Shanti Salon and Spa September Artist Laurie Zak

Photography by Laurie Zak

I cannot even recall what prompted me to make the decision to study black & white photography in community college, some 30 years ago, but since then, much of my life has been viewed through the lens of a camera. Although at the time I greatly enjoyed learning the process of film development and darkroom printing, I was never all that interested in the technical aspect of photography, but more so the visual aspect; the creation, composition and capturing of an emotion inspiring image, and after those 2 years of study, I never set foot in a darkroom again. I believe that the most beautiful and interesting images often come from the most everyday of objects-it is the way of seeing things from a unique perspective which will bring this beauty to light. Lacking much in-depth knowledge of today’s advanced digital and technical equipment, I tend rather to involve all of my senses and spirit in capturing a moment in time which I feel has the visual power to evoke memory, curiosity, wonder, awe, and most importantly, a smile in the viewer. My camera is simple and my photographs remain “organic” in the sense that no enhancement, special lenses, computer manipulation, etc. is used to create the images. I feel that the use of what I deem “artificial” processes lessens the sense of satisfaction and excitement which I experience when capturing a moment in“real life”, as the natural state of an image is most powerful and pure in its original, unchanged form. I believe that what is most importantly required of me or anyone else desiring to create a “good” photograph is simply an open heart and mind, which will in turn allow you to view the world with anticipation and expectation of finding beauty and intrigue in every little thing that your imagination opens your eyes to be able to see! Everyday life is so interesting in an abundance of simple yet touching ways, and I strive to capture what speaks to me, often in the most unexpected and seemingly ordinary places. I am never without my camera, and can contentedly disappear into the “zone”, or, more appropriately, the “Zen” of taking pictures for hours upon hours at a time. It is a powerfully fulfilling “addiction” to me, with my fondest hope being that something in my images will bring a moment of joy to someone else, and I consider it a great privilege and honor to share my visual world with others. I was born in St. Louis, Missouri in 1960 and lived there until May 2008, when I moved to the Seattle area to be with my soul mate Jeff. I currently enjoy the freedom from traditional employment which allows me plenty of opportunity to explore and discover the amazing bounty of beauty to be found in the Pacific Northwest. I am the proud mom of a 23 year old son, Trevor, and 26 year old daughter, Kaelyn, and loving “Gooma” to my grandson, Ryatt, born in Sept. 2009.Some of my other passions include our three Basset Hounds, music, architecture, reading, writing, traveling, the beach, thrift store shopping, classic cars, animal welfare, and various creative endeavors.Thank you for viewing my images.

Kreiger Dental September Artist Michael Rollins

My passion for the wonderful world of photography started many years ago when I was introduced to the darkroom and all of its magical potential. I've been hooked/involved ever since. Over the years, many an hour has been spent in the darkroom developing film and printing images, taking classes, and of course shooting pictures. Digital photography has changed all of that and now the darkroom has been replaced by a computer and software. The learning? Well, that continues every day. My subject matter is nature, birds, water, the sky and objects that have seen better days. I try with each image to make the viewer pause and think even if only for a minute. The technique used in most of the images you see here is called Intentional Camera Movement or, ICM. It is essentially a distinct movement of the camera combined with a slow shutter speed. I move the camera in what is called a panning motion from side to side or, on occasion, vertically. The shutter speeds I use vary somewhere between from as much as a half second up to 1/20 which gives the hint of movement in the subject. Michael Rollins

Elliott Bay September Artist Splash of Caribbean

Splash of the Caribbean is a unique line of bright, colorful authentic
arts and crafts made in the Caribbean. Founded in 2004 by Alyssa Johnson, Splash maintains a triple bottom line philosophy with win win relationships with our artists.

Splash buys direct making a dent in poverty alleviation while contributing to
the small individual artist in some of the poorest nations in the
Western Hemisphere. We feature a wide array of masks, coconut shell
crafts, colorful rag rugs, unisex vinyl record bags, paintings, recycled
oil drum sculptures and fun tapestries. Splash of the Caribbean has a
strong community outreach component that supports 4 schools
in poor neighborhoods in the Dominican Republic. Caribbean art enthusiats have
the option to buy online at

Twilight September Artist RobRoy Chalmers

Sporozoan Swarm by RobRoy Chalmers

RobRoy will combine his passion for painting, drawing and the Intaglio print to produce a panorama of visual stimuli revolving around The Sporozoan and all of its pieces.

