December Art Walk and Shop Late in the Junction

We are all looking forward to the shop late in the West Seattle Junction on Thursday, December 8th 6-9pm.  Hope you can join us and please check back for exciting updates, promotions, food, drinks and everything 'holiday'.

The WS Art Walk Committee   

Keller Williams November Artists Ben Scherer and Carin Michelle

We are very proud to present the following artists for November Art Walk, all of whom will be present at the event.
Ben Scherer

Ben Scherer’s passion for photography is clear through his work. He particularly loves taking photos of the everyday things people walk by, but give little notice to. He loves the stories photos tell, the emotions they express, and the moments they capture
Carin Michelle
Jewelry Artist

Carinn Michele is a West Seattle artist who has been making jewelry for over 15 years. She scours local and foreign shops for unique cloisonee, swarovski crystal and glass beads, concentrating on wire wrapping and decoupage in her jewelry designs. She also enjoys screenwriting, costume design and photography.

Locol November Artist Curtis Ashby

Locöl November Artist- Curtis Ashby AKA CASH.

Curtis Ashby, also known by his moniker CASH, is a young artist who lives and works just outside Tacoma, WA. His designs, illustrations, and paintings have been featured on numerous posters and t-shirts. He has also exhibited his art in many solo and group shows including “(UN)sanctioned” at CoCA, and “VISUALIZE” at the Bherd Studios Showroom.
CASH studied under Tacoma,WA folk artist, Liza Morado in 2006 and is currently studying under Seattle artist, John Osgood.
   His latest work has been influenced by Pablo Picasso, Jean Michel Basquiat,  hand drawn fonts and street art and graffiti. CASH uses spray paint, acrylic, charcoal and oil pastels to create his works on canvas, paper, and wood. His paintings reflect the textures of the city, as well as the colors and spontaneity found in nature.

We will be offering drink specials all night and will have Cash hanging out to answer questions about his work.

Carmilia's November Artist Carla G

Carla G Art Nitkey
'Beauty will save the world.' ~ Dostoevsky

I was born in Germany and moved to Seattle in 1989. My contemporary work and new media art is a fusion of mystic realism, old school painting philosophies and digital pop art. Over the years I have developed my own style as a painter and mixed media artist; following a traditional view on painting while incorporating new medias in my work.
My art has reoccurring themes and settings. I try to communicate a search for understanding through visual interpretations of the world around and within us. It is in collections nationally and internationally.
Most recent works are on my website at:

The Artist Framers November Artist Sheila Lengle

Funky Janes November Artist Jennifer Bloom

With a fiery personality and plenty of East Coast panache, Jennifer Bloom paints custom portraits of people and pets that capture the distinctive personalities of her subjects, both creature and human. Surrounded by luscious backgrounds and interiors, the setting and the subjects meld into one-of-a-kind artistic statements for each client.  
Bloom’s animal portraiture company, Haute Portraiture specializes in custom portraits of animals including dogs, cats, horses and fish.
   Bloom has pursued portraiture full time, commissioning many works each year for private clients.  Since arriving in Seattle in 2006, Bloom has exhibited in many of the eclectic galleries and art walks in Seattle and is a regular vendor yearly at the Seattle Kennel Show.  For more information visit Bloom’s website at or contact her at 206-661-4538. Her studio is open at select hours for viewing and meetings for commission’s.By appointment only.

Windermere November Artist Daniel Jones and Gifts!

Joyous holiday’s a  time to love, reflect and give.  At the November art walk, Kim will be collecting food items or $’s to give to the Humane Society.  I will match the $ given to the Humane Society. This month we can take care of the sweet pet’s, next month we can help the little children in need.

Local West Seattle resident, Daniel Jones will be our featured artist this month.  Daniel will show his love of art and unique style at Windermere this month.  Daniel states “ Everything is art, from loading the dishwasher or mowing the lawn to designing and building the SAM sculpture Art Park”.

