D. Lisa West and Margaret Plumley at Seattle Real Estate

April 12th WSAW, 2012
Seattle Real Estate present D.Lisa West and Margaret Plumley!
D.Lisa West is the artist represented on the WSAW postcards and posters this quarter! She generally curates the art at Seattle Real Estate Associates. For this show her art was curated by Gary Faigin.
D.Lisa West's Artist Statement:
The work I do currently is painting in oil, watercolor and mixed media. My pieces are influenced by words and often contain words and images. I made a series of collage, “love letters” pieces with torn love letters, and had a flighty fascination with birds…resulting in paintings and sketches with bird themes. More recently I have been painting still life and interior images and pushing the lights and darks.
I have studied process painting with Walter McGerry, and painting and drawing with Rita Natarova. I am studying at Gage academy of Art in Seattle, in an atelier with Gary Faigin.
My sister Anita West once told me that we were both good at making art when we were kids, and she continued to practice and I did not. All I needed was to start to practice again. So, I began…to practice again. http://dlisa.com

Margaret Plumley's Artist Statement:
Margaret studied painting at Gage Academy of Art in Seattle.  She travels to far-away places like Australia, New Zealand, Iceland, and Bhutan, trying to capture these places in her ever-present sketchbook. You can follow her travels, and her more pedestrian life, on her sketch blog: http://margplum.blogspot.com/

Krieger Dental presents Sally Halvorsen

April 12th WSAW, 2012

Krieger Dental presents photography by Sally Halvorsen!
"Photography has been my passion for forever.  I love pictures, landscape, flowers...I really love it all!"  

Sally Halvorsen grew up in Great Falls, MT where she bought her first pocket instamatic and took pictures of her home and the surrounding area while it was flooded.  From then on, she was hooked.  
Sally met and married a wonderful man who was into photography as well, and through his encouragement (and the purchase of her first DSLR (Nikon D80), she fell even more in love with photography.  After her husband passed in 2008, she began to really immerse herself in taking photos; it's what got her up in the morning and enabled her to put one foot in front of the other.  Photography served as a sort of outlet for the pain.  
In 2010, Sally knew she had to push herself to get out and meet new people, to live again.  She knew her husband wanted her to do the things they had not been able to do together, and that's exactly what she did.  Sally signed up for workshops, met wonderful people that shared her passions and she even published a book called 'Promise of Daylight: A Photographic Journey of Healing Through the Lens."

Sally says she was "honored when Melissa of Krieger Dental asked if she would participate in the West Seattle Art Walk."  Sally will also be participating in the Anacortes Garden Festival on May 4th & 5th.  

Stop by Krieger Dental during WSAW to check out Sally's work and enjoy some appetizers and drinks!  

Mark Morgan at Hotwire Online Coffeehouse

April 12th WSAW, 2012

Hotwire Coffee presents photographer, Mark Morgan!

Mark Morgan, a longtime resident of West Seattle, considers himself a conceptual photographer. Beginning with an idea, he then ponders the best way to communicate that concept with a visual. Keeping this vision in mind, Mark digitally photographs the different elements, colors, and textures combining them in his computer to bring his unusual pictures to life. Most of his images begin with the use of infrared photography – its unusual tones offer just the right amount of surreal mood to keep him happy.  In addition, Mark will sometimes loft his camera into the air on the string of a kite to gain that different perspective and to keep a bit of adrenaline flowing.

J. Conrad Nivens at Brent Amacher State Farm

April 12th WSAW, 2012

Brent Amacher State Farm presents J. Conrad Nivens!

J. Conrad's art is as diverse as his life experience. Originally from Wisconsin, J. Conrad chose to enlist in the US Navy following High School. After a few deployments and an honorable discharge, he decided to settle in Seattle, where he attended Cornish College for fine art. His favorite materials are burlap, charcoal, wood, metal and acrylics. He is currently continuing his education at South Seattle Community College for business.

Homemade chocolate sheet cake (by Brent himself) and wine will be serves until it runs out! Come and get it!

Duane Galbreath masks at Studio Djaru

April 12th WSAW, 2012

Omsho Crysalis is proud to host the Mask Styling’s of Studio Djaru & Duane Galbreath.
Omsho Crysalis is a holistic care services group.  Using all of nature at our disposal, we treat everything from arthritic conditions to skin anomalies that have not responded to other therapies using Dead Sea Salts, muds and minerals, Ionic Foot detox therapy and beyond.

