bin 41 October Artist Bennett McKnight

It's hard to believe that it's almost the middle of October already. This week is the second Thursday...meaning Art Walk time in West Seattle. We'll be hosting our weekly tasting on Thursday this week for Art Walk from 6-9 pm. Swing into the bin to sample some great wines from Gilbert Cellars from Yakima, WA. The Gilbert Family has been in the Yakima Valley since 1897, when Horace Gilbert moved his family to the area to farm apples and other produce. Today, Gilbert Cellars is producing premium wine with grapes from the Wahluke Slope, Yakima Valley and Columbia Valley. For more information on the winery and family history, visit their website at

Our featured artist at this week's art walk is Bennett McKnight. Bennett is a glassblowing artist that works for the Chihuly studio while also crafting glass art pieces in his spare time. This week, he will be displaying a series of sculpture that unites in harmony the classical Italian style table ware with a modern American sensibility. The work displayed is gestural without being figurative, and reflects the whimsy of the designer. Bennett will be on hand Thursday evening to chat with you and to share about a dozen of his pieces on display.

Windermere October Artist Carla

We never really know what the other one sees. I mean, red is a label we attach to something we experience. It doesnt mean everybody experiences the same. In reality (whatever that is) my red could be your green. Some animals don't see color, we think they only see black and white- but maybe they see something we don't even think about.

Art, visual art is all about the artists vision and how the viewer experiences it. Digital Art lets me the artists create the most ultimate documentation of my experience. Beautiful, breathing situations of innocence and mystery; a child, a flower or nature from afar- . I generally work with spaces that are inspirational to see, magic. Objects are my muse, but they are not my vision.
With the new tools of the artistic profession, I actively paint on photographs and use a multitude of programs to manipulate them even further. I choose what I see fit at random, depending on what the piece needs, while I freely paint, mix colors and determine lines. Some works of art are pushed even further when I physically paint on them after they have been printed as a canvas gallery wrap.
Finished works are available as limited edition giclee prints on pearl paper or available as canvas wrap (no framing required).
I also take commissions with artistic license. The original image file remains property of the owner and printing is optional.
Visit my website at:
and my blog at

Liberty Bell Printing October Artist Joseph Wehrman

Our artist is 'Photographer/ Joseph Wehrman'

Coffee to a Tea with Sugar October Artist Porter Hammer

I'm showing art at Coffee to a Tea in October. They are acrylic on
canvas works that I completed in the past year. I'll be at Coffee to
a Tea from 6 to 9pm this coming Thursday the 14th.
There will be wine and cupcakes.

CAPERS October Artist kelly rae cunningham

kelly rae cunningham is showing her ever present (and larger than life) fleurs @ Capers through October.
image: biggest fleur #4, acrylic and graphite on paper, 38"x50"

West Seattle Senior Center October Artists Mercedes & Meredith

Caption for Photograph: Morning Flight - Meredith Blache
"Morning Flight" is one of several photographs to be featured by photographer Meredith Blache of Blache Designs. Meredith enjoys capturing nature and scenic photographs as well as taking portraits and photo journalist style wedding photography. Meredith is proud to be share her gallery space with her daughter Mercedes.

Caption for Photograph: Reflections - Mercedes Blache
Mercedes Blache's photograph "reflections" is one of several pieces to be on display for her debut art show. At 15 years old Mercedes is carrying on a third generation of West Seattliest talent for creative vision photography.

Be sure to stop by the West Seattle Senior Center October 14th 6-9PM to see both Mercedes and Meredith's inspiring work.

ActivSpace October Artist Dr. Robin Carleen


Just shy of 60, Robin decided to take a leap -- a leap of faith, a leap of creativity, and a leap of commitment -- to herself. An early birthday present, a studio at Activspace was the starting point of this leap. This showing is another point on the trajectory toward -- well, who knows...

A poem entitled “Fasten Your Seat Belts Please”, from A Poetry Collection she recorded some time ago illustrates.

Fasten Your Seatbelts, Please

Fasten your seatbelts, please.
Ready to take a ride, the ride of a lifetime?
Hold on tight, for you will be shaken and shown,
Seen and known, released and revealed,
Joined and jolted
A rockin’ carousel of shapes and forms,
Music and motion, round and round,
Transported, yet remaining in the same flesh.
Ready to take a ride, the ride of a lifetime?
Grab it. Grab the golden ring.
It’s your turn.
(Anderson, 2001)

Grabbing the golden ring is something Robin likes to do.

When she was in her mid-fifties Robin decided to work on developing her left brain by pursuing e a doctorate. In 2008 she was awarded a Doctorate of Management in Organizational Leadership. As a practical result, she now brings leadership concepts into spaces as part of her work as an Interior Designer. Clients include Non-Profits and Professional Service Organizations, Retail and Government, as well as private individuals. Her specialties include spaces for Health Care Organizations, Attorneys, and Judges.

