Carmilia's March Artist Carla G

Carla G was born in Germany and moved to Seattle in 1989. She is a painter with influences from Expressionists, Post-Impressionists and the Symbolists. Over the years she has developed her own style as a mixed media artist; following a traditional view on painting while incorporating digital medias with her work. Carla G art is in collections locally, nationally and internationally. Most recent works are viewable at her website at:

Shoofly Pie March Artist Elizabeth Anderson

Watercolor artist Elizabeth Anderson will be showcased at Shoofly Pie for the March Art Walk with a newly updated collection of pieces. Elizabeth will also be painting 'live' during the art walk!

We will be having our usual sweet slices special for art walk - buy 1, get 1 50% off.

WS Fabric Company March Artist Kirsten Mohan

Seamstress and Designer Kirsten Mohan
Kirsten is the leading sewing instructor for the West Seattle Fabric Company, but in addition to teaching Kirsten is also a seamstress and designer. She specializes in fun fashions and accessories as well as costume designs. She will be showcasing some of these designs at our store at the March Art Walk. We will be offering bubbly refreshments and you are free to shop the store as always. Hope to see you there

Brunette Mix March Artist Matthew McKern

Artist: J. Matthew McKern

Bio: "My goal has always been to capture the power of the fleeting glimpse. What one sees out of the corner of one’s eye is the foundation the imagination builds upon.
My influences are as diverse as the works themselves. The Northwest holds a surprising variety of artists and styles. Perhaps even more surprising is the number of artists working here in Walla Walla. Like many artists living here in our small town, I worked for a time at the Walla Walla Foundry, where I was able to view and participate in the creation of works by Jim Dine, Debbie Butterfield and Roy Lichtenstein, among others. I am particularly thankful to Mark Anderson for the opportunities his vision has provided for so many of us."

bin 41 March Artist John Gerhard

Art Walk tasting, Thursday, March 10th from 6-9 pm. It’s that time again in West Seattle to display works of art. We are super excited about our artist this month. The bin will be hosting local West Seattleite, John Gerhard, who will be sharing a selection from his photography portfolio. John was born in Maywood, Illinois and soon after moved to Orange County, CA. He became interested in photography while serving in the US Army, 82nd Airborne Division. John studied photography at Fullerton College in various styles and techniques. In 2006 he transitioned from film to digital which is what he’ll be sharing with you this month.

In addition, March is Washington wine month. So in keeping with the spirit of local, we’ll be sharing a medley of wines made here in our back yard. Join us to sample some great wine, view some unique and intriguing photography and meet the artist from 6-9 pm at the bin!

Windermere Fauntleroy March Artist Marcel Schwarb

Our featured artist for the quarter is Marcel Schwarb. His website is

About Marcel:
“Born in Geneva Switzerland, Marcel’s innate talent became apparent at an early age when his drawings and sketches amazed his grade school teachers. After studying architecture and art at Wayne State University in Michigan, he decided to pursue his career as a painter more seriously. He grew to favor the pastel medium, which nurtured his tendency for using bold and vivid color. Marcel’s work is representational; he likes to explore all avenues of the subject matter, but is primarily guided by his passion for the beauty of landscapes and structure in harmony with each other. Many journeys abroad, particularly those to France and Italy, have inspired his painted images.”

Hotwire Coffee March Artists Cari and Jessica Jones

The Jones Girls
A Daughter/Mother Collaboration

Jessica Jones
Artist Bio

Your favorite Barista at Hotwire, Graduate of School of the Arts (SOTA) in Tacoma, and an amazing Daughter, Jessica Jones puts pencil to paper in her love of portraiture. Her drawings capture the essence of her celebrity heroes.

Cari Jones
Artist Bio

A Bookkeeper, Social Networker and Mom, Cari Jones needed something to do in her spare time! She is a self-taught artist and loves playing with texture, color and sparkly stuff. Her acrylic paintings express why she literally wears her ‘heart on her sleeve.’