Featured Artist: Duane Galbreath

Duane is a published poet and an artist trained in watercolors, pen, ink, and sculpting - his journey has taken him from flower arrangements to, a face maker. “I have been able to help others become someone else by creating masks that bring out the inner beauty of others.  I create wearable art, such as Carnivale and Venetian masks.  They are based upon traditional ideas and then embellished with my own flare with the use of crystals, feathers, and even flowers.  I have also created Pirate masks so that the dastardly deeds can be done with complete anonymity; due this I received the pirate name of Duane the Face Maker". 

4222 SW Walker St, Seattle 98116. 
A Proud member of the Admiral District Business Association

SPECIAL: 50% off all services scheduled and completed within 2 weeks.

Hanna Myers at Locöl

April 12th WSAW, 2012

Locöl is proud to present a second installment from artist Hanna Myers! She will be mixing it up this month with some new work and some of her installment pieces from March.
Hanna is a Junior at Cornish College of Art with a focus in Printing and Sculpture. Come see a girl that has some amazing talent.

Locöl will be donating 25% of proceeds to Transitional Resources’ art therapy program on Thursday, April 12 from 6-10-pm as part of Food For Art, a benefit event in conjunction with the West Seattle Art Walk.  Dine out in support of art therapy!

"Birds of Prey" at Blackboard Bistro

April 12th WSAW, 2012

Blackboard Bistro presents Greg Barnes and his exhibit, "Birds of Prey"!

Artist Bio:
Greg graduated with a B.F.A in studio art although is currently working as a software admin for a law firm. Greg finds most of his interests and a lot of his free time is focused on art. Greg works with digital as much as possible, but he enjoys using airbrush techniques and feels that practice with both mediums is really essential for him. Check out more of his art at http://www.gregonometry.com/

It's also Seattle Restaurant Week so we have restaurant week specials (3 courses for $28) during this months art walk!

"Knock On Wood" at Mind Unwind

April 12th WSAW, 2012

Mind Unwind is thrilled to host Nationally collected Artist, Jeffro Uitto. From the tiny town of Tokeland, a very big tool is used to create pieces of art from nature’s leftovers. Combing the Washington Coastline, Jeffro Uitto and his chainsaw are on the lookout for timbers tossed ashore…each piece of wood is a potential canvas to create in his studio, Knock on Wood. This April, 2012, Jeffro will be featured in Issue 12 of Bluecanvas (www.bluecanvas.com) a quarterly art publication that features an international, multi-genre community of artists. To celebrate Jeffro’s feature, Mind Unwind will be exhibiting Jeffro’s wood sculptures along with Marcy Merrill and Justen Jilsson's unique photography at Mind Unwind Art Gallery in North Admiral Neighborhood of West Seattle. 
To see more about Jeffro and Knock On Wood, visit www.jeffrouitto.com
For information about the photographers, visit www.justenjilssonphotography.com and www.merrillphoto.com 

Winemaker, Kevin Brown will also be sharing tasting notes and doing a wine tasting from Siren Song Wines!

bin 41 presents "Moss Windows"

April 12th WSAW, 2012

For this series, I reinterpreted the work in my studio that matched my mood of late, that being one of longing…longing with the threat of resolution.

Charles Moss JR received his BFA in Comprehensive Design from James Madison University. In addition to his studio art practice, he has worked as an architectural designer, art director in film, mural artist and art instructor. He grew up in Germany, Japan, Virginia, Morocco, Southern Spain, Alaska, Washington DC and for the last 15 years has resided in Los Angeles and Seattle.

The bin will also be featuring a wine tasting from 6-8:30 pm, showcasing wines with a little bit of summertime sunshine to brighten your evening! See you at the bin this Thursday!

Rafael Caraballo at The Cask

April 12th WSAW, 2012

The Cask presents paintings by Rafael Caraballo! Come enjoy his show, "Visions of a Distant Place".

The Heartland Cafe presents Sheila Schouten

April 12th WSAW, 2012

The Heartland Cafe presents Sheila Schouten! 

