Bakery Nouveau January Artist Chris Kim

That's right, our own cafe manager, Chris Kim, will again be showing some of her favorite Bakery Nouveau photos she's shot over the years. Some of you may not know that before becoming a barista, Chris was a professional photographer focusing on swimsuits and surfboards. She still enjoys the art and challenge of good photography, and finds a wealth of subject matter here at the bakery.
We liked it so much the first time, we asked her to bring back her exhibition, "Beyond the Ovens...," which unveils moments and details of the bakery's production. Many customers ask Chris, "Can we go back there?" wanting to see what really goes on behind the scenes and how things are made. The bakers notice many of you, standing near the deck oven looking back curiously. As the title suggests, this exhibition is based on that curiosity. We think you'll enjoy the view.

8 Limbs January Artist kelly rae cunningham

kelly rae cunningham
biggest fleur #5,
38"x50", acrylic on paper

kelly rae
paintings on facebook

Nature Consortium January Show plus Music by Rabbit Stew String Band

Nature Consortium connecting people, arts and nature.
Please join us for a night of drinks, live music and art. We will be featuring the Rabbit Stew String Band an Old Time trio of fiddle, guitar and banjo, playing community music that fills grange halls, barns and front porches for the last century. Your brain might wonder at the origins of this stuff, but your feet will know exactly what to do. Toe tapping guaranteed from 7-8pm. Plus Ryan Applegate with be on site exhibiting his amazing original fine art from 6-9pm. So stop by and get a dose of what Nature Consortium is all about.

Carmilia's January Artist Nicole Sharpe

Nicole Sharpe/sculptor

Click! Design that Fits January Artist Shelli Markee

Artist name:
Shelli Markee

Shelli Markee was born into a family of artisans in rural Minnesota. Her career as an artist was almost predetermined by nature, and ensured by a nurturing environment. Her family both inspired and encouraged her artistic predilections, and after their move to Houston, Shelli began her studies at the Glassell School of the Arts. Since her teen years, Shelli has made a career in fashion and the arts—as a model, make-up artist, garden designer, photographer, sculptor and now, silversmith.

Click! will be featuring Shelli's installation of forty-five handcrafted wire birds. All the birds are individually created in Shelli's Seattle studio and are available for sale, with discounts for flocks of three or more birds.


Click! is also having a January sale featuring major discounts on Thomas Paul wool rugs; handbags from Orla Kiely, Queen Bee, and Highway; Fatboy chairs; Smersh jewelry; and more!

Seattle Real Estate Associates January Artist Anita West

Announcing: Anita West

25 year retrospective
The first 25 people receive a free art print.

Please join us this thursday, January 13th, from 6-9 for a 25 year retrospective show of Anita's art.

Anita West is currently traveling, teaching and studying in the Middle East, and her latest works show this influence.
The latest works are ink and watercolor on paper and were last seen in West Seattle this past summer where she had some on display during a group show at Arts West.

Anita's website:

Preview the the art show on youtube:

Here is the invite on the Seattle Real Estate Associates

Windermere January Artist Christopher Bibby Presented by Kim Tingley and Barb Ogden

Kim Tingley and Barb Ogden, realtor at Windermere are proud to present Christopher Bibby for the January art walk! You can find Christopher Bibby at

Presenting: Christopher Bibby

Ever since I was very young I have had a strong emotional sense that we are all one. Though we appear separate and alone, we are in fact all from the same place; made of the same stuff. The presence of this vision in my life helps me understand the play between the real and abstract worlds within my paintings. Painting the same patterns in a building, in a city, on the street, and in a distant skyline is important for my need to express what I see and feel as a person in the world.

At times I find myself exploring, in an unconscious fashion, those same rhythms and patterns in an effort to make sense of their place in a more complicated world of chaos and change. These feelings of separation and unity are brought into a joyful place by my use of rich and stimulating colours. Colours awaken the experience, transforming what can be a deep and often overwhelming feeling of loss into a place of exaltation and contentment . My paintings, I hope, express in a knowing way what a wonderful role we play in this beautiful world.

