Hotwire Online Coffeehouse September Artist David Peacey

"Making art is a way to discover the truth about myself and the world. Through using the sensual medium of oil paint, I "build" my paintings by applying and removing layers of paint, revealing and obscuring marks and past attempts, until the whole feels right. A sense of history is gained on the canvas through the process of creating it. It is as if my abstract paintings are documents of my struggle for an ordered chaos. At the same time, they are an attempt to bring some beauty back into this world."

The Kenney September Artist Barbara Spooner Miller

The Kenney is bringing back Primo!
Primo will be playing the piano & singing your favorite tunes in the Community Room from 7-8 p.m.
Delores Peck will be here selling her hand crafted jewelry & clutches. The prefect accessories for a night out!

Featured Artist: Barbara Spooner Miller
Barbara Spooner Miller was born in San Francisco in 1917 and grew up in Toledo, Ohio. She attended the Pratt Institute of Art, Brooklyn, N.Y. from 1934-1937 receiving a certificate in Advertising. She obtained her Bachelor of Science and Masters of Science in art
education from 1966 to 1970. Barbara taught art in Chicago high schools until she moved to Seattle in 1976. After moving to Seattle, she taught art at South Seattle Community College.

Barbara has worked in oils, acrylics and watercolor. She has exhibited her work in Toledo, Chicago, Frederick & Nelson Little Gallery, Seattle, WA, South Seattle Community College , La Société de Artistic Independants, Grand Palais, Paris, France and Muséé du Nouveau Monde, La Rochelle, France.

Barbara currently resides in North Seattle.

Barton Street Lofts September Show


My paintings and drawings are mixtures of images from hand lettering, digital art and collage. I use pencil, acrylic, digital printing, computer projections and collage to create these works. The figure, hand lettering and typography are the major themes of my work. I am informed by Folk Art, Primitive Art and all forms of Graphic Art from information design to corporate identity systems. I want my work to contain awkwardness that has a rhythm between shape, contrast, color and inaccuracy.

Doug Parent Parent works with an array of media on his drawings using pen and ink, charcoal, colored pencil, graphite, and pastels. His paintings on canvas and hardboard are done with acrylics which he enjoys for their brilliance of color and responsiveness. The Barton Street Lofts show will feature recent acrylic paintings and pastels of his free trees, beyondo, and sails series.

kelly rae

My paintings began with slabs of clay, ceramic glazes, and the same tools that I use today to apply, layer, and scrape away paint. I fell in love with mixing colors and the smell of oil paint and turpentine, so I turned from clay to wood and canvas. I now work in many mediums as they all lend different qualities to the process: oil for the saturation of color and patience, acrylic paint for speed, collage and layering for depth, and encaustics (oil and wax): tactile, three dimensional and most like working with clay.

I am mostly a self-taught painter through a series of trial and error. My paintings employ layers of color, boldly worked with palette knives and brushes. I am inspired by green green grass against blue blue sky, anything round, old fabric, yarn, aging shutters, doors and windows, a tulip or allium from underneath, color, spring, fall, and everything I see when open my eyes.

“I always thought that inspiration is for amateurs. The rest of us just show up and get to work” - Chuck Close

Niffer Calderwood
jnifferc@comcast.netAs a Seattle native I started going to see live music regularly in my early teenage years and shortly thereafter picked up a camera and started photographing the rock shows. I have never stopped. These are a few of my favorites.

Robin Short

Robin is a graphic designer and fine artist who practices exploration in illustration, typography, print design, product packaging and book arts. For the West Seattle Art Walk at Barton Street Lofts, she will be displaying a series of watercolor illustrations. These observational studies of small houses aspire to trigger a mutual curiosity and sentimentality for our places of dwelling and their surrounding environment.

Michelle Auer- Mixed media (Painting, photography, recycled art dolls)

Michelle comes from a long line of artists. Her father is a woodworker, her mother a quilter, her grandmother a painter... the list goes on and on. While she was growing up she was exposed to so many different artistic mediums that she has dabbled in a little of everything from photography to having one of her recycled art dresses featured on the cover of The Stranger.

*Here is the link to my Stranger cover in case you want to do a hot link:
James Sutherland
"Seattle Artist James W. Sutherland works intuitively in his unique medium of painted, carved plaster panels. James' creative spirit is inspired by the magic and joy of nature, which he captures with a childlike energy through use of line, color and texture.
His art is his soul at play."
Amanda J. DeSilver
Website:'s work can be described as "Emotional Landscapes," from the representational to the abstract. Amanda creates an impression of the world we live in, through a bold use of form and her individual interpretation of color. Being able to find solace or an escape from the humdrum of the everyday world within the images she creates allows the viewer a chance to step back from the activity of daily life and locate a harmony within oneself.