Each space designed gets a custom piece of art - from metal works she does with her partner Aaron, to arrangements of glass, found objects, and dried flowers, to mosaics, mixed media pieces and painted furniture.

Brunette Mix October Artist Billy King

'When Vortex collide is an ongoing series of oil paintings and works on
paper by local artist Billy King. The current showing at Brunette Mix are
oil on wood studies for a larger grouping recently shown at the billy King
showroom in Seattle. This group is on distressed wood, usually found in the
dumpster or loading docks of downtown Seattle. The concepts behind the works
is evolving but the current idea from which the works derive is the theory
that the origin of the Big Bang was the collision two existing dimensions
outside our plane of existence. The sparks from that collision created our theory.'

Alki Bathhouse Gallery October Artist David W. Simpson

Alki Bathhouse Gallery October Artist David W. Simpson

Beach Structures by David W. Simpson. Inspired by weathered sticks washed along the beaches of Puget Sound, this exhibit showcases David W. Simpson's sculptures and large scale cyanotype prints.

Shown here is "Beach Structure 2", detail, 2010, 11 x 57 x 56 inches, sticks from beach, wood dowels, glue.

For updates visit

TILA Real Estate October Artist Gail Ann Photography

Puppy party!!
Plus we have got courturé dog assesories from High Maintance Bitch (crazy cool dog stuff)

West Seattle Cellars October Artist, Kate Fluckinger

Working primarily in oil paints and encaustic (pigmented beeswax) Kate Fluckinger explores themes of transition, sensation, and perception. She is drawn to the concept of liminality, an inter-worldly or in-between state that hints to us that there is more to life than what we see. Her paintings often reflect landscapes, emotional and otherwise, and are frequently rooted in the internal mutability she feels. While drawn to organic shapes and processes, she is fond of structure, lines, and boundaries, so painting for Kate is about finding the place between total control and freedom. She seeks to convey a kind of meaningful chaos, where meticulousness meets uninhibited expression. See more of her work at

Kate is also a long-time customer of our shop and we're excited to be able to present her artwork this month.

On Art Walk Thursday, our weekly wine tasting features wines from Neal Rosenthal, an importer of fine wines from France and Italy. Our good friend Greg Finger, of Domaine Selections, will join us to present some of his favorite Rosenthal French and Italian wines. The tasting is free, and runs from 5:30 until 9:00 on Thursday, October 14. Good wine and good art--always a winning combo!

Swanson & Seepersad Chiropractic October Artist faceOdd

In addition to the artist, we will be having wine and snacks, complimentary chair massage, representatives from Solace Essentials and Take Shape for Life.

FACADE synonyms: exterior, front, face, forehead, forepart...
Born and raised among the cornfields of Illinois, I longed for variety and excitement. Halloween provided this, as did the much anticipated town carnival and our routine family vacations to the East Coast. Some people lived in the past; I lived from one annual event to the next. Escaping from the cornfields by way of the US Army, I found myself in Washington state. Six years at Fort Lewis and a total of twenty three years later, I am proud to call West Seattle my home.
I never cared to play with dolls as a child (toads were far more fascinating), but I did enjoy sculpting my little dream creatures in clay. As years went by, I eventually began leatherworking with my young son. We set out to make belts, bags, and knife sheaths.
Ah, yes. The knife sheaths. This is where the practical met artistic opportunity for me. There was an element of sculpture with vegetable tanned leather that I wasn't immediately aware of, until I actually started doing it. As my sheaths took on a life of their own, I began searching for other ways to manipulate the leather. I began painting it beautiful colors and decorating it with interesting textures.
And then, I made a mask.
It turned out terrible! One eye was larger than the other, and it was too small for my face. I tried again and this time created something I did not expect, something beautiful. My third mask, Night Hawk, now belongs to my first mask collector. He also owns the fourth and fifth, and he is partially responsible for setting into motion this obsession that took over my living room and, soon after, my life. In 2007 people began calling me an artist... which was very strange at first. Now I wouldn't have it any other way. Thank you, Hector!
My daydreams have always been filled with cheerful little creatures who are kin to the works of Jody Bergsma and Brian Froud. The charming, chaotic masquerade scene in the movie 'Labyrinth' stamped a lasting impression on my imagination which I have recently rediscovered. This early influence has been recognized by others in my mask designs.
Working exclusively with meat industry by-product leather purchased from a local family-owned business, I strive to create the highest quality masks possible. My technique is based on a combination of traditional saddle making tools and unexpected household items. Designed to dance with the light, each of my mask creations is a character. When coupled with the vitality of a human head, they become magical and delight my inner child, who is now 7 and a half.

