Click! Desgin that Fits April Artist Junko Yamamoto

Japan-born Seattle-based artist Junko Yamamoto describes her paintings as being based on "shunyata", the Sanskrit word for "emptiness". All of her work relates to that theme but her influences incorporate many ideas, like growing up with Japanese pop culture, watching cartoons and"wearing pretty, brightly colored kimonos". Click! will be pouring complimentary DRY soda during the event.

Knows Perfume April Artist Elizabeth Anderson

I am a Seattle based artist who is easily distracted by shiny objects, thick black lines and vibrant colors. My paintings come from a place of joy and intuition. I have no rules when it comes to creating. I still get excited when the colors of my work emerge and blend on the canvas. When I am creating, I feel a total freedom from time and place. It is the ultimate escape. "

Shoofly Pie April Artist Jennifer Hatters

Jennifer Hatters (b. 1966 Seattle, Washington) is a painter and photographer. Her paintings involve a process of layering paint with a texturing compound over and over before allowing them to dry enough to then begin sanding and scraping away at the layers in order to reveal the colors beneath. The final two layers are made up of charcoal and a high gloss finish. “I love the contrast between random and controlled, between faded, layered background and strong, bold, black lines. Most of all I just like making art I think is beautiful and fun.”

Capers Home April Artist Julie Beucherie

We are featuring the work of jeweler Julie Beucherie on Thursday evening. Don't miss the sculptural sterling/stone necklaces/rings and earrings. Bio & photos here: Adornment has been a form of expression worn to enhance the beauty or status of the wearer since humans began to create and search for ways to individuate and express themselves. Jewelry should be beautiful and highly inspirational. I have many muses. Nature, architecture, primitive artifacts, and sculpture speak to me most often. My goal is to create unique jewelry pieces that speak to their owner and evoke a feeling of warmth and empowerment. My endeavor is to create designs via texture, organic shapes and hand-finishing that capture the imagination. I am a Precious Metal Clay (PMC) Certified Artisan. I design and make one-of-a-kind pieces of art jewelry. My goal is to create ancestral heirlooms.

bin 41 April Artist Frances Hinson

bin 41 is pleased to host West Seattle resident and Junction regular, Frances Hinson, at the shop this week for April Art Walk. Frances will be sharing an array of photography from her travel and botanical portfolio. You'll be amazed when you see what photos came from her camera and which ones she crafted using the Iphone! This will be Frances's first show. To help her fill the walls, shop owner T. Frick will be displaying a few pieces from her encaustic painting portfolio...with a full show of all encaustic to come later this year! Frances Hinson's Artist statement: "My love of color started when I lived in Brazil as a child. A natural expansion into photograhy ensued as I traveled the world. I am particularly inspired by botanical gardens, water, and light." In addition, what would art walk be without some quality wine sipping? We'll be featuring the brand new releases from Owen Roe's second label Corvidae along with two wines from a top new Washington winery, Maison Bleue. Their Jaja red that we'll be pouring just received the wine of the week appraise in the Los Angeles Times among many other rave reviews this past month. Stop into the bin to enjoy some fabulous wines and great, local art!

Twilight April Show "The Birds"

ABOUT THE SHOW: "The Birds" curated by Bherd Studios Eleven Seattle urban contemporary artists consider the darker side of birds, inspired loosely on Alfred Hitchcock's classic movie "The Birds". Featuring the works of: Zach Bohnenkamp, CASH, Ego, Mary Enslow, Laura Louise Hines, Tessa Hulls, John Osgood, Sensei23, Chris Sheridan, Erin Staffeld and Joe Vollan. Most people see birds as fluffy and sweet songsters or a way to market your latest indie craft. However, these artists are examining the more sinister side of our feathered friends. Birds have been used as indicators of human health like the "Canary in the Coal Mine", as well as, been seen as signs of the impending apocalypse like the recent large die-offs in the US and around the world. Pacific NW Native American's have immortalized the Raven in stories as the Trickster, who can be mischievous and a bit of a troublemaker. And if you've ever been on the receiving end of a dive bombing crow, or a pissed off Canadian Goose, you know they can be quite the nasty interloper.

Wallflower April Artist Mark Morgan

During the month of April, Wallflower presents the whimsical work of photographer Mark Morgan.

The Kenney is Celebrating Earth Day in April

The Kenney is Celebrating Earth Day! Come see "Recycle for Cleaner Water" a poster series created by classes at Fauntleroy Children's Center. The project is based on their interest in raising baby Coho salmon for our local Fauntleroy Creek. Paper Mache globes created by our residents from Garden Court and Nursing & Rehab. Watercolor paintings by Ballymena resident Karin Mick. Musical guests the Boeing Employees Choir!

Windermere Real Estate April Artist Lisa Snow Lady Presented by Kim Tingley and Barb Odgen

Kim Tingley and Barb Odgen are proud to present Lisa Snow Lady. Lisa’s web is Artist Statement: My love of botanical form and education in ornamental horiticulture inform my paintings and mixed media prints. In these works of richly textured layers of paper, ink and paint, flora serves as a metaphor for hope, rebirth, and renewal.

Funky Janes April Artist Dascena Vincent

In the "free-play" struggle to capture the aesthetic beauty presented both eclectically and playfully in nature's vision to deepen and bloom, as well as its power to decompose, the topics of my photography cross, isolate, and combine traditional, and not so traditional, photographic trajectories. By provoking thought, feelings of anger/happiness/sadness, questions and, in some cases, discomfort, I believe I am capturing the essence of my subject succinctly and without boundaries. As a scientist with over 12 years experience in the biotechnology, forensic science, and molecular biology arenas, it should be of no surprise that my images often possess mathematical, sociological and biological components--Ideally, my photography will always range from the necessarily unknowable to the shockingly unexplainable topics of life . Wine, Cheese, Crackers etc etc will be provided by artist.

West Seattle Wine Cellars April Artist Batya Friedman

West Seattle Cellars April Artist: Batya Friedman Plus Oregon Wines Batya Friedman scribbles (energetically!): with colors, inks, oil sticks, pencils, and most anything else ready-to-hand. She is a Seattle-based mixed-media artist and sculptor. This exhibit features drawings that celebrate human sensibilities, including our connection with nature, animals, music, and rhythm. While you're enjoying Batya's artwork, you can also sample some wonderful wines from Oregon. Our regular Thursday tasting this week will feature a fine array of wines from our neighboring state to the south, courtesy of C&G Wines. Come for the art; stay for the wine!

The Artist Framers April Artist Sarah Taylor

Our April artist is Sarah Taylor. Sarah enjoys people, travel and experiencing different cultures. Sarah respects the environment and looks for ways to preserve our natural resources. Sarah’s life experiences and challenges have helped form and contribute to her creativity. Join us in viewing Sarah’s self expressive works.

Blue Willow Catering April Artist Randi Rohde

Travel Posters: Images of Paris, Versailles & Venice Randi Rohde enjoys combining her professional writing skills with a lifelong photography passion to create the quirky travel posters shown here. These images—gleaned from a June 2009 tour of Paris, Versailles and Venice—have undergone hours of manipulation by the artist. Each is then custom-printed under her direction.

Shanti Salon and Spa April Artist Pat Ahearn

Pat Ahearn As a newspaper photographer, a wedding photographer and a family historian my camera (for years) was turned to people experiencing the world around them. I spent last summer on the road moving from the southeast to the northwest. With that journey and the landing in Seattle my camera's lens has moved to a direct focus on the landscape surrounding us all -- nature based and human-made. Making this shift has taken me one step closer to sharing my visual image of the world around me with a wide audience through my photographs. Such a welcome move from communicating through presentations and exercises as a corporate trainer!

Seattle Real Estate Associates April Artist Igor Kashinsky

The canvas is my writing paper and I am exploring unique ways to write my story. I seek to be true to my inner feelings. My inner world has changed since I begin to meditate more then half a year ago. My conciseness moved to a new level of understanding of who we are, what is this physical reality we live in and I expressed these ideas on canvas. Everything in the physical universe is energy which vibrates at different frequencies. We humans are a part of this Universal energy. Every human Being is unique and can be translated into energy form on different levels.

Wild Rose's April Artist Glenda Weibel

Wild Rose's featuring Glenda Weibel watercolor artist. Glenda states that, "I love the immediacy and surprise of watercolor. You begin with an idea and design and in the execution the medium adds its own contribution and exclamation points. To me, it becomes a three-way conversation between the subject, the medium and myself. Every painting is a new adventure. Complementary wine will be served.