Twilight Artist Collective January Show Dwelling on the Past

Show: "Dwelling on the Past"

Opening Reception during ArtWalk, Thursday, Jan. 13, 6-9pm

Curated by Pamela Davis

Facebook announcement:!/event.php?eid=183353258349795&index=1

19 artists meditate on the past's influence on the future. As resources dwindle, as the economy falters we find inspiration from a sparer era. As new technologies rise some past technologies fade but some remain whether for reasons of nostalgia, aesthetics or necessity. How does the past inform our future? Curated by Pamela Davis, Mucho Design.

Farilyn Artus, Lyndsey Baldwin, Pamela Davis, Dixie Darling, Iron Pony, Julie Jackson, Emily Katz, Carla Madrigal,
Allison Manch, Moxie, Johnny Murder, Beth Murphy, Penny Nickel,
Cathy Pitters, Kristen Rupp, Tiffany Sabatini, Cindy Steiler, Mary
Woodring, Mike Wurn.

West Seattle Wine Cellars January Artist Carla G

West Seattle Cellars January Artist, Carla G
Plus tasty wines at super prices

Carla G was born and raised in Neu Ulm, Germany. Highlights of Carla's travels include hightailing with a circus for six months, living in South Africa, attending grade school in Florence, Italy, and painting henna art on literally all parts of the human body. After graduating in 1989, Carla was prepared to move to New York to attend New York City University's master of fine arts program but joined a punk rock band and moved to Seattle instead. In 1993 Carla returned to painting, exhibiting, and selling work. Her art is in private collections word wide. For more information about Carla and her art, visit

And while you're enjoying Carla's art this Thursday, you can sample some excellent, value-priced wines from A & B Imports. Our regular Thursday wine tasting this week features some of our favorite wines from around the world, many for under $10. Feeling a bit cash-strapped after the holidays? No worries! Your wine dollar can take you farther than you think!

Wild Rose's January Artist Jim Lopresti

Wild Rose's presents Jim Lopresti, beautiful landscapes in oil.
Complimentary wine will be served.

C&P Coffee January Artist Cathi Thornton

Cathi Thornton is the featured artist at C & P Coffee Company for the month of January. Cathi’s photos are gathered and inspired from nature, her travels and experiences, with images that may remind us of the past, evoking familiar feelings or memories like the smell of burning leaves in the fall or a peaceful moment in time. The northwest life and local environment are her favorite images to capture, with the vibrant colors abundant here in the summer and fall, as well as the eerie moodiness of winter. More images at :

Elliot Bay January Artist PJ Andrews

PJ Andrews who has been putting up his art in West Seattle for a while and travels to and from LA and here to promote his art. He has posted abstract paintings which will go for $175.00 and then Warner Bros. cartoon characters which will go for $275.00. His art is perfect for our family friendly establishment and you should all come and check it out. As usual we will be offering 5oz tasters to whoever comes in to view the art.

Alki Arts January Artist Carol Braden

Alki Arts is proud to be featuring the work of Carol Braden. Her eclectic mixed media guitars have been purchased by musicians and music lovers all over the country!

Also featured that night is the photography of 'Seal Sitter' Robin Lindsey.
Playing music for us that night is a local fabulous singer/songwriter Aaron Mannino-recently returned from N.Y.- Well worth hearing!
Of course wine and snacks will be served!

Wallflower January Artist Anton Moentenich

In January, Wallflower presents a collection of work by photographer Anton Moentenich. The artist combines ordinary found objects and a painterly style to create these narrative vignettes.

Emerald Spiral January Artist Carol Blackbird Edson

"Red Lion, A Guardian of Children's Dreams," original papercut by Carol Blackbird Edson

Emerald Spiral presents Featured Artist
Carol Blackbird Edson, papercut artist
"In the Garden of Dreams"
Original papercut art inspired by her visions and dreams.
By combining the traditional art of papercutting with dream images,
Blackbird creates intricate and delightful figures and animals in patterns that invite viewers to enjoy their
own playful imaginations. All ages are invited to come and see this unique art form and partake of opening night refreshments.

The artist will be present to demonstrate her freehand scissors papercutting art method at
Emerald Spiral Artist's Coop in celebration of
The West Seattle Artwalk
2nd Thursday
January 13th 2011

The Kenney January Artist Mona Elliott

Original and beautiful oil paintings inspired by photographs and painted by The Kenney’s Ballymena resident Mona Elliott.
Entertainment by the Pacific Northwest’s premiere barbershop quartet The Country Squires!
Jewelry created by Boo Balkan Foster.