In addition to the featured artist this month, I will be hosting several artisans at the art walk boutique!  Artisan’s include, Laura Blackett “Blackett body basics”, she will be presenting her new Winter fragrance. Jewelry artisan Lane Bueche,,and Kelly Lyles, local favorite, artist extraordinaire,

bin 41 November Artist Linda Fornero

This month we welcome back Linda Fornero, a local West Seattle photographer specializing in landscape photography. Linda's current exhibit features photos from her recent travels to beautiful and inspiring Italy, including the Amalfi Coast, Naples and Rome. "Traveling in Italy, I felt a deep appreciation for the scenes we so often take for granted in life, and truly enjoyed capturing the radiance, beauty and essence of daily life.". I look forward to sharing these photos from you! - Linda Fornero

What would an evening be like viewing Linda's new work without a little Italian wine sampling to complement her photographs. Join us to mingle with Linda and enjoy some Italian wines from our local distributor on Alki with Erin of Small Vineyards. We look forward to seeing you on Thursday from 6-9 pm. Cheers!

Hotwire Coffee November Artist Wyn Bielaska

I have been photographing metallic objects  for the past 15 years on weekends....ship hulls….cars….trains…planes…...after a full week of work as an architect. The ship hulls were found in Vancouver BC, Seattle and Tacoma Washington. These photographs are part of an ongoing exploration utilizing large steel ship hulls as the central subject matter in the study of manmade materials and the impact of natural forces upon them. The CAR SHOW photographs were shot during the West Seattle CAR SHOW a few weeks ago.
As an Architect, these explorations become very important to attaining a deeper understanding of the nature of materials. They are also important exercises for me as a visual designer in the evolution of my visual perception that serves my daily pursuit of spatial and form composition.
Some of the original images from these shoots are included in this show. Some of the "composite/collage" images  are the result of many iPhone digital manipulations of original images to a level of abstraction. Most of these images were manipulated with an iPhone  APP called POP ART. The composite is, in fact, a more minimal, 2 dimensional representation that detaches the meaning of the original object from space and time and opens the reading of the composition to a multiplicity of interpretation. The intent here is to mystify rather than clarify what I have observed.

The CAR SHOW photographs were shot during the West Seattle CAR SHOW a few weeks ago.

Wallflower November Artist Christopher Balder

During the month of November, Wallflower is pleased to present new work by Christopher Balder.

Nature Consortium November Artists Alicia and Mike

Nature Consortium is hosting local art duo, Alicia and Mike for the month of November, plus special music guest Correo Aereo from 7-8pm  So come on in and have a glass of wine or hot cider and enjoy the art, music and homemade baked goods!
Alicia’s Painted Creations, email:
Alicia paints artful and functional reclaimed furniture and other wood items.  In a bright and whimsical way she creates playful themes for each piece.  She also takes custom orders.
Mike builds cigar box guitars, furniture, clocks, boxes and custom pieces like built-ins.  He uses mainly reclaimed or recycled materials and only hand tools for his projects.
Plus learn about Nature Consortium and hear about all of fall/winter programs. 
Connecting People, Arts and Nature since 1998

Seattle Real Estate Associates November Artist Christopher Ramsey

Artist Statement – Christopher Ramsey
I am a Washington State native from Spokane. I knew I loved to paint when I was a young child and first dipped a brush into a jar of tempera paint. I have not stopped painting since. I graduated from the University of Washington School of Art with a BFA, majoring in painting.
I paint landscapes. My subjects are Northwest light, colors, dramatic geography and textures often juxtaposed with the human built environment.
Watercolor has been my media for most of my painting life. I love the immediacy, the wet paint interaction and the colors and values achieved. The paint always does what it wants to do. I push it where I want it to go . . . but of course it does what it wants to do anyway.

Josh Pemberton Artist's Statement:
The phenomenon of how, through even a few marks of charcoal, an artist can evoke an idea in whoever sees it interests me to no end. In my work I strive to engage the observer in this activity through content, composition, and technique. I have heard it said that the single image is not a very effective way to convey a narrative because it relies on the viewer to bring meaning to it. This suits me just fine. I strive to balance meaning and ambiguity to challenge the viewer to bring their own narrative to my work and hopefully confront and re-evaluate it along the way.

Wild Rose's November Artist Janet Ramble

Wild Rose's will be featuring the very popular local artist, Janet Ramble.West Seattle landscapes and gardens in oil. Complementary wine will be served.

