C&P Coffee Company October Artist Elizabeth Bachman

For the month of October at C & P Coffee Company, West Seattle photographer Elizabeth Bachman. Her series “Out for a Walk, Together, 2010,” is a collaborative effort between 5 cameras, 2 people and 2 dogs which covered the miles between Washington and Montana. The natural focus of this series became the mountains and waterways as they hit the trails of the NW and Montana, featuring favorite day hikes and Elizabeth’s family farm in the BitterRoot Valley. Meet the artist and join us for a wine tasting Thursday, October 14th from 6-8pm.

Sparks Chiropractic September Artist Laurie Belanger

Featured Artist....Laurie J. Belanger

Laurie is a native Washingtonian, born in south central Washington and raised in the Pacific Northwest area. She was born with a love and passion for art and its different forms of creativity. Laurie enjoys painting with oil paint, watercolor and acrylic paints, as well as mixed media.Laurie studied art in high school and took some college courses. She is a constant student with a love for all things beautiful. Laurie's favorite hobby is photography and although an amateur she strives to find that perfect snapshot. Laurie uses a digital EOS Canon Rebel XTi camera with an EFS 18-55mm lens for shooting most of her pictures. Laurie enjoys being in nature and likes to take photo walks where she can capture subjects spontanEOUSLY. Laurie likes to take pictures of buildings, flowers, animals and wildlife.
Laurie is married to AL Belanger, Jr and the two of them have three children and one son-in-law, some residing in Washington and California. Laurie and Al reside in Bakersfield, CA and Bellingham, WA. In the last two years Laurie has traveled to Washington, Oregon, California, Florida, France, Hawaii, Washington DC, South Carolina, Minnesota, Maryland, Kentucky, Key West and the Caribbean. She has carried her camera with her and brought back a small sampling of the beauty she has seen in her travels.


Click! Design that Fits September Artist Alena Hennessy

Click! Design That Fits September/October artist Alena Hennessy

There will be an artist reception with Alena present on the Saturday after Art Walk: Sept. 11, from 5 to 8pm at Click! Design That Fits in the Admiral District.

lena Hennessy creates detailed pen, ink, and opalescent watercolor paintings on handmade paper made in India. She is inspired by the the small things in nature; her imagery is delicate, serene and beautifully crafted. An expanded selection of her screen printed art t-shirts and cotton scarves will also be available during the show.

Alena's design and artwork have been covered by Dwell, the Washington Post and Redbook and she has produced designs for Urban Outfitters, Target, Papyrus and Lark & Loon.




Elliot Bay 5oz Tasters

We will be providing a 5oz taste of beer to art walkers.

TILA Real Estate September Show Belly-Full of Art

Belly-Full of Art !

Join host Anné Burke at TILA Real Estate for a night of art, music, wine and Yes, chocolate!

Our featured artist is:
Laura Marie is a West Seattle resident, Artist and creator of BelliVita™ Belly Bowls and a mom to two wonderful girls. She has a passion for pregnancy, childbirth and art. It is fascinating what our bodies go through during the pregnancy process. The miracle of pregnancy and childbirth truly moves my soul. Each porcelain bowl I create for you is original in it’s design” These bowls are heirlooms to be passed down through the generations, a capture of a memory that you can proudly display as a sculpture of mother and baby as one. The bowls are long-lasting and can be touched, held and cherished as the one of a kind work of art that it is just like your little one!www.bellivita.com

Music by another West Seattle native Lisa Hoyt, cool-mellow acustical songs to make this one stop at ArtWalk you wont want to miss.

The Building September Show

Multiple artists at The Building

As seen on the West Seattle Blog, come and see what we’ve been making. We’ve got twelve artist studios where all variety of media are used including drawing, painting, encaustic, ceramic, wood and found objects. We’re easy to find at the south end of California behind the new Unitarian church. 4316 SW Othello ST, Seattle, WA 98136 . Easy parking.
More info at our blog: http://westseattlebuilding.blogspot.com

The Bohemian Live Music

Jimmy Gersen live artist performance!

Jimmie Gersen is a West Seattle performance artist who prefers to paint large scale paintings. Using his hands, brushes and regular house paint, Gersen has painted with rock bands, galleries and in many other venues.


Windermere September Artist Presented by Kim Tingley and Barb Ogden - Mark Morgan

Mark Morgan
WhiteLine Photography
Seattle, WA 98126
voice: 206 935 3948
Email: orchardstr@msn.com
Website: www.flickr.com/photos/goodmolecules

My work gets its influence and inspiration from varied sources, such as childhood memories, my experiences as a father and husband, as well as random events, the stray comment of a friend, or just a bit of song lyric. There are times when an image-in-progress will inspire a sudden concept, while other times the act of creating will happen slowly and the image will evolve and shift over a number of months until a final idea is realized. And, of course, there are some images that exist just because they make me smile.

