Arts West: CALL FOR ART!

Call For Artists for 2012- 2013 ArtsWest Gallery Exhibitions

The deadline has been extended for Pacific Northwest visual artists who wish to be considered for inclusion in one of eight gallery exhibitions during the 2012/2013 ArtsWest exhibition season.  Submission deadline is April 10, 2012!

Prospectus and Applications are available by contacting Mark Daughhetee, Gallery Director at ArtsWest (206.938-0963 x115), or by going to

Three to four of the selected artists will be featured in each of the seven to eight-week exhibitions, running November 2012, through December 2013. 

Delivery or mail of entries are made to: 
ArtsWest, Attn: Mark Daughhetee; 4711 California Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98116.  
ArtsWest hours: Tuesday – Saturday, noon – 7:00 pm.

A committee of jurors from the regional visual arts community will make final selections based on high standards of creativity, quality and professionalism. The majority of artwork selected will be two-dimensional; however, some three-dimensional and new media installation-based works including video, light and sound installations will be accepted.

ArtsWest produces artistic events so fiercely compelling that they require conversation, improve the imagination, and promote cultural vibrancy as a core value for the communities of Seattle. ArtsWest is a registered 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization.

Mark Daughhetee, Gallery Director, (206) 938-0963

4711 California Avenue SW
Seattle, WA  98116
(206) 938-0339

Umpqua presents Joseph Brooks

Come check out paintings by local artist Joseph Brooks at Umpqua Bank!

Artist Bio: 
Joseph Brooks is a West Seattle Artist by way of Tacoma ,WA. He has lived and shown work
in and around the Seattle Metro area for the past 7 years. He shows regularly with Artifakt Arts ( and is also a member of Twilight Artist Collective ( Joseph has displayed work during West Seattle Artwalk, White Center Artwalk, and at various Coffee Shops and Music venues in Seattle and Tacoma. Joseph's work is informed by his background in and love of graffiti art. He is also 1/3 of the Hip Hop Group Life Cycle ( He says of his work "I just love to create. I am a very hands on artist. I have a love for the materials I use. I love experimenting with new materials and finding new techniques. I have been showing my characters and non-representational work recently. I really enjoy working in different styles. It keeps things fresh. While working with characters I find myself chuckling because most of my characters are pretty rediculous. I like to have fun with them. Honestly there is a lot of things that can bring you down nowadays. If my art can lift just one persons spirit, I think I've done my job."

Sweets & Starheadboy at Sugar Rush Baking

Sugar Rush Baking Co. is proud to present Starheadboy! We'll also have live jazz, complimentary wine and mini cupcakes.

Artist Statement:
"Starheadboy is a super prolific artist, born and raised in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest. He flows his vibrant art through pure stream of conscious and relies on raw instinct, unlimited imagination, and constant inspiration to create his work."

"Chimeras" at Twilight Artist Collective

TwAC presents "Chimeras", a group ceramics show curated by local artist Eva Funderburgh!

Featured artists: Rachel Van Wagoner, Simone Clunie, Sandra Farmer, Cheryl Robinson and Eva Funderburgh.

TwAC is also a host venue for the 4th annual NCECA conference March 26th - 31st! 
ABOUT NCECA:  “The National Council on Education for the Ceramics is a dynamic organization that fosters global educations and appreciation for the ceramic arts.  NCECA’s programs, exhibitions, publications, opportunities and resources inspire advancement of the field.”

Photographs at Hotwire Coffee

Hotwire Online Coffee House is proud to feature photography by Machel Spence!

About the artist:
"I majored in Zoology in college so not only do I have an artistic connection to my subjects but a point of view from biology as well which makes my work extra exciting to observe and capture through my lens. I live in West Seattle with my husband and daughter, when I am not out in the woods searching for fungi I am wandering at low-tide or photographing anything having to do with nature." - Machel Spence

Margot Bird Paintings at The Heartland Cafe

The Heartland Cafe presents paintings by Margot Bird!

Artist Bio:
For the past 2 years and currently, my focus is on an obsession with visual revolutions.  Quite a bit of my work is chaotically exaggerated portraits of animals and people.  My fascination with painting cascading eyeballs has a lot to do with imagining others experiencing their own visual revolutions... I see each eyeball as a possible perspective at which to view a given situation.
I am currently expanding the limits of my media, working with collage and weaving/sewing techniques.  This show is an exhibition of my most recent mixed media pieces.

