Shoofly Pie February Artist Elizabeth Anderson

Watercolor artist Elizabeth Anderson will be showing at Shoofly Pie for the February Art Walk. Elizabeth will also be painting 'live' during the art walk!

We will be having our usual sweet slices special for art walk - buy 1, get 1 50% off. We will also be featuring our feb pie of the month: dark chocolate salted caramel tart, as well as our "bleeding heart" cherry pies - in personal 5" size as well as 9".

Click! Desgin that Fits February Artist Laura Castellanos

Click! Design That Fits welcomes Seattle art icon Laura Castellanos and her wonderful images of imaginary faces, figures, and creatures. Laura is the creator of the hugely popular "bummerbunny", and she will have t-shirts and patches of the famous bunny for sale.

In addition, Click! is continuing to show Shelli Markee's wire birds.

Windermere Fauntelroy February Artist Marcel Schwarb

About Marcel:
“Born in Geneva Switzerland, Marcel’s innate talent became apparent at an early age when his drawings and sketches amazed his grade school teachers. After studying architecture and art at Wayne State University in Michigan, he decided to pursue his career as a painter more seriously. He grew to favor the pastel medium, which nurtured his tendency for using bold and vivid color. Marcel’s work is representational; he likes to explore all avenues of the subject matter, but is primarily guided by his passion for the beauty of landscapes and structure in harmony with each other. Many journeys abroad, particularly those to France and Italy, have inspired his painted images.”

C&P Coffee February Artist Chris Hunter

Seattle is home to a number of very talented artists who work on skin, i.e. tattooists. One of these, West Seattle local Chris Hunter, is showing watercolor and ink paintings and drawings at C&P Coffeehouse for the February Art Walk. Hunter is a tattooist at Alki Beach Tattoo.

Bird on a Wire February Artist Jessica Creager

Jessica Creager
BFA Painting from the University of Washington 2003
Jessica has turned her focus to those little things in life -on a large scale- that cause her to spontaneously smile…chocolates...take a bite, enjoy and smile!

Windermere February Artist Monika Dalkin Presented by Kim Tingley and Barb Ogden

Kim Tingley and Barb Ogden, Realtor’s at Windermere are proud to present Monika Dalkin . Monika a Seattle resident describes her art as bits of conversations, daily rituals and organic forms in nature all inform the work that I make. I am compelled to create. The shape of something I see may trigger a thought. This then evolves into the ‘what if’? What if this were translated into a sculpture? What if fiber were added to it? What if there were fifty grouped together? The possibilities are endless. Her website is

Emerald Spiral's February Artist Taen Scherer

Taen Scherer: Artist and Psychotherapist

Taen's one-of-a-kind jewelry and decorated mirrors feature colorful clay
sculptures of flowers and graceful animals in miniature.

"As both an artist and a psychotherapist, I deeply appreciate the human desire to express itself. My various art works embody the joy I find in life, and the humor of our daily passage of hours. Many of my creations are fantastical, expressing my awe of this world’s beauty. The abundance of gifts which surround me is magnificent. I hope to offer you a view into my brand of awareness.
Polymer clay is the new favorite for creating almost anything. This stuff, so very different from ceramic clay, is soft, pliable, easy to work with, can mimic almost any substance, and results in stunning works of art. Currently polymer clay is my medium of choice, however beadwork, paper and fabric joins together with poly clay to provide other means of personal expression."

Taen is also available for teaching the basics of clay use and fabrication.

West Seattle Wine Cellars Febraury Artist Sabah Al-Dhaher

West Seattle Cellars February Artist: Sabah Al-Dhaher
Plus Wines from Latin America and Spain

Sabah was born in Nasriyah, Iraq. At the age of fifteen he was accepted to the Institute of Fine Arts in Basra, Iraq, where he lived and received his training in classical art. Al-Dhaher fled Iraq in 1991 due to his involvement in a failed uprising against the regime of Saddam Hussein at the end of the first Gulf war. After spending 2 ½ years in a refugee camp in the desert of Saudi Arabia he came to the USA as a political refugee in 1993. He has been creating and exhibiting his work throughout the Northwest. Sabah’s story was chronicled in an article in the New York Times titled, A Nation at War: Iraqi-Americans; Chiseled from Marble, a Refuge from War News, (April 6, 2003). For more information please visit Sabah’s website:

“In a life shaped by war art transforms struggle into hope.” My Saraab is a short documentary about Sabah Al-Dhaher's journey from his home land, Iraq, to the United States.

This month, on Art Walk night, our free wine tasting will feature wines from Latin America and Spain. Cat Bogdon, of TGIC Importers, will join us to pour some of her favorites from her portfolio. So come and meet Sabah, enjoy his art, and try some Torrontes, Malbec, Carmenere, Grenache, and more!

