Carmilia's June Artist John Sabee

We will have chocolates and wine.

bin 41 June Artist Jeff Benes

art and wine at bin 41
This week is flying…we can’t believe Art Walk is tomorrow already! On Saturday we hung some beautiful new artwork by our friend and local artist, Jeff Benesi. Jeff, a landscape architect / urban designer, was inspired by a 2007 trip to Italy where he and his wife Kay traveled mostly by foot on a self guided tour through Tuscany and Umbria. Together, they teach art classes for children and adults through their Colorwheel Studio, founded in 1990.

Jeff has chosen some beautiful acrylic paintings and collage pieces from his Italy series to share with us. We’ll also be joined by veteran Washington winemaker, Ron Bunnell of Bunnell Family Cellars, After a successful career in winemaking at a number of prestigious wineries in WA and CA, Ron and his wife Susan decided to share their love of wine as a family. We’ll be tasting wines from both the Bunnell and RiverAerie labels including one of our fav’s for pairing with lamb or braised beef dishes. Stop by tomorrow night, Thursday, June 9th between 6-9 pm to take in some wine, art and meet the folks behind it all!

Twilight Artist Collective June Show

MADE IN SEATTLE: An Exhibition of Pottery Curated by James Lobb

Takes place during the West Seattle Art Walk

This exhibition features a selection of potters currently making work in our fine city; Seattle.


Damien Grava
Carol Gouthro
Sam Scott
Adam Helenske
Liz Duarte
Matt Mitros
Drew Nicklas
Sarah Parent
Deb Schwartzkopf
George Rodreguez
James Lobb

Artistic Framers June Artsits Jon Bosch

Artistic Framers will host NW native artist, Jon Bosch. Jon will be working on a current portrait.

A sweet treat for those who stop by.

Shoofly Pie Company June Artist Jonathan Arras

Shoofly Pie Company is excited to feature the art of Jonathan Arras for the June Art Walk. His Spirals In Love series depicts fantastic creatures spiraling in and out of love. Figures traditionally associated with children's art (magical beings, monsters, anthropomorphized animals) are often burdened with very human and sometimes adult emotions. Common themes are delirious love, loneliness, and giant desserts.

TILA Real Estate June Artist Nakean Wickliff hosted by Anne Burke

Featured Artist Nakean Wickliff is a West Seattle resident and photographer capturing the NW surroundings in the best out-door studio around. He also uses his craft in the commercial world and a commissioned personal photographer.

Featured Musician Nick Austin will be performing some of his newest songs !

It’s So YU- fashion accessories will be back. They will bring new items for sale that they purchase from villages in the Far East to help sustain their local micro missions. Hip new purses, rings and lot’s of other bling.

And Yes, a nice sampling of Wine and Chocolate at our hosted reception…Come join the Party.

Emerald Spiral June Artist Brodrick Brodie-Graves

June Artist of the Month - Emerald Spiral

West Seattle Art Walk on Thursday, June 9th

Broderick Brodie-Graves is new to the Seattle area, drawn here by the beautiful scenery and the lively energy of its people. He has lived in several different cities, including New York, Hollywood, and Las Vegas, traveling for many years as a professional stage actor, director, singer, designer, and playwright. Other professions include Hospitality Management and University Instructor. He is also the author of The Wisdom Wheel of The Master Within, around which a “White Magick and Law of Attraction Style Workshop” will be presented in July at Emerald Spiral.

“Painting has always been my escape from the demands of the verbal and intellectual communications of which my other professions were comprised. I often dealt with thousands of people a day. For years! With painting, it was just me and the paint and the canvas -- and an image. The act of painting is a meditation. It compliments my deep interest in all things metaphysical. I sometimes paint portraits or figures, but mostly I paint symbols and enigmas, totems and talismans. I am honored to be able to share these visions from my imagination with you.”

Brodertick may be contacted at Emerald Spiral or email:

Windermere June Show Panama Hosted by Kim Tingley and Barb Odgen

Venga al mercado de artesanos de Panamá!

Come learn something you didn't know about Panama - and shop for some wonderful treasures! Everything under $40!!!

This week, Sandie Davis joins us to share her experiences over five years of enjoying Panama - and to offer some of the beautiful beaded and tagua nut jewelry, and mola bags and shoes made by indigenous artisans. Panama grows some of the best coffee beans in the world, and she'll also have bags 'o beans available as well! Limited quantities on everything!

This small isthmus of land in Central America is being called "the new Costa Rica", and has experiencd a huge boon of foreign investment monies supported by tax and other incentives being offered by the government for real estate investment and over age 55 discounts on services, shopping and restuarants. It is considered one of the top retirement destinations in the world with beautiful Pacific and Caribbean beaches, islands, friendly people, verdant jungles and a major world city.

C&P Coffee June Artist Amelia Diaz and Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting at C & P Coffee Company
Thursday, June 9thth, 6 pm - 8 pm

With the possibility of warmer days ahead, wine club will sample some food-friendly, lighter-style French rosé’s and whites, which are low in alcohol, high in acid. Wine club meets on the 2nd Thursday of every month. Join us as we explore a new theme each month and feel free to bring an appetizer. $5.00 . 21 and older please.