Easy Street Records April Artist Robertsoen Ashman and Flea Market

Two simultaneous events at Easy Street for the April Art Walk! Event #1: Artist: Robertsen Ashman, Photographer Bio: I have been photographing people, places and things since childhood. My deep love for music turned me toward band photography 7 years ago when I crossed paths with Kate Tucker and The Sons of Sweden. Ever since my goal has been to offer bands promotional images that fully capture the soul of each particular bands sound. With the recent renaissance in the North West music scene there has been plenty of talented musicians to work with. I tend to avoid the 'live shot scenario', I find that if you shoot 10 bands at the same venue they all look the same. You will see in my work that I seek locations that are ascetically simple yet texturally interesting, creating a simplicity that allows the musicians personality to come through in their look, both fashionably and emotionally. Event #2: Name: Cheapside Review Fleamarket Description: The Easy Street Cafe gals will be selling a hip assortment of vintage clothing and accessories, antique items, and one-of-a-kind homemade crafts. Bring the family! Time: 6pm - 9pm

Elliot Bay April Artist Magdalena Clooney

Our artist this month is another West Seattlite by the name of Magdalena Clooney. Her biggest passions in life are family,friends and painting. She spent her life taking art classes from her father, who is a designer and puppet maker for a childerens theater in Northern Bohemia. One of her favorite painters is Marc Chagall, who’s color combinations have inspired her work. She will be up until the end of the month, and all of her work is for sale.

Coffee to a Tea with Sugar April Artist James Sutherland

James Sutherland. James' creative spirit is inspired by the magic and joy of nature, which he captures with a child-like energy through the use of line, color and texture. James works with acrylic on carved plaster. 30% of sales from this show will go to Camp Ten Trees. James' art can be viewed at We will be having free cupcakes and live jazz.

Windermere Real Estate Fauntleroy April Artist Scott Ward

Seattle artist Scott Ward creates paintings that are vibrant, yet subtle; vital and contemplative, and full of the light-hearted spirit that bridges the gap between the surreal and sublime, with images that speak not only to the eyes, but to the heart, mind and spirit as well. His paintings are a reflection of life in its manifold guises. Through the use of people, animals and stunning landscapes, all characterized by bold color, careful attention to light and shadow, graceful lines and an often startling juxtaposition, each work is a self-portrait of self expression for the artist. In May 2001, Scott debuted his greeting card line, which is based on his growing body of oil paintings. In November 2010, Scott launched a line of art inspired products. Originally from the Minneapolis area, Scott studied commercial design and illustration at the University of Minnesota before moving to Seattle in 1989. He has worked as an artist in advertising, clothing design, graphic design, theater design, landscape design and murals. Scott will have originals and prints for sale as well as greeting cards, painted light plates, and wooden boxes.

Our office will have wine, sangria, and small appetizers. We will also have a live music.

Krieger Dental April Artist Kira Bacon

Kira Bacon Artist Statement: As a child, I helped make a hooked rug at camp. The experience is still vivid -- the smell and texture of the burlap, the brightly colored yarns and fabrics, the worn old wooden tool and the perfect little loops it produced. That childhood experience was the genesis of the work I do today. Rug hooking has deep roots in American history and is considered to be one of just a few indigenous American crafts. The early rugs were utilitarian, but I also like to imagine that the women who hooked hundreds of years ago shared my love of color, texture, design and the beauty of all those perfect little loops.

C&P Coffee April Artist Lee Chamberlin

Photographs at C & P Coffee Company for the month of April - Lee Chamberlin Artist Statement Lee Chamberlin has lived in the Northwest for most of his life. He is not only a photographer but also a self taught musician having written performed and recorded hundreds of songs. His love for photography stems from many of the same attractions he has had to music i.e. technical aspects and boundless room for imagination and creativity. During a recent six month journey to Peru Lee has had the opportunity to photograph some of the country's more beautiful details that sometimes go unnoticed. When not spending time on photography he cuddles and plays with his dog Sophie, previously a resident of Peru, who's life he saved after a horrific dog attack.

ArtsWest Playhouse and Gallery April Artists Sue Danielson, Diane Culhane and Grace Willard

From March 27th through April 23rd featured artists Sue Danielson, Diane Culhane, and Grace Willard portray unique representations of home and domesticity in ArtsWest’s new gallery exhibition, Domestic Patterns. Video artist and animator Tess Martin will also be featured in AMP at ArtsWest. Grace Willard is a contemporary fiber artist with a brilliant attention to detail in her embroidery and crochet. Her titles include charming old-world themes such as “pickling” and “marmalade.” A graduate of Columbus College of Art & Design in Ohio, she exhibits throughout the region and nationally. Willard is active in the art community and has interned with organizations Artist Trust, Shunpike and artist Mandy Greer. She currently works for Pratt Fine Art Center. Sue Danielson’s work explores the dynamic tension that exists between reality and the monolithic concepts that encompass “home.” Her definitively emotional representations of houses exemplify the chasm between chaos and simplicity. Danielson’s artwork has been exhibited nationally including the 2011 West Coast Biennial and the 2010 Denver Biennial. Locally her work is shown at SAM Gallery and CORE Gallery. Diane Culhane is an award-winning artist and educator that creates art using both paint and clay. Featured in Domestic Patterns are her vibrant scenes of suburban-like landscapes with floating people, their pets and cars painted with an informed rawness. She is represented by galleries throughout the US including Zeek Gallery in Salem, Oregon and Art on 5th in Austin, Texas. UPCOMING GALLERY EVENTS: Thursday, April 14th from 6 – 7:30pm: Artists’ Reception during ArtWalk in the newly remodeled ArtsWest Gallery plus an OnStage event featuring a panel discussion On Video Art 2011 with animator and director Tess Martin, new media curator Heather Dwyer, and Maile Martinez from Reel Grrls. A lively discussion on the challenges and benefits of selling and making video art will begin directly after the reception at 7:30PM in the theater. As always, the event is free and open to the public. Drinks and light refreshments will be served.