Artist Framers February Artist Karol Fern Sample

Karol Fern Sample is our guest artist for February, here is her info.

All works are original oils and watercolors of varying sizes. While still in process, these paintings take on a life of their own, and sometimes seem to paint themselves… Like stories, they are playfully-rendered acts of remembering, of contact, and of imaginative participation with a more expansive world. They are products of true inspiration. Enjoy!

We will be serving sweets and a beverage.

ArtsWest February Exhibition Spinning Straw Into Gold

From February 1st through February 26th ArtsWest Playhouse & Gallery presents the new exhibition Spinning Straw Into Gold featuring artists Ellen Picken, Kate Fluckinger, and Sam Chapman with Betty Hageman’s mixed media installation in AMP at ArtsWest. Seattle Premiere Emilie: La Marquise du Ch√Ętelet Defends Her Life Tonight will play in ArtsWest’s theater in conjunction with the exhibit.
Ellen Picken will showcase her oil paintings with styles and scenes reminiscent of 18th Century Europe’s Romantic Era. Picken’s stark palettes of warm color and delicate details signify her many years spent in Spokane and Northeastern Washington. With a BFA from Eastern Washington University, Picken has participated in exhibitions all over the country. Presently, she is preparing for an artist residency in Berlin, Germany partially funded by Artist Trust.
Also featured is West Seattle artist Kate Fluckinger’s encaustic abstracts. Fluckinger uses pigmented beeswax and oil paint to enhance bold palettes and dynamic lines in each of her works. Enlightenment guru Voltaire once said, “Love is a canvas furnished by nature and embroidered by imagination.” Fluckinger’s passion-filled works express a kind of meaningful chaos similar to Voltaire’s ideology. A graduate of Evergreen State College, Fluckinger continues to explore new approaches to creative expression at Pratt Fine Arts Center.
Local artist Sam Chapman will feature a collection of mixed media collages highlighting images of family, Italian Renaissance art, flamingos, and turbo jets. A fun contrast of feathers, rocks, pine needles, found paper, nails, and other clever objects are all adhered by gold paint. Chapman’s works embody a true sense of creative freedom and examine the fragility of human life. Chapman received several awards for his works including First Prize for the Annual Snohomish County Juried Art Show. He is currently represented by Patricia Cameron Gallery in Seattle.
In AMP at ArtsWest Hageman’s Soil Horizons/Personal Horizons explores time within the layers of sediment and personal history in her mixed media installation of dirt, crushed coral, and dried leaves amidst personal artifacts and stained then painted canvas.
ArtsWest is to host an Artists’ Reception for the opening of Spinning Straw Into Gold on Thursday, February 10, from 6:00 to 7:30pm during the 2nd Thursday ArtWalk. Lively conversation and light hors d’oeuvres will be provided courtesy of ArtsWest. Admission, as always, is free.

Wild Roses's February Artist Gretchen Graber

Wild Rose's-candlelight, chocolate, wine and fabulous work by local artists.

Gretchen Graber-has a passion and a purpose refurbishing windows and doors. Her goal is to use recycled materials and maintain a funky chic look.

Mercedes Baudrand-Jewelry show, new designs from your favorite "THAT'S BEAUTIFUL".

Lisa Bojocich-beautiful handmade hearts made from glass and paper.

Daniel Blagovich-sofa tub, think Breakfast at Tiffany's, made from a vintage claw foot tub.

Carla Davis-you will love her new Valentines and prints.

Tammy Clammer-faceOdd, wearable art masks.

Sip wine, sample our new chocolates and view some truly unique work from our local artists.

Shanti Salon and Spa February Artist Devrim Ozkan

Devrim Ozkan is a West Seattle based artist that was raised splitting her time between the deserts of Las Vegas, Nevada and multiple cities along the Western coasts of Turkey. After graduating from the University of Washington's Art department she decided to make Seattle her home.

Devrim believes that her art is a mixture of her past, present and future. She attributes much of the organic nature of her work to the Arabesque designs of the Middle East as well as the vast emptiness of the Great Basin. Recently, she has recognized a growing interest for abstracted landscapes.

A gypsy at heart, Devrim is known for moving, her chaotic last-minute adventures, and inappropriate humor. She uses paint & ink as a means for translating her internal chaos into a language she can understand and a form she can appreciate.

Find more of her work on facebook or Etsy for purchase:

Devrim Ozkan: Paint & Ink on Facebook

Seattle Real Estate Associates February Artist Tanya Lambert

Tanya Lambert
Contemporary Still Life in Oil

Tanya is an alumni in the Still Life Atelier under the mentorship of Gary Faigin in 2009 at the Gage Academy of Art. She had two years of art training at the University of San Diego (B.A. 1989) before she came to the prestigious Gage Academy of Art in 2004 as a part-time student.

Tanya has always liked painting Still Life. More of her artwork can be viewed by googling "thanhngaarts".