Also, on display at C & P for the month of June, images by photographer Amelia Diaz. Amelia Diaz was born in Havana, Cuba. She traveled to the US at the age of 10 and has been a Seattle resident for over 30 years. Diaz's artwork has been inspired by her childhood, music and travel adventures. Digital photography, Polaroid transfers, acrylics and oil paintings.

Hotwire Coffee June Artist kelly rae cunningham

encasutic paintings by kelly rae cunningham
paintings on facebook

The Kenney June Artist Ruth Thompson Leonard, Music and Funsies

Batiks by native West Seattleite, Ruth Thompson Leonard. She enjoys creating images that remind the viewer of a familiar scene or activity.
Batik is an exacting method of creating multi-color designs on fabric using dyes and a wax resist.

Route 66 Kitsch ~ Oatman - Kingman - Seligman
Vintage peeks along the original "Mother Road"

Take a road trip with Gail Ann down the Mother Road thru Oatman, Kingman and Seligman with her Lensbaby.
Gail Ann is the owner of Gail Ann Photography located just a few short blocks from the Fauntleroy Ferry. Visit or

Jazz of the 20’s and 30’s by Miss Rose and Her Rhythm Percolators

Unique baby & children’s clothing designed by Sara and Shawn Andreu.

Shanti Salon and Spa June Artist Narboo

"Narboo is a local artist from the Puget Sound area that loves the
mountains and the city, and is inspired by both. He loves nature and
animals and this is reflected in his work as he rarely paints people.
Narboo uses bold lines, crazy characters, and bright colors to hopefully
brighten up your day. He works in mixed media, but mostly acrylic on
canvas, wood, and found objects."

West Seattle Wine Cellars June Artist Sara Osebold

West Seattle Cellars June Artist: Sara Osebold

The backyard woods and heavy snowy winters I grew up around strongly inform the work I make. Spending the days out in the elements collecting rocks, building strange forts, mucking up my clothes all contribute to an invigorated spirit and a love of textures/sound. My work focuses primarily on sculpture and installation-based environments, often using aspects of performance and recorded sound. I incorporate into projects particular non-conventional materials/ingredients: wool felt, chocolate, tarp, seaweed, fake fur, stray scarves and gloves, plant samples. This allows me to have a varied tactile experience that provides a less self-conscious approach and a highly experimental process—all of which feed into the work. I reference landscape and Nature through conceptual and surreal means keeping at the forefront a sense of mystery, imagination, exploration and play.

Sara's artwork on display at West Seattle Cellars this month is all made using chocolate. Pretty amazing. For those who like to pair their chocolate with wine, you can partake of our regular, free Thursday wine tasting which this week features German wines, with importer Ewald Moseler. While you can't eat the art, you CAN taste through a fine selection of German wines.

Wallflower June Show PLUS Two Year Anniversary

Wallflower is two years old! Come and help us celebrate our second anniversary during Art Walk!

new paintings by Jessica Creager
hardwood tables by Christian Sievertson
bead work by Linda Sievertson
wood turning by Jeff Sievertson, Harry Householder, & Terry Lee
reclaimed furniture pieces by Jeff Fernald

Refreshments provided, including tasty tidbits by guest chef Kaya Hoffman

Wild Rose's June Artist Carla G. Nitkey

Wild Rose's features Carla G Nitkey. Art, visual art is all about the artists vision and how the viewer experiences it. Digital Art let's me the artist create the most ultimate documentation of my experience. With the new tools of the artistic profession, I actively paint on photographs and use a multitude of programs to manipulate them even further.
Complimentary wine will be served.

Click! Design that Fits June Artist Dawn Endean

Meet our June artist Dawn Endean and enjoy Click's! late night ambience including beverages by Dry Soda, nibbles, and of course many new Click! items.

Dawn's work is informed by her studies in archaeology and biology. She is interested in exploring forms that occur repeatedly in nature at both micro and macro levels. Deprived of context, bones and branches, cells and seeds; functional structures reveal their inherent beauty. She is also fascinated by the creative impulse and the ways in which we manipulate natural materials in the service of self-expression, utility and communication.

ArtsWest Gallery June Artists Zachary A. Mazur, Barbara Noonan and Alec Huxley

ArtsWest announced its new gallery exhibition, Sun in an Empty Room: Ode to Hopper coming to the ArtsWest gallery May 31st and running through June 25th. This exhibition reveals American artist Edward Hopper’s iconic style as a benchmark for modern artists today. Hopper was a creator of compelling paintings who produced remarkably subtle and realistic effects in oils, etching, and watercolor. This exhibit is a tribute to Hopper through a display of contemporary paintings, pastel art, and photography by three contemporary artists: Zachary A. Mazur, Barbara Noonan, and Alec Huxley.

