Art, Treats & Live Music at Nature Consortium

October 11th WSAW, 2012
 "Monarch", mixed media by Oleana Perry

"Smoking with Company", photograph by Rich Fought

The Skeletons are COMING, The Skeletons are COMING to Nature Consortium ~
A one night show at the West Seattle Art Walk! 

Join Day of the Dead, artist Oleana Perry and special guest Rich Fought, photographer for an evening of art, refreshments, treats from the South Park Bakery and live music from Norman Baker: 

7-8pm, wear a costume and show your wild side!

Oleana Perry Artist’s  statement:
Dia de los Muertos for me is a time to reflect on my own path. A time to let ideas, thoughts or processes die, allowing room for new inspiration and fresh energy.  All of my Skeleton’s celebrate and represent the past but remind you that life is short, enjoy yourself. To see more visit

Rich Fought Artist’s statement:
“Rich Fought is a wandering photographer who is most happy walking the streets of Seattle, capturing it's wonderful people and unique atmosphere.  Shooting street and urban environments aligns with his own persistent wanderlust and fascination with multicultural diversity.  Humans interacting with each other and their environment are a rich source of beauty.  This wanderlust also takes him on road trips across the U.S. which inspire rural, nature and landscape images.

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