Ann Duffy at Click! Design That Fits

October 11th WSAW, 2012

Click! Design That Fits is proud to present a new collection of paintings by Ann Duffy, directly inspired by scenes in and around West Seattle, and the light she sees in them.

Artist Statement:I paint in the realist tradition, although I believe there is always an abstract element to the composition. Light is what most attracts me to a subject.Someone once said that a good writer can make any subject matter interesting and I believe this to be true of painting also.

About the Artist:Above all, Ann Duffy paints light…She's a realist who orchestrates each scene as if it were a modest piece of chamber music.In a world full of losses, her light can still take your breath away.Regina HackettSeattle Post-Intelligencer

Anthony Ogle at Better Builders

October 11th WSAW, 2012

Better Builders presents Anthony Ogle!

Artist Statement:
“Anthony Ogle was born on Nov. 27th 1981, he grew up and attended school in Seattle.  Anthony took some of his first painting classes at South Seattle Community College in 2004.  At that time he was introduced to different styles of painting, how to create light and shadow, the illusion of distance and finding his favorite way of creating a painting.  Being relaxed and free, using color to create from real life or imagination, completing the canvas, Anthony hopes his paintings cause the eye to ponder and absorb what is seen.  Nowhere in the near future does Anthony want to stop painting.  He hopes his paintings are found to be extraordinary and enjoyable art.”

Light refreshments will be served (non alcoholic) and we will also feature before/after portfolios and photos of our home remodel projects!

Windermere presents RobRoy Chalmers

October 11th WSAW, 2012

Kim Tingley at Windermere is proud to present local West Seattle artist Robroy Chalmers. 

Artist Statement:
“Art is important! It makes us feel, it makes us see, it makes think in ways
we never thought we could. If art and its artists truly want to affect
society and viewers it must transcend the decorative and become more than its
face value. It must draw its viewers in and sequester them inside the artists
mind for a time to fully penetrate the psyche.”
“Make art. Talk about art. Feel art. The rest of the world will fall into

Locöl presents Sam Pierce

October 11th WSAW, 2012

Locöl presents Sam Pierce!

"At 55, former basketball star still has the right moves.  His life, vivid as one of his paintings, has always been about change. He has slipped smoothly from talent to talent, from basketball to painting to the blues. None of it came – or went – easily, exactly, but you wouldn’t know it to look at him now. The attitude, the profanity and the arrogance that a celebrated, segregated high school athlete carries in lieu of confidence has softened into humility, into tact and grace."
- Seattle PI

Ray Pfortner's Photography Students at Bakery Nouveau

October 11th WSAW, 2012

Bakery Nouveau presents photography students under the instruction of Mr.  Ray Pfortner!

Mr. Pfortner is an instructor and a photographer who teaches around Puget Sound with over 10 different educational partners from Bellevue College to the Daniel Smith Artist Supply Stores to the Pacific Northwest Art School, Vashon Allied Arts and the Seattle Japanese and Chinese Gardens.  To read more about him and see more of his work visit:

He has taught two photo workshops at the Seattle Chinese Garden in West Seattle, with the classes capturing some remarkable images.  Both of these groups of students are represented, including last fall’s juried selections, which were shown in China this past spring as part of a sister city program!

To quote Mr. Pfortner:  “I am very eager to have the show exhibited in West Seattle, where not enough people yet even know the Garden's exists (and  just up the ridge on 16th at South Seattle Community College!).”

"Mine & Yours" at Twilight Artist Collective

October 11th WSAW, 2012

TwAC is proud to present "MINE & YOURS" ~ A collaborative painting show featuring Kate Protage and Chris Sheridan!

We’ve shared a home and a studio for nearly ten years. It was a challenge to fit the puzzle pieces together at first, with wildly diverse personal histories, but over time we’ve turned the “otherness” that comes from different thought processes and life experiences into a strength. We often find that what one person can’t do, the other can, and we’ve learned how to meet in the middle.
Today, we spend a good part of our days and nights about 10 feet apart in our studio. We take significantly different approaches to painting—from the content we choose to the brushes we use, and the colors on our palettes—but like the rest of our life, the results end up being surprisingly complimentary. See what we mean with the work in “Mine and Yours.”

