A Holiday Miracle at Twilight Artist Collective

December 13 WSAW, 2012

Twilight Artist Collective Giftable Art Show
Giftable art will deck the back gallery walls from member artists:  Todd Karam  Alexandria Sandlin * Tory Franklin * Cyn Moore * Joseph Brooks * C.M. Kail Tucker * Twozdai Hulse * Samantha Malay * Ninjagrl * John Osgood * Rob Roy Chalmers * Marty Gordon * Kate Protage

Jewelry Trunk Show
Trunk show runs for the entire month from members:  Lyndsay Brown Of Idle Hands Design * Tina Estorninos of Swing * Teresa DeLeen

Ornaments By
Debbie Porter of Swiss Cake * Sarah Barrick * Firelight Forge * Many More!
-CLOSES: Friday, January 4th, 2013

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