Tyson Pickerel at Brent Amacher State Farm

August 9th WSAW, 2012

Brent Amacher State Farm presents Tyson Pickerel's "Things People Probably Shouldn’t Be Talking About"!

A book, some pens, markers and a few cans of spray paint all packed into a grey shoulder bag is not only a portable studio it is a way of life. With his portable studio Pickerel has been capturing the conversations and happenings around him and interpreting it into small 4 by 6 visual explosions with dual meanings that no two people will ever read the same.

All are snippets from conversations Pickerel is overhearing or in the middle of. Drawing inspiration from his graffiti background these smaller pieces are almost like photographs or snap shots that someone has taken at a party full of derelicts.  These small intense pieces have sprouted out of words and fallen onto the page in sometimes a crude manner but will having you wondering what on earth was being overheard.

Pickerel’s work is dark, funny and entertaining. Intricate attention to detail, emotion and expression can be felt across the selection of mixed media pieces that will be on display at 2319 California Ave SW throughout the month of August.

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April Ann Pierson-Drake said...

i've been a fan for some 25 years? is that how old you are??? i remember your notebook sketches...you've always been brilliant. i can't wait for my commissioned piece.