Carmilia's October Artist Stephanie Brownfield

Locol October Artist Joseph Brooks

Locöl Artist for Oct-Joseph Brooks.
Joseph Brooks is an Artist currently living in West Seattle. I really like watercolors and pens. That is my main medium. I also like to paint in oils and lately have dabbled with acrylic. Along with doing shows around Seattle with ArtifaktArt , I have work at Twilight Artist Collective , and Best Loved Baby in Tacoma. Check him out @
Locol will be offering drink specials throughout the evening and Joseph will be by to hang out around 8pm.

CAPERS Home October Artist Cheryl Zahniser

Cheryl Zahniser is our featured artist this month and next. She is a West Seattle resident and a painter concentrating on still life and portraiture.

Click! Design That Fits October Artist Sarah Loetscher

Click! Design That Fits presents new works in jewelry and screen printing by West Seattle artist Sarah Loertscher.

Artist statement
My work reflects both the landscape I grew up in and my interest in the underlying structure of natural objects. Growing up in Indiana, with its expansive skies and industrial structures, nurtured my appreciation for clean, minimal forms. The Midwest’s vast fields and skies served as a visual canvas to power lines, granaries, and silos- structures wrought from pure function. These immense objects impressed upon me the feeling that structure itself is beauty, and the bare bones of a form are the often the beautiful parts.
My work is an exploration of these structural forms - building up a single line or shape into a dense mass, or distilling forms into their skeletal supports. All of my work revolves around crystalline growth: I am fascinated with the way that something made purely of hard edges and angles can grow as organically as a flower. I mimic crystalline formations in my jewelry, constructing simple wire forms into hard-edged, slightly chaotic structures.

Cupcake Royale October Artist Dennis Golden

Cupcake Royale artist Dennis Golden

Hello, I'm Dennis Golden and I am a landscape painter and photographer. For the past 12 years, Ive been to some of the most interesting places in the western US and experienced awesome scenery.

Born in Los Angeles CA, I have lived in Fremont, CA, Reno, NV, in the foothills outside of Denver, CO throughout my childhood. In College I moved around and traveled to many different places through the West photographing wild lands from deserts to high mountain Peaks and beyond. I photograph the scene then take it home and paint the scene using acrylic paint on 11x14 canvas board.

I Moved to Seattle, WA in 2006 for not only more opportunity in my art Carrier and more culture, but the scenic beauty of this are is awe inspiring. In Washington you can go from Temperate Rain forest to glacier covered mountains to desert all within sight of each other. Not to many places around like that with all of these different micro climates than in the Pacific Northwest. I hope you enjoy my artwork and experience the serene beauty of the Northwest and beyond like I do.

You can see more work by Dennis at ImageKind.

Twilight Artist Collective October Shows

“Nuthin but a G Thang”
a collection of gangster illustrations
by Solace Wonder

“I chose the theme of gangsters and organized crime because it’s always been a subject that fascinates me. I also thought it a good opportunity to present myself with a challenge; to depict gangsters and the mob state of mind WITHOUT using guns or cigarettes. Personally, i’m against guns and smoking cigarettes, so i’ve vowed to never include them in my artwork…therein lies the challenge.”


Global Revolutionary Fashion Design will be showing their newest ensembles next Thursday during our Art Walk Opening. Come out to see Gangster Illustrations and stay for the fashion show!

Shoofly Pie Company October Artist Mike Mullins

October Artist: Mike Mullins

Mike Mullins is a resident of West Seattle and has been making art all of his life. Monsters have been a long running theme in his work and are a continued fascination. He has been a staff member of the Art Institute of Seattle for 6 years now. Among other works, the Shoofly Walls will feature his Monster Vinyl Paintings through the month of October - perfect for Halloween!

For more information or to view images of Mike's work, please visit:

Easy Street Records October Cheapside Review

The Cheapside Review is a small collective of energetic artists and
designers from West Seattle. Their love for making things is matched only
by their love for sharing those things with YOU!

Come down to the Cheapside Review Flea Market at the Easy Street Records
Cafe! Listen to some great music, and sip some tasty beverages (must be
21+ for beer and wine) as you chat with these local artists, and peruse
their selection of hand-made goods, vintage clothing, and assorted
knick-knacks -- all for sale at cheapside prices!