Margy Lavelle Furst
I have painted and drawn just about all my life. I started drawing as a child and did my first oil painting at the age of 15. At the age of 20 I found myself enrolled in Nursing School but spending every spare minute pursuing my work in art. I decided to change course and attend the University of Washington Art School graduating in 1976 with a BFA in Painting. I had the good fortune to study with Bob Jones, Alden Mason, Norman Lundin, an independent year with Jacob Lawrence and eventually Elaine deKooning.
Between raising a family and making a living my art has often had to take a back
seat, but only temporarily. I now spend a good deal of time in the Skagit Valley where the ever changing light and open vistas have inspired this most recent series of birds.


I am a self-taught artist. Having taken black and white photographs for some time I finally picked up a paint brush two years ago and play with it nearly every day. It is so much fun! The current focus of my work is with acrylic paint which I choose for its vibrancy, and texture. My subject matter has been broad simply because I find inspiration everywhere. I work from photos and plenaire as well as letting my imagination go. My studio has taken over the kitchen in my home and is filled with music, great light, good wine, and once a week with my creative friends without whom I would be poor.

Clartia Hinojosa
Paintings and Photography

Louise Hoeshen Goldberg
Large Canvas Paintings

1101 1st Ave West
Seattle, WA 98119

Paul Erickson

Metal Work

Bruce Howard
Metal Robot Sculptures

Keller Williams September Artists Sam Chapman & Rebekah Jaramillo

We are very proud to present artist Sam Chapman and jewelry designer Rebekah Jaramillo for the month of September!

Sam Chapman

With images of jets, water, trees, and salmon; Sam Chapman considers himself a NW artist, although he grew up in Virginia and studied in Philadelphia and Rome. While in high school, Sam attended a 6-week language seminar in Leningrad and learned Russian with other American students.

Rebekah Jaramillo

Rebekah Jaramillo is a long time West Seattle resident and Jeweler. Rebekah resides in the Gatewood neighborhood where she and her husband Dan raise their 2 year old daughter Luka, and where she creates jewelry in her home studio.

TILA Real Estate August Artist Susan Hamilton

Susan Hamilton a West Seattle Speech Pathologist and a avid WS Rotarian is having a fundraiser for PMIFK (providing school supplies to kids) selling CooKie Lee Jewelry. 40% of the profits will go to PMIFK. Come for drawings for free stuff, wine and yes, chocolate. Beautiful jewelry at reasonable prices for a great cause.

Artist: Ace of FramesPhone: 206-841-4728

Show theme: Sports, Politics and Rock n’ Roll
A West Seattle framing concierge that develops unique pieces with specialized matting cuts and elaborate frame designs. Using Museum Quality UV glass or Plexi product. Many signed collectible pieces or great for kids school and sport photo’s.

Twilight Artist Collective August Show

John Osgood


John Osgood is an urban contemporary artist and muralist who grew up in Edmonds, Washington. He graduated with a BA from WSU with a minor in Fine Arts. He is a 2008 Artist Trust Edge Graduate; was selected in 2009 by the Arts Council of Snohomish County as their poster artist for their annual “Fresh Paint” art festival and also a selected artist in 2009 for the Bremerton Arts Commission for their public art banner project. Osgood paints idiosyncratic characters with a bold palette in a street art style. His collection of colorful & odd characters are inspired by life and the uncomfortable, forlorn and many times humorous circumstances that happen within it. He also has a studio and gallery in the Seattle neighborhood of Greenwood called Bherd Studios, where he curates monthly exhibits for other up and coming urban contemporary artists.

Cash (Curtis Ashby)

Cash is a young Seattle based urban artist who has been painting steadily for four years now. Cash got his first taste of street art while he was in his senior year of high school after a friend showed him an issue of Juxtapoz Art and Culture Magazine. Cash studied under Tacoma,WA folk artist, Liza Morado in 2006 and his artistic potential was realized.

Influenced by street artists all across Europe and the U.S., Cash uses spray paint, acrylic, and watercolor to create his works on canvas, paper, and wood. Cash’s works have been displayed publicly in businesses, local galleries, and in private collections. His paintings reflect the textures of the city, as well as the colors and spontaneity found in nature.