- Chris Sheridan & Kate Protage

TWILIGHT ARTIST COLLECTIVE (TwAC) is an eclectic group of more than 60 contemporary artists who are largely based in Seattle. We are focused on providing the venue for ourselves and others to share inspiration, expose people to original ideas through art, and build a sustainable artist community. We are committed to making art a part of our everyday lives, and strive to be the catalyst for a greater collection, exhibition and appreciation of fine art.
In addition to exhibiting throughout the region, Twilight Artist Collective operates a brick and mortar store in the West Seattle Junction where we show and sell work from all the artists in the collective. Our gallery/boutique offers fine art in a variety of mediums including: painting, photography, sculpture, jewelry, ceramics, clothing and much more.  Please visit for more information about the Collective, joining us, and about our unique art from local artists.

HUGE NEWS: Twilight Artist Collective is FOR SALE!! Serious inquiries only please, email the gallery for more information:

Wallflower Framing presents Tammy Spears

October 11th WSAW, 2012

Wallflower is pleased to present "Recent Works" by Tammy Spears!

Spears makes fabulous use of form and color in her paintings; each piece is unique and dramatic, at the same time true to her style.

We will also feature small edible creations by Kitchen Klaus.

Art, Treats & Live Music at Nature Consortium

October 11th WSAW, 2012
 "Monarch", mixed media by Oleana Perry

"Smoking with Company", photograph by Rich Fought

The Skeletons are COMING, The Skeletons are COMING to Nature Consortium ~
A one night show at the West Seattle Art Walk! 

Join Day of the Dead, artist Oleana Perry and special guest Rich Fought, photographer for an evening of art, refreshments, treats from the South Park Bakery and live music from Norman Baker: 

7-8pm, wear a costume and show your wild side!

Oleana Perry Artist’s  statement:
Dia de los Muertos for me is a time to reflect on my own path. A time to let ideas, thoughts or processes die, allowing room for new inspiration and fresh energy.  All of my Skeleton’s celebrate and represent the past but remind you that life is short, enjoy yourself. To see more visit

Rich Fought Artist’s statement:
“Rich Fought is a wandering photographer who is most happy walking the streets of Seattle, capturing it's wonderful people and unique atmosphere.  Shooting street and urban environments aligns with his own persistent wanderlust and fascination with multicultural diversity.  Humans interacting with each other and their environment are a rich source of beauty.  This wanderlust also takes him on road trips across the U.S. which inspire rural, nature and landscape images.

Devrim Özkan at Elliott Bay Brewery

October 11th WSAW, 2012

Elliott Bay Brewery presents Devrim Özkan: Paint & Ink!

Artist Statement:Devrim Özkan is a West Seattle based artist that was raised splitting her time between the deserts of Las Vegas, Nevada and multiple cities along the Western coasts of Turkey. After graduating from the University of Washington's Art department she decided to make Seattle her home. 

Devrim believes that her art is a mixture of her past, present and future. She attributes much of the organic nature of her work to the Arabesque designs of the Middle East as well as the vast emptiness of the Great Basin. Recently, she has recognized a growing interest for abstracted landscapes. 

A gypsy at heart, Devrim is known for her chaotic last-minute adventures, moving and inappropriate humor. She uses paint & ink as a means for translating her internal chaos into a language she can understand and a form she can appreciate. 

To purchase art or to learn more please contact her in any of the following ways: 

Phone: 206 484 0399 
Facebook: Devrim Ozkan Paint & Ink

Susan Romanenghi at Wild Rose's

October 11th WSAW, 2012

Wild Rose's presents photographer Susan Romanenghi!

Artist Statement:
I transform images of people and places in humorous, ironic (and sometimes iconic ) ways. The past becomes part of our present. The imprints of our ancestors weaves through our lives, is part of our DNA. You might be in Italy, New York City, Saskatchewan, on a plane or train or even in your backyard and yet their aura is there.