Light bites and tasty treats provided by The Kenney Catering Team.

Artist Framers January Artist Bill Thorne

Our featured artist is Bill Thorne. Bill is a self-taught photographer. Bill has been following his passion to photograph for over twenty years. His favorite subjects are nature, wildlife, landscape and seascape. Bill enjoys being out in the elements and one with nature. Bill shares his experiences with us through the camera’s lens. Come meet Bill and let him share some of his adventures with you through his photographs.

Windermere/Fauntleroy Real Estate January Artist Marcel Schwarb

Featured artist for the quarter is Marcel Schwarb. His website is

About Marcel:
“Born in Geneva Switzerland, Marcel’s innate talent became apparent at an early age when his drawings and sketches amazed his grade school teachers. After studying architecture and art at Wayne State University in Michigan, he decided to pursue his career as a painter more seriously. He grew to favor the pastel medium, which nurtured his tendency for using bold and vivid color. Marcel’s work is representational; he likes to explore all avenues of the subject matter, but is primarily guided by his passion for the beauty of landscapes and structure in harmony with each other. Many journeys abroad, particularly those to France and Italy, have inspired his painted images.”

Funky Janes January Artist Michelle Prater

Michelle currently has art displayed in California and Oregon as well as Seattle, WA where she lives and is often found getting messy playing outside or with her paints. She finds it incredibly interesting to talk with people about their reactions and interpretations of her paintings. Michelle finds no other joy like the one she experiences while painting and is extremely excited to share her art with the West Seattle Community during Art Walk!

Keller Williams January Artists Kirsten Willhelm and Rebekah Jaramillo

Kirsten Wilhelm

Kirsten Wilhelm has been an artist of many mediums for over 25 years. Initially working in clay, oils, and acrylics, she found encaustic painting a new way to express her creativity. The textures and immense flexibility have encouraged her to work with more freedom and intensity. Encaustic is a mixture of beeswax, damar, and pigments. It is one of the oldest forms of painting. Kirsten has always been intrigued by the gritty working areas of a city. Her photo encaustic work is based on unseen and/or unnoticed views of ordinary life. Drawing, scraping then burnishing pigments and inks into the wax surface creates an altered view of the hidden or barely noticed world. Her new work “Conversations on Landscapes” incorporates small stories an large statements obscured by paint and wax. The writings, from her innermost thoughts become a landscape of text obscured visually but not necessarily emotionally from the viewer.

Rebekah Jaramillo

Rebekah Jaramillo is a long time West Seattle resident and Jeweler. Rebekah resides in the Gatewood neighborhood where she and her husband Dan raise their 2 year old daughter Luka, and where she creates jewelry in her home studio. She graduated in 2005 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Metals from the University of Washington and has been making beautiful adornments ever since. Her passion lies in color, asymmetry, and circles.

Arts West January Artist Roger Ressmeyer

A graduate of Yale University, Ressmeyer’s earlier work appeared on well-known record albums and book jackets and in publications including People Weekly and Rolling Stone. In the early 1980’s he worked on projects for Life, TIME, Newsweek, Discover, Smithsonian, The New York Times Magazine, Stern and Geo. Ressmeyer is also an author (Space Places, Astronaut to Zodiac) and editor (National Geographic’s Orbit - NASA Astronauts Photograph the Earth). He is a first place winner of the POYI (Pictures of the Year International) and World Press Photo Awards.
Concurrent with The Beginning of Totality, artist Betty Hageman will be showing her site-specific mixed media installation, Soil Horizons/Personal Horizons through February 26th in AMP at ArtsWest. In this alternative media installation, Hageman will take a scientific approach in her exploration of time within the layers of sediment and personal history. She is the recipient of the Purchase Award (The Puget Sound Restoration Fund) and received an artist’s residency at Hambridge Center for Creative Arts, among other notable awards. Hageman graduated with honors from Andrew’s University and studied at Pratt Fine Arts Center.

The public is invited to attend the artists’ opening reception for The Beginning of Totality at ArtsWest on Thursday, January 13th at 6 p.m. A riveting lecture by Roger Ressmeyer on his art and life will immediately follow at 7:30pm in the theater. Lively conversation and light hors d’oeuvres will be provided courtesy of ArtsWest. Admission, as always, is free.