Shelli Markee wire sculpture birds at Click! Design That Fits

Seattle artist Shelli Markee's work is highly influenced by nature, and by the beauty she recognizes in organic forms. These natural forms are both rustic and modern, and influence Shelli's sculpture and wire forms. As a silversmith and wire artist, Shelli carefully handcrafts each piece in her collection. 

Shelli's birds will be at Click! Design That Fits through February. 

"Artchix" Group Show at Seattle Real Estate

Seattle Real Estate Associates presents the work of artists Sheryl Westergreen, Rosanne Olson, Dana Nunnelly, D. Lisa West, Anna Rhodes, Cary Pillo and Leah Kaufman.

Meet the Artchix
How do you find the balance between art and work? Sometimes you can manage on your own but if you surround yourself with fellow artists then you have hands to grab onto if you begin to falter. When Artchix began in 2002 we wanted a group where we could support each other in continually creating new art. So it began – every 4-6 weeks we meet at one of our homes, eat dinner together, and then present the pieces that we’ve complete, something inspired by a theme or topic decided upon at the previous meeting. This is our first group show and we’re delighted to have this wonderful space at Café Lulu for our world premiere.

Check out the link for more info about the artists and venue:

Shoofly Pie presents Aaron D. Hartzell

Featured Artist: Aaron D. Hartzell

Aaron is interested in the sublime nature of ordinary events, places and objects.  

"These things wind their way through our lives but often conceal themselves from the very perceptions they so fully inform.  Like insects and astronomy, the things that surround us are both amazing and eccentric. With my photography, I want to explore just how extraordinary the world is." 

Photography & Charity at Sugar Rush Baking Company

Our artist this month is Holli Margell. Previously a wedding photographer, Holli has transitioned to photographing the details of everyday life. Her current show is full of photographs in and around the Northwest.

As an addition to being available to chat during Art Walk, Holli is donating 50% of her total sales to the West Seattle Food Bank. Sugar Rush Baking Company will have a donation bin all month long to collect non-perishable food items that will also be donated to the Food Bank. Also, during Art Walk, if you bring in 2 items for donation, Holli will give you a photo card gift as a thank you for supporting the Food Bank.

Additionally - have you seen our new mural being painted in the kids play area? Artist Eric Hoogan is in the process of painting a huge, colorful piece of work and he will be here painting during Art Walk. Come in and watch for awhile!

Jo Gershman at West Seattle Cellars

West Seattle Cellars January Artist: Jo Gershman

We are extending our December artist through January. West Seattle artist and illustrator Jo Gershman shares her love of storytelling and her passion for food in these elaborately composed meditations on Earth's natural bounty.  Each watercolor painting relates to a specific season or place, portrayed in loving detail with an added twist -- the images appear to be painted on glazed tile. This trompe l'oeil device recalls the remarkable depth of detail in medieval illuminated manuscripts.
Jo has illustrated over 30 books, and her watercolors and illuminated manuscripts are in private collections in several countries.

At our tasting on this month's Art Walk Thursday, January 12, we will be featuring Spanish wines from Casa Ventura, an importer based in Bellingham. As always, we'll be joined by the delightful and knowledgeable Laura Stiff, to tell us all about the wines she has selected to pour that evening. 

Windermere presents Linda Bergeron

Kim Tingley is thrilled to present Linda Bergeron as the featured artist in the Windermere Gallery.  In addition in January, Kim would like to bring attention to the importance of volunteering in your community, Volunteer this year, it feels good to do good!

Artist statement:

"My acrylic mixed media canvas paintings are visual translations of my inner thoughts, emotions, memories, and experiences.  I believe in taking creative risks with color, texture and reflective materials.  By relying on a fertile faith in not knowing the outcome, I listen for an inner voice that determines direction and speaks finality.  I’m passionate about color and movement and its vivid interplay with personal sentiments. The emotional impact of color and the turbulent nature of life provide me with abundant subject matter.  I love to combine this with multiple perspectives of life and environmental elements in nature.  Hand dyed fibers, broken glass, and other recycled mixed media adorn my compositions to enhance the textural appeal.  Many of my pieces can be hung numerous ways to show various depths of my perceptions."

Photography at Shanti Salon & Spa

Shanti presents photographer Jerry Skowronek:

"After growing up in Northern Michigan I took a classs in the Outwardbound program in the Glacier Peak area, a 24 day mountaineering and survival course. I fell in love with the Northwest. I worked in a number of National Parks such as Mt. Rainier and The Grand Canyon as a chef. I was able to get a lot of hiking and climbing in. After a number of chance encounters with wildlife, I decided I needed to have a camera with me.

This was about 12 years ago. With the digital age, I jumped right in and have been putting together my camera gear as I could afford it. Right now it's a serious hobby, but hope to get to the next level eventually." 

Kelly Rae Cunningham at Wallflower

Wallflower Custom Framing presents new encaustics by local artist Kelly Rae Cunningham! Come by and check it out, 6-9pm during West Seattle Art Walk.