Diane Graves & Kathy Johnson at Capers

October 11th WSAW, 2012

Capers presents Diane Graves and Kathy Johnson!


Diane began by making jewelry, then expanded into mobiles. She continues to do so, although the mainstay of her art these days is the lamps. They range from simple classic designs to off the wall to fun and kitschy, such as the three she made from posters obtained from Archie McPhee Novelty Shop. Much of the raw material for Diane's lamps are found by way of what she calls junkin' in flea shops. It is a gift of unusual radar to discern beauty and purpose in what others have deemed worthless discards cluttering up the garage. It is a distinct way of engaging the world, akin to perceiving potential harmony where others hear dissonance.


A love of color and pattern came from studies in textiles and work as a textile designer in Hawaii. Her goal is to pair down imagery to the simplest form to convey the mood of the scene. Kathy's emphasis on harmonious color combinations has led to work in architectural color consulting today. An award-winning artist, she has also worked on a variety of projects that include: book illustrations, CD covers, publication covers, promotional posters, textile designs, wine labels, prints, and greeting cards. Kathy maintains a studio in Seattle and continues to draw inspiration from local landscaped.

Ceramic Tiles & Henna at Zatz A Better Bagel

October 11th WSAW, 2012

Zatz A Better Bagel presents artist Terri Goodwin, and henna by Danitra Hunter!

After Terri Goodwin earned a BA in Design from UCLA she spent her early career as a graphic designer for small companies in the San Francisco Bay Area and Seattle. In 1999, an interest in mosaic led to the desire to create custom ceramic tiles.  Starting from clay made it possible for her to mold anything she could imagine. Casting these handmade tiles into stone was an ideal way to feature their interesting shapes and bright glazes. Terri enjoys life in West Seattle with her husband and two sons while continuing to experiment with both ceramic clay and concrete in her home studio.

Danitra Hunter is a West Seattle resident and artist. She creates unique drawings, paintings, and gifts featuring her bird characters. Danitra is also a Mehndi henna tattoo artist, and will be doing beautiful henna tattoos at ArtWalk. Henna tattoos are natural, non-toxic, non-permanent, and pain free.

We are also doing a coloring contest which we will announce the winners of at ArtWalk in November. Winners for each age group will win a $25 gift card for Zatz!

"Spirits & Monsters" at Mind Unwind

October 11th WSAW, 2012

“Spirits & Monsters”, an exhibit by Carla G. Art and Jose Rodriguez III, will haunt Mind Unwind during October!
This series of works is inspiring while mildly disturbing, documenting a period of intense circumstances, living conditions and choices. Wizards, witches, goblins, monsters and the looking glass welcome you to a reality that is never far away.
“…and I have stared evil in the eye and didn’t know it”
Works from another life revisited. Often we don’t know where we are until after we have been there.

Glenn Brewer & Wine Tasting at West Seattle Cellars

October 11th WSAW, 2012

West Seattle Cellars presents Glenn Brewer!

This month we present watercolors by local artist, Glenn Brewer. Glenn originally majored in art at the University of Washington, studying sculpture, with George Tsutakawa, as well as painting, printmaking, and jewelry design with other local artists. His primary interest was in sculpture and three-dimensional design, but life eventually led him to a career in architecture, where he worked for 42 years. He has now retired, and can devote his time to the art that he has always loved. Although he had always thought of himself more as a sculptor, it is painting that he focuses on today. We will be displaying some of these works during the month of October—mostly landscapes but also, appropriately enough, a rendition of Bacchus, the Roman god of wine. Glenn says, "My interest in subject matter, techniques, and style, are still evolving. I try may different approaches in order to find who I am as a painter. It's still too early to know."

Our free wine tasting this Thursday, which coincides with Art Walk night, will feature tasty and affordable wines from Oregon. Come in between 5:30 and 9:00 and try some wines from our neighbor to the south, while you enjoy the artwork of Glenn Brewer. We hope to see you there!

Todd D. Martin at Hotwire Coffee

October 11th WSAW, 2012

Hotwire Coffee presents Todd D. Martin!

Artist Bio:
This show is dedicated to my mother Millie. My mother passed away on November 3, 2007. To my angel Millie…I love you Mom.