Artist Statement:

Growing up in Whatcom County, surrounded by fields, evergreens, the Sound and mountains, there was always something beautiful to behold. My appreciation for creation continues to grow with time, and I enjoy depicting bits of that beauty. This series highlights barns, one of my favorite parts of the rural landscape. 

Handmade Hats at Wallflower Framing

April 12th WSAW, 2012

Wallflower is pleased to present fabulous handmade hats by Barbara Creager. These are truly works of wearable art! Join us Thursday to meet the artist, and see more of her work at www.babetteshatworks.com.

Elizabeth Atly at Shoofly Pie

April 12th WSAW, 2012

Shoofly Pie Company will feature the work of mixed media artist Elizabeth Atly for the April Art Walk.  Elizabeth's work encompasses a variety  of media: photography, videography, fused glass, jewelry, and "refurniture" -- which often includes sandblasted glass. 

Come by and enjoy!

Merrill Gardens at Admiral Heights presents Sue Amer

April 12th WSAW, 2012

Sue Amer, a long time Admiral Heights resident has been kind enough to share 7 pieces of a 30 piece art exhibition that has been shown in major museums around Seattle.
Sue lived in 53 countries and worked as a public health nurse before making Alki beach her home. Pieces to be shown at Admiral Heights were painted in Italy in approx. 60 years ago. The work is comprised of 2 paintings on scrolls in the makimono style and 5 black and white water color on paper in the Sumie style. The artist will be present to answer questions about her work and life travels.

We will be serving wine, beer and appetizers. We are also having an open house to introduce our new General Manager from 4:30 to 6:00, then Art Walk 6:00-9:00. Come enjoy!

Chris Rollins & Wine Tasting at West Seattle Cellars

April 12th WSAW, 2012

West Seattle Cellars April Artist: Chris Rollins

"Soon after I moved into the Hiawatha Artists Lofts four years ago, we started hosting small concerts. I asked if I could make promotional posters for the shows, and I have been making them ever since. I have expanded to making prints for musicians that I know and love. Because I like multiple production, process oriented work, printmaking is the medium that I enjoy using right now. These posters were created through a relief printmaking process. My influences would fill this page, but at the top of the list would be the art of the German Expressionist Movement, the Works Progress Administration and Mexican printmakers. I am a graphic designer, printmaker and collector. I studied art and design at the University of Colorado and have lived in Seattle since 1990. I currently print in my home studio." - Rollins

Our free wine tasting on this month's Art Walk night will feature French wines, imported by West Seattle-based Small Vineyards. Come in and enjoy Chris's art, while you try some tasty wines made by small, family-owned wineries in southern France!

Jewelry at Shanti Salon & Spa

April 12th WSAW, 2012

Shanti Salon presents jeweler Elisa Jacobs!

Artist Bio:
Elisa started her business in 1987 on Maui, Hawaii, shortly after her daughter Tiffany
was born. Inspired by this miraculous birth and the beauty of the Hawaiian Islands, she
set about using some of the finest materials to create her designs.

Her work has sold in some of the most prestigious shows and art galleries from Hawaii,
and nationwide, including Washington, Maine, Florida, Arizona, California, Rhode
Island, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Oregon, Montana, Idaho, Wisconsin and Texas.
Her work has gone international as many of her pieces are used as gifts by her customers
going abroad.

Aspiring to create items of great beauty and affordable quality, thanks to her faithful
customers, she continues to share her talent with many.

Each piece of jewelry has been carefully handcrafted using real
gemstones and freshwater pearls. She designs all the necklaces and
bracelets, then place them on jewelers silk, the same silk used by all
fine jewelry stores. Using silk is a symbol of quality workmanship and
gives the piece gracefulness, and longevity.

Sarah Loertscher Jewelry at Click! Design That Fits

April 12th WSAW, 2012
West Seattle based jewelry designer Sarah Loertscher was recently asked by Project Runway finalist Mila Hermanovsky to create a collection that would complement Mila's new clothing line. Sarah responded by creating a stunning body of work (the object on the right above is a cocktail ring) that will be introduced in Seattle Thursday night on the West Seattle Art Walk. 

This Saturday April 14 Sarah will return to Click! for a trunk show with a broad selection of jewelry from her entire line. Please see the Click! website for details.