As usual serving sparkling water and baked

ArtsWest Gallery September Show Evolution of a Diva

ArtsWest is excited to announce its latest gallery exhibition, Evolution of a Diva. A range of lively work exploring collage, athletic women, and Mother Nature, this three-person show will feature Seattle artists Mark Kaufman and Patricia Ridenour, and Renton artist, Barbara Benedetti Newton. Mark Kaufman’s collages combine vintage print media and illustration to create clever and boldly graphic juxtapositions. The hand-crafted (cut and paste, done with a knife and adhesive), paper and ink evoke a harmony and tension between nostalgia and humor. His illustrations have appeared in publications nationwide including the New York Times, The Stranger and National Lampoon. Certificates of merit include The Society of Publication Designers, Print magazine, Graphic Design USA, American Corporate Identity and the Art Directors Club of New Jersey. Patricia Ridenour uses computer software to combine photographic images of synchronized women swimmers with the ethereal space of water, sky and clouds. This powerful and arresting work is part of her Surface series which won first place in the 2010 International Photography Awards. She is a recipient of several Washington State Arts Commissions including Metro Bus Shelter Installations, which offer images from Surface. An award winning photographer and photography instructor, her work is in the permanent collection of the National Museum for Women in the Arts in Washington DC. Barbara Benedetti Newton has worked exclusively in colored pencil for more than a dozen years. Since 2002 she has shifted her focus to soft pastel. These pieces straddle a place between figurative landscape and pure abstraction capturing the light, color and mood of the natural world. She began her career as a fashion illustrator in Seattle and later, San Francisco. After buying a filbert farm on Vashon Island, she took a 20 year hiatus from her artwork to raise her family and a flock of wool bred sheep. In 2000, she co-authored Colored Pencil Solution Book. Her work has been published in American Artist, International Artist, and The Artist’s magazine. Evolution of a Diva brings together three diversely gifted artists with visually compelling work that has evolved over many years. The exhibition runs August 30 through October 8. Meet the artists September 8, 6:00 to 7:30 pm.

bin 41 September Artist Charles Moss

We've enjoyed the amazing paintings from local artist, Charles Moss, so much that we refused to take them down so soon! Charles has graciously agreed to rotate new paintings from his extensive portfolio so we can share more of his talents with you and enjoy his work a bit longer at the bin! To complement the new rotation, we'll be joined by local winery owner and grower, Phil Cline of Naches Heights Vineyard. Some of you have met Phil, with his rosey colored glasses, but if you haven't here's your chance! Phil manages a range of vineyards, employing biodynamic farming principles in his estate vineyards. He'll be bringing a new summer ready white blend, his acclaimed Pinot Gris, a Cabernet Franc, the Two Dancers and his Syrah to share with you. We hope to see you out and about this Thursday during Art Walk!

Cupcake Royale September Artist Katy Mercedes

Katy Mercedes

My first attempt at being a professional artist took place early in my human existence, I was 4 years old. I spent days on producing colorful horse drawings, at least a dozen of them, maybe more like 20. They were all very geometrical and abstract. The bodies of the horses were rectangular with rectangular heads and both eyes showing, as tho’ their heads were cocked to look at the person looking at the art. I laid out the drawings carefully on the lawn in front of my grandparent’s house, using pebbles to weigh down the corners. It was a great idea, people would walk past and see them and instantly want to buy them at 5 cents each, or at least, that’s what I thought.

Wild Rose's September Artist Marilyn Van Cleave

Wild Rose's features oils by Marilyn Van Cleave "Art plays a key role in our lives, no matter how subconscious it may be, giving us an important avenue of introspection."

West Seattle Wine Cellars September Artist Thomas Krueger

West Seattle Cellars September Artist: Thomas Krueger

Growing up in Japan, Thomas discovered his passion for photographyat the young age of eight. His career began on a small Navy newspaper, the Seahawk,covering local sports and events. The Seahawk awarded him a letter ofappreciation for Excellent Photography in 1992. He then embarked on a journey to Seattle in 1994 to attend theArt Institute of Seattle, where he furthered his artistic and technical skills and received his degree in commercial photography.

Thomas developed an innovative and conceptual style, photographinga wide range of subject matter from the abstract avant garde, to hauntingimages of people and nature. His work instills a mood of introspection and self-reflection, andpossesses a sense of wonder that often is lost after childhood. He prefers touse the medium of film, both color and black and white. He enjoys perfecting his craftin the darkroom. He says, “In growing as a fine art photographer, I haveembraced traditional darkroom techniques which I feel one day may become alost art in this world of digital technology. Time spent alone in the darkroomallows me to reflect and connect with my art.” Thomas continues to exhibit hiswork all over Seattle. See more at his website:

And this Thursday, while you enjoy the photography of Thomas Krueger, you can sample wines from Australia, presented by Matt Roberts, of Epicurean Wines. He has selected some of his favorites from his portfolio to share with us that night, from refreshing whites to Shiraz, and all stops in between. 

Nature Consortium September Artist Kathleen McHugh

Kathleen McHugh is a Seattle based artist who works primarily in paint and mosaic.  She received her BFA from the Cornish Institute of the Arts in 1982.  She explores the themes of identity and relationship in art that she exhibits locally, nationally and internationally. ( She teaches with Nature Consortium and has been working as a teaching artist in the Pacific NW since 1994. She is offering prints from her Banff suite at the West Seattle Art Walk.

The Kenney September Artist Martha Hicks

Martha Hicks isinspired bright bold colors, the way light works through glass and the beautyin everyday situations. "All one has to do is look around, and payattention to the surroundings.”  She uses watercolor, acrylics andphotography to capture these colors.

Attracted to arts & crafts, Cyndy Jensen will be showcasing her paintings as well asjewelry and objects created from found and recycled objects.

Local custom picture framer, Fred Madrid will be displaying historic West Seattle photographs from the early 1900’s.  Note cardsdepicting historic Northwest images and contemporary retro-style images ofpopular local interest will be for sale starting at $3.50.

Jewelry from $10 and up by Oneof a Kind, Unique Gifts.  Precious stones, glass, copper andmore!

Live entertainment by the CornellTrio!

Emerald Spiral September Artist Sabine Pettersen

Sabine has been creating Unique, One-of-a-Kind Jewelry pieces for 35 years.  She uses Gemstones and Antique findings.  In making her jewelry she stays open to having positive energy flow through each creation.

Sabine is available to do custom orders and to do repairs.  She can be reached at: