White Center's Call For Art!!

White Center Arts is continuing the call to artists for dynamic roller skate sculptures!  Let your imagination ROLL WILD! Our first round this past summer was very successful, and there is some amazing art hung up at the rink. There's plenty of room on the walls, and hundreds of skates just waiting for you and your ideas to be a permanent part of the Southgate Roller Rink in White Center.

Sculpture Criteria and Instructions:
-  Max out your design at 4' wide x 2' tall 
-  Utilize up to (5) pairs or (10) skates 
-  Make it wall mountable
-  Like the Native Americans with the Buffalo hunt, include as much of the roller skate as possible (ie; the boot,  truck and wheels).  A surplus of clay wheels are also available for use.
-  Sculptures must be completed by May 9th
-  Participation fee is $20 which covers skates, hanging and promotion of the May 3rd  Saturday Art Walk. 

The roller rink will play host to a fundraiser benefiting WCA on May 16th which will serve as an early unveiling of the art work before the Art Walk on May 19th.

Please email whitecenterartwalk@gmail.com by March 1st if you would like to participate and details about skate pick up.  

White Center Art Walk

Wire Birds at Click! Design That Fits

Cedar Waxwing by Shelli Markee

Seattle artist Shelli Markee's work is highly influenced by nature, and by the beauty she recognizes in organic forms. These natural forms are both rustic and modern, and influence Shelli's sculpture and wire forms. As a silversmith and wire artist, Shelli carefully handcrafts each piece in her collection. 

Shelli's birds will be at Click! Design That Fits through February. 

Oil Paintings at Seattle Real Estate

Seattle Real Estate presents paintings Kimi J. Hansen-Chadwick!
Opening Thursday, Feb 9th 6-9 pm, plus an end-of-show party 12 noon-2:00pm on Saturday, March 3rd.

Artist Statement
Finding beauty in the ordinary, taking inspiration from the everyday, however small and insignificant, these are the challenges I explore in my work. While studying an object's color, texture, and the way it reflects its surrounding, I strive to capture these mental notes on canvas.
The moments of life captured in mood, movement and light by the impressionists have been a major influence on my creative process. I arrange my subjects with attention to composition, lighting, and reflections. I stray from the impressionists style in my brushwork blending until the painting feels alive.
It is my hope that the viewers  of my work see the beauty in simplicity and that they are encouraged to slow down, and take note of the small things in life. www.kimijhansen.com

Paintings & Wine Tasting at bin41

Art Walk Tasting at bin41 6-8:30 pm!
Swing into the bin to meet our February artist, Allison Echanove, and sip on some wines selected from “Cupid’s Corner”. We'll be featuring some bubbly in addition to white and red wines perfect for sharing with that special someone! 
Allison teaches art to ages 1-8 at Hamlin Robinson School here in Seattle. Her current emphasis is landscape and figure painting in oils. We hope you'll join us to view Allison's work and sample some of Cupid's selections!

Artist Statement:  "Color has always intrigued me.  I celebrate color. It is the fuel that drives me.   I strive for atmospheric harmony in my landscapes by infusing loose, bold brush strokes with vivid broken color.  Simplicity gives a sense of balance against the density of the colors.  A snapshot is all I offer. As a native North Westerner, I am infatuated with the beauty of the Northwest landscapes, especially the Palouse wheat fields.  The intense colors of the Palouse are extreme and captivating. Capturing the every day lives of ordinary people inspire my figure paintings.  Varied brush strokes suggest movement and texture, while spontaneous impressions capture a gesture, and emotion or feeling.  I am a faithful Impressionist.  I want my viewers to delight in an expressive and spontaneous encounter of color and light."

Elliott Bay Brewing presents T.S. Pew

At Elliott Bay Brewing this month we have Tim Pew displaying his art on our walls again! 

Tim has been studying art and art history since 1996. His collection of work is a survey of the masters= Ernst, Man Ray, Dali, Picasso, Matisse and Manet to name a few. Tim studied at the Kansas City Art Institute and Pratt College of Seattle. For information on sales contact tspew@comcast.net. His art will be up thru February.