Rachel Austin at Click! Design That Fits

Rachel Austin returns to Click! Design That Fits with a showing from her always popular Map Painting series. Rachel uses local maps as a base for her acrylic paintings in which simple birds and paper airplanes float over the landscape. In addition to her original paintings, Click! has Rachel's cards, journals, and prints of some of her most popular pieces, including one of West Seattle.

Capers presents Susan Mulligan

CAPERS Home is so excited to feature mixed-media fine artist Susan Mulligan this month!

About Susan Mulligan:
Susan Mulligan received her BFA at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and has studied independently in Arita, Japan with National Living Treasure, Manji Inoue.
Susan creates mixed media pieces starting with oil paint and beeswax over giclee photographic prints. She then begins adding many layers, which may be the laying down of paint, pigment, found textiles and objects or subtraction by using a variety of tools to reveal underlying patterns and texture. Final burnishing enhances the patina and hardens the surface, accentuating texture, light quality and depth.
Susan works in the present, reacting to the events of the process, to reveal representations of the natural world - simplicity, harmony, naturalness, imperfection, and serene beauty.
Stop by for sips, apps, and to meet the artist in person. See you Thursday! 

Michelle Salazar at Wallflower Framing

Sara Tro at Shoofly Pie

Shoofly Pie Company is proud to feature the photography of Sara Tro for the March Art Walk.  

From the artist: "I hope my photographs feel familiar and timeless to the viewer, and perhaps also a little uneasy.   I try to shine a spotlight on lovely, quiet things that people may ignore or pass by everyday, and this may lead to the familiar but unsettled feeling I’m hoping for.   The beauty of “what really is”, the truth of an emotion or a place or a wish, it needs no embellishment, only to be noticed. These photographs are from Mexico and Mendicino, CA.   All are from the original medium format film negative, some made with a toy camera called a Holga, and the rest with a twin lens reflex from the 40's. "
Check out Sara's portfolio at:  

We will, as usual, have our Shoofly Pie Sweet Slices Special during the duration of the Art Walk (buy 1 sweet slice, get the 2nd half off)!

Easy Street presents Grady Tyree

Easy Street Records is proud to feature artist Grady Tyree!

"I'm not a musician, so I express myself in my paintings and photographs. I like to use physical pieces of music - i.e. vinyl, cds, liner notes - anything that is available to tie in the underlying vibe to my work. Outside of my musical influences, I've fallen for the scenery of the Pacific Northwest and some of it's folklore." - Tyree

Kimber Gates & Tasting at bin 41

Art Walk Tasting & Kimber Gates of Coeur d’Alene (6-8:30 pm): We’ve been working on this tasting for over a year to make it happen during an art walk evening. If you've purchased a bottle of Coeur d'Alene wines, you've likely noticed the beautiful artwork that graces the labels. The artwork is done by Kimber's mom, Sarah Gates. This Thursday, not only will you get to meet Kimber and try her super tasting wines, but our walls will be adorned by Sarah's beautiful paintings. Both Kimber and Sarah Gates will be on hand at the bin for the evening. Please join us for an extra special evening!

Artist statement:
I have been painting for over thirty years and my enthusiasm only grows.
Watercolor is an exciting medium. It's a challenge to control it but still paint freely enough to reveal its unique characteristics. Painting wet on wet, wet on dry, dry brush, and all combinations at the same time often seems like trying to do ten things at once. There are always surprises, some good, some bad. The bad ones go in the trash, and the good ones hopefully have that effortless, "got it right," spontaneous quality that makes watercolor so special.
I find inspiration everywhere, mostly from experiences in outdoor activities. I paint from photographs, mainly because our North Idaho climate is not conducive to painting "en pleine aire" for half the year.
Artists have a way of disdaining that which they do with little effort, no matter how much other people appreciate it. Although it's risky, I am always trying to do things differently, which perhaps means I don't value what comes easily to me. Every new painting is an adventure. The possibilities of expression in watercolor are endless.
Gardening is another art form that I actively pursue. I have designed and care for an acre of garden that includes a large pond, vegetable garden, lilac garden, perennial gardens, and an orchard of 40 trees, grafted to include fifty different kinds of antique apples, and pears, cherries, and plums. On the winery grounds I have designed a wine garden, which includes only burgundy and white flowers, representing red and white wines. Just like wine, a garden is a living experiment that is continually changing with time.