Wallflower October Artist Lori Barrett

Wallflower is pleased to present the whimsical work of mixed media artist Lori Barrett.
Idioms, Fairytales, and other works...will show through November 8th.

Shanti Salon and Spa October Artist Lora Aberbathy

Artist Statement for Lora Abernathy

I grew up in Tucson, Arizona surrounded by the unconventional beauty of the high desert. It never occurred to me that the word “desert” meant a harsh, boring or, perhaps even intimidating place for those who had never experienced it. I took great joy in taking people into the desert to wonder at the symmetry of thorns on a barrel cactus or the incredible patterns left in the skeleton of a dying saguaro.

I left Arizona many years ago but my fascination with patterns as they appear as parts of a bigger whole continues to inform what I photograph. I continue to find joy in showing people the extraordinary in the ordinary. I enjoy abstracting the organic, natural world. The irony here is simply this: In order to abstract something from our natural surroundings it usually necessitates simply removing it from its larger context and it suddenly becomes a beautiful, though unidentifiable, form in its own right.

I was visiting a photographic exhibition at the Museum of Fine Art in Boston recently where I came upon some photographs taken in the first half of the 20th century that were of organic shapes that had been slightly abstracted. They referred to this a “biomorphism” – a kind of surrealism using free-flowing, organic forms. This fits. As a fairly new photographer exploring new paths, stumbling upon this work has been both illuminating and validating. It could be awhile before I have anything on the walls of the Museum of Fine Art. In the meantime, I hope you take the time to view my work around West Seattle.

bin 41 October Artist and Wine Tasting

This month we’re featuring our very own, new paintings accompanied by a wine tasting with Appalachian Wines from California. Join us for the monthly West Seattle Art Walk and check out some of our latest enamel style paintings. In addition, we’ll have the winery rep here to show you some nice, affordable California wines including an Albarino, some Pinots and a Rhone style red blend. Please note our revised hours this month. Last call to start a wine tasting will be 8:15 pm with closing time at 8:30 pm. Thanks...we hope to see you out and about this Thursday!

Artistic Framers October Artist Sheila Lengle

"I’ll paint whatever, whenever and with anything I want…rather like a spoiled child,” proclaims Sheila Lengle, a West Seattle artist whose work will be featured at The Artistic Framers for the Art Walk and throughout October.

Being self-taught, Sheila isn't guided by any rules only by her creative energy. She covers a canvas with bold, big strokes of bright vibrant colors. Her style takes an impressionistic/ pop art bent, though she would rather call it "feel good" art.
Put Artistic Framers on your itinerary. There will be gift surprises and one of Sheila’s paintings will be awarded to the winner of a drawing.

Alki Beach October The Lamplighter


DATE Thursday, October 13, 2011
TIME 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm PDT
WHERE Alki Beach Area

A K Mimi Allin

The novella by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Le Petit Prince (The Little
Prince), is about a little boy who lives on an asteroid with one rose
and three volcanoes that come up to his knees, one of which is extinct
at that. When The Little Prince realizes he is unhappy, he sets off to
learn about life and visits seven nearby planets, the last of which is
Earth. On his travels, he meets The Lamplighter, a man under orders to
extinguish his lamp at daybreak and light it again at dusk. The
Lamplighter explains how his task, once useful, has became absurd over
time as his planet began spinning more and more quickly. Now that a
new day occurs every minute, the lamplighter is so busy there isn't a
moment to sleep. Is not The Lamplighter a metaphor for our own
condition and times? I know it happens to me. I get so busy doing
things I think are of greater consequence that I often miss the
smaller, simpler things that really make up the truly significant
stuff (seeing the stars, sharing a sunrise, listening to a friend,
making a dance, putting my hands in the earth, talking to the
elephants). The Little Prince is a fable about how money, ego and
power close our hearts over time and turn into dimwitted adults.

Elliott Bay October Artist Nate Stottrup

Sketch boards and intaglio engraving. Website is if people want to find out more about him.

