Click! Design that Fits May Artist Junko Yamamoto

Japan-born Seattle-based artist Junko Yamamoto describes her paintings as being based on "shunyata", the Sanskrit word for "emptiness". All of her work relates to that theme but her influences incorporate many ideas, like growing up with Japanese pop culture, watching cartoons and"wearing pretty, brightly colored kimonos".

Click! will be pouring complimentary DRY soda during the event.

"time has come" 36"x36" Oil on Canvas

bin 41 May Artist Donn Longie

bin 41 is pleases to share some cool, new artwork adorning the walls from local Seattlelite Donn Longie. Donn is Ballard born and raised. He is an original Pioneer Square Artist for their "First Thursdays" Art Walk and shows his works throughout the city and in Chile where he resides for part of the year. This month, he is displaying paintings from his “Reflections of Wining” works. “Reflections of Wining” is a series of expressionistic works painted with hard line and big color to communicate the passions of wine and palette. What would a "Reflections of Wining" exhibit be without a little wine tasting? We’ll be pouring a mixed medley of wines from Spain, Italy and France for a colorful array to match the energy in Donn's art! Stop by to view the art and sample some vino anytime between 6-9 pm on Thursday!

Windermere Presented by Kim Kingley and Barb Odgen May Artist Sarah Savidge

Sarah Savidge/Artist statement:

As an artist and Seattle native, I have been observing water and the Northwest landscape all of my life and making art about it. Over the last several years, my subjects have expanded from watery landscape to include sculpture, printmaking and mixed media work. My paintings ride an edge between abstraction and realsim, and are inspired by elements of mystery in nature.

Join Kim the 2nd Thursday of every month for the West Seattle Artwalk. Stop by Windermere, pick up a map, have a snack and a bev. and enjoy a wonderful community event! Hope to see you soon!

Easy Street Records Cheapside Review Flea Market

Cheapside Review Flea Market

The Easy Street Cafe invites you to the next installment of the Cheapside
Review Flea Market, where a fun group of local artists will be selling
their handmade arts and crafts, vintage clothing and accessories, and
more. Browse their wares, meet some great people, and support the local
arts and crafts scene! Beer and wine available (21+).

Also: Robertsen Ashman's amazing photo show is still up, and he's added
some new pieces since its opening last month. If you're a fan of Seattle
bands like The Head and the Heart, Drew Grow and the Pastors' Wives, and
My Goodness -- or if you just like great photography -- this is a show you
shouldn't miss!

Artist Framers May Artist Lynn Jaffe

Our featured artist is Lynn Jaffe.

Lynn is a Seattle native, and West Seattle resident for 25 years. Lynn has carried around a camera capturing memories since the age of twelve.

Lynn began to travel abroad in 1996, visiting France . She was completely taken aback by the countryside in Provence. “Everything in sight was a picture waiting to be taken”.
Come and enjoy the countryside of Provence.

Swanson and Seepersad Chiropractic May Artist Theresa McCormick

Theresa McCormick is the featured artist for May at Swanson & Seepersad Chiropractic & Massage, 3703 California Ave. SW, Suite A. From 7:00 to 9:00 pm, refreshments will be served and guitar music provided by Logan Mohr. Theresa's art includes watercolors, mixed media, acrylic, and one silk screen print. She sketches and paints on location at sites around the state, such as Samish Island and Cape Disappointment and around the country as in Tucson, Arizona. She enjoys creating abstract works as well as nature-inspired paintings. Theresa taught art for eleven years in public school and then taught multicultural education at Iowa State University for 20 years. In Seattle since 2004, she is an active artist and writer. She has two children, Michelle and Grant, two grandsons, Logan and Jack Mohr, and a calico cat, Abby.

