Painted Landscapes at Dwellings

Featured Artist Christopher Ramsey:

"I am a Washington State native. I knew I loved to paint when I was a young child and first dipped a brush into a jar of tempera paint. I have not stopped painting since. I graduated from the University Of Washington School Of Art with a BFA, majoring in painting.

I paint landscapes. My subjects are Northwest light, colors, dramatic geography and textures often juxtaposed with the human built environment.
Watercolor has been my media for most of my painting life. I love the immediacy, the wet paint interaction and the colors and values achieved. The paint always does what it wants to do. I push it where I want it to go . . . but of course it does what it wants to do anyway."

Dwellings will be serving Laura’s Anti Pasto Skewers, Meg’s Miraculous Cookies, and refreshments.

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Rob LeRoy said...

We're very excited to be hosting tomorrow! I hope we can do it again each month!