Katie Drake at Wallflower Framing


In February Wallflower is pleased to present the work of Katie Drake! Katie has created a whimsical display of hooked rugs and pillows. Opening Thursday February 9th, 6-9pm.

Wallflower Custom Framing LLC & the Shooting Gallery:
4735 42nd Ave SW
Seattle, WA.  98116
Tue.-Sat. 10-6 & by appointment

Children's Showcase at Hotwire Coffee

Children from West Seattle Christian Preschool showcase their artwork at Hotwire Online Coffee House!

"The mission of West Seattle Christian Preschool is to establish a partnership with the family while at the same time providing a foundtion of early Christian education with the focus on developing the whole child in preparation for the coming years of formal education.

At West Seattle Christian Preschool we believe that each child learns by actively participating, exploring, and discovering.  Children develop new knowledge and skills based on what they already know and can do—through play, the examination and manipulation of concrete materials, and the use of all their senses. This includes the art you will see on the walls at Hotwire Coffee.  Check us out at our website www.westseattlechristianpreschool.com and see why we are called "the best preschool" in west seattle!"

Photography at Sugar Rush Baking

Photographer Machele Spence in February at Sugar Rush Baking!

Spence's $12 prints will be available for purchase, and make the perfect gift for your Valentine. Also, come enjoy complimentary wine, cupcakes and live jazz!

"Form & Fancy" at Twilight Artist Collective

"FORM & FANCY" - Floral & form paintings by three unique female artists, Michelle Anderst, Zanetka Kralova Gawronski, and West Seattle's Kelly Rae Cunningham.

Michelle Anderst is a formally trained painter specializing in anatomical and botanical masterpieces. The daughter of a sonographer, Michelle spent many hours pouring over her fathers medical books. The intricacies of these organic structures weave their way elegantly throughout her paintings and remind us of something very familiar.

Zanetka Kralova Gawronski, originally from Slovakia is a well seasoned painter who also evokes nostalgia in the viewer. “By juxtaposing recognizable imagery in believable settings, [she] hopes to evoke a sense of quiet reflection in the viewer, perhaps tickling past moments they may have forgotten.” Zanetka’s paintings are foggy fantasy worlds grounded in the settings of realistic place.

Kelly Rae Cunningham’s paintings are highly influenced by her previous training in ceramics, utilizing the “same tools to apply, layer, and scrape away paint. [her] paintings employ layers of color, boldly worked with palette knives and brushes.”

SHOW OPENS: Thursday, February 9 from 6-9PM during West Seattle Art Walk!
CLOSES: Friday, March 2nd

Come join us at TwAC for some sweets and treats, Valentine's Day shopping, and enjoy the beautiful artwork! www.twilightart.net

Art & Music Jam at Duwamish Cohousing!

The Duwamish Cohousing will be having a folk art showing of Mark O'Malley combined with a live bluegrass/folk band and jam!  Bringing your own instruments are welcome for jamming!  A great community art event during the time of the West Seattle Artwalk on February 9th from 7-10pm.   

The full details:
Join us for a great Thursday evening of folk art and live music at Duwamish Cohousing in the Common House! This Thursday enjoy the folk art of Mark O'Malley, have some snacks and drinks with a small suggested donation, and some great bluegrass/folk jamming. Instruments are welcome!
We'll have a great community event for all to participate in. Everyone is welcome to attend, invite your friends! 
Interested in our community? Come by and visit with us at this fun public event.
Parking available on 17th Ave street parking and on 16th Ave street parking in front of the college. Parking lot is for residents only. Event will be located in the top floor of the large central building, which is our Common House.

Shoofly Pie presents Amber Thomas

Paintings by Amber Thomas in February at Shoofly Pie!

Amber Thomas is an up and coming self-taught artist who started creating her abstract works after having a recurring dream about painting. Each one of her creations comes from the heart, using mostly acrylics and also oils from time to time. The Pacific Northwest is home to Amber, but currently she resides in Oklahoma.

Joseph Brooks at Umpqua Bank

Umpqua Bank presents paintings by local artist Joseph Brooks!