SSCC Art Gallery presents Lauren Frances Adams

South Seattle Community Art Gallery presents: Bear the Sway, by Lauren Frances Adams

About the artist:

"My work is inspired by topical issues, especially relating to agriculture, labor, the American military, colonialism and capitalism. I achieve this via research into historical decorative forms, appropriating from diverse fields, such French toile and Soviet avant-garde ‘agit-porcelain.’ The relationship of this research and project to my existing bodies of work includes an interest in colonization and its metaphorical and physical implications in North America, specifically, the founding of the United States as a English colony and the effects of this venture in present-day American culture and political ideologies. My assigned task as an artist is to visualize social and political hierarchies, with a goal to disarm the viewer, revealing unexpected associations and collusions. The relationship between the costumes, clothing, and material culture of the Elizabethan colonial era to the political and metaphorical outcomes of capitalism and colonialism provide rich artistic fodder in my practice." 

Paintings & Music at Nature Consortium

Nature Consortium host a one night show of Tamblyn Gawley's paintings plus live music from 7-8pm by Norman Baker!
We look forward to seeing you! 

Tamblyn Gawley:
I am exploring the way light and color play upon and through a single tree.  I am interested in each individual tree as a being; as portraits rather than landscapes.  My work strives for a balance between illusionistic, built-up paint and thinner, rougher areas that show initial layers of the underpainting.  In this way, my paintings respond to the elements of Nature.  The raw spaces reveal a history of the painting, resembling the way you can look at a tree and see the growth patterns.  The growth of the painting itself is presented, as if it is still in the process of emerging. 

Hotwire presents Ian Prebo

Ian Prebo is a lifetime West Seattle native.  He attended film school at Seattle Central Community College.  He is the lead singer/songwriter for the Blackheart Honeymoon Revival Band and has been painting consistently since the age 17. He hopes that you enjoy yourself and his show!

Starheadboy at Young At Art

"Starheadboy is a super prolific artist, born and raised in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest. 
He flows his vibrant art through pure stream of conscious and relies on raw instinct, unlimited imagination, and constant inspiration to create his work."

Starheadboy will be at Young at Art on Art Walk night for live painting, and will be teaching 3 workshops this month on Wednesdays from 4-5pm!

Hotwire Coffee January Artist Ian Prebo

Ian Prebo is a lifetime West Seattle native.  He attended film school at Seattle Central Community College.  He is the lead singer/songwriter for the Blackheart Honeymoon Revival Band and has been painting consistently since the age 17. He hopes that you enjoy yourself and his show.

Phone: 206 718 2731

Jesse Link & Twilight Artist Collective's 7th Anniversary

Local urban artist Jesse Link's solo painting show, "Religiously":

"With this series I wanted to address the idea of religion being what one does “religiously”. Whether it’s a physical action, a psychological habit or something mundane that’s repeated again and again, it’s a behavior performed religiously. I paint a lot of animals. I wanted also to focus on the fact that one of the many actions I perform religiously is the painting of animals. I decided to do the whole show with animals without using any personification (no coffee drinking beavers). I’ll be paying attention to the psychological intentions behind the behaviors and adding a slight "church altar" feel to each while leaving theology out of the narrative."  
 ~ Link

It's also Twilight Artist Collective's 7th anniversary! Let us eat cake.

Davin Spridgen at Locöl

Davin Spridgen was born in San Francisco in 1983. He grew up in Petaluma, CA. In 2008 he moved to Seattle. His artistic interests include painting, printmaking, sculpture, and graphic design. His art is rooted stylistically in illustration but is evolving with influences by his friends and other artists. His work has been displayed in multiple galleries/businesses in seattle, such as the Greenwood Art Collective, The 619 Western Building, The recently closed Upper Playground in the University District, Snowboard Connection, Belltown City Hostel, Blick Art Supplies, and Cornish College of the Arts.

Locöl will be offering $5 Wine Specials all night, along with our New Winter Menu!

Painted Landscapes at Dwellings

Featured Artist Christopher Ramsey:

"I am a Washington State native. I knew I loved to paint when I was a young child and first dipped a brush into a jar of tempera paint. I have not stopped painting since. I graduated from the University Of Washington School Of Art with a BFA, majoring in painting.

I paint landscapes. My subjects are Northwest light, colors, dramatic geography and textures often juxtaposed with the human built environment.
Watercolor has been my media for most of my painting life. I love the immediacy, the wet paint interaction and the colors and values achieved. The paint always does what it wants to do. I push it where I want it to go . . . but of course it does what it wants to do anyway."

Dwellings will be serving Laura’s Anti Pasto Skewers, Meg’s Miraculous Cookies, and refreshments.

Coffee To A Tea presents Holli Margell

Photographer Holli Margell presents Rainbow Of Life: 

"A former Wedding Photographer, I have shifted my focus to being a full time Home Maker and Mother of two little people. My lens now captures the beautiful details of every day life. Most of my work features images captured at home on Delridge, around the neighborhood, a few trips to the beach and rural Oregon."

Half of the Sales during the show will be donated to the West Seattle Food Bank!
Anyone who brings 2 non-perishable food items during the Art Walk  (I'll be there from 5-8pm) will be given a Photo Card featuring a show piece. Prints and all work shown will be for sale. For those who cannot attend, but want to participation the spirit of giving, they can drop off donations near the front door's donation bin.

Lushworks & Wine at Alki Arts

Come view the new exhibit of bold and vibrant abstract paintings by the artistic team of Brent/Apodaca, also known as Lushworks!

What do you get when two distant cousins from Norway

are brought together with a shared passion for art and local wine?
Meet Lushworks: Jessica Apodaca and P.A. Brent

P.A. Brent will also be performing musically with her band Sightseer.
They will be joined by members of the band Hurricane Chaser and special
guest Debbie Miller.

House Wine will be pouring for us.

See you there!