Twilight Artist Collective February Artist Lisa Geertsen

Lisa Geertsen is a full time artist/blacksmith in Seattle. She and her husband co-own Firelight forge and she currently designs and builds custom metalwork there. She has a BFA in sculpture from WVU and teaches at Pratt Fine Arts Center.

In her upcoming show at TWAC, Lisa explores the heart, creating a series of wall hanging sculptures that each involve anatomical hearts. She has been working with this concept for years and she intends to engage the viewer with the complex symbolism of the her subject. "My ultimate goal for this themed show is to achieve 100 pieces with the intention of showing some new and some old every February until I reach the 100 mark. I look forward to where this personal project will take me and hopefully you will enjoy the journey with me." ~L.G.

Show runs thru March 6th, 2011

(image: "Wild At Heart" $2400)

The Kenney February Artist Lincoln Vista

Paintings by Lincoln Vista resident, Glenna Meade.

Entertainment by The Ray Cole Band!
Of the Earth, hand crafted silver by Jody Vouk, a graduate gemologist. Her focus is bringing out the beauty of natural, untreated stones with unique designs. $35.00 and up
An assortment of collage, ink, acrylic, and watercolors by Sara Shames!
“Soapworks Studio makes handcrafted herbal soaps, bath and body products with natural or organic ingredients. The soaps are made from scratch, and loaded with nutrients and luxury moisturizers.” $2-$20

Wallflower Febraury Artist RobRoy Chalmers

In February, Wallflower presents a new custom install by RobRoy Chalmers. Join us Thursday night to meet the artist and enjoy some live music.

Alki Arts February Artist Johnny O'Brady

This month we are featuring the amazing large scale work of the very talented Johnny O'Brady. (

We will have the live music of singer/songwriter Levi Hilliard.
Also featured will be artist Doris Hayes. Doris is a portrait artist who will be doing quick simple portraits during the evening for $25.00 each. How much fun will that be! (Call us to reserve a space in advance to ensure getting your portrait done!)206.432-9936

We have new exhibits, two new artists in the gallery, and of course wine and snacks!!!!

Funky Janes February Artist Michelle Prater

Michelle currently has art displayed in California and Oregon as well as Seattle, WA where she lives and is often found getting messy playing outside or with her paints. She finds it incredibly interesting to talk with people about their reactions and interpretations of her paintings. Michelle finds no other joy like the one she experiences while painting and is extremely excited to share her art with the West Seattle Community during Art Walk!

Knows Perfume February Artist Kelly Rae Cunningham

Kelly Rae Cunningham :: New Encaustic Paintings

image: "koi" , oil and wax on wood panel, 12"x12"
paintings on facebook

Nature Consortium February Artist Joya Marie

Featured Artist: Joya Marie
Plus music provide by Bando-Rio, Brazilian Choro music from 7-8pm
Artist Statement:
Observation Works
Living and making art in Seattle, WA. has been an amazing experience. The dynamic cityscape offers unlimited inspiration. I'm fascinated by the lines and layers, and how they are balanced out by negative spaces. Taking the observational sketches and photographs that I capture during the day, I retire in the evening to my studio where I abstract the imagery and transfer it to linoleum. The medium allows for a rich and bold impression. Each print adds a new dimension to my search for symmetry in the city.

Capers February Artist Kate Endle

Kate Endle makes collage art that is sophisticated and intelligent for kids and adults using decorative and hand painted papers. Influenced by folk art, with a touch of Asian inspiration, and a dash of eclectic whimsey, subject matter includes floral still lifes, flocks of birds and the always popular owl motif. Her work can be found on greeting cards, children books, magnets, home decor products, and calendars. She attended The Columbus College of Art and Design in Ohio and currently resides in West Seattle with her husband and creative collaborator, children's musician, Caspar Babypants.

Keller Williams February Artists Kirsten Wilhelm and Rebekah Jaramillo

Kirsten Wilhelm

Kirsten Wilhelm has been an artist of many mediums for over 25 years. Initially working in clay, oils, and acrylics, she found encaustic painting a new way to express her creativity. The textures and immense flexibility have encouraged her to work with more freedom and intensity. Encaustic is a mixture of beeswax, damar, and pigments. It is one of the oldest forms of painting. Kirsten has always been intrigued by the gritty working areas of a city.

Rebekah Jaramillo

Rebekah Jaramillo is a long time West Seattle resident and Jeweler. Rebekah resides in the Gatewood neighborhood where she and her husband Dan raise their 2 year old daughter Luka, and where she creates jewelry in her home studio. She graduated in 2005 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Metals from the University of Washington and has been making beautiful adornments ever since. Her passion lies in color, asymmetry, and circles.

Hotwire Coffee February Artists West Seattle Christian PreSchool

Check out the art from the little ones at WS Christian Pre School.