Artist Bio:
Joseph Brooks is a West Seattle Artist by way of Tacoma ,WA. He has lived and shown work
in and around the Seattle Metro area for the past 7 years. He shows regularly with Artifakt Arts (www.Artifaktart.org) and is also a member of Twilight Artist Collective (www.twilightart.net). Joseph has displayed work during West Seattle Artwalk, White Center Artwalk, and at various Coffee Shops and Music venues in Seattle and Tacoma. Joseph's work is informed by his background in and love of graffiti art. He is also 1/3 of the Hip Hop Group Life Cycle (www.lifecycle.bandcamp.com). He says of his work "I just love to create. I am a very hands on artist. I have a love for the materials I use. I love experimenting with new materials and finding new techniques. I have been showing my characters and non-representational work recently. I really enjoy working in different styles. It keeps things fresh. While working with characters I find myself chuckling because most of my characters are pretty ridiculous. I like to have fun with them. Honestly there is a lot of things that can bring you down nowadays. If my art can lift just one persons spirit, I think I've done my job."

Shanti Salon presents Papuna Bersenadze

Paintings by Papuna Bersenadze at Shanti Salon & Spa:

"My name is Papuna Bersenadze, I’m from the republic of Georgia. I’ve been living in Seattle area for almost 8 years now, well mostly living here. I’ve graduated from Central Washington university in Ellensburg with a BA in political science, minoring in philosophy. I’ve also studied abroad in Paris for a semester as part of my degree.
Not counting the art classes in second grade, I started painting sometime in the fall of 2008, in Ellensburg. One day I just felt like oil painting, so I went and bought a canvas board thing, box of oil paint, and a couple of brushes. And in a couple of months (since oil paint does take considerable time to dry) my first painting was born... “Paris”. I've been painting since...
I think everyone has a natural talent for something, and in life happiness comes from trying to find that something and do it. “we write not because we want to, but because we have to...”~ W. Somerset Maugham, and same applies to my art, every piece started out as an image in my mind trying to come out somehow.
Oil is my favorite medium to work in, but somewhat recently I started using acrylics more and more, because of the drying time mainly... I still love the smell of oil paint, but it’s hard to stand the waiting for weeks for them to dry. Although, the oil paintings have their own special allure somehow, because of the time they take, each one is a bit more significant... each painting changes in the process and by the process, over time.
I've seemed to transition from normal canvas painting to painting on surfaces which I find on everyday-life objects: my lap-top, lamp, tennis racket, and a car(partially) was the latest one, why not? I like my paint more than producers' coloring, acrylics are basically weight-less, and things we use everyday could use some individualization and cheering up to be honest, in this world off mass produced grayness, everything could use some extra character. " 
- Bersenadze

"For the Love of Seals" at Windermere

Windermere Realty presents photographer Robin Lindsey, and "For the Love of Seals": 

Robin has spent the majority of her adult life in darkrooms and darkened studios. However, a "chance" and profound encounter with a harbor seal pup changed her life forever - truly bringing her purpose into focus.

This seal pup led her to a commitment to capture the beauty and mystery of wildlife. Her still and video images of harbors seals and their pups, gray whale birthing lagoons and other wildlife, have been published in magazines, book covers, newspapers, web and broadcast media. Robin's photos of seal pups are featured in the children's book Leopard and Silkie (Henry Holt Publishing) with co-author Brenda Peterson, due out in early April.

Robin works closely with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) both as a photographic contributor and as lead investigator of marine mammal strandings in Puget Sound. Her photography has documented the health and lives of the seals on our beaches. Co-founder of the conservation group Seal Sitters Marine Mammal Stranding Network and writes the group's "blubberblog". She is on the board of directors for TerraMar Research and a member of NANPA (North American Nature Photography Association). Robin lives in Seattle, Washington.

Whether an encounter with a whale and her calf or the tiniest baby raccoon, these experiences have reawakened in her a profound respect and quest for understanding our inter-connectedness. There is nothing more powerful than earning the trust of a wild being; and, with that, comes the responsibility to protect them.

Nature Consortium presents paintings by Eden Hopkins & live music by The Lonely Coast!

Nature Consortium presents painter Eden Hopkins for our one night show 6-9pm!

