Emerald Spiral's February Artist Taen Scherer

Taen Scherer: Artist and Psychotherapist

Taen's one-of-a-kind jewelry and decorated mirrors feature colorful clay
sculptures of flowers and graceful animals in miniature.

"As both an artist and a psychotherapist, I deeply appreciate the human desire to express itself. My various art works embody the joy I find in life, and the humor of our daily passage of hours. Many of my creations are fantastical, expressing my awe of this world’s beauty. The abundance of gifts which surround me is magnificent. I hope to offer you a view into my brand of awareness.
Polymer clay is the new favorite for creating almost anything. This stuff, so very different from ceramic clay, is soft, pliable, easy to work with, can mimic almost any substance, and results in stunning works of art. Currently polymer clay is my medium of choice, however beadwork, paper and fabric joins together with poly clay to provide other means of personal expression."

Taen is also available for teaching the basics of clay use and fabrication.

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Liz Lang said...

How beautiful! I'll be sure to stop by to see Taen's wonderful wearable art.