Windermere Fauntleroy May Artist Scott Ward

Seattle artist Scott Ward creates paintings that are vibrant, yet subtle; vital and contemplative, and full of the light-hearted spirit that bridges the gap between the surreal and sublime, with images that speak not only to the eyes, but to the heart, mind and spirit as well.
His paintings are a reflection of life in its manifold guises. Through the use of people, animals and stunning landscapes, all characterized by bold col...or, careful attention to light and shadow, graceful lines and an often startling juxtaposition, each work is a self-portrait of self expression for the artist.
In May 2001, Scott debuted his greeting card line, which is based on his growing body of oil paintings. In November 2010, Scott launched a line of art inspired products. Originally from the Minneapolis area, Scott studied commercial design and illustration at the University of Minnesota before moving to Seattle in 1989. He has worked as an artist in advertising, clothing design, graphic design, theater design, landscape design and murals.
Scott will have originals and prints for sale as well as greeting cards, painted light plates, and wooden boxes.

TILA Real Estate Hosted by Anne Burke May Artist Joseph Wehrman


Photographic artist Joseph Wehrman is featured for our May Art Walk. A West Seattle resident producing organic photography of the flowers, people, animals, wildlife, landscapes of life around the Puget Sound.
Joseph will be showing Naked Flowers a collection of 1st edition prints. More imagages can be veiwed at :

Join us for a artfull evening featuring NW Wines and Yes, chocolate !

Shoofly Pie May Artist Sunita Budhrani

Sunita Budhrani, a self-taught Seattle-based photographer, has roots that spread across the globe. Being of Indian descent and raised in Hong Kong, joined with her extensive travels, allows Sunita the unique opportunity to observe and capture life. Even the seemingly ordinary details do not escape the lens of her camera - transforming them into something magical.
In addition to her journeys, Sunita draws inspiration from nature and wildlife. She says photographing in the wild lets her freeze beauty in time that would otherwise remain hidden.
To see some of Sunita’s flashes of beauty, visit
Her motto is “To capture moments and create stories through photos.” Sunita Budhrani

Hotwire Coffee May Artist Amanda Kay Helmick

I paint to create backdrops – to create depth in the flat plane, and to challenge what art is. My undisciplined eyes rip, score, sew and drill into a canvas that is not sacred. The paintings are vessels – holding discarded and repurposed objects and transforming their existence to a life of beauty and admiration. They are a form of “junk art” that have become my “kin”. Hence, junkartkin.

Painting with acrylic becomes necessary because it dries fast - milk paint adds depth, color and texture. I drill holes in the frame to support the objects, haphazardly rip the canvas, and messily sew to seal it back up again. The addition of shiny, pointy objects, strange fabrics, wooden doodads and heavy metals become the frenzied finish.

I have become emboldened by canvas since I started painting 10 years ago when a childhood friend's death unexpectedly set my creativity free. Timidly, I would dot the canvas with primary colors, or paint swirls of complementary colors. I renewed my love of still photography during this period as well. Photographing nature opened my eyes to structure and texture, things I imitate in my paintings. I have no formal training, but credit experimentation and observation as my artistic education.

Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in purchasing one of my pieces, or would like a commissioned piece.

8 Limbs Yoga May Artist Dascena Vincent

Artist Statement -- Dascena Vincent, Photographer

In the "free-play" struggle to capture the aesthetic beauty presented both eclectically and playfully in nature's vision to deepen and bloom, as well as its power to decompose, the topics of my photography cross, isolate, and combine traditional, and not so traditional, photographic trajectories. By provoking thought, feelings of anger/happiness/sadness, questions and, in some cases, discomfort, I believe I am capturing the essence of my subject succinctly and without boundaries.

As a scientist with over 12 years experience in the biotechnology, forensic science, and molecular biology arenas, it should be of no surprise that my images often possess mathematical, sociological and biological components--Ideally, my photography will always range from the necessarily unknowable to the shockingly unexplainable topics of life .