Artist Eden Hopkins will exhibit a collection of her tree-themed oil paintings. She will share her enthusiasm for tree tunnels, varieties of foliage, plein-air painting and immersion in the great outdoors. On tree tunnels, she says, "The rhythm of the trees provides an arabesque momentum, drawing you through arched colonnades." Eden is a graduate of Seattle's Gage Academy of Art Landscape Atelier program. Preview her artwork at www.edenhopkins.com.

There will also be live music performed by The Lonely Coast from 7-8pm!
Check them out on the web at: http://www.thelonelycoast.com  
See you there!

Free Lance Artist Cherylin Andre at Locol

Locol February Featured Artist: Cherylin Andre

Cherylin is a graduate of Cornish with a major in Fine Arts. She currently makes a living as a Free Lance artist and works in the tasting room for Local Wine Maker, Mark Ryan. Andre's art is both fluid, beautiful, and has been known to use recycled materials and eccentric techniques such as Burn Painting - using fire to make her mark! 
Check out her blog at http://itsbetteroutthere.tumblr.com/ or shoot her an email with any thoughts or questions at che.andre@cornish.edu.

Locöl will be offering Wine specials throughout the night!

Blown Glass by Brad Burzynski at Carmilia's

Brad Burzynski has been blowing glass since 1999, his work being displayed throughout Washington State and in Italy. He supports many local charities including, but not limited to, Pilchuck Glass School, Schmitz Park Elementary, Madison Middle School, and West Seattle High School. Burzynski also hosts an Annual Glass Pumpkin Sale to benefit local education in Washington. Recently his underground business of blown glass, called Bella Soffietta Studios, has peaked both local and international interest.

"It is a great honor to be asked to display some of my creations at Carmilia's during the West Seattle Art Walk. I hope you enjoy my work as much as I have enjoyed making each and every piece. Each piece is handmade, unique, and truly from the heart." - Burzynski

For the February art walk Carmilia's will have the blown glass hearts for sale along with other handmade pieces. Cupcakes and Prosecco will also be served!

Heartland Cafe presents Paintings by Dagmar Wood

This months featured artist is Dagmar Wood. 

Dagmar started her artistic career as a Photographer, recieving a degree in fine art photography from the University of Washington. After working as a portait photographer for 20 + years she has turned from photography to painting. Her Pacific Northwest influence is apparent in her many landscapes,  playing with color and texture. More of her work can be seen at whitneydalebordenart.com

"The function of the artist is to provide what life does not." (Tom Robbins)

Landscape Paintings at Dwellings

Featured Artist Christopher Ramsey:

"I am a Washington State native. I knew I loved to paint when I was a young child and first dipped a brush into a jar of tempera paint. I have not stopped painting since. I graduated from the University Of Washington School Of Art with a BFA, majoring in painting.

I paint landscapes. My subjects are Northwest light, colors, dramatic geography and textures often juxtaposed with the human built environment.

Watercolor has been my media for most of my painting life. I love the immediacy, the wet paint interaction and the colors and values achieved. The paint always does what it wants to do. I push it where I want it to go . . . but of course it does what it wants to do anyway."

*Dwellings will be offering refreshments and light snack.

West Seattle Cellars presents Claire Johnson

West Seattle Cellars February Artist: Claire Johnson

Claire Johnson is a long time member of Soil Gallery and has been showing her paintings locally and nationally for 14 years. Claire is known for her direct, observational approach, warm color and lyrical brushwork. Fragments, small paintings of trees, power lines, roof tops, and sky, are based on observations during her daily travels around Seattle in the fall of 2011 and was first shown at Soil Gallery in December 2011. Also included are two watercolors from her aerial landscape series. To see more of Claire's work, visit her website at www.clairejohnsonart.com/.

This month's Art Walk Thursday falls on our last tasting before Valentine's Day, so we've decided to pour some fun, perhaps even romantic, wines that night. Nothing says "Valentine's Day" like bubblies, so we'll be popping corks on an array of sparkling wines, to please every palate and budget. Come and enjoy Claire's art, try the wines, and perhaps find a bottle to add to your own Valentine's Day celebration!