C&P Coffee Company October Artist Elizabeth Bachman

For the month of October at C & P Coffee Company, West Seattle photographer Elizabeth Bachman. “Out for a Walk, Together” is a collaborative effort which covered the miles between Washington and Montana. This series is a first for the photographer, as the input and inspiration for the series came from 5 cameras, 2 people and 2 dogs. A friend gave Elizabeth a Holga camera for Christmas, this little piece of plastic has been such a fantastic adventure and learning experience. Working with new tools and a creative partner has allowed for a new perspective that flavors this series.
The natural focus of this series became the mountains and waterways as their hiking boots hit the trails of the NW and Montana, featuring favorite day hikes and Elizabeth’s family farm in the Bitterroot Valley. In addition also included are a few favorite Holga photos captured over the last year.
Meet the artist listen to jazz and join us for a wine tasting Thursday, October 14th from 6- 8pm. Jazz group Ronin will play original compositions and also tunes by masters like Monk and Mingus!

Wallflower October Artist Bethany Bachmann

Wallflower presents the work of pastel artist Bethany Bachmann.
Join us for the artist's reception during ArtWalk, tasty tidbits provided!

Shanti Salon & Spa October Artists

Michael Tolleson

I am a relatively recent transplant to the world of canvas art, although I have a history of dabbling in design, color and artistic projects my entire life

My Physical Being and Paintings:
I am presently represented by The Gallery-Coeur d’Alene ID, and I participate in various Washington Art Walks including The Capital Hill Blitz, West Seattle Art Walk, and the Freemont Art Walk in the Seattle metropolitan area.. I look forward to reaching audiences in other regions of the country beginning in 2011. Originally from Texas, I have lived in Texas, New York, and Pennsylvania, before settling in Seattle’s downtown with my artist partner.

My Artistic Being:
My art travels between two paths; one more realistic and the other more abstract and soul based. I always begin by observing and reviewing photos of places and pieces of landscapes. The photos act as a tool to isolate whatever interests me, and in the process, the ordinary will reveal something extraordinary about their place in my world. These images provide the “bones’ for my work. My paintings capture a moment; a feeling; a future. I am strongly influenced by the Asian culture and my approach to my painting style emulates a “Sumi-E” artist’s manner of addressing his art form. The paint on the canvas provides a doorway to my world and my desire to touch another receptive soul.

Jack Carl Anderson
I am fortunate to be the heir of a long line of adventurous and educated men, beginning with our great grandfather Carl Anderson, a native of Sweden who immigrated to America in the early 1900s. With him came a love of the outdoors and an appreciation for independent thinking, fostering the mindset that produced photographers, lumberjacks, field guides, and independent businessmen in subsequent generations. Some of my best memories are of my grandfather and I working together in our darkroom, developing our color and black and white photographs that had been taken at the harbor or in the mountains.
My formal education includes a degree in world history and classical studies. Informally, our parents encouraged our own young creativity and always had paints, pencils, paper, stencils and cameras for us to play with. As an artist, I am mostly self taught, learning from the forms and colors and light all around us.

At Shanti Salon and Spa we will have food and beverages and are featuring the Aveda Pumpkin Pedicure.

Funky Janes October Artist Elizabeth Ogle

Elizabeth Ogle is a West Seattle native and began photography in 2003 with Youth In Focus, a non-profit organization. Primarily being B&W, Elizabeth is finally experimenting with digital and its advantages but still shoots with film. Her work has been shown in Seattle art galleries, West Seattle sidewalk fair and King 5 Evening Magazine. However, lafter hanging up her camera for nearly five years, she feels it is time to have a fresh start with herself and her lenses.
Elizabeth wants to thank Funky Jane’s and Northwest Art & Frame for their professional help to get Elizabeth back on the walls.

Bird on a Wire October artist Kelly J. Brownlee

For the Birds
A petite collection of illustrated bird puns.

Illustrator Kelly J. Brownlee has created a petite series of artfully drawn bird puns with a bit of dark humor sprinkled in just in time for October! Guess the bird pun in the pieces or simply admire the birds.

About the Artist

Kelly J. Brownlee is a local freelance illustrator. Her work can be seen in various publications nationally. In addition to showing her work around Seattle, she makes jewelry and note cards based on her illustrations and also creates custom commissioned work.

For more information, please visit:

Hotwire Coffee October Artist Andrea Yajko

October Andrea Yajko Acrylic

i paint to know inanimate objects intimately, to appreciate the life in something where, at a glance,
beauty might not be apparent.
i paint to get lost in colors,
to move through shapes
and ride on line.
i paint to give life
to my imagination,
infuse joy into paper,
and exhale color.
i paint to let my eyes dance
and heart sing.
i paint like someone sings
out in the shower,
or adds a heavy dash of spice
to a new dish.
painting is energy popping to life that moves me forward, up, or down.
i revisit places from the past and explore inner worlds, blurring the two into a dream-like reality.