All proceeds from this Daughter/Mother Collaboration will go to fund Jessica’s upcoming trip to Honduras in August. Along with West Seattle Christian and Living Water, Jessica will be helping to build a well in a village to bring clean drinking water to the people who live there. Please join us in supporting this amazing opportunity for her!

* Portraits and paintings are priced as marked, but please feel free to contribute any amount to Jessica’s Honduras Fund.

Wallflower Custom Framing March Artist Michelle Salazar

During the month of March, Wallflower is proud to present recent works by painter Michelle Salazar.
Wallflower Custom Framing LLC
& the Shooting Gallery

Windmere March Artist Jeffrey Corson Hosted by Kim Tingley and Barb Ogden

Kim Tingley and Barb Ogden are proud to present Jeffrey Corson, Jeffrey's art is created with music, video and oil paints. His pieces capture our history, emotions and attitudes with original style. Previous shows in SoHo N.Y.C. ,Bellevue Artsfestival, Mercer Isl. Artfestival and Ballard give Jeffrey the opportunity to share these colorful works. Some of Jeffrey's works can be seen at

Join Kim the 2nd Thursday of every month for the West Seattle Artwalk. Stop by Windermere, pick up a map, have a snack and a bev. and enjoy a wonderful community event! Hope to see you soon!

8 Limbs Yoga March Artist Angela Scott



Angela Scott was born in Seattle, WA and earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree
from the Rhode Island School of Design in 1999. Since then she has pursued personal and
professional interests including volunteering in India and building glass sculpture for artist Dale
Chihuly. She has furthered her studies of art at the Gage Academy of Art (Seattle, WA) and has
studied nature at the Bullock’s Permaculture Homestead (Orcas Island, WA) and the Wilderness
Awareness School (Duvall, WA). She has shown at distinguished galleries in Seattle including
Artforte Gallery, Baas Art Gallery, and most recently at La Familia Gallery, where she had a solo
show in August 2010. Her work is held in numerous private as well as corporate collections.

Click! Design that Fits March Artist Laura Castellanos

Laura Castellanos paints fantastical images of imaginary faces, figures, and creatures. Laura is the creator of the hugely popular "bummerbunny", and now has Bummerbunny buttons for just a buck!

Shelli Markee creates wildly realistic wire frame birds which appear fly up the wall suspended by only a single tack. She offers free in home installation for purchases of 5 or more birds within the city limits.

Nature Consortium March Artist Rich Fought

Nature Consortium is featuring local photographer Rich Fought who is donating all proceeds of his show to Nature Consortium! Plus one of our favorite bands that jams in Green Belt for restoration parties, KlezterBalm - a Klezmer group with Talia Toni Marcus fiddle, Marc Smason trombone, and Benson Smith clarinet will engage the senses from 7-8pm, check them out at

Rich Fought Artist Statement-

"Street photography to me is the art of capturing and exposing touching, thought-provoking moments of simple reality that we are surrounded by every day, but don't typically register as they often get lost in the background noise of existence. These images have the power to remind us of our own humanity - joy, frailty, exuberance, reflection; the entire myriad of qualities that we all share.

Having only been pursuing photography seriously for 2-3 years now, I have found that shooting street naturally aligns with many of my own traits - a persistent wanderlust; fascination with the sheer variety found in urban environments, a predilection to quiet observation and the desire to create. I also affords me the opportunity to interact with my environment when the urge strikes me.

I work with basic digital equipment and post-processing software. I am self-taught and try to learn something new with every piece. Some pieces flow very quickly, while others I dote over for weeks. My philosophy is to shoot, shoot and shoot some more; often with street photography the subject of focus at the time is but one piece of a larger story that unfolds when viewing the image later."

Artistic Framers March Artist Debi Ayres

Artist Bio:

Debi Ayres - Tell Your Story Photography

Drawing on a journalistic style and skills developed during her career as an Information Technology Functional Analyst working with business clients on their system requirements Debi weaves her pictures into a visual story pulling participants and non-participants into the excitement long after the event has ended.

