Open Studio and Childcare at Young At Art

June 14th WSAW, 2012

Young At Art is having open studio for folks Art Walking to come on in make some art, look at art, be the art!

We would like to offer out to parents an hour free drop off (ages 5 and up) during West Seattle Art Walk, 6-9pm So they can go mingle and enjoy art in the Junction.

Art Auction info at Hotwire Coffee

June 14th WSAW, 2012
Hotwire Coffee is lending a helping hand... stop by during Art Walk for more information about this Saturday's ART Auction & Sale at Ginomai!

Matt Calcavecchia at Twilight Artist Collective

June 14th WSAW, 2012

Twilight Artist Collective presents "Mama's Boy; Paintings of Motherdom", a solo show featuring local artist Matt Calcavecchia!

Join us for great art, fresh baked sweets, and meet the artist. Thursday, June 14th, 6-9pm in our Back Gallery.

bin 41 wine presents Mike Russell

June 14th WSAW, 2012

bin 41 wine presents artist Mike Russell!

It’s time for the monthly WS art walk again. This Thursday we’ll be joined by our friend and local WS artist, Mike Russell. Mike will be sharing his photography portfolio with pieces from locations that range from the Big Island in Hawaii to shots taken right here in West Seattle. His photos are a refreshing reminder of the beauty that's all around us. For a sneak peak, visit Mike's blog page at:

Please join us in viewing Mike’s work and sip on an array of organic & biodynamic wines from around the globe. We hope to see you at the bin!

Steve Klinkel at Locöl

June 14th WSAW, 2012

Locöl presents Steve Klinkel from West Seattle!  

Klinkel is a freelance artist operating out of Inscape artist studios.
"I tend to think of Art as an exploratory process and as a result you will see allot of diversity in my work, I will typically work on a theme/style for a number of months all the while kinda thinking about the next thing. I will revisit my old processes and further refine them, this has allowed me to see an evolution in my work that has been extremely gratifying."

Locöl will be offering wine specials all night long. Food served till 1am.

Marleen K. Wooding at Sparks Chiropractic

June 14th WSAW, 2012

Sparks Chiropractic Health Center presents Marleen K. Wooding!

Marleen K. Wooding Artist’s Statement:                                               
I have been drawing since I was two years old and realized very early that my understanding of any subject matter depended immensely on visual interpretation. I also believe that good art deserves a practical application. 
While working as teacher’s aide and illustrator in the Highline School District, I was able to insert my philosophy in illustrating educational materials for math and science. Some of my contributions I am especially proud of, is creating a Ms. Math Whiz to encourage young girls with their math. I also introduced ethnic recognition into my children’s drawings and introduced children with disabilities while illustrating concepts that the teachers had written for their classrooms and programs.
While working at Boeing in the silk screen department, I became interested in desktop publishing, and wrote, contributed and published a company newsletter for our division.
Throughout my working years, I have applied my love of the visual arts to enhance my environment at work and home. My last ten years has been employed in interior design. I love creating comfortable and cozy living spaces. As a result, I have become proficient in fabricating custom table top design, window dressings, decorative pillows and bedding. This skill has also spilled over into fashion art as I spent time at Union Bay and Nautica sketching for their designers.
I use my vision to enhance everything I do. Recently, I have begun creating designs for fabric. This has been my inspiration for my recent works and again, another practical application for my artwork.

Windermere presents Jeanne Hedington

June 14th WSAW, 2012

Kim Tingley, Realtor with Windermere is happy and proud to announce this month's artist JEANNE HEDINGTON. Jeanne's life has been filled with great challenges and greater triumphs and this month Windermere is celebrating her talents and her amazing legacy! 

A long time resident of West Seattle, the 94 year old painter has been making portraits for over 4 decades. She's travelled the world with her pencil and paper paying her way, worked at Boeing as a Technical illustrator and at the same time during the World Fair's 50 years ago she was hired by Disney to do portraits-1659 of them! Jeanne is an artist through and through, constantly drawing and painting. She is currently still teaching art in several locations.

If there was ever a West Seattleite with a tenacious spirit it would be Jeanne Hedington! 

In addition to our featured artist the lively “5 Buck Band” will be performing in the foyer at Windermere!

Hannah Viano paper cut art at Click! Design That Fits

June 14th 2012 WSAW
Hannah Viano returns to Click! with new paper-cut artwork from her "Hydrodynamics" series, a study of the sea in her beautiful forms. These pieces were created specifically for this showing. 

"My Images are cut from a sheet of dark paper using an x-acto blade to carve away the curves of waves and wiffles from the churning outflow at the locks to the gentle lap of the incoming tide on a quiet afternoon."