Cupcake Royale May Artist AJ Power

AJ Power Show Title:"Some of the People I Knew" Image Info- "Pen Pals" 8" x 8" Bio: The paintings on display here are portraits of friends and family and acquaintances through the prism of folklore and my love of the natural world. The animal world is rich with morphological and behavioral diversity, making them easy to anthropomorphize into these personalities. Many of the paintings show a specific species, and sometimes reflect some of its natural behavior in a human element. I am originally from the Midwest, where I studied Ornithology and Organismal Biology. I teach Acrylic Painting and other classes at Pratt Fine Arts Center, and sometimes host workshops out of my Ballard studio.

West Seattle Wine Cellars May Artist James Ghormley

West Seattle Cellars May Artist: James Ghormley

I am from Seattle. I was born in 1971, and began painting in high school. At Cornish College of the Arts I learned printmaking and have been making prints ever since. Early on, I made woodblock prints, but began experimenting making small prints out of erasers and a rubber-like material called Safety-Cut. I appreciate the simplicity and speed with which I can create images. The imagery in the prints comes from drawings from life, photographs, and advertisements, with inspiration from artists such as Heckel, Beckmann, Munakata, Maillol, Matsubara, Hiratsuka, Bonnard, and Edenshaw. The prints are after a sense of liveliness and mystery in the shadows and unexpected patterns. I enjoy the interplay of light and dark.

On Art Walk night this month our weekly Thursday night tasting will feature wines from South America. While you enjoy James' prints, sample some tasty wines from Chile and Argentina with Louise Bostwick, of Winebow. Cheers!

Brunette Mix May Artist Jessica Dolence

Jessica Dolence is inspired by HAIR at this month's May Art Walk at Brunette Mix.
Dolence will be creating a video installation in Brunette's Mix' window, showcasing
hair products and a visual display that is about color and movement. She lives and
works in Seattle and dedicates this installation to Bj Prokopof who is always moving,
always colorful, and always a friend full of unlimited inspiration.

Funky Janes May Artist Maxx

I'm a Seattle native and primarily a portrait artist. People inspire me. Most of my paintings are of people close to me. I want to bring out their personalities in my work. I spend my time staring at them, studying them, photographing them, posing them. I want to be able to capture everyone and show the world who they really are. An impossible dream, but that doesn’t stop me.



I will be providing beverages and snacks.

ArtsWest May Show The Time Between Memories

ArtsWest presents the new gallery exhibition The Time Between Memories featuring artists Emily Cooper, Rebecca Deren, and Zanetka Kralova Gawronski from April 26th through May 21st. Decidedly placed on the side of fantasy and fiction, these artists provide a colorful flight of the imagination to the gallery walls.

Zanetka Gawronski’s early immigration to the US from Slovakia greatly influenced her perception of the world and, therefore, her art. A painter for more than twenty years, she holds a BFA from Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and has worked widely in the arts including creating children’s museum exhibit designs and book cover illustrations, to working on the fabrication team for Nickelodeon Network “Blues Clues,” “T.V. Land” and the “Big Help Mobile.” Her paintings in the current exhibition shimmer with romantic dreaminess of a time when people rode unicycles and hung their fancy dresses out to dry.

Rebecca Deren creates masks from gourds that are inspired from her experience of living several years on the island of Kauai. With precision and exceptionally creative use of feathers, shells and other objects, she carves and cuts away the shapes and lines that ultimately convey her joyful personifications of Poseidon, the god of the sea; sun god, Ra and other mythical beings. A self-taught artist, she began creating art at age ten and has spent many years exploring various techniques. Her artwork has been featured in many exhibitions and festivals in both Hawaii and Washington.

Emily Cooper joins us from Vancouver, BC for her first exhibition in the US. In a very brief time after receiving a BFA from Sheridan College in Ontario, she has exhibited her digital composites across Canada with a four page spread and a cover art feature in Lucid Media Magazine, as well as a double page spread in PhotoEd Magazine. With surrealist zeal, her own photographs of red balloons, castles, penguins and rooftops from across the world are cleverly combined with vintage photographs for a willing suspension of disbelief.