Windermere Fauntleroy June Artist Scott Ward

Seattle artist Scott Ward creates paintings that are vibrant, yet subtle; vital and contemplative, and full of the light-hearted spirit that bridges the gap between the surreal and sublime, with images that speak not only to the eyes, but to the heart, mind and spirit as well.
His paintings are a reflection of life in its manifold guises. Through the use of people, animals and stunning landscapes, all characterized by bold col...or, careful attention to light and shadow, graceful lines and an often startling juxtaposition, each work is a self-portrait of self expression for the artist.
In May 2001, Scott debuted his greeting card line, which is based on his growing body of oil paintings. In November 2010, Scott launched a line of art inspired products. Originally from the Minneapolis area, Scott studied commercial design and illustration at the University of Minnesota before moving to Seattle in 1989. He has worked as an artist in advertising, clothing design, graphic design, theater design, landscape design and murals.
Scott will have originals and prints for sale as well as greeting cards, painted light plates, and wooden boxes.

To spice up the night, we will also be featuring the artistic styling’s of west Seattle’s music group the Five buck band as well as providing wine and appetizers.

Seattle Real Estate Associates June Artist Laurine Chung and Doug Tsang

Larine Chung was born in Shanghai, China and raised in Hong Kong. She was trained as a classical pianist since her childhood, but decided to pursue art in college. After she completed her BFA in the Chinese University of Hong Kong, she immigrated to United State in 2004 with her family. She is currently living in Washington State and had just graduated from the 4 year Classical Atelier program trained in classical painting tradition under Juliette Aristides. With her traditional art training background, she is interested in creating works that is relevant to now and would evoke an intellectual and emotional response in people. Chung’s work has received recognition nationally and internationally. She was the recipient of the Waterway fellowship organized by Studio Escalier, France, Robert DeZordo scholarship and Gregory Robinson Scholarship. Her works shown locally with Fountainhead Gallery and Seattle Art Museum gallery, her works also being written in the Stranger (02-2007), American Art Collector (10- 2009) and Classical Painting Atelier: A Contemporary Guide to Traditional Studio practice by Aristides.

Doug Tsang
Artist bio:
Doug started taking photos at a young age, with his own Meikai plastic lens camera. He has since explored the joys and frustrations of both darkroom and lightroom photography. Counter to his training in engineering, he prefers the serendipity of handheld shots, snapshots, and the journalistic style. He loves traveling, meeting people, and cooking, so his subjects often include people, their reactions and interactions, as well as their interactions with food. He’s lived in Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Rhode Island, New York City, and finally settled in Western Washington State for its seasons, its sunny and rainy days, and the range of outdoors activities. He holds an ScB from Brown University and an MBA from Columbia Business School, and is currently a software engineer doing what he loves – analytical problem solving.
Artist Statement:
Light and Shadows – without light and shadows, the world would be but a flat display of colours without depth, contrast, hue, tone, and vibrancy. In this collection, the artist attempts to show how the differentiation and integration of light and shadows make the world whole and balanced.

Cupcake Royale June Artist Justin Kane Elder

Justin Kane Elder

“I simplify images by deconstructing them into basic geometric shapes. My goal is to construct a complex design out of simple forms. Each piece focuses on individual colors and how those colors relate to the space they inhabit. Colors are piled together to create a network of corresponding objects. These objects are what make each composition identifiable.”

Nature Consortium June Artist Imogene Froward

Imogene Froward is the creative brand for Seattle based artist Sylvie-Marie Drescher. Sylvie-Marie, a native New Yorker and two time cancer survivor studied fine art at SUNY Purchase and design at Seattle's School of Visual Concepts. Her photography work has been featured in F-Stop Magazine and has recently transitioned into illustration and product design.

As an artist I believe art should be accessible and if possible functional. I draw huge inspiration from the Art & Crafts movement as well as from comic art, natural history and textile design.

Keller Williams June Artists Ruth Moen and Michelle Lanae

Ruth Moen

Ruth Moen brings to her acrylic folk art the influences of her extensive world travels, passion for innovation and delight in things untamed. Using stripes, splashes, swirls and flourishes of luscious hues, she transforms otherwise simple chairs, bowls and plates so that they appear to have just floated in from an enchanted wonderland. Ruth takes wonderful photos during her travels and transforms them into three dimensional wall sculptures. The photo gets lost in that thin line between reality and fantasies, giving each piece an almost ethereal quality.

Ruth Moen



Metal smith, Jeweler, Designer

Michelle Lenae’s jewelry is designed and handmade solely by her and created from the finest materials. She does not use any dyed or synthetic gems. Everything is created for lasting integrity with love and passion for the creative process. The power of gemstones: the history, healing properties and lore of gemstones are fascinating. Gemstones have long been thought to have medicinal properties. Chinese, Asian and the ancient Ayurvedic medicine still involves therapies of healing with gemstones. She has included interesting stories and metaphysical properties of the gemstones used in her work. Her collection will be on view for February’s Art Walk.

Michelle Lenae