Kathleen Maddox & Music at Mural Apartments

Mural is proud to present Kathleen Maddox, a unique a refreshing artist bringing something we doubt you've seen before!

"My art has always been a reflection of my spirit and my life.  I love to create using bright colors and whimsical themes.  Three years ago I discovered canvas rugs and found this lost art called to a deep and peaceful place inside of me and it is in this place I have discovered myself.  From my home on Ketron Island in the heart of the Puget Sound I enjoy finding new ways to express my inspirations in this discipline and am excited to share with you art from a slightly different view." - Maddox
Check out Maddox and Underfoot Art:
Stop by Mural Apartments and spend some time with us; we will have energetic live music by Shan Coleman, as well as complimentary appetizers and wine! 

Art & Music at Windermere Real Estate

Kim Tingley, Realtor at Windermere, is proud to present featured artist Michael Angelo Caci. The " 5 Buck Band" will be also playing lively music to go along with the Art Walk this month!
Artist Statement:
“A painter paints the appearance of things, not their objective correctness, in fact he creates new appearances of things.” - Ernst Ludwig Kirchner 
“For those of us who believe in physics, this separation between past, present and future is only an illusion.” - Albert Einstein

Michael sees the image as a metaphor of passage of movement-through-moments in the larger context of a heroic journey, a vehicle for expressing an obscured relationship to beauty, to persona, to identity and the big question of our ultimate fate (no, really).

Join us the 2nd Thursday of every month for the West Seattle Artwalk. Stop by Windermere, pick up a map, have a snack and a bev, and enjoy a wonderful community event! 
Hope to see you soon!

Robert Howells at Bakery Nouveau

Bakery Nouveau presents artist Robert Howells!

Howells was born 1981 in Wichita, KS. He attended Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, and graduated in 2005.
Robert lives in West Seattle and is an artist, juggler, athlete and lover of all things chocolate.  His interest in art stems from an early love of Saturday morning cartoons, comic books and animation.
Robert enjoys working in mixed mediums.

Photography at 8 Limbs

8 Limbs Yoga presents photographer Pauline Smith!

Since 2000, self-taught photographer, Pauline Smith, has taken her cameras to Canada, China, France, Greece, Italy, Macau, Mexico, Portugal, Spain, Turkey and across the U.S.  Pauline uses a Holga camera with 120mm film to create her B&W images.  "I use the Holga for its inherent dream-like quality.  When I create an image, I look for angles/curves, asymmetry/symmetry, light/shadow and texture.  I look to find the familiar in a place I have never been.  I look to capture and otherwise missed moment.  I look for stillness."  Pauline lives in Seattle and has shown her work in solo and group exhibitions in the greater Seattle area since 2002.

C.J. Swanson at Seattle Real Estate

Seattle Real Estate presents artist C.J. Swanson!

Artist Bio:
C.J. was born in Tacoma WA. She studied at various art schools in Seattle.  C.J.  has shown her work in a variety of venues around the Puget Sound  area since 1988. She lives in Seattle with her husband, artist David N. Goldberg and their son Eli. Together,  C.J. and David paint in a shred studio in SODO.

Artist Statement:
The main thing that interested me in painting these pieces is the use of space. During the process of painting this group of works, I asked myself these sorts of questions; How do the sections interact to each other? How do they transition from one to the next? Then I was able to take a basic form or shape and dismantle it. A new formation was created from a circle combined with a square. I am also interested in the give and take of positive and negative space.  I want to go against the expectations of the viewer. I think I am also concerned with the color palette and the infinite choices and combinations. I want to surprise myself and the viewer by using colors that challenge and stimulate the eye. While I cannot give credit to any one influence, I realize that I am inspired by the beauty I find in all of the applied arts. Of course one cannot deny nature as a profound influence on all of the arts. I especially gravitate toward the organic winding, moving vine and leaf forms. In my work there is a confluence of both man made and organic shapes meeting on the peaceful plane of the flat surface. 