Todd D. Martin is a 12 year West Seattle Resident. Todd has a background in Interior and Lifestyle design. Todd Studied Art History and Graphic Design in College. Besides traveling to various locales, Todd likes to research the themes he likes to create.
For example for this show “Meet me at the Mortuary, The history of Mortuary Science in the Junction”, Todd did a vast amount of research.
Todd tracked the funeral home activity in the Alaska Junction. He research old files and obituaries. He researched the art of funeral direction. Todd even researched all of the information needed know to embalm and prepare a body for burial.
Todd took photography and research and pared that with the Coffee connoisseur expertise of Lora Swift of Hot Wire Coffee (site of a former funeral home). Todd came up with an entire theme for Hot Wire Coffees Halloween. From a special blend of locally roasted coffee to special coffee drinks; it is a treat for the senses. The photography is meant to reassure you that death should not be feared and it is just a part of life.

Please enjoy the show and remember every one has an Angel.

Abstract Observations at Arts West

October 11th WSAW, 2012

Abstract Observations continues at ArtsWest through October 27th! 

On October 11th during the West Seattle Art Walk, join us for an informal, conversational artist talk from 6:00-7:30pm. Walk through the gallery with Pacific Northwest artists Lydia Bassis, Maxwell Humphres, Jason Sinclair Astorquia, Diana Sanford and RobRoy Chalmers as they each speak about their work and answer questions from the audience.

More information about the artists can be found on their websites:

Lydia Bassis
Jason Sinclair Astorquia
Diana Sanford
RobRoy Chalmers

H. Lee Porter at Brent Amacher State Farm

October 11th WSAW, 2012

Brent Amacher State Farm presents H. Lee Porter!

Artist Statement:
I am a local self taught artist who has been living in the Seattle area for the past 27 years. My subject matter is inspired by nature and also the desire to present the viewers with a new take on familiar subjects while showing my own unique style. I have always practiced my art on some level and it continues to evolve and re-shape in new ways I could not always foresee. I love painting and I am constantly pushing myself in new directions and I hope people that have seen my work before will recognize my style but still be surprised at what they see with every new showing. 

Cathy Woo at Alki Arts

October 11th WSAW, 2012

Alki Arts presents Cathy Woo! 

Please join us for October's Artwalk showcasing over 40 local artists, and this month featuring all new artwork by the fabulous abstract painter and Alki resident Cathy Woo.

Guest Photographer and painter Nicole Sherey will also be at the gallery featuring her photography based paintings...she starts with a photo and then paints around it to fill the rest of the canvas!

The evening's musical performance will be by singer/songwriter Robert Parks-this should be a great show.

As usual, we are proud to be pouring House Wine!

Photography & Live Music at Carmelia's

October 11th WSAW, 2012

Carmelia's presents Pauline Smith photography and a four piece ukelele band called The Castaways! They perform eighties cover songs and are an absolute hoot! 

Come join us for art and music during West Seattle Art Walk.

Javier S. Ortega at Heartland Cafe

October 11th WSAW, 2012

Heartland Cafe presents Javier S. Ortega!

Artist Statement:
Javier S. Ortega was born in Seville Spain where he was trained in sculpture in the "Escuela de Artes Aplicadas" and ceramics in the "Escuela Taller Plaza España". After this he traveled to Florence to continue his education. Upon completion, his time was divided between the cities of Seville, Valencia and the island of Menorca before deciding to move to the city of Seattle. Here he is continuing his career with successful exhibitions in some of the cafes and galleries scattered around said city.
October 11 WSAW 2012

Are you ready for Art Walk? The fourth quarter 2012 has six new locations participating since last quarter: Sweetie, Merryweather Books, Tacos Guaymas, and Better Builders, all in the West Seattle Junction, Blackboard Bistro to the north and The Building to the south.

The new postcard has arrived as well, and features a bright beautiful piece from artist Rachel Austin titled "Poppies on Tangerine". The back of the postcard is a walking map. You can also navigate the Art Walk using the handy google map located on the right hand side of this page.