Bakery Nouveau August Artist Chris Kim

“Chris Kim, our café manager, will be showing some of her favorite Bakery Nouveau photos she’s shot over the years. Before becoming a barista, Chris was a professional photographer focusing on swimsuits and surfboards. She still enjoys the art and challenge of good photography, and finds a wealth of subject matter here at the bakery.
Her exhibition “Beyond the Ovens…” unveils moments and details of the bakery’s production. Many customers ask Chris, “Can we go back there?” wanting to see what really goes on behind the scenes and how things are made. The bakers notice many of you, standing near the deck oven looking back curiously. As the title suggests, this exhibition is based on that curiosity.

The Cask August Artist Randy McCoy with Wine Tasting

The Cask in the admiral junction is showcasing Randy McCoy's artwork.
We are also having a wine tasting with Masquerade Winery from 7 to 9.

Barton Street Lofts August Artists

1726 SW Barton Street

As a Seattle native I started going to see live music regularly in my early teenage years and shortly thereafter picked up a camera and started photographing the rock shows. I have never stopped.


My paintings and drawings are mixtures of images from hand lettering, digital art and collage. I use pencil, acrylic, digital printing, computer projections and collage to create these works. The figure, hand lettering and typography are the major themes of my work.

Doug Parent
Doug Parent works with an array of media on his drawings using pen and ink, charcoal, colored pencil, graphite, and pastels.

kelly rae cunningham

My paintings began with slabs of clay, ceramic glazes, and the same tools that I use today to apply, layer, and scrape away paint. I fell in love with mixing colors and the smell of oil paint and turpentine, so I turned from clay to wood and canvas. I now work in many mediums as they all lend different qualities to the process: oil for the saturation of color and patience, acrylic paint for speed, collage and layering for depth, and encaustics (oil and wax): tactile, three dimensional and most like working with clay.

J.N. Calderwood
As a Seattle native I started going to see live music regularly in my early teenage years and shortly thereafter picked up a camera and started photographing the rock shows. I have never stopped. These are a few of my favorites.

Liberty Bell Printing August Artist Carina Booyens

Cariña Booyens – Artist biography
Born in 1977, Cariña Booyens lives and works in Seattle. Formerly from Johannesburg, South Africa she attained her Bachelors in Fine Arts from Technikon Pretoria (now know as University of Tshwane) and trained in Photography at the Market Photo Workshop where she also worked as a Project Manager and most recently as Curriculum and Logistics assistant.


Wallflower August Artist Dr. Frank Spear

Wallflower is pleased to present the photography of Dr. Frank Spear. Dr. Spear’s photographs are aesthetic, insightful, sensitive and often inspiring. Drawn from his travels far and wide, his images can transform any space – clinic, office or home – into a more relaxed and artistic environment.

8 Limbs Yoga August Artist Laurie Zak

"I believe that an open heart and mind gives me the expectation of finding beauty and intrigue in everyday life, which is so interesting in an abundance of simple yet touching ways. I strive to capture what speaks to me, often in the most unexpected and seemingly ordinary places. I involve all of my senses in capturing a moment in time which I feel has the visual power to evoke memory, curiosity, wonder, awe, and most importantly, a smile in the viewer."

Alki Bathhouse August Artist Chancy Grace

Chancy Grace travels the world to capture magical moments in time and place. Blending compassion as a social worker with photography and collage, she creates art with an emotional connection. Shown here is "Hope".

Register now for the amazing Wishes and Dreams Box Workshop with Chancy Grace, MSW. Transform an ordinary box into a cherished work of art that hold your wishes, dreams and treasures. Tuesday, August 17, 1 - 4 p.m., ages 8 - adult. To register, call Alki Community Center at 206-684-7430, or click SPARC at

Find out more about this and other art classes during the ArtWalk! Refreshments will be served.

Also showing painting, photography and print by Laurel Coleman, Su Harrington, Theresa McCormick, and Logan Mohr.

Carmilia's August Artist Lori Vonderhorst

Wild Rose's August Artist Judy Lane

Wild Rose's is featuring Judy Lane, local author and mixed media artist.
Meet Judy author of "Keiko and the Crow" and see her latest mixed media collection of crows and other local birds.
Complimentary wine will be served.

PC Mobile August Artist Paul Sattler

All watercolor renditions are of my interests in landscapes, wildlife and Native American lifestyles. Artistic inspiration is drawn from the mountain ranges and seashores that abound in the Western United States. I've been fascinated by the great outdoors all my life. Many of my painting ideas have been collected from hiking/backpacking excursions and travels around the Western United States.
The face that I have always romanticized about the Native American experience and the Old West provides painting motivation as well. I strive to capture some imagined experiences from that time period and the great wