Swanson & Seepersad Chiropractic November Artist Ilona Berzups

Swanson & Seepersad Chiropractic (3703 California Ave. SW, Suite A) will be hosting the photography work of Ilona Berzups for the month of November. We will be serving snacks and beverages including wine. We will be offering 1 Hour Massage gift certificates for purchase that night at a discounted rate of $40 ($25 savings, new clients). These will make great gifts for the upcoming holiday season! Please come by and enjoy the work of this talented photographer!


Click! Design that Fits November Artist Rachel Austin

Portland artist Rachel Austin returns to Click! Design That Fits with a collection of bright, beautiful oil paintings. Rachel will be joined by Kim O'Donnel, West Seattle author of The Meat Lover's Meatless Cookbook, which she will be signing and sharing recipes from.


TILA Real Estate Presented by Anne Burke November Artist Alex Williams

Come celebrate VETERANS DAY at TILA Real Estate during ARTWALK…we are having a Party.

Music by Inner Voices will be playing a selection of popular songs from the 60 and 70’s, with an emphasis on vocal harmonies.

Our featured artist is NW Photographer Alex Williams
www.thermalexposure.comTWITTER: twitter.com/alex_williamsLINKEDIN: www.linkedin.com/in/alexwilliamsFLICKR: www.flickr.com/thermalexposure
As always NW featured Wines, Hot Cider and YES, chocolate !!!
We’d love to see you there!

Bakery Nouveau November Artist Ashley Leffler

We will be open, and our artist is the same as last month, Ashley Leffler.

Alki Arts Cool Cats Jazz Quartet

This month at Alki Arts during Artwalk:
Cool Cats Jazz quartet playing- wine and dessert buffet, The opening of Bob Elder, Jim Gerlitz, Cara Astorquia, and Marilyn Van Cleave- all new exciting exhibits!
Please drop by!

Baked in Seattle Cheesecake!

Baked In Seattle will have cheesecake sample bites at the Blue Willow for art walk and folks can pick up a $2.00 off coupon for Baked In Seattle's full-size cheesecakes and pies, perfect for the holidays.

bin 41 November Artist Graham Clark

Do we have a smashing line-up in store for you this Thursday! We'll be joined once again by artist Graham Clark, whose beautiful photography won us all over this summer. Graham will be on hand with new photos and stories to share of his adventures across the country since his last visit. We'll also have a visiting winemaker from Italy in the bin! We'll be welcoming Lucio from Vignalta winery in the Colli Euganei area of the Venetian hills. Some of you have discovered 'the salt' from Lucio's estate...and if you haven't, trust us, you'll want to pick up a jar of it on Thursday. And don't forget the wines...we'll be sampling a fantastic line-up of wines from Lucio's estate including one he makes in California from a friend's vineyard.

And for all of our Reddog fans out there.......yes, it is true. Reddog will be in the bin this Thursday evening offering up more of their entertaining, fabulous acoustical sets. So what are you waiting for...we hope to see you in the bin this Thursday between 6 and 9 pm!

Shanti Salon and Spa November Artist Rajaa

Our artist this month is Rajaa

Showcasing handmade, environmentally friendly, Tribal & Contemporary jewelry.
Presented in bamboo boxes as wearable art.

Carmilia's November Artist PJ Andrews


It's fun, it's whacky, it's glittery!
We'll offer 10% off storewide, and free hanky panky thongs with any purchase of $150 or more.

Windermere Real Estate Tim Tingley and Barb Ogden present Tom Friber

Kim Tingley and Barb Ogden, Realtor's at Windermere are proud to present Tom Friber as our featured artist for the November artwalk. We will also host an artwalk "boutique" for the Nov. and Dec. artwalk. Artisans will be selling their treasures for the holidays!

Tom is a native of West Seattle and attended West Seattle High School. After working on road crew and as a forest fire fighter he attended the College of Forest Resources at the University of Washington. After working for Weyerhaeuser Company for 31 years, he retired and is back in West Seattle.
Throughout life Tom has done painting, mostly journal sketching. For years art took second place to work but now he is back to watercoloring.
By using watercolors, Tom captures memories from traveling (USA, Greece, Portugal and Mexico) and joys of those moments.

ActivSpace November Artist Leo Smith

Leo’s passion for design and drawing began in the second grade. Continuing with this passion, Leo graduated from the School of Architecture at the University of Oregon and is currently a licensed architect in Seattle, and a member of the American Institute of Architects.

Leo smith Architects was established in 1999 as a design studio specializing in residential projects. Sketching by hand remains the mainstay for the design process. The passion for design and drawing continue as a life-long journey. Leo and is family reside in the Alki neighborhood of West Seattle.