Debi invites you to experience her vision on the essence of life by visiting her website where you can explore different regions of Italy, order fine-art prints and contact Debi for capturing your upcoming event or creating a unique hardcover book from your images.

Blue Willow Catering March Artist Theresa McCormick

Local artist and writer, Theresa McCormick, has a one-woman art show, which runs through March at the Blue Willow, 4310 SW Oregon St. Mark your calendar to attend the Art Reception on Thursday, March 10 (Art Walk night in West Seattle) from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. Refreshments provided by Blue Willow owner, who provides a fine catering service and lunches in West Seattle. The all-new art work includes watercolors, mixed media, and acrylics painted on location in Arizona, Samish Island, Cape Disappointment, and Orcas Island in Washington, as well as other abstract and imaginary paintings of "locations" created by Theresa.

Shanti Salon and Spa March Artist Bruce Haedt

Images in a series, or standing alone, provide a link of communication between us. But more important to me is that they allow the individual to connect a place within themselves to that moment in time, or specific color resonance, or sweep of motion captured through the photographic process. Bruce Haedt; MFA Photography

We will be serving wine and snacks, please stop by.

Cupcake Royale March Artist Lynne Alexander

Lynne Alexander has been involved in the arts for most of her life. She was a successful product designer for her company, Alexander Artworks. Her products were sold in stores across the country, including Nordstrom. For the past ten years she has devoted her creative energy to painting and is a self taught, accomplished artist.

Lynne’s parents were both rocket scientists. They raised her in a home without a television, in an environment that encouraged creativity.

As an artist, Lynne is a student of shape and color. Her work is boldly engaging. In her abstracts, Lynne combines patterns and form to create a more dramatic image. She allows her paintings to evolve by working with layers and adding texture. In this way she is able to bring a fresh perspective and sense of adventure to her work.

Seattle Real Estate Associates March Artists Rosanne Olson and David Barnes

With a lifetime of experience in many worlds, I know how to show the
truth about people and the human condition. As a photographer I have
worked with some of the best design firms and advertising agencies in the
Northwest and around the country. As a photojournalist and writer, I honed
my skills to bring the heart of my subjects to light. The same intense
passion to understand informs my photographs of individuals and families. As an
award-winning photographer, teacher and lecturer for over 30 years, I also
authored *This is Who I Am*, a collection of images and essays on women,
body image and compassion which has been noted for its insight and power to
inspire. I collaborate with my fellow humans to tell the truth, beautifully,
of families, women and business professionals, in my *Knowing Portraits*practice.

Over the course of a forty year career David Barnes has traveled the world and produced a wide
array of photographic images, bringing his subjects to life with a style and composition that is
uniquely his own, and which has won him recognition through prestigious awards and highly
sought after photographic assignments.

At the onset of his career he photographed for the Seattle Times, Sunset Magazine and
numerous airline magazines, followed by photographic assignments for the US Travel Service.
Concurrently, he was taking photographs for annual reports for Dean Witter Brokerage,
Wells Fargo Bank, Bacardi Rum, PG&E, Nordstrom, and Natomas Oil. After early recognition
for his local work, David began receiving assignments that took him around the world.

Elliot Bay Brewery March Artist Paul Creasemen

Our artist for the month is a favorite customer of ours Paul Creasemen and he has done some large paintings that really take up the wall. He has done several shows in West Seattle before and we are glad to have him here. Anyone who comes by to see his work should be sure to stop by the bar for a free 5oz taster of beer that they can enjoy while walking thru.

C&P Coffee March Artist Julie Jetton

Portland-based artist Julie Jetton will show her work at C & P Coffee Company during the month of March. Julie works in a wide variety of mediums, from paper collage and clay with her art students to drawing and photography. Since escaping a job with Hallmark where her work required rigid parameters, she has been experimenting with all the ways that art can find you, rather than you seeking it out. This show was shot with a Holga - a simple, medium-format plastic camera that is held together with tape, and is prone to light leaks, blurriness and other incidental errors. It is part of Julie's ongoing exploration of giving up control and finding beauty in the unexpected.

