Jimmy Gerson at Locol Barley and Vine

November 8 WSAW, 2012

My name is Jimmy Gersen. I make my home in Seattle, Wa., where I graduated from the University of Washington School of Art. I began displaying my work in small restaraunts, and galleries throughout the area. I was mainly working with charcoal and pastels producing painting like drawings. Some where along the line I decided to literaly, dip my hands into some paint and see what I could do. Soon, painting became my new love. In 2000 I started to perform paintings live. That may not sound unusual, but painting behind a Heavy Metal band was.

After a five year hiatus, I found the urge to paint live, too strong to ignore. Returning to the stage in 2009, I have ressurected my painting career. I've performed for fundraisers, private parties, and other special events, all the while becoming a regular performer during West Seattle art walk at Angelina's.

View My Online Portolio Here: jgersen.artspan.com

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