent will be back next month!

Jesse Link at Elliott Bay Brewery

November 8 WSAW, 2012

Jesse was born and raised just outside of Pittsburgh in a small city called Weirton. In school he drew when he should have been taking notes and gazed out the window daydreaming when he should have been paying attention.Amazingly, he somehow made it through primary school and into college. He graduated from the Art institute of Pittsburgh with an AA in Industrial Design and studied communications for 4 years at West Liberty University.

After school Jesse lived and worked in Miami doing video production/post-production before joining the Army. After enlisting Jesse was quickly wisked away to the big beach known as Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom. It was in Iraq that Jesse decided to dedicate himself to the tradition of Visual art. Although formally educated in sculpting and rendering Jesse’s painting abilities are primarily self taught. After returning from the war in 2006, Jesse moved to a devastated, post Katrina, New Orleans to help with the rebuilding effort. He formed a small construction company and in his free time began to paint. Soon after he was showing in the French Quarter and in venues around town. In late 2007 he picked up, once again, and moved. This time to a much less hot and humid Seattle, WA, to focus on his career as a visual artist. His first Seattle show was in August 2007 at Bauhaus Books and Coffee on Capitol Hill. He has since become an active member of the Seattle Arts community. His love of Seattle and the Pacific Northwest quickly became apparent in his work. A very prolific artist, he participates in many group and solo exhibitions throughout Seattle and the U.S. ever year. Jesse has been involved with companies such as “Target” and “Art in Hand Cards” and donates work to charities for auctions. Jesse has acquired a loyal following which has been steadily increasing over the years.

Multiple artists at Wild Rose's

November 8 WSAW, 2012

Wild Rose's is featuring:Janet Ramble - beautiful oil landscapes and her "Holiday Snowmen".
Susan Romanenghi - creative photo transformations. Want to transform your images and mementos into a unique, evocative work of art? Photo composites make excellent holiday gifts.
Arianne Weldon - gorgeous holiday wreaths made from "Old World" ornaments.
Sandra Boushee - patched work boiled wool mittens with fleece lining. So cozy and warm!
Judy Dobson - hand knit scarves in beautiful fall colors. 

Jan Brown and Shauna Kruse at Better Builders

November 8 WSAW, 2012

JAN BROWN, painter
Jan Brown: "I truly think it's important to find what you’re passionate about in Life and just do it!  When painting I like to use expressive abstraction and vibrant colors of magnitude so my paintings motivate dynamic energy and Life.  The impact on the viewer will always vary in the art world...  My passion is to reach that place of inner peace and symbolic meaning to an individual."
"The artist gazes upon a reality and creates their own impression.  The viewer gazes upon the impression and creates his own reality" ~ Robert Brault

SHAUNA KRUSE, photographer

“Shauna Kruse has been viewing the world “through the lens” since she received her first camera from her mom at age 8.  She loves capturing the beauty around her and never alters her landscape photos in any way.  The photos you see in this showing have been taken all over the United States, but primarily focuses on our very own beautiful Northwest.

With over 10 years of professional experience, Shauna specializes in outdoor portrait photography and loves working with people of all ages, personalities and everything from family photos, maternity and newborn photos, professional head shots, and weddings.  She loves to have creative input from her clients and also has a portable background and lighting for indoor photos.

Shauna believes in giving back and because of this she will be donating 10% to be split between two charities: Wounded Warrior Project ( and Dollar Per Month  (  This is 10% from every session booked, every print, gift certificate, and fine art print that is purchased through the end of the year.  Please help her make a difference.”

Finally, we will have some SUPER tasty Pumpkin Pie cupcake samples from Aileen De Leon of Neverland Cakes & Creations(designer cakes, treats and party planning).

Linda McClamrock at Hotwire Online Coffeehouse

November 8 WSAW, 2012

Linda McClamrock is a West Seattle resident, musician and artist.  She creates collage scenes using recycled paper, acrylic paint, and a sense of humor.  She frequently finishes these collages with second-hand frames, to further the notion of creating beauty from cast-off materials.  

Linda's artwork includes a variety of themes, including musicians, gardens, beautiful beaches, and the variety of life she observes at Alki.  She works in systems development for Nordstrom and plays with art in her spare time.

Jeff Hayes and Tom Wyrick at Alki Arts

November 8 WSAW, 2012

November's Artwalk at Alki Arts features the art of Music and our local musicians!

This Month's musical guest is one of our favs at the gallery-Local fire chief Jeff Hayes (aka Drummerboy) along with his guest Frank 'Hot Rod' Holman will bring their jazzy/rock mixture of music and great energy to the gallery for a really enjoyable night!
This evening's music will benefit 'Northwest Folklife' as one of their 'Nights for Folklife' series. Enjoy great local music and support a great community cause!

On our walls we will feature the clean & modern metal wall hangings of Tom Wyrick, who's work always sells out as soon as we get it in! Tom's etching and grinding on stainless steel creates 'paintings' that seem almost 3-D when the light dances across them.

Enjoy a glass of House Wine, local art, local music, and the view on the beach-Hope to see you there!