Scott Schuldt projects his video, The View from the Canoe, in AMP at ArtsWest throughout May. Funded in part by a 2010 GAP Grant from Artist Trust, the project is a documentation of the waterways in and around Seattle from inside Schuldt’s canoe. The ongoing project began in 2008 and explores the details of “wilderness” in an urban setting. With a focus on Union Bay, he reflects on its history and the present-day reality of canals and pathways used by people and animals alike.

Since meeting the artists and talking about their ideas is just as much fun as seeing their artwork, join them at their opening reception. ArtsWest is to host an Artists’ Reception for the opening of The Time Between Memories on Thursday, May 12th, from 6:00 to 7:30pm during the 2nd Thursday ArtWalk. Lively conversation and light hors d’oeuvres will be provided courtesy of ArtsWest. Admission, as always, is free.

Gallery hours: Tuesday - Saturday, 12-7 PM

Wallflower Custom Framing May Artist Patri O'Conner

During the month of May, Wallflower Custom Framing is proud to present the work of local painter Patri O'Connor. You can view more of her amazing work at
See you Thursday night!

Nature Consortium May Artist Machel Spence

I have been photographing nature and other wild things for 20 years. My background includes a master's in Zoology which I have used to teach for several years in and around Seattle doing programs at schools and the Seattle Aquarium. I am currently obsessed with photographing fungi and slime mold in the local parks around West Seattle. I also venture up to the Northern Cascades and Mt. Rainier in search of different species of fungi that have symbiotic relationships with particular trees. I have lived in West Seattle for 13 years now and have shown my mushroom photography at several places in the junction and Alki Arts on Alki, I also just made the cover of Fungi Magazine and am being reviewed by National Geographic for a possible article as well.

Wild Rose's May Artist Janet Ramble

Wild Rose's - "Spring in Seattle" oil paintings by popular artist Janet Ramble.
Featuring Alki landscapes and flowers of West Seattle and the Arboretum.
Sip wine, meet the artist and celebrate Spring with us.

Knows Perfume May Artist James McDaniel

[UN]disposed - Tossed & Found Film

James McDaniel is an author and photography enthusiast. Formerly a program manager and video game producer at Microsoft for 14 years, he worked on products such as SQL Server and Age of Empires before leaving to pursue solo endeavors and the occasional DJ gig. Besides the [UN]disposed project, James is currently developing workshops and writing a book on critical thinking and decision-making skills.


Knows will be serving champagne and cake from Baked Seattle.

Shanti Salon and Spa May Artist Genavie Gamble and Anniversary

Celebrating ONE YEAR under new ownership

Genavie Gamble is originally from Fort Collins, Colorado but now lives in West Seattle. Genavie developed most of her artistic ability from her parents who are both artists. Most of her work is done with pen and ink with a mixture of collage. Genavie did not attend formal art school, but rather learned by experimentation and observation through her passion for the arts. In addition to being an artist, Genavie is one of Shanti’s most requested estheticians. She has shown her work in several galleries in Colorado Springs and her more recent showing was in Seattle. Currently she is working on incorporating Celtic themed knot work into a more non-traditional style of mixed media.

Elliott Bay Brewing May Artist Eric Hoogen

Our artist this month in Eric Hoogen and he has put up 10 acrylic paintings of various music icons and they are for sale here at Elliott Bay Brewing. He will be up all month. Eric is from Vashon and has invested his entire life to his art. One can find Eric’s artwork everywhere: on k2 snowboards, the noon coffee shop in Amsterdam, and also in Vashon. He is a world traveler and is inspired by the true beauty around him. His email is Custom artwork is also available.

The Kenney May Artist Alma Penberthy

Drawings, paintings and prints by multi-talented Kenney Resident Alma Penberthy.

Alma works in wax pencil, pen and watercolors. Her portfolio also contains collagraphs, reliefs and monoprints.

Pat Whempner fabricates each piece of jewelry using Swarovski crystals: semi precious gems; fresh water pearls; gold or silver plated findings.

Entertainment by the Bonnie Birch’s Bavarian Trio!