Wild Rose's March Artist Jane K. Place

Wild Rose's presents, Jane K. Place, acrylics and pastels.
"As an artist, I paint and draw the landscape and pieces of nature to invite the viewer to reminisce about their own memories, emotions and connections with nature. The marks on the surface of the paintings and drawings replicate the atmosphere, distractions, movements, and after images that occur for all us as our brains process our visual sensory input."
Complimentary wine will be served.

West Seattle Wine Cellars March Artist Jesse Schwartz

West Seattle Cellar March Artist: Jesse Schwartz
Plus Italian Wines

Jesse Schwartz was born in rural Washington State. He attended the Art Institute of Boston where he double majored in illustration and fine arts, with an emphasis in painting. He also attended the Rhode Island School of Design. Nowadays, Jesse's medium of choice is oil, and he works in a variety of styles, including still life, and landscapes. He says, "The landscape provides endless inspiration, whether it's a sunrise over a lake, or an abandoned building. Some people are blind to the world around them, and some can not stop from seeing." Come and see what Jesse sees, and portrays in his art.

Jesse will join us on Art Walk night, Thursday, March 10. As always, we will also be having our weekly free wine tasting that night, from 5:30 to 9:00. We will be pouring Italian wines, from the VEDI portfolio, and from Vignalta, who produce great wines, as well as an extremely popular herbed salt. Art and wine: always a winning combination!

ArtsWest March Show Child's Play

From March 1st through March 26th ArtsWest Gallery proudly presents the new gallery exhibition, Child’s Play alongside the concurrent theater production, Distracted. Michael Lowe, Jessica Dodge, and Wanda Pelayo interpret excessive stimuli in a contemporary life with Tess Martin in AMP at ArtsWest through April 23rd.
Michael Lowe’s paintings of large expanses of color and organized lines are an exploration of place, dimensionality, and ambiguity of story. His recurring plastic white chairs sit empty in fields of green also evoke a sense of longing. Stylistically, his minimalist paintings investigate value, color, composition, and space. Lowe has taught art privately, in college, high school, middle school, and at the elementary school level. He received his BA and MFA from Boston University.
Jessica Dodge’s hedgehogs on unicycles and roller skating foxes provide a whimsical tone to the exhibition. Dodge paints in reverse on glass creating a wonderful depth and richness to her contemporary allegorical paintings, which cleverly employ humor, and lush colors, drawing in the viewer. Many of her pieces are displayed in notable galleries including the Jadite Gallery in New York City. The SAM Gallery will include Dodge in an upcoming exhibition featuring artists that work with glass and paint.
Wanda Pelayo’s energetic mixed media prints of everyday objects impart a joyful uproar of texture and color. Pelayo uses a range of tools to create her work: painting and drawing with watercolor, acrylics, and black chalk, while also incorporating scanned photos, cyanotypes, solar plate etchings, cardboard, dirt, and sawdust. A native Argentinean, Pelayo resides in Seattle and continues to show her distinctive works internationally.

Animator and director Tess Martin is the featured artist in AMP at ArtsWest during Child’s Play and Domestic Patterns. Martin will screen five looped cut-out stop frame animations in AMP at ArtsWest including a selection from Plain Face, her new ten minute short. Plain Face is about the arrival of an outsider into a fantastical land where people are puppets and buses can fly. Martin’s films are developed through a laborious process. First, she carefully cuts out pieces of paper and plastic and paints them. Next, Martin places the pieces on a light-box for an illuminated and animated effect, and then she begins the film editing process. An accomplished arts instructor, Martin has traveled abroad to Ghana to teach children in need. She currently teaches for the local youth organization, Reel Grrls. Grants from the City of Seattle, Artist Trust, 4Culture, and the Puffin Foundation provide support for her artwork. Martin along with other arts professionals dealing and collecting video and film will dive into the challenges and benefits of this new medium during a panel discussion moderated by Gallery Director, Nichole DeMent on Thursday, April 14th. All are welcome to this free special OnStage event which begins at 7:30pm in ArtsWest’s theater during West Seattle’s April ArtWalk.