Seattle Real Estate Associates October Artist Jack Johnston

An artist most of my life, three years of study in the 1970s at the San Francisco Art Institute instilled a conceptual and process approach to visual art. Photographs were, and are, documentation of performances, performances for small gatherings and for one, just the machine and me. I reconnected with visual art in the neo-expressionist eighties, then in the nineties returned to process-generated drawings and paintings, as now, pulled from or inspired by life but not literally drawn from life. For a long period I retreated to punk-era duplication and appropriation modes, collages built from headlines and ripped from papers, manipulated only slightly to reveal the questioning hand of the not-so-gullible consumer.

For the last several years I have been working in series, often based in short texts and usually executed on whatever is cheaply available—consumer-product packaging, the pseudo-credit and discount cards received in the mail, and business reply cards. Media are approached as nonchalantly as support material: ink pens, permanent markers, water-soluble crayons, spray enamel, and random elements affixed by glue. I am drawn to creating ever new spaces, non-existent but non-fantastic images.

The works here are explorations of grisaille, the generally monochromatic range of tones available from black and white. Starting with some pieces on matt board discards, I began to fill sketchbooks with drawings, notations in grey, random pieces, always trying to be different from the last, in which the very process of placing the mark is primary. I try to undercut that self-imposed importance—“the burden of originality”, which is a certain block to creativity, by using templates cut from cardstock; random dots, lines, and shapes through which I make marks. The template-instigated marks may disappear, or they may re-appear as the finishing statement.

Jack Johnston has published non-fiction and artwork in KNOCK Magazine, the literary journal of Antioch University Seattle. Three vintage, self-portrait Polaroid SX-70 photographs were in the group show, “Instant Joy,” at A. M. Richard Fine Art, Brooklyn, NY, in June 2010. Nine more of the self-portrait Polaroids, circa 1978, were included in the Gay City Health Project anthology, Re-Pulped, Vol. 3, summer 2010. Additionally, he has exhibited in numerous group shows since 2007 at Antioch University Seattle, for which he was one of a team of curators. Jack remains a vital member of the art committee at AUS, most recently curating a show by Mary Coss and June Sekiguchi. Jack and his partner David are monetarily-deprived but avid art collectors.

West Seattle Wine Cellars October Artist Mike Russell

West Seattle Cellars October Artist: Mike Russell

I have lived in Seattle for over 15 years, but my roots go back to the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio, where I first got interested in photography. After a particularly bad ice storm, I took my old "point and shoot" camera out to a local play field close to my childhood home. It was a cold, brilliantly sunny day, everything was glistening. I spent hours in the cold trying to capture the beauty of the "shiny trees." Today I may have different gear, but I still have that same drive to find just the right angle, the right perspective…to find just the right lines.

Repeating shapes and strong contours evoke a sense of permanence. Rusting metal, fading paint, and broken glass captured in the strength of the midday sun reveal the texture and beauty of decline. “Power and Decay” showcases photos taken during my recent trips to Atlanta and around northwestern Arizona.

To see more of Mike’s photos visit his blog:

The theme for our regular weekly wine tasting this Art Walk Thursday was a special request by our artist. Mike asked if we could pour Italian wines on the night we debut his photos and we were happy to oblige! So come and meet Mike, enjoy his photography, and enjoy some fantastic wines from Italy.

Wild Rose's October Artist jim Lopresti

Wild Rose's features oil paintings by Jim Lopresti.
Complimentary wine will be served.

The Kenney Annual Bazaar Sale and Music

Annual Bazaar Sale!
Home-made crafts & goodies by Kenney Residents.
Beaded Jewelry
Baked goods
Odds & Ends

Sales supporting The Resident Life Care Fund!

Also featuring an eclectic display of needle work, drawings, paintings, sculptures and other creations shared by Kenney Residents.

Entertainment by Bonnie Birch Bavarian Trio!

Keller Williams October Artists Ben Scherer and Mary Frieburger


Ben Scherer’s passion for photography is clear through his work. He particularly loves taking photos of the everyday things people walk by, but give little notice to. He loves the stories photos tell, the emotions they express, and the moments they capture.

Jewelry Artist

Jem’s Jewelry offers classically styled jewelry for women who love jewelry. Mary Freiburger designs unique necklaces and earrings made of sterling silver embellished with European glass and sparkling semiprecious stones. Rings and necklaces styled to resemble bird nests are her customers’ favorite pieces.