"Modern Folk Wood Sculptures" at Twilight Artist Collective

April 12th WSAW, 2012
ABOUT THE ARTIST:  Michael Harrison, a Seattle based artist, works primarily with recycled/reclaimed wood. He creates sculptural assemblage as well as carvings in his self-proclaimed style of 'Modern Folk', which draws from many influences - Native American carvings, Mexican folk art, African carvings, Gothic architecture and Midwest farms. 
Twilight Artist Collective is a high energy, creative group of artists focused on providing the venue for other local artists to share inspiration, expose people to original ideas through art, and build a sustainable artist community. We are committed to making art a part of our everyday lives, and strive to be the catalyst for a greater collection, exhibition and appreciation of fine art. www.twilightart.net

Larkin at Leisure Books

April 12th WSAW, 2012

Leisure Books proudly presents artwork by Larkin!

Artist Bio: 
Larkin summons the creatures of land, air and imagination to populate the internal landscape of the mind.  Chimeras, Gorgons, deities, rabbits, and other creatures combine with human elements to inhabit a world of dreams and nightmares.  Personally symbolic and infused with dark whimsy, his creations frighten and delight.

Like a mad scientist he combines joy and sorrow, surreal peculiarity and a love of biology as he explores the relationships between different organic forms and the spectrum of human emotion. 

Larkin works in mixed media, combining drawing and painting with sculptural inclusions, found objects, and fiber.  His paintings in 2-dimensions are complemented by the borders and organic mazes of crocheted fibers worked around or into the surface of each piece. 

"The Burnscapes" at Nature Consortium

April 12th WSAW, 2012

Nature Consortium presents Suze Woolf, "The Burnscapes" for a one night show with live music from7-8pm.  Come and see what Nature Consortium has going on for the month of April plus new pictures from the Youth Art Program.

Suze Woolf Artist Statement - "The Burnscapes":
My immersion in the outdoors makes me acutely aware of threats to it. In the mountains, I’ve watched familiar glaciers recede and burned-over areas expand. The remains of forest fires are simultaneously disturbing and strangely beautiful. Unfamiliar tree forms are exposed. Hidden terrain features become visible. Greens, blues, browns are inverted.
While forest fires are part of a natural cycle, global warming affects normal fire regimes, leading to complex second-order effects. Insect invasions, erosion, microclimate temperature extremes and other impacts increase the volatility of change. British Columbia’s vast diseased forests have become a net carbon source, where once they were a sink. In 2011, researchers hypothesized that fire cycles are now so frequent that forests in Yellowstone National Park (US) will transform into grasslands.
There are multiple ironies here: subject matter—beauty found in terrible things, and terrible things in all that beauty. And medium: watercolor has connotations of the well-off tourist, a kind of genteel “nice-ness”—I strive to demonstrate it as a medium of impact.
I began painting conventional landscapes of distressing subject matter, increasing in scale. After a Banff Centre residency I returned to the landscape for temporary installations to underscore their meaning: I wrapped life-size paintings of burned trees around live trees. Seeing those paintings in nature is an intriguing cognitive and visual dissonance that provokes thought: is this the future of this tree? What is real and what is imagined? Which is the bark and which is the paper made from it?
I have begun drawing with wood burning tools, as in Pick-up Sticks. In the future I plan to make molds of fire-scarring in the field, and use these to create paper casts where the paper is made from burned wood. Increasingly my process is a larger part of my message.

Photography at 8 Limbs Yoga

April 12th WSAW, 2012
Pauline Smith Photography
Meet the Artist at 8 Limbs Yoga Center in West Seattle on April 12th from 6 to 8:30pm!
Since 2000, self-taught photographer, Pauline Smith, has taken her cameras to Canada, China, France, Greece, Italy, Macau, Mexico, Portugal, Spain, Turkey and across the U.S.  Pauline uses a Holga camera with 120mm film to create her B&W images.  "I use the Holga for its inherent dream-like quality.  When I create an image, I look for angles/curves, asymmetry/symmetry, light/shadow and texture.  I look to find the familiar in a place I have never been.  I look to capture and otherwise missed moment.  I look for stillness."  Pauline lives in Seattle and has shown her work in solo and group exhibitions in the greater Seattle area since 2002.

Janet Ramble at Wild Rose's

April 12th WSAW, 2012

Wild Rose's is happy to be featuring artist Janet Ramble's new Spring Collection of birds, floral and landscapes.
Complimentary wine will be served!