Artist Statement

Attending Burning Man in 2009 and 2010, I attempted to capture the spirit and energy of the event with hand-drawn postcards that were mailed to family and friends.

These 4 x 6 postcards are drawn on cold press watercolor paper. The process begins with a light pencil under drawing, followed with an ink sketch and layer of color applied with watercolor pencils.

The dramatic setting of the Black Rock Desert combined with the people, art installations, music, and mutant vehicles creates an enticing collection of subjects and events to experience.

Bird on a Wire November Bazarre!

Bird on a Wire realizes monies are tight this season and therefor is offering a Bird-Bazarre of sorts. Come check out our arts, crafts, and delights all for sale at realistic prices to help get your holiday shopping under way in a way that doesn't break Santa's bank!

"Art" includes: holiday cards, canned goods, a book by local nonfiction writer, birdhouses, coffee, recomissioned wool gloves, jewelry, and MORE...

C&P Coffee November Artist Leonardo Lanzolla

For the month of November at C & P Coffee Company, Leonardo Lanzolla. Born in Torino, Italy he moved to Seattle in 1987, where he lives and makes his art works. “In my art I live inside and breathe the same air and environment of my characters. I’m attracted from the human action-reaction dialogues with nature, animals, people and landscapes. In my works there is always an accent of myth, tradition and civilization. I investigate “human experiences” through spiritual and physical changes ( …overtures of colors….and figurative shapes..). The technique that I use in my process is called …”Sgraffito”…to Paint, Scratch or Carve on Plaster or Clay ( from the Italian Renaissance).”

Wild Rose's November Artist Janet Ramble

Meet popular local artist Janet Ramble and see her new collection of original oil paintings featuring ARTISTIC STOCKING STUFFERS. Sip complimentary wine and join the fun!

Twilight Artist Collective November Show Northwest Anvil 2

SHOW: NW Anvil 1 : A survey of Contemporary Northwest Ironwork,
curated by Lisa Geetsen and Andy Blakney
WHAT: A compilation of contemporary ironwork by members of the NWBA ~ Northwest Blacksmith Association, curated by Twilight’s own, Andy Blakney and Lisa Geertsen.

The Northwest Blacksmith Association's membership spreads through Canada, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and beyond. For over thirty years, it's members have been committed to the pursuit of education and preservation of the craft, passing on their knowledge to others to create this large group of talented smiths. This show is a small representation of the membership, but it includes some of the most talented smiths in the Northwest and even the country. Our goal for putting this show together is to bring awareness to the community the possiblilies that lie within the art of forged metal.

FEATURING: Bill Apple, Elija Burnett, Jeff Holtby, Jorgen Harle, Larry Langdon, Dave Lisch, Andrea Lisch,Peggy Gudgell, Scott Szloch, Bart Turner, Rick Wintch, Mark Manley, Bruce Crittenden, Erica Gordon, Dean Mook, Rick Crelia, Kayla Blincow, Ben Czyhold, Hunter Dahlberg, Joe Elliot, Ken Mermelstein, John Paul, Ries Niemi, Alan Flashing, Jack Frost, Gary Eagle, Darryl Nelson, Lisa Geertsen, Andy Blakney

ArtsWest November Show On the Edge

From November 9th through December 4th ArtsWest Gallery presents Erika Bass, Carole d’Inverno, John Lucas, and Lillyan George in the new gallery exhibition On the Edge. ArtsWest is pleased to feature four artists with such a distinctive edge, both literal and figurative. In AMP at ArtsWest we are very pleased to continue the extraordinary wall and ceiling installation, Disparate Dream, by Paul D. McKee.

Bass and d’Inverno’s intuitively designed abstract shapes and colors speak to autumn’s transition to soft, warmer light and the joyful times with family and friends at upcoming festivities. Educated in Belgium, d’Inverno’s whimsical shapes and colors are reminiscent of a map of fun times, square dancing, or being at the fair. Her work has been widely reviewed and is represented at Fetherston Gallery in Seattle.

Bass creates her art using block prints and gouache giving shape to the flow of nature with an innovative and expressive edge. She has an MFA in painting from Cranbrook Academy of Art and has taught art at esteemed institutions throughout the region including the Seattle Art Museum, Pratt, and University of Washington.
Lucas and George explore the contemplative and magical characters on the edge of fantasy and truth. Lucas’ introspective work literally places his thoughtful characters at the edge of three dimensional pieces that are at once painting and sculpture. His first passion for the things the earth is made of afforded him a BS in Geology followed shortly thereafter by a BFA from Cornish College of the Arts where he studied painting and sculpture.
George’s magical narrative paintings of charming monsters and women in ball gowns riding hairy beasts speak to desire and dreamscapes. George received her BFA from Western Washington University in 2008, but was first taught the craft of art from her mother, also an artist. George has shown her work across the nation from New York to Los Angeles to Miami.

Join the artists of On the Edge lively conversation at the opening reception during 2nd Thursday ArtWalk on November 11th from 6-7:30pm.

Wallflower November Artist Sara Tro

Wallflower presents "Strange, Beautiful Things," a collection of photographs by Seatttle photographer Sara Tro.

The Kenney November Show

“Bobby Pathammavong's work is the result of daily observations transformed into photographic journeys. This time around with her two latest photographic endeavors she turns towards the sky for inspiration. The sky is limitless and so are the influences it has on our lives."
Heirloom portrait photography by Kenney family member Max Kovtunenko.

“What started as a fun hobby between two Seattle friends became a desire to share Birds and the Beads Jewelry
our jewelry designs with everyone. We use only the finest sterling silver, gold, semi-precious stones, pearls and unique beads. We hope you enjoy viewing our pieces as much as we enjoy making them.”http://birdsandthebeads.biz/

Watercolor & oil paintings by local artist Laura Eaton.

Sing and dance along to music from the early 1900’s!
Entertainment by Cornucopia Concert Band

Keller Williams November Artists Sam Chapman and Janet Cooper


With images of jets, water, trees, and salmon; Sam Chapman considers himself a NW artist, although he grew up in Virginia and studied in Philadelphia and Rome. While in high school, Sam attended a 6-week language seminar in Leningrad and learned Russian with other American students. These past experiences have surfaced in his recent work. Sam works on paper because of its intimacy, soft, flexible, durable, and yet vulnerable enough to cut and tear. Sam believes that when drawing is at its best, the thought process is visible.


Every stone has its own meaning and unique expression. Janet’s passion is to turn them into beautiful expressions of jewelry. She began creating jewelry about four years ago when trying to decide what to do with a special amethyst necklace that had broken. The necklace had belonged to her grandmother, who had passed, so she wanted to create something very memorable with it. Janet took a class to learn how to make a bracelet and discovered how naturally jewelry making came to her. As she began wearing a few of her creations, everyone commented on how much they liked them and that she should “do that for a living”. She loves creating jewelry and seeing someone enjoy her creations. Janet will work with you to create your own special piece from something old or from the gemstones that she finds. Upon request, she is also happy to provide you with information on the specific healing properties and other information regarding the stones in your jewelry.

Emerald Spiral November Artist Michael Ness

Fantasy Artist Michael Ness
Drop in at The Emerald Spiral Coop, a magical crystal and art store to enjoy the otherworldly landscapes and charming
fantasy characters created by Michael Ness.
Mike has a proclivity for all things fantasy, supernatural, philosophical, and
spiritual, and this penchant is reflected in both his Visual and Literary work.
He loves Seattle, Coffee, Seahawks football, Fantasy, Terry Brooks, Dreams

"I originally delved into art as a form of enhancing my writing, a way for me to
envision and enrich worlds of ideas found in the tales I wished to tell, which
for me were generally a means of escape. Escape offered Freedom. Freedom offered
Exploration. Exploration granted Enlightenment, and as such, Art became a form
of Meditation, -a way to live. But ever evolving within me, and altering me as I go, both Art and Writing,
-Creating whole new worlds of wonder- allows me to grow and change and grow
again. I have become an architect of Life... -through the arts.
And this is the most divine I think I can be for the sake of the world and my
contribution to it. ~

8 Limbs Yoga November Artist Fabiola Reina

Fabiola Reina is a local artist/designer/photographer who gets her inspiration from her many travel adventures around the world. She likes to celebrate diversity and the natural world through her photography and paintings.

Fabiola Reina Design

Barton Street Lofts November Show

Here is a link that offers information about all the AMAZING artists participating in the November Artwalk.


Hotwire Online Coffeehouse November Artist Kim McCarthy

Growing up in the farmland and later living in
the city I developed a taste for urban street art such as wheat pasted
posters and flier's, stickers, stencils, murals and spray painted
graffiti. The "underground" and "outsider" art became part of my life.
Having my first solo art show at the age of sixteen gave a new meaning
to being an artist, I realized the potential in becoming a professional
artist. Using mainly spray paint, stencils and ink as mediums I create
images on almost any printable surface.I like to incorporate the old
traditions of paper cutting with a newer urban approach to painting. I'm
constantly trying new techniques and mediums to fine tune my work.