Ray Pfortner's Photography Students at Bakery Nouveau

October 11th WSAW, 2012

Bakery Nouveau presents photography students under the instruction of Mr.  Ray Pfortner!

Mr. Pfortner is an instructor and a photographer who teaches around Puget Sound with over 10 different educational partners from Bellevue College to the Daniel Smith Artist Supply Stores to the Pacific Northwest Art School, Vashon Allied Arts and the Seattle Japanese and Chinese Gardens.  To read more about him and see more of his work visit:  http://www.raypfortner.com

He has taught two photo workshops at the Seattle Chinese Garden in West Seattle, with the classes capturing some remarkable images.  Both of these groups of students are represented, including last fall’s juried selections, which were shown in China this past spring as part of a sister city program!

To quote Mr. Pfortner:  “I am very eager to have the show exhibited in West Seattle, where not enough people yet even know the Garden's exists (and  just up the ridge on 16th at South Seattle Community College!).”

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