The Kenney March Artists Guy and Delores Peck

West Seattle native, Guy Peck, works in acrylics and mixed media to create wonderful, imaginative paintings.
Delores Peck of Lella Rae Designs, lovingly handcrafts one-of-a-kind purses and jewelry perfect for every woman.
Crocheted and knitted afghans by Ballymena Resident Lora Walker.
International Folk Songs and Dance Music by the Folk Voice Band!
Come and get your Girl Scout Cookies!! The girls from Troop 2772 will be selling the cookies for $4 per box.

Emerald Spiral March Group Show

For chilly March, Emerald Spiral Coop presents our Group Show, a colorful bouquet of artworks selected from the works
of our diverse and inspired members . Come by and to see paintings, sculpture, jewelry and unique pieces
crafted from natural objects to delight the heart and spirit at our spiritual and artistic cooperative store
which also features a unique and extensive collection of gemstones and crystals.

Twilight March Show Full Slice of Pie

About the Show:
Women’s bodies have evolved in such a short period of time:

Natural 70’s tits vs. Implants
Full bushes vs the Barbie pussy
Size 12 vs Size 0
Unique, tan-lined imperfections vs cookie cutter air brushing
Raw and supple vs botox and knee lifts

What cultural, biological, political and economical factors influence
women’s choices around their bodies?
Is the confidence a woman carries in her naturalness empowering or has
the evolution of the female body from natural to unnatural, made
rawness an exotic rarity?
This exhibit will explore the ideas within society that have caused
women of the 2000’s to evolve they way they have – from the perceived
“raw naturalness” of the 70’s female body toward a constant need to
upgrade and homogenize.
Artists Include:
Tracy Cilona, Crystal Fosnaugh, Marilyn Artus, Kook Teflon, Janine Pierce, Julia Landon, Fox Anthony Spears, Hillary Gore, Mollie Mattsen, Noa Piper, Marty Gordon

Bird on a Wire (Admiral) March Artist Rodolfo Rios Garza

at 2604 California Ave SW
Rodolfo Rios Garza

While self-taught, Rios Garza credits renowned Southwest artist Mel Casas,
and Peruvian artist, Francisco Grippa, as the biggest influences in his pursuit
of art. Grippa, in particular, was generous with his knowledge, his time, his
studio and his encouragement. It was this friendship that gave Rios Garza the
confidence to explore and express color, texture and composition on his own

Alki Arts March Artist Show and Music

At Alki Arts down on the beach-

This month's Artwalk features over 20 local artists with all new exhibits!

Music by Blues Band the Lee Hayes duo-they know how to entertain!

Special photography exhibit by visiting artist Machel Spence-Come see!

Snacks and wine served!

Keller Williams March Artists PJ Andrews and Krissy Maier

Theme: “Retro”
We are very proud to present artist PJ Andrews and jewelry designer Krissy Maier for the month of March.

PJ Andrews

PJ Andrews was born in Boston and currently splits his time between Seattle and Los Angeles. PJ is self taught in the folk art tradition, where his sensibilities blend the world of contemporary pop and folk art with exuberance and flair. Though simple to the point of elegant, PJ’s “diamond dust” efforts offer a new dimension never before realized within animation art. As he believes characters such as Bugs and Daffy to be larger than life, PJ accents his rendition of these characters with glitter like no one has ever done before. Unprecedented as PJ’s artwork is, the result is nothing less than stunning. While the characters used to explore his technique are often large profiles, his employment of glitter creates an atmosphere in which they seem nearly three dimensional.

Krissy Maier
Jewelry Artist

Inspired by the beauty of all things vintage and passionate about living a fair trade, eco-friendly, sustainable life; Krissy realized that by using discarded vintage jewelry components and beads she could create new fashionable pieces. Her career as a jewelry designer began when she discovered that other people appreciated her creations and wanted to wear them. In 2007, looking to make Orange Box jewelry holistically sustainable, Krissy began a line of jewelry using fairly traded sterling silver clasps and ear wires from a small cooperative in Bali, Indonesia