Nature Consortium October Artist Oleana Perry

Nature Consortium's October artist is Oleana Perry and the band is Billy and the Bouncers

"Skeletons at the Table" is a collection of recycled wine decor that encourages the viewer to let hard times die and to use that energy to focus on the present. I am a local Dia de los Muertos artist from West Seattle that will be exhibinting my art and will be onsite to talk about my experience. A year ago my mother went through chemotheapy and I had to be present for her 6 month treatment. At that time I had to let all the hardship from my childhood die so that I could be present to support my mom's recovery. In the car I listened to old hispanic stories about life and death and learned that you needed to have life to have death and death to have life again. I practice this idea in my own life. All of the skeletons in “Skeletons at the Table” are dressed in their best. They are here to have fun and represent all the positive times you have experienced, to bring joy and laughter to your table. Their bony grins create a quiet reminder to let some things die, allowing room for the present.

Alki Arts October Artist Frances Popstojanovic

Join Alki Arts on the beach for our montly Artwalk celebration Oct 13 6-9pm!!!

This month we are thrilled to showcase the the creative and whimsical paintings of Frances Popstojanovic.

We will have music by latin acoustic duo Correo Aereo!-Just beautiful; you may have to dance!

And our monthly photographic showcase will be artist Michael Cacci-who combines his unique photographic subject matter with painting for a mixed media masterpiece!

Wine and snacks served-See you there!

ArtsWest October Show The Edge of Night

ArtsWest Gallery presents four regional artists in THE EDGE OF NIGHT; featuring three Seattle-based artists, C. ALBERT, JEAN BRADBURY, MONIKA DALKIN, and Portland artist DAVID CARMACK LEWIS. Two painters, a mixed media and a collage artist, each offer a unique, narrative style which can at times be slightly unsettling, like the place between wakefulness and dreams, like the edge of night.

C. ALBERT’s collages are assembled from various image sources including magazine clippings, colored pencil drawings and dimensional objects. Cutting, gluing and building up the surface of each work, the collages evolve organically with a surrealist resonance. The award-winning artist has been a regular participant in exhibitions in the Northwest as well as in Florida, Illinois, Washington D.C, and New York.

JEAN BRADBURY’s masterful oil paintings are both joyful and sinister, joining observations of the natural world with fanciful images of animals. Born in the Shetland Islands, U.K. she grew up on her parent’s organic farm in New Brunswick, Canada. It was there she learned to see plants and animals as a natural part of her emotional life. She completed her BFA in painting at Queen’s University and spent time traveling Europe and the Near East developing an interest in art history, natural dyes and archeology.

MONIKA DALKIN is a mixed-media artist who draws upon a host of media to develop her work. Initially inspired by everyday objects and situations, she then chooses the medium or media that best interpret her ideas: woodcut prints, etchings, fabric, dyes, thread, ceramics, pastel and more, are organized with deference to shape, color, balance, order, repetition and rhythm. The award-winning artist has a long exhibition history and is included in the collections of the University of Hawaii, the University of Arizona and the University of Minnesota.

Portland artist DAVID CARMACK LEWIS’s oil paintings on canvas interpret the limited spectrums of nighttime light sources, both natural and manmade, and are often populated by what is not there: an empty chair near a small fire, an elegantly lit theatre without an audience. His theatre paintings suggest the striking black and white photographs by Hiroshi Sugimoto of empty movie theaters, but with the subtle hues of night. Lewis has participated in juried shows throughout the region, as well as in New Mexico, Arizona and South Africa.

THE EDGE OF NIGHT is on display Tuesday, October 11 through Saturday, November 19, 2011. Artists Reception: Thursday October 13, 6-7:30pm

Hotwire Coffee October Artist Dina Potter

Dina Potter was born and raised in Seattle, Washington. As a child she enjoyed drawing and creating sketches of fashion design. After finishing high school, her first career choice was to be a fashion designer, but Interior Design drew her interest. She received her degree from the Art Institute of Technology in Seattle and upon graduating, pursued a successful career in commercial interior design. In addition to raising two boys, Dina enjoys teaching and sharing art as an Art Docent volunteer at the elementary school level.