TILA Real Estate July Artist Brian Forrest

Join us for an artist reception on Thursday July 14 featuring Brian Forrest.

Brian’s paintings are influenced by past and current colorists, creating raw and expressive works hovering between realism and abstraction.
A sneek peek of his work is available at:
Design: http://brianforrest-design.blogspot.com/
Art: http://brianforrest-art.blogspot.com/

Also the party-is ON at TILA Real Estate we will have a Live Band “Inner Voices” a local Acoustic Folk Pop Quartet with an ear toward intricate harmonies and songs with great melodies.
Featuring Ron & Susan Runyon with Roger Ingalls and Janet Segur.
Guitar, bass, keyboards and percussion provide the musical background for songs by Emmylou Harris, Crosby, Still & Nash, The Beatles, James Taylor, Carole King, The Eagles, and other influences from the Carpenters to Frank Sinatra.
We will be pouring fine NW Wines and Chocolate. Cheers !

Capers July Artist Cheryl Nellis

Cheryl‘s had a camera in her hand for over 30 years. She is a freelance photographer contributing work various newspapers in South Texas then eventually running a portrait, wedding & commercial photography business. She used various printing techniques to create photographs that were unique for commercial portraiture at that time. Her passion for learning and experimenting with a multitude of alternative photographic processes, led her to Fine Art Photography.

Cheryl’s primary focus has been on travel and nature, with its simplicities yet mysterious complexities. Her eye for composition, her vision of light, and her attraction to shape and design enables her to create extraordinary images of ordinary or common subjects. She uses vintage, traditional and modern photographic techniques to accomplish her vision. Cheryl has had the great fortune to travel to many places around the world including Italy, France, Ireland, England, Costa Rica, Amsterdam and China. She has a unique ability to capture the beauty of other countries and cultures resulting in images that evoke emotion.
Cheryl’s photography has been published in newspapers across South Texas. She has collectors both nationally and internationally.
A native Texan, Cheryl and her two sons moved to West Seattle the fall of 1995.

ArtsWest Gallery July Show From The Artists Association

One week: no news, no internet, no social network or texting. Featuring artists from the ArtsWest’s Artists Association (AWAA) in the new gallery exhibition, Unplugged Challenge, this is a fascinating insight into America’s dependence on technology and telecommunication.

bin 41 July Show and Bastille Day

ART WALK - Thursday, July 14th, art debut by local photographer PLUS Bastille Day wines from 6-9 pm.
Join us for the debut showing for local photographer, Stephanie Brownfield. A Washington native who lives in West Seattle, Stephanie has traveled up and down the West coast pursuing her passion of photography. Her dynamic collection includes evening cityscapes, beautiful oceans, dramatic images of nature and more. This will be an exciting and diverse addition to the West Seattle Art Walk.

In addition, we’ll be featuring an array of French wines in the spirit of Bastille Day. Swing in to meet Stephanie and celebrate Bastille Day with us at the bin!

Carmilia's July Artist Rebecca Unterseher

Our artist's name is Rebecca Unterseher. She does watercolor paintings but I don't have an image from her. We will also have a ukelele band playing 80's cover tunes, seriously!

Twilight Artist Collective July Show The Feel Good Show

W3 presents: The Feel Good Show

OPENING PARTY: Thursday, July 14th
during the West Seattle Art Walk, 6 to 9 PM.

“Compliments, bear hugs, high fives, and Rainiers. All things that make you feel good. Take Thursday evening, the 14th of July, to forget the worries of the daily grind and feel good about yourself. Let’s hook this up.” – The W3 Collective.

W3 Collective is: Cory Little, Brandon Ramirez and Mark Fankhause.

Windermere Real Estate July Artist Sharon Birzer Presented by Kim Tingley

Kim Tingley is proud to present local West Seattle resident Sharon Birzer at www.sharonbirzer.com

Sharon Birzer art statement:

My work is inspired by observations made in the diverse ecosystems of the Puget Sound and Eastern Wash ington. I have an interest and love of detail, and am fascinated by biology of all types including bones, animals and plants. Images of things culled from my life are often drawn or painted directly from the object. Alluding to dissection and transparency, some paintings depict figures and their internal systems

Many of my paintings are developed from hanga or woodblock prints. The paper is printed using a single uncut block. I then paint over and into the printed field or image using brushes, carbon, graphite, dry pigments. My goal is to record the transparency, fragility and the intricate detail present on these cast off parts and pieces of life. In 2010 I studied Scientific Illustration. This study increased my ability to see and record in much detail. For my new body of work I will continue making portraits of bio-remains. All of life is interconnected. My work seeks to capture the exquisite detail that lays testament to its amazing intricacies.