West Seattle Wine Cellars November Artist Phil Stoiber

West Seattle Cellars November Artist: Phil Stoiber

A postcard sent to a friend after visiting the National Gallery's "Art of Gauguin" show with him in 1988
shows up in an oil on canvas that I paint. In 2011 my painting prompts a series of prints using
photocopy litho that I combine with chine colle. Seattle Art Museum will be showing
"Gauguin & Polynesia" in 2012. A friendship spanning more than twenty
years---a passion for postage stamps and letter writing for thirty plus years prior
to that----how do these tie into my fascination with written word and paper? Family,
friends, holiday greetings and birthdays all play a part. I am still uncovering the interrelationships
and influences as I write this statement: soon I will be visiting a Vermont friend I have known
since we were in the first grade.  We've had no letters between us for years,
only electronic communication. I invite the reader to investigate for themselves:
how do we make connections?  how long do they last?

We look forward to welcoming Phil Stoiber back to display his artwork in our shop. This Thursday, November 10, come and meet Phil and enjoy his showing of prints themed Correspondence. And while you're here, you can sample the wines of Washington winemaker, Ron Bunnell, who will be in the shop pouring wines from both his RiverAerie and Bunnell Family Cellar lines. It will be a great evening of art and wine!

Emerald Spiral November Artist Georgie Snell

Emerald Spiral November Artist Georgie Snell

Georgie was born in Michigan and traveled to the South and the Southwest of the United States before falling in love with Seattle in 1984.  The wide range of nature entwined with an eclectic city made this her home.

Georgie is a multi-media artist.  Her interest in fantasy and the sea is visible in her work.  She uses watercolor, acrylic, color pencil and more in her creations. Some of her display includes work which was done while she studied graphic design. You may contact Georgie by email:

Community Acupuncture November Artist David Smart

Located At:
4545 44th Ave SW 
David Smart

David Smart is a local acupuncturist and artist. He explores the
limits of balance with natural components in his elegant kinetic sculptures. Using stone,
feather, glass and wood he creates finely-tuned contemporary mobiles that are beautiful
indoors and out. Dave will also collaborate with you to create a custom design to display
your own collection of stones. For custom pricing information, email
His work can also be found at Venue in Ballard, and online at

The Kenney November Show and Jazz!

Inspired by the beauty of the Northwest Photographer Bruce Savadow will showcase prints ranging from nature to glass reflections, shadows, and birds.

Uniquely handcrafted purses and totes by Ardis Lilleness.   These totes and handbags are easy to carry and are literally one of a kind!

Norwegian Rosemaling by Marilyn Hanson.  Marilyn has over 30 years of painting experience.
Rosemaling designs use C and S strokes and feature scroll and flowing lines, floral designs and subtle colors.

Vintage Jewelry Art by Cindy Robinson Unique and beautifully framed.

International Jazz singer Julie Cascioppo!

8 Limbs Yoga November Artist Sarah Cochran

Curiosity is one of the main motives behind my creations. Passion and experimentation are what push me to refine and expand my skills. Each piece I create and every method I use is chosen by its ability to let me explore the vast variety of influences that excite me. Whether that inspiration comes from nature, technology, or fantasy.
Creating or capturing a piece is a process I like to be organic, often this is through freehand and free form techniques. I tend to focus more on contrast or color and detailed texture. However, I have a strong desire of portraying the true beauty of the odd and overlooked aspects of nature and imagination with every artistic creation.
I currently reside in West Seattle where I am exploring macro photography, abstract black and white illustrations, and watercolors. I'm hoping to advance my skills and art through the merging of abstract textures, detailed organic lines, and the glow and unpredictability of watercolors. Visit my website for a peek at my vibrant and whimsical Abominably Beautiful Creatures watercolor series and links to much more of my art work.
Sarah Cochran

More Links...

ArtsWest November Show Quotidian Dreams

Woodinville artist, Gary Greene has worked as a professional artist continuously since 1967. While working in varied media from traditional to digital, colored pencil has been his true passion since 1983.  As a pioneer in the use of water-soluble colored pencils in fine art, some of his hyper-realistic paintings may require upwards of 500 hours to complete.  Upon viewing these detailed works, people will often exclaim, “That’s colored pencil?” Gary’s work has garnered national and international awards and is widely collected.