Samantha Mancini at Heartland Cafe

June 14th 2012 WSAW

Artist's Statement
In my work, I am exploring ways in which patriarchal Western culture has systematically alienated women from their own bodies, robbed them of autonomy, and rendered them voiceless, and the ways in which women have internalized--or alternatively, combated--this marginalization.  Seen through the male gaze, women have historically been represented as either passive vessels, inert and receptive, or profane monsters and temptresses, but never human beings.  I’ve married these oppositions in my work, thereby equating them with each-other as equally destructive and thereby creating catharsis.
I am more interested in the tension between diametrically opposed images of women in myth, folklore, and early 20th century art movements, such as Surrealism and Existentialism, than in the resolution of these depictions; more interested in the problems of images of women than in solutions to them, but every time a woman creates, this is a step in the right direction: the direction of finding our own voices, singing our own songs, and maintaining ownership of our bodies. 
Samantha Mancini is currently studying Literature and Visual Art at The Evergreen State College.  She lives in Seattle.

Roberta Krause at Seattle Real Estate Associates

June 14th 2012 WSAW
Roberta Krause has always had a passion for art, and watercolor is truly her favorite medium.

Tableaux Vivants at ArtsWest

June 14th 2012 WSAW

Tableaux Vivants features the work of six artists who work as story tellers, creating art that inspires conversation and stimulates the imagination.

Seattle artist Marty Gordon draws on a diverse artistic background that includes writing, theater, and printmaking to make his clever collages. A former minister, Gordon now devotes his spare time to collage making. Blending sophisticated humor with a comic visual style, his art appears lighthearted at first glance with clever wordplay and allusions to comic books. Scratch the surface and you will find much more. He has exhibited his art nationally and internationally and is one of 40 artists featured in the recent publication Masters: Collage.

Betty Sapp Ragan, of Tacoma, blends architectural elements from buildings that she has photographed, with portraiture that she creates in the studio. Her large scale gelatin silver prints are carefully cut together, brown toned and hand colored using Prismacolor and oil pigments. The imagery successfully combines the stone building facades with the portraits and the artifice of the applied color resulting in photographic works that are reminiscent of classical roman sculpture. The award winning artist has many regional and national exhibitions to her credit.

Although Ulrich Pakker’s sculptures are created from hard heavy materials - stainless steel, bronze, aluminum and glass, their curvilinear shapes and undulating swooping lines give them a buoyancy that seems to defy their weight. Pakker’s sculpture can be found in private and corporate collections nation wide. His work has also been shown in numerous group and solo exhibitions throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Bellevue artist Deborah Scott says that her mixed media oil paintings are collaborations with her models. Her paintings are the perfect vehicle for story telling; casting her models as universal archetypes from fairytales, tarot cards and mythology. Scott distresses her canvases by scraping away paint, abrading the canvas and otherwise distressing the work giving the finished art a look of long handled timelessness.

The two person collaborative artist team, DameBuilder, are Seattle artists Tracy Cilona andCrystal Fosnaugh. Inspired by the Feminist Art Movement of the 1970s, they continue their exploration of gender related issues that informs their work. DameBuilder will present a short video documentary addressing the feminist role in food and nourishment.

We will serve wine and cheese from 6-7:30p.m., and the art is available for purchase.

West Seattle Cellars June Artist: Tim Marsden

June 14th 2012 WSAW

A Bit of a Hodge Podge Really. New(ish) work by Tim Marsden
Please join us for a showing of new, and almost new, work by our long-time friend, Tim Marsden. "This work explores a few different directions that I hope to delve into further in the coming months. It is nice to see things up on the wall while still somewhat in progress as it gives an indication of the way one's mind works. Let's hope it is as entertaining for the viewer as it is helpful to me." Some of Tim's art has been permanently on display in our windows, in his wine-themed, 'stained glass' panels. Check out Tim's website to see even more of his work at
And of course, Art Walk Thursday is also wine tasting night here in the shop and this week we're pouring Greek wines. No Retsina in sight--just amazing reds and whites from grapes you have and haven't heard of. Art and wine--always a winning combination!

Devon Urquhart at Shoofly Pie

June 14th 2012 WSAW

Shoofly Pie Company will feature the work of Devon Urquhart, a local artist working in several mediums including drawing, mixed media, video and photography.

We will have our sweet slices special that evening - buy 1 slice, get the 2nd half off (6-9p).

Vessa Gayle at State Farm Brent Amacher

June 14th 2012 WSAW
“I've dabbled in marine biology and volunteered at the Seattle Aquarium for a spell. My love for the ocean and its inhabitants is apparent in some of my paintings. Cephalopods, mollusks and different types of plankton fascinate me and can be found floating around here and there in my work.  Their design alone is truly haunting and attractive. My work reflects my attraction to the inner workings of machines large and small.   I have an affinity for industrial powered machines and worked on a big barge line driving forklifts. My father worked on watches and clocks and I would spend many summer days digging through parts and seeing worlds within worlds there.”  
- Vessa Gayle

Sisters at Shanti

June 14th 2012 WSAW

Maura and Leah Warshawski are sisters based in West Seattle.  They both work as freelancers for the film and video industry in Seattle and abroad, and have been making jewelry for the last 15 years.  Birdwerks creations are inspired mostly by nature and hardware. 