Brunette Mix July Artist Anna Neff

Anna Neff is an artist and lifelong resident of West Seattle. She studied drawing and printmaking at the University of Washington School of Art, earning a BA in Visual Art in 2008. Anna spent the majority of 2010 volunteering in Ireland and Nepal and is excited for the opportunity to participate in July Art Walk, her first show since returning.

Hotwire Coffee July Music NZIRA

NZIRA" means "path" in Shona, the traditional language of Zimbabwe. It is also the name adopted by the nine members of the NZIRA Marimba Ensemble, an enthusiastic group of adults (and one red-headed musical wonderchild named Gracie). The music is from Zimbabwea, originally brought to the US and arranged for marimba by Dumisani Maraire, an ethnomusicologist who came to the UW in the 1960's and taught the music, and the instrument making. The instruments remind people of large xylophones, made of wood. They are all in the key of "C" and are played by striking the wooden "keys" with mallets. The music is not written so the players must memorize the parts and arrangement for each song.. Most of the players are members of the Westside Unitarian Universalist Congregation at 7141 California Ave SW. The band will be playing next to Hotwire during Artwalk from 6:00pm-7:30pm on Thursday, July 14th . If you like what you hear, (how could you not?) and would like the band to play at one of your upcoming events, contact the band leader, John Britt, at brittshops@comcast.net.to make arrangements.

8 Limbs Yoga July Artist Erin Kaufman

8 Limbs Yoga Studio West Seattle July Artist Erin Kaufman
Watercolor collage paintings on fabric

West Seattle Wine Cellars July Artist Tatyana Brown

West Seattle Cellars July Artist: Tatyana Brown

Tatyana Brown lives in Seattle now, but she was born and raised in St. Petersburg, Russia, where she became interested in art from a very early age. After an extensive education at the Russian and Hermitage Museums, she went on to earn a masters degree in architecture from the University of Architecture and Engineering in St. Petersburg, after which she worked in the interior design field. She has taught art at the St. Petersburg College of Restoration, and has participated in numerous art shows and competitions. Tatyana has experimented in many media, including watercolor, pastel, and encaustics, but developed her own unique style while working in engraving and lithography. She creates her artwork right here in her West Seattle studio. Tatyana's art on display this month ranges from scenes of nature, to Russian architecture, to playful vignettes of Seattle life.

While you enjoy Tatyana's artwork this Thursday, you can sample wines from one of California's original Rhone Rangers: Bonny Doon Vineyard. Our free Thursday evening wine tasting on this month's Art Walk night will feature the Rhone-inspired wines from this iconic winery. Barbara Smith, from Bonny Doon, will join us in the shop to pour and talk about the wines. Come for the art; stay for the wines. Or vice versa!

Shanti Salon and Spa July Artist Ang Wrobel

Ang Wrobel is a self taught mixed media artist, a recent transplant from the Southwest. She has hosted in her life a variety of media; a variety of voice, and has now settled into mixed media fine art in the abstract and contemporary genres.

Her emphasis in variety and rhythm make her work attention grabbing– you either connect or disconnect and that is the beauty of art, see it and then decide. The juxtaposition and tension between the colors I use are varying and tend to be complimentary or otherwise vibrant and moving, I like to keep my viewer’s eyes dancing around the space while simultaneously pulling multiple thoughts and memories from their reactions. While already fond of stretching her own canvas, she also works on found objects or recycled art.

Currently her work can be viewed through facebook.com/aung.robo – her 2010 series Silver & Gold will be showing this summer in Seattle.These works stem from areas where we lose ourselves. This is what happened when I got lost, if I did it correctly you feel the joy from just the experience of seeing into the silence of my mind – though chaos and constant and shifting and wondering and evolving and loving, it all is relevant.
This is an important debut for me, it is a young and reckless time I live in, and I will be silenced if I don’t pull from my environment – this is what I see in the Emerald City, there is such flavor and such hope, it’s a different time in my life."

Wild Rose's July Artist Randi Starup

Wild Rose's featuring Randi Starup. Randi shows tree paintings in oil that are inspired by nature and informed by traditional icon painting. Other works include still life and small paintings of crows.
Complementary wine will be served.