West Seattle Cellars September Artist, Ben Shaevitz

Ben Shaevitz has been taking pictures for more than 25 years. Having
previously worked as a photojournalist, he has started focusing on
photographing live music. This exhibit showcases work from a variety of
shows and festivals, and highlights the interaction between the hands of the
musicians and their instruments. To see more of Ben's work, visit: http://web.me.com/ben.shaevitz
We're excited to be showing Ben's work this month as he is a long-time friend of ours, a long-time customer, and he even met his wife right here in the shop, at one of our wine tastings. Stop by and perhaps you, too, will meet the person of your dreams!

On the night of this month's Art Walk, our weekly wine tasting will feature wines from The Pines Vineyard and Winery, with owner and vineyard manager, Lonnie Wright. Lonnie grows much of the fruit that goes into Sineann wines as well, and Sineann winemaker Peter Rosback makes the wines for Lonnie. We've been big fans of The Pines wines ever since we first tried them several years ago, and we're looking forward to having Lonnie in the shop to share them with our customers. Our tasting runs from 5:30 to 9:00 on Art Walk night, Thursday, September 9.

Bird on a Wire Espresso September Artist Jessica Creager

Jessica Creager
"Perfume & Flowers"
Not willing to leave summer behind, Jessica is presenting some sketches in oil that remind her of what she most enjoyed -perfume- and what she most missed -a blooming garden- hey, it just didn't happen this year.

Wild Rose's September Artist Randi Rohdes

Wild Rose's is featuring Randi Rohde's travel posters of Paris, Versailles and Venice.

Randi enjoys combining her professional travel writing and copywriting skills with a lifelong photography zeal to create offbeat travel posters.
Complimentary wine will be served.

Alki Bathhouse Art Studio and Gallery, September Artists Elizabeth Anderson, Pete Vincent Borboa, and Vera Ponomareva

Alki Bathhouse Art Studio and Gallery, September Artists Elizabeth Anderson, Pete Vincent Borboa, and Vera Ponomareva

Elizabeth Anderson's photography feeds her love of detail. Each picture captures a new miniature world that might otherwise go unnoticed. Her paintings come from a place of joy and intuition. "When I am creating, I feel a total freedom from time and place. It is the ultimate escape." Find out more about Elizabeth Anderson at www.circlesaregood.com.

Pete Vincent Borboa's dedication to capturing the essence of the unusual through the flight of the imagination shows through his digital photography. "A photographer is like a chef, except instead of food and spices, your ingredients are the things and people around you."

Vera Ponomareva's oil and acrylic paintings show her enjoyment of bright color and nature. A resident of Kent, she came to the U.S. from Kazakhstan in 1993. When not at her easel, she might be found hiking in the mountains.

Find out more at www.facebook.com/alkibathhouse

Westside Yoga and Doga September Artist Jessica Creager

This month Westside Yoga and Doga will be showing "petraits" by Jessica Creager and hosting a Hawaiian themed benefit for Old Dog Haven. We will have a Ukelele band, hula dancers, a raffle with terrific prizes, beer, wine and snacks. This is a dog and kid friendly event.



ActivSpace September Artist Tara Sauvage

After a decade of designing handbags, belts and fashion accessories for companies in Los Angeles and Seattle, Tara decided to launch her own collection - named after her two adorable pugs Rocco and Dante.
In 2007, Tara went to Milan, Italy and took an intensive Italian handbag design course at the internationally known ARS Arpel Sutoria School to sharpen her technical skills in luxury goods. Each bag prototype of the Rocco e Dante collection is road tested by the designer herself to make sure that the function of the bag works for the busy urban girl and changes are made as needed to each style to make it as user friendly as possible without compromising the beauty of the design. Tara also designs handbags and fashion accessories for corporate clients as a freelance consultant.


Wallflower September Artist Christopher Balder

During the month of Spetember, Wallflower is proud to present new work by Christopher Balder.

ArtsWest September Show Tenuous Truths

Exhibition: Tenuous Truths
Location: ArtsWest Playhouse & Gallery
Artists Reception & Meet and Greet: Sept. 9 from 6-7:30pm
From August 22nd through October 2nd, ArtsWest Gallery presents the exhibition "Tenuous Truths". Artists Piper O’Neill, Eric Montoya, Yun H. Chang, Rajiv Kapoor, and Jessica Plumb explore the cultural fabric that makes up the expanding culture in our Information Age and provide an authentic look at the sometimes awkward and solitary experience of contemporary life.
Artists Meet & Greet on Thursday, September 9, wine and light snacks will be provided.


Twilight Artist Collective September Show Hands On

Opening: Thursday, September 9th
from 6 to 9, during the West Seattle Art Walk.

Hands On is a group show featuring Seattle's best and brightest - Augie Pagan, Ego, Jeff Taylor, John Osgood, Jose Rodgrigues III, Justin P. Farquar, Parskid, Solace, Weirdo, and many more!

Show runs until Saturday, October 9th

Carmilia's September Aritist Kristian Griffiths

Kristina Griffiths

Weather permitting, Kristina Griffiths, will do a live painting on the sidewalk just outside of Carmilia's!