C&P Coffee May Artist Marie Ruby

On display for the month of May at C & P Coffee Company, Images by local photographer Marie Ruby. “Images for the show at C&P come from a burst of travel over a few years – Turkey, Oaxaca, Morelia, Venice, New Orleans, Chicago, Mexico City, Kaua’i, as well as My Neighborhood. Composition, quality of light, and a sense of mystery combine to make compelling photographs for me. An implied story is secondary, but sometimes important. Although most work alone, it’s the juxtaposition of images that interests me.“ All sales of cards and prints by the artist will benefit WestSide Baby. WestSide Baby has served over 60,000 low-income children by distributing over 7 million dollars worth of clothing, and diapers. www.westsidebab.

Meet the artist and join in a wine tasting, Thursday, May 12th from 6 pm - 8 pm

Twilight May Show 'Greetings from Portland'

Featuring: 3-D images by Dean Walch, Snarky cards by Alisa Starr and Paintings by Nicole Linde. Guest artists Mulysa Melco, Dingo Dizmal and Olive Rootbeer.

Alki Arts May Artist Ken Paige

Alki Arts May Artwalk features the surreal and fabulous photography of local artist Ken Paige.
Also featured is Ceramic sculptor Mimi Miller Miles; life long West Seattle-itte-Stop in and view her amazingly creative human figure sculptures!

Live music by Brooke Trisler, snacks and wine served!

Seattle Real Estate Associates May Artist Andrea Taylor

Andrea Taylor Bio

Andrea Taylor studied at La Escola Massana in Barcelona, Spain. She has lived and shown work in Barcelona, Seville, and the United States. Her paintings cover a range of styles and mediums. For a number of years Taylor painted portraits in oil almost exclusively. More recently she has worked in watercolor and mixed-media, producing nudes, abstracts and non-representational work. Her paintings are in many private collections, in Europe and the United States.

Emerald Spiral May Artist Gyllian Davies

Gyllian Davies, Life Purpose Collages and masks

Interactive:Come by West Seattle ArtWalk night and tell us what you see in the collages, refreshments and conversations at the ready!

Gyllian Davies was born and raised in the forested mountains and lakes of SW British Columbia, small town, Anglican, in a house full of books. Her family was fiercely Canadian, permeated with a Celtic and French-Canadian sensibility. Wandering the woods and mountain-sides as a child, she fell in love with the pines and cottonwoods, the birch and aspen, the soft ground and rocks they grew from, the animals that lived under and in them.

Gyllian is a figurative sculptor. She aso teaches as a life coach, published poet, spiritual director and curandera (traditional earth-based shaman). Trained as a SoulCollage®, Dreamwork, and Labyrinth facilitator, she offers Workshop/Retreats in Seattle, Portland, and Vancouver BC as well as at her B&B – Sky Meadow in Christina Lake, BC

In her other life, Gyllian is a life coach, published poet, spiritual director and curandera (traditional earth-based shaman). Trained as a SoulCollage®, Dreamwork, and Labyrinth facilitator, she offers Workshop/Retreats in Seattle, Portland, and Vancouver BC as well as at her B&B – Sky Meadow in Christina Lake, BC.

Keller Williams May Artists Bilonda Mireille Pappas and Krissy Maier

Bilonda Mireille Pappas


Bilonda Mireille Pappas is an abstract painter from the Democratic Republic of Congo who presently lives in Seattle. Inspired by just about anything that surrounds her, varying from moods, to her young daughter. Her favorite medium to paint with is oil. Anything from bold bright colors, to soft neutral and black and white colors.

Krissy Maier

Jewelry Artist

Inspired by the beauty of all things vintage and passionate about living a fair trade, eco-friendly, sustainable life; Krissy realized that by using discarded vintage jewelry components and beads she could create new fashionable pieces. Her career as a jewelry designer began when she discovered that other people appreciated her creations and wanted to wear them. In 2007, looking to make Orange Box jewelry holistically sustainable, Krissy began a line of jewelry using fairly traded sterling silver clasps and ear wires from a small cooperative in Bali, Indonesia.