Nature Consortiium July Artist Jess Rees

Jess Rees holds a degree in Fine Art from Rutgers University, NJ, and currently lives in Seattle. She expresses her lifelong interest in urban naturalism and the boundaries between natural and constructed worlds through her work. She explores notions of self and the connections to the places we live by looking at how our lives fit into the grander universal scene. She works primarily in installation, sculpture, and drawing. -jessrees.com

Sleepers in Seattle July Show

Sleepers In Seattle is proud to show four local artists exploring the theme of Summer: Susan Otto, Gail Fligstein, Meryl Alcabes and Kooki Davis.

Warm sun, cool breezes and classic cars are the essence of summers gone by. West Seattle Artist Susan Otto will be showing photographs of vintage cars and trucks. Susan’s work is inspired by the smooth lines and bright colors of the automobiles, while capturing the spirit of youthful summer.

Sleepers in Seattle will also feature works by fiber artist and Seattle native Gail Fligstein. Her works are based on her own original designs, and they are meant to evoke positive feelings such as joy, appreciation of beauty, and grace. She dyes and then embellishes fabrics with paint, stamps, silk screening, and photo transfer. Gail is interested in texture, both two dimensional and three, and perspective. www.gailfligstein.com

Meryl Alcabes is a Seattle-based photographer specializing in colorful portrait and event photography. She has explored the theme of "summer" with a variety of subjects and lenses. www.merylalcabes.com

Fiber artist Kooki Davis creates one of a kind coats and jackets using authentic fabrics from various regions of Africa. "Art to me means transforming: I consider myself a multi-medium artist, from wearable art to whimsical collectables,I love mixing various elements such as beads, threads, yarns and found objects to create mermaids and character dolls. I like the idea of wearable art and art pieces being able to tell a story." www.kookidavis.com

Knows Perfume July Artist Sarah Cochran

The July artist is Sarah Cochran,and her show is called 'Abominably Beautiful Creatures.' Her website is www.sarahe.com

Windermere Fauntleroy July Artist Brant Abinosa

I was born in Sharon, Pennsylvania and now currently from the Seattle area. At a very young age, I had an intense passion to draw. I was happiest when I was drawing and my dream was to be an artist. However, while in high school, I was discouraged by those in authority, telling me that artists don't make it in life, I'd have to choose another profession. Sadly, I did not pursue formal art training and drawing ceased to be a part in my life as I pursued other interests.

But my love of art has resurfaced-and I feel as though I've been re-born.

My love for painting is a recent one, although it was love at first sight. Roughly, I've been painting for about 6 months. I consider my work to be contemporary pop art style portraiture leaning towards photorealism. Painting as a whole appeals to me and I can assure you that portraiture will not be my final destination. I find beauty in all forms of art and look forward to the opportunity to learn as many as I can. For the most part everything thus far has been self taught by learning on the job so it'll be interesting to see what school will do for me.

Brant Abinosa

We will have live music performed by the Five Buck Band, Wine, and apps.

Seattle Real Estate July Artist Artisansoul

About Artisansoul

Artisansoul known as Maggie H0 has been a dedicated student of Chinese art since first applying brush to paper as a child. Her parents supported her enthusiasm from an early age, encouraging her to stretch and follow her passion.

After immigrating to the United States in 1986, Artisansoul began studies under Vincent Ma, a renowned calligraphy master, who himself was educated by Hanlim, a high ranking official of literature in the Ching dynasty.

Once her calligraphy skills were firmly established, Artisansoul searched for other outlets to stretch creatively. She contacted Zuolie Deng, whose expertise is impressionistic Chinese water color painting. He opened Artisansoul's eyes to an entirely new world and spent countless hours teaching her many subtle methods of manipulating paint and ink.

Another master, Hong Duan Yang, recognized Artisansoul's talent and took her under his wing. Well known in China for his paintings of Eagles and Swallows, Mr. Yang's skill in advanced watercolor techniques was invaluable in developing Artisansoul's talent. Under his watchful eye, she has developed an abundance of new ways to express her remarkable artistic vision.

Maggie is currently Vice President of the Washington Chinese Overseas Artist Association.

Contact information: artisansoul@hotmail.com

Artist Statement

Nature is the source of inspiration for my artistic vision. My ultimate goal is always the same, to invite the audience to step into the beauty of the paintings I have created.

I focus on capturing the life, character and spirit of my subjects, rather than reproducing technically accurate likenesses. Non-essential elements are stripped away, revealing the object’s beauty and soul.