Nature Consortium April Artist Elizabeth Humphrey

Nature Consortium Live Music 7-8 Rabbit Stew String Band Artist: Elizabeth Humphrey Elizabeth Humphrey grew up with an eager enthusiasm for creativity. Her working career began in graphic design and art direction. Through her painting, she is driven to express a perspective that may be triggered by dreams, opinion, emotion or a profound event. "Seeing beauty and artistic quality in the most ordinary object or situation inspires me. I strive to instill this valuable attribute in my own children through conversation, family trips and natural experiences." Elizabeth is a Pacific Northwest native, teaching artist, ardent supporter of arts in education, nature enthusiast and contemplative painter. Her current series of acrylics brings focus to endangered creatures and the responsibility we all share.

Emerald Spiral April Artist Julie Danielson

Julie Danielson presents "Blossoms in Bloom" and "Paths...Where The Journey Begins." Two different collections of "Nature" photography will be displayed. Julie loves nature and all of its beauty. While growing up in Northern Idaho she was surrounded everyday with the natural beauty of the region; lakes, mountains, and foliage. Living in the Pacific Northwest for over 30 years she is surrounded again with nature's beauty and is in awe of it everyday. She truly enjoys the seasonal changes and her appreciation for this is shown in her work. Julie has a natural eye for composition and relies on her intuition to help capture each shot. "What I enjoy most is taking spontaneous photo shots as I take my walks." Drop by The Emerald Spiral Coop to enjoy Julie Danielson's spring photo collections. Explore a unique variety of art and crystals. Check out our class offerings and have a cup of tea. Happy Spring!

Keller Williams April Artists Bilonda Mireille Pappas and Janet Cooper

Bilonda Mireille Pappas Artist Bilonda Mireille Pappas is an abstract painter from the Democratic Republic of Congo who presently lives in Seattle. Inspired by just about anything that surrounds her, varying from moods, to her young daughter. Her favorite medium to paint with is oil. Anything from bold bright colors, to soft neutral and black and white colors. She wants her paintings to make people go WOW! She loves to express herself through her art and hopes that each piece of art that she creates can bring some joy, a good feeling, a memory, optimism or even a smile, and then what she has set out to accomplish will have succeeded. Each blank canvas is a new beginning! Janet Cooper Jewelry Artist Janet Cooper knows that every stone has its own meaning and unique expression. Her passion is to turn them into beautiful expressions of jewelry. Janet loves creating jewelry and seeing someone enjoy her creations. She will work with you to create your own special piece from something old or from the gemstones that she finds. She is also happy to provide you with information on the specific healing properties and other information regarding the stones in your jewelry.

Cupcake Royale and Verite Coffee April Artist AJ Power

AJ Power Show Title:"Some of the People I Knew" Image Info- "Pen Pals" 8" x 8" Bio: The paintings on display here are portraits of friends and family and acquaintances through the prism of folklore and my love of the natural world. The animal world is rich with morphological and behavioral diversity, making them easy to anthropomorphize into these personalities. Many of the paintings show a specific species, and sometimes reflect some of its natural behavior in a human element. I am originally from the Midwest, where I studied Ornithology and Organismal Biology. I teach Acrylic Painting and other classes at Pratt Fine Arts Center, and sometimes host workshops out of my Ballard studio.

8 Limbs Yoga March Artist Bethany Bachmann


Hotwire Coffee March Artist Emily Williamson

Emily Williamson was born and raised in Washington State. From an early age she was exposed to art, and began art lessons with a very eccentric mentor named Grace Wagner. Grace stressed the artist’s ability to see rather than replicate. Emily studied with her for twelve years, then studied at Evergreen State College, and has been doing art shows on coffee shop walls ever since. She loves to honor nature in her work. She encourages all people to be creative in some way, whether it is solving questions about the nature of reality, making a cup of coffee, or doodling on a napkin. “Landing on the moon is almost as impressive as a cherry tree blossoming in the spring”