Twilight Artist Collective October Show Candyland

Opening: Thursday, October 14th
from 6 to 9, during the West Seattle Art Walk.

West Seattle Artist Kelly Lyles has turned our back gallery into her own CANDYLAND. This show will include 50 small candy "portraits" in additon to a floor piece that will take you onto the board game we all remember from our childhood.

Artist Statement:
Life is fun - I'd like viewers to share that.

With assistance from a 4Culture grant, I've completed a new series, an interactive themed show called CANDYLAND. CANDYLAND, a popular board game for children originally created over 70 years ago (and continually revised, reiterating the timelessness of the theme).

Candy is universal and International, every country has a favorite packaged sweet and a love of sugary treats. In this political and economic climate, I think play and humor are much needed antidotes, so this grouping exemplifies our simple commonality. Candy is colorful and visual; nostalgically evoking childhood memories (whether rewards, even bribery, or conversely the "forbidden") in a lot of adults, encouraging playfulness and happiness. This is also a personal theme for me - I always keep candy only in my studio as a lure to begin work!
~Kelly Lyles

Arts West Gallery Presents October Zombie Exhibition


From October 5 through November 7 ArtsWest Gallery presents local artists: Kate Vrijmoet, Shaun Doll, Paul D. McKee, and Daniel John Williams in the new gallery exhibition WTF?! Guys & Dolls & Zombies. WTF?! explores the funny side of fear with adrenaline-seeking zombies, freakish fetish dolls, pretty and pink deer heads with lipstick and ne‘er do wells with knives alongside the theater production of Evil Dead: The Musical.

Kate Vrijmoet’s large paintings of zombies skydiving and riding roller coasters speak to the extreme adrenaline high found when watching horror movies. Her artwork is a direct correlation to the flesh eaters found in ArtsWest’s theater production of Evil Dead: The Musical.

Shaun Doll creates fetish dolls from a variety of materials including wood, hand-forged nails, beeswax, graphite, glue, doll parts and chicken bones. Doll draws on the mystery of these protective tools for devilish contemporary issues that seem outside of our control.

Paul D. McKee questions the American Dream. Using the “trophies” of masculinity and hetero-normative households such as taxidermy and chandeliers, his installation in the front gallery at ArtsWest presents deer heads with bedazzled antlers and a controversial color of lipstick amidst decorative décor with a definitive twist. McKee is a graduate of Cornish College of the Arts and holds an MFA from Wichita State University.

Daniel John Williams’ portraits are a colorful collaboration between him and his models, who are mainly family and friends. Costumed characters in pirate hats and large bunny suits are delightfully drawn in dark, velvety lines of charcoal with ethereal blends of pastel for a truly unique take on malevolence and beauty.

Calling All Zombies! Indulge in some demon-themed drinks and join these artists in a playful poke at fear during the opening reception onOctober 14th from 6-9pm. This 2nd Thursday ArtWalk will be a fun event with haunting hors d’oeuvres provided by Elliot Bay Brew Pub. ArtsWest plans to give out devilish prizes for the “World’s Best Dead” zombie costume contest including a pair of tickets to Evil Dead: The Musical. Eric Pope , leader of the Seattle Zombie Walk, will be judging the contest and announcing the winners DEAD at 8pm!

Keller Williams October Artists Sam Champman & Rebekah Jaramillo


With images of jets, water, trees, and salmon; Sam Chapman considers himself a NW artist, although he grew up in Virginia and studied in Philadelphia and Rome. While in high school, Sam attended a 6-week language seminar in Leningrad and learned Russian with other American students.

Rebekah Jaramillo

Rebekah Jaramillo is a long time West Seattle resident and Jeweler. Rebekah resides in the Gatewood neighborhood where she and her husband Dan raise their 2 year old daughter Luka, and where she creates jewelry in her home studio.

The Kenney Annual October Bazaar

Annual Bazaar Sale!
Home-made crafts & goodies by Kenney Residents.
Sales supporting The Resident Life Care Fund!

Watercolor paintings by Elizabeth (Bonnie) Bennedsen
In the mid 90's I had an opportunity to visit the Hermitage in St Petersburgh, Russia. While there, I decided I wanted art to be part of my life. Eventually I jumped in and I began to paint. My favorite subjects are flowers and boats, but many things I paint are from pictures I have taken when I walk my dog in West Seattle, or on my travels.
Acrylic paintings by Kenney resident Gladys Herreid!
Entertainment by The Seattle Civic Band
What brings band members together is the desire to rehearse and perform music in an ensemble, and to have fun!