Patri O’Connor is principally a landscape painter who populates her landscapes with people – a solitary figure walking on the beach, two lovers in a garden, a running figure on a cloud-shrouded morning. Her oils on canvas interpret, rather than represent, creating a dreamlike quality. The people in her paintings add a narrative note to the work. Patri is influenced by early memories of travels with her family. From the deserts ofNew Mexico to the jungles of Venezuela, her paintings draw upon diverse landscapes, whether literal or of her own creation. Like a true traveler, Patri says of her method of working, “I show up and the canvas dictates where it wants to go.”

Victoria Raymond creates low-relief sculptures from repurposed materials that include fabrics, plastics, beads, Polyform, cast-off jewelry, yarn and ceramics. Her compositions offer a riot of color and texture combining abstraction and narration. An award-winning, Seattle artist, Victoria is also the author of several children’s books, which are illustrated by her artwork.

Kristen Reitz-Green loves food. She loves to paint larger than life portraits of it, in great detail. The Vashon artist is a graduate of The Julliard School, with a Master of Music degree for French Horn Performance. In 2006, she set down her horn and began a career as a visual artist, creating oils on canvas and panels.  Painting, with all of the luscious yumminess of Wayne Thiebaud’s famous food paintings, Kristen focuses on the minutia – Gummy Bears, a melting ice cream Sunday, a bowl of Fruit Loops, in vivid, mouthwatering color.

Southwest CC November Artist Nichol DeMent

Nichole C. DeMent

I am the product of the hippy drug culture in the early 70's. The vast amount of drugs and free sex turned out to be a way for a paranoid schizophrenic sex addict/prostitute and a heroine addict/drug dealer with a passionate Peter Pan syndrome to try their hand at the American Dream.  The state of Texas Judicial Courts took me out of this situation shortly after turning two years old due to severe neglect. The early years of a child's life are fundamentally important.  With early years such as this, my artwork is an epistemological approach to human nature via the figure.  I have an inherent need to explore the nurture/nature supposition; the understanding of self/other is at the center of everything I do. 

Every artwork starts with my studied field of photography, although the transformation of surface to a visceral topography is instinctual to my process.  With diverse influences such as Carravagio, Francis Bacon, Louise Bourgeois and The Starn Twins, I take risks with paint, wax and other media to activate my psyche and allow the creative subconscious to play, remember and dream.  From the Oracle of Delphi, to Carl Jung's Shadow, and the many layers of Quantum Physics, I endeavor to surpass a literal (re)presentation of the subject and allow a universal metaphor / language to evolve. 

Nichole DeMent is a photographic-based artist, educator, and curator that co-owns Rock|DeMent visual art space, a studio and gallery in Pioneer Square.  She recently commited to a career as a full time artist that is on the rise. Nichole has taught fine art with a photographic focus at regional institutions such as Pacific Lutheran University and Photographic Center Northwest since 2005. Her personal artwork in traditional photographic mediums and avant-garde mixed media encaustic processes has been awarded, positively reviewed, and can be found in numerous collections throughout the US.  More of her artwork can be viewed at SAM Gallery

Click! Design that Fits November Artist Rachel Austin

Click! welcomes Rachel Austin, whose map paintings are a shop favorite. Rachel will be at Click! for an artist reception Saturday, November 5 from 2 to 5pm, to introduce new work in the Cartography Series. Be sure to meet Rachel Saturday as she is unable to attend the Thursday Art Walk.

Rachel continues to explore a number of themes with her paintings.  Many of her current works resonate a sense of the simple beauty found in the spare and innocent scenes of everyday life. Rachel's work will be at Click! through November and December.

Alki Arts November Artist Brad Huskinson

Featured artist this month is visiting local photographer Brad Huskinson.  We have loved everything we've seen of his work so far!  In addition to being a photographer, Brad is a director of commercial and corporate films & videos.  Currently, he is applying his talents directing the web show 'Cookus Interuptus'  
We'll have live music listening to the exquisite sounds of local acoustic band Moon Girl.  We've had them at the gallery before and they were a huge hit. If you are a fan of amazing vocal harmonies, then you've got to hear them!
Wine & snacks will be served-
See you down on the beach!