Photography, Music & Wine at Alki Arts

April 12th WSAW, 2012

This month our featured artist is visiting photographer Jarett Kaplan.
Jarett attempts to capture familiar subjects in atypical ways. As a retired Clinical Psychologist and life long photographer, his aim is to make those who view his work becomes curious or have some kind of "interaction" with the photograph. He considers that a success!

Musical Guests will be the local crowd pleasers, The Haggis Brothers.
If you're in the mood for a rockin', swingin', fiddle driven string band with an Irish flair - then show up for this month's Art Walk!

Our wine for the evening is generously provided by the good folks at House Wine

Bakery Nouveau presents Kathy Johnson

April 12th WSAW, 2012

Bakery Nouveau proudly present local Fauntleroy artist, Kathy Johnson!
As a former textile designer and current architectural colorist, harmonious color combinations have been the main focus of her paintings.  
With her watercolors, Kathy invites the viewer to see a landscape with new eyes.

Pamela Benetti at RE/MAX Junction

April 12th WSAW, 2012
Please join us at RE/MAX JUNCTION for artist reception, wine tasting and yes... Chocolate!
Our featured artist is Pamela Benetti:
Pamela was born and raised in Alaska and has always had a love of the outdoors.  She has been an artist since she could hold a pencil, and her  greatest dream is to become a known artist in her lifetime.
Her goal is to provide original, affordable art for the discerning buyer.  She doesn't believe you should have to pay a fortune to enjoy great art in your home.
She now lives in beautiful West Seattle, close to her 3 children and two grandsons.

West Seattle Food For Art!

April 12th WSAW, 2012

Seven West Seattle Restaurants will donate a generous percentage of proceeds to Transitional Resources’ art therapy program on the evening of Thursday, April 12 as part of the first annual Food for Art event.  Representatives from Transitional Resources will be at each restaurant, selling $5 raffle tickets for prizes donated by local artists and businesses, including event sponsor Ola Salon.  All raffle proceeds will benefit the art therapy program at Transitional Resources, a West Seattle-based non-profit mental health center serving people living with severe and persistent mental illness.

Food for Art diners are encouraged to let their servers know they support Food for Art.   
Participating restaurants include:
Circa, Fresh Bistro, Highstrike Grill, Locol Barley & Vine, Luna Park Café, West 5, and Zatz a Better Bagel.

Transitional Resources’ commends these local restaurants for their philanthropic engagement.  By contributing to Transitional Resources’ art therapy program, these businesses are helping men and women have access to a creative catalyst for healing.  The process involved in expressing one’s self artistically can help people resolve issues, as well as develop and manage their behaviors and feelings, reduce stress, and improve awareness.  Art therapy is one of many programs offered at Transitional Resources, which provides respectful, optimistic, and highly personalized care to those most in need.

For more details and information: www.transitionalrecourses.org

Art & Henna at Zat's A Better Bagel

April 12th WSAW, 2012 

Painted Gifts and Henna by Danitra Hunter
Danitra Hunter is a West Seattle resident and artist. She creates unique gifts and hand painted signs using recycled materials. Danitra is also a Mehndi henna tattoo artist, and will be doing beautiful henna tattoos during Art Walk!

Handmade Tiles by Jaki Reed
A life-long artist, Jaki utilizes her background in drawing, painting, printmaking, and figure sculpture to create unique handmade tiles and mosaic art. Her work explores a variety of themes, including cats, birds, sea creatures, water, landscapes, people, symbols, and signage.

Art & Spira Yoga

April 12th WSAW, 2012

Spark! Yoga and Creative Arts, LLC is a program dedicated to celebrating, empowering and inspiring middle school girls through yoga and art.  It is an opportunity for girls at this age to connect with others while finding self-awareness, strength, and confidence, both on a physical and emotional level.  We meet weekly at Spira Power Yoga to discuss topics relevant to a girls’ experience.  We then build on our discussions with an invigorating yoga practice that teaches body awareness as well as introduces relaxation techniques.  Each class involves an art project related to our weekly theme.  
You will find photography, sewing, painting, mosaics, etc. strung through the halls of Spira Power Yoga, created with each girl’s own voice and perspective on topics as varying as friendship, balance, and community.  Join in  on the fun and see what sparks in you!