Starheadboy at Blackboard Bistro

June 14th 2012 WSAW
Starheadboy is a super prolific artist, born and raised in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest. He flows his vibrant art through pure stream of conscious and relies on raw instinct, unlimited imagination, and constant inspiration to create his work.

Crows and Henna at Zatz A Better Bagel

June 14th 2012 WSAW

A Murder of Crows
West Seattle artist Jaki Reed exhibits her ceramic crows in flight. These are individual tiles created in black clay and arranged on the wall. Art, Crow, and Bagel enthusiasts are invited to see the art, meet the artist, and sample bagel treats as they share their stories of crow encounters.

Danitra Hunter is a West Seattle resident and artist. She creates unique gifts and hand painted signs using recycled materials. Danitra is also a Mehndi henna tattoo artist, and will be doing beautiful henna tattoos at ArtWalk. Henna tattoos are non-toxic, non-permanent, and pain free.

Kristy Dunn at Bakery Nouveau

June 14th 2012 WSAW
Artist Statement:
It really started with my Grandmother, who was an artist. She wasn't famous and she never sold a painting, but she loved it! She gave them away to anyone who liked them. I thought it was sweet, this little old lady who paints, but it wasn't ever really something I had considered doing past my high school years.  

She eventually passed away and shortly after I started dreaming of paintings every night. I had all of her brushes and paints and even some canvas' in my garage so I thought why not. The dreams weren't stopping and I had the means to paint my dreams. 

I don't know if painting was a gift she gave me or a way to feel closer to someone I dearly miss, either way it is daily blessing. 

I am a local artist with a true spirit for my community and avid volunteer within local schools as well as an Arts Commissioner for the city of Des Moines.

Bakery Nouveau will be serving free medium drip coffees in store during Art Walk.  

“Nostalgia” at Mind Unwind

June 14th 2012 WSAW
Mind Unwind is getting nostalgic this month with Brent Ray Fraser. “Nostalgia” is a vintage mixed media collection on stretched fabric that incorporates glimpses of old-school cartoon imagery, pinup memorabilia, decorative motifs and print media alongside charcoal, acrylic paint and spray paint. This layering technique creates paintings that have depth, interest and entertain the viewer. The vibrant collection includes neon pink as a true classic retro color. More pictures and information at and

Masks de' Carnivale by D'jaru and Spa Night at Omsho Crysalis

June 14th 2012 WSAW
Omsho Crysalis will be hosting a Spa Night @ The Dead Sea in addition to the Masks de' Carnivale by D'jaru

Spa Night @ The Dead Come experience the powerful effects and healing of the Dead Sea @ Omsho Crysalis! Clients are welcome to book a home Seacret Spa Party to help us introduce this amazing line to the world!   No purchase required.Specials on Dead Sea Facials when purchased the night of the Art Walk!

Jeanne Dodds at Nature Consortium

June 14th 2012 WSAW

Nature Consortium presents teacher and artist, Jeanne Dodds for one night only! Plus live music from New Age Flamenco from 7-8pm,   Love all the Nature Consortium posters and website come and meet our graphic designer Ryan Applegate.  See you there!
Title: Sea Jelly
Media: Encaustic painting on clayboard
Date: 2012

Artist Statement
Sea Stories
This body of work in illustration explores the theme of toxic pollution in the marine environment and the resulting environmental impact on organisms. I hope to express, in a visually elegant way, things that can’t be perceived by humans through sight but which have a tremendous impact on the health of the environment. Through representations of these toxic elements contrasted with drawings and paintings that express the beauty of sea creatures, I hope to set up a visual dynamic that will cause the viewer to question and consider their personal impact on the environment.

Alki Arts June Artwalk

June 14th 2012 WSAW

June's Artwalk at Alki Arts Thurs June 14th 6-9pm

Just in time for Father's Day, this month's Artwalk focuses on the art forms of an accomplished father and son duo; the skilled 'Plein Air' painter Robin Weiss and his equally talented son Maury!

There will be wine tasting provided by House Wine along with snacks to nibble on as you peruse the work of over 40 other talented local artists.

A lovely night of Live music will be provided by Zach Fleury
You won't want to miss this!

Akiko Masker at Wallflower

June 14th 2012 WSAW

During the month of June, Wallflower is proud to present the work of recent UW School of Art grad Akiko Masker. Visit for a preview of her work, then stop by Wallflower June 14th to see it in person!

Artist Bio:
In 2005, Akiko moved to Seattle, where She enrolled in the University of Washington’s Painting & Drawing BFA Program. Her work has been featured in the 2010 UW School of Art’s Juried Show and 2011 BFA exhibition. In summer 2010, She went to Japan(Kyoto, Nara,Kumano) as part of an exploration seminar at the UW, where she began to build upon her theme of combining traditional Japanese esthetic values with modern art technique of the west.