Though I paint quite deliberately, consciously employing both centuries-old Chinese techniques and contemporary approaches, my feelings toward the subject are the driving force ultimately determining the direction.

Each painting speaks for itself and whatever it says to the viewer - it's the right message because there isn't a wrong and a right message. Each person takes something a little different from the same painting and I'm happy with that.

Elliott Bay Pub July Artist Tim Pew

Tim Pew will be on our walls for the month of july showing off new and old paintings that he is done. Tim has lived in w seattle for a number of years and is currently working at the porterhouse in the admiral district. Tims work will be for sale and contact info is here for customers who wish to purchase or have questions.

The Kenney July Art Walk Show

West Seattle Art Walk at The Kenney
Narboo, Starheadboy, Feather Fiends & Half-Pack LIVE!
Narboo is a local artist from the Puget Sound area that loves the mountains and the city, and is inspired by both. He loves nature and animals and this is reflected in his work as he rarely paints people. Narboo uses bold lines, crazy characters, and bright colors to hopefully brighten up your day. He works in mixed media, but mostly acrylic on canvas, wood, and found objects.

Starheadboy is a super prolific artist, born and raised in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest. He flows his vibrant art through pure stream of conscious and relies on raw instinct, unlimited imagination, and constant inspiration to create his work.

Born and raised in Seattle, Washington, Nicole Rose W. is a painter at heart, so she knows all about being creative. However most recently she has discovered her talent of making jewelry. After receiving nothing but compliments about her earrings and with encouragement from her peers, she has decided to display her beautiful and unique hand-crafted feather earrings by creating jewelry from her Feather Fiends line. With the arrival of summer you have the options of picking vibrant colors that will draw attention everywhere you go, or have the choice of neutral colors that will make any outfit look great which you could wear during any season. They’re great for everyday use and special occasions.
“All feathers are of excellent quality and come from a smoke and pet free environment. There are limited quantities so make sure to grab yours before they’re gone. You won’t find earrings like these in department stores so I promise you will not be disappointed”
Additional photos can be viewed at: Facebook.com/Featherfiends

“Vegas-style” music & entertainment by Half-Pack LIVE!

XGym July Artist Rebecca Bolte

Bodyscapes - Photography by Rebecca Bolte
Opening July 14th 6-9pm
XGym 3213 Harbor Avenue Southwest

Local artist, Rebecca Bolte, examines musculature and the athletic
body through closeup black and white photography. Presented on large
scale Giclee canvas, Bodyscapes will be a permanent collection at XGym
on Alki.

Keller Williams July Artists Ruth Moen and Krissy Maier

Ruth Moen

Ruth Moen brings to her acrylic folk art the influences of her extensive world travels, passion for innovation and delight in things untamed. Using stripes, splashes, swirls and flourishes of luscious hues, she transforms otherwise simple chairs, bowls and plates so that they appear to have just floated in from an enchanted wonderland. Ruth takes wonderful photos during her travels and transforms them into three dimensional wall sculptures. The photo gets lost in that thin line between reality and fantasies, giving each piece an almost ethereal quality.

Krissy Maier
Jewelry Artist

Inspired by the beauty of all things vintage and passionate about living a fair trade, eco-friendly, sustainable life; Krissy realized that by using discarded vintage jewelry components and beads she could create new fashionable pieces. Her career as a jewelry designer began when she discovered that other people appreciated her creations and wanted to wear them. In 2007, looking to make Orange Box jewelry holistically sustainable, Krissy began a line of jewelry using fairly traded sterling silver clasps and ear wires from a small cooperative in Bali, Indonesia. All pieces of jewelry are designed and hand crafted by Krissy Maier in her studio, located in the Ballard Neighborhood of Seattle. Orange Box jewelry is sold weekly in Seattle at the Edmonds Saturday Market and Fremont Sunday Market.

Taco Guayamas July Artist Cathy Crawford

Cathy Crawford


Shoofly Pie Company July Artist Sheila Lengle

An artist since the first time she put crayon to paper, Sheila Lengle is lucky enough to have been in and out of a variety of creative careers during her 64 years. Being self-taught, Sheila isn't guided by any rules only by her creative energy. She covers a canvas with bold, big strokes of bright vibrant colors. Her style takes an impressionistic bent, though she would rather call it "feel good" art. "I’ll paint whatever, whenever and with anything I want…rather like a spoiled child.” She hopes to see many of her customers from the days when she owned the Critical Mass and ec’Collective, artisan galleries in West Seattle.
Plan to come by and enter a drawing for one of Sheila’s paintings.