Diane Graves & Kathy Johnson at Capers

October 11th WSAW, 2012

Capers presents Diane Graves and Kathy Johnson!


Diane began by making jewelry, then expanded into mobiles. She continues to do so, although the mainstay of her art these days is the lamps. They range from simple classic designs to off the wall to fun and kitschy, such as the three she made from posters obtained from Archie McPhee Novelty Shop. Much of the raw material for Diane's lamps are found by way of what she calls junkin' in flea shops. It is a gift of unusual radar to discern beauty and purpose in what others have deemed worthless discards cluttering up the garage. It is a distinct way of engaging the world, akin to perceiving potential harmony where others hear dissonance.


A love of color and pattern came from studies in textiles and work as a textile designer in Hawaii. Her goal is to pair down imagery to the simplest form to convey the mood of the scene. Kathy's emphasis on harmonious color combinations has led to work in architectural color consulting today. An award-winning artist, she has also worked on a variety of projects that include: book illustrations, CD covers, publication covers, promotional posters, textile designs, wine labels, prints, and greeting cards. Kathy maintains a studio in Seattle and continues to draw inspiration from local landscaped.

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