Kate Petty & Wine Tasting at West Seattle Cellars

West Seattle Cellars presents artist Kate Petty!
"In my work I explore themes of transition and metamorphosis. I am drawn to organic shapes and processes but like structure and boundaries. My hope is to convey a kind of meaningful chaos where meticulousness meets uninhibited expression. I think my paintings often reflect landscapes, emotional and otherwise, because the environment is so immediate and important for me. Having grown up in the Northwest I feel deeply rooted here and grounded in our landscape, yet I have an intense restlessness to explore the unknown. While it is the natural world that informs imagery, color, and texture for me, it is a connection to the celestial and primordial worlds that ultimately inspires me." - Petty 
See more work at
Our free wine tasting on this month’s Art Walk night will feature wines from South America. We’ll be pouring some new and exciting wines from both Chile and Argentina. Come meet Kate, enjoy her art, and taste some great wines!

Wild Rose's persents Natalia Fialkoff

Wild Rose's is featuring paintings by artist Natalia Fialkoff in March.
" I work directly from imagination and intuition to reflect the sensuous nature, rich colors and various textures of the inner spirit." - Fialkoff

Complementary wine will be served!

RobRoy Chalmers at Dwellings Real Estate

About the artist:
RobRoy Chalmers’s art is one of experimentation and reliance on chaos to inform its evolution. He has been following a path, directed by the process of creation that comes along with the Intaglio print process, since 1991. It was then that he discovered his passion for the copper plate and the incised lines made in it by the steel of the dry point needle.

RobRoy’s current work revolves around The Sporozoan a word used metaphorically to describe the serendipitous moment of seeing, which tempts us all to look just a little bit more closely. The Sporozoan encompasses all of RobRoy’s current work. RobRoy has slowly broken it apart and reconstructed it into a theatrical installation that includes sculptural objects, paintings, prints, performances, fashion, online applications and its viewers.

RobRoy’s primary focus for 2011 was constructing a free floating structural paper mass called The Sporozoan Swarm. Built from the remnants of unused intaglio prints and using stainless steel pins to mount it The Swarm is an ever changing, site specific, modular piece. The Swarm’s origins rise from RobRoy’s drive to create. In 2008 RobRoy moved across country to land in Seattle where he became trapped in the financial downward spiral like so many, all of his materials in storage and no place to work he refused to stop making art. When an empty wall in a local shop called to him he followed his passion and began to create with what he had: a portfolio full of prints. Tearing paper until his hands ached he put up the first incarnation of The Sporozoan Swarm. Unemployed at the time he barraged the neighborhood and soon had locations for two other installs. Thru an online assault using flicker and twitter he grew interest in The Swarm. Two years later it has been installed in over 15 locations including one permanent install and two semi-permanent installs. In March of 2011 he traveled to the SXSW conference in Austin, TX to give a presentation revolving around its birth and growth.

Dwellings will be offering wine and light snacks!

Locöl presents Hanna Myers

Locöl is proud to present artist Hanna Myers!

Hanna is a Junior at Cornish College of Art with a focus in Printing and Sculpture.  She is putting together a special exhibit for Locöl. Come see a girl that has some amazing talent!
Hanna will be on site during art walk to answer any questions about her work.
Wine Specials all night!

Jazz & Art at Nature Consortium

Nature Consortium presents artist Chris Maynard! His work is a must see, one night only.  
Also, check out our Jazz Trio, "Better World": 7-8pm, featuring Marc Smason on tuba/vocals, Michael Gotz on guitar and Andy Zadrozny on bass. See you there!

Chris Maynard 's Artist Statement:

Feathers are my medium.   They are an ultimate achievement of nature, of creation.  I enjoy highlighting aspects of naturally shed* individual feather’s form, pattern or color.  If successful, I convey some intimate sense of the bird that grew the feathers.  
Feathers suggest important universal themes, they also vary how they speak to individuals and cultures.  When I conceive a piece, I think about the birds.  And I ponder feathers: flight, warmth, growth, transformation, protection, pattern, beauty, and form, and I think about life and death.
My skills apply various methods of art, design, and craft.  My favorite tools are the fine eye surgery scissors, forceps, scalpels, and magnifiers inherited from my father.  Feathers are arranged in their original three dimensional forms in shadowboxes.  When I have an idea for a piece, the feathers have to be perfect.  Acquiring and selecting the right feathers takes time; cutting and assembling them does too --and I find it captivating.  Many of the feathers are hard to come by, and some I will only find once--ever.   So each piece is unique.  
All feathers are obtained legally, gently molted from birds in private aviaries.
I am currently pursuing a series of works on feather cutouts, guiding each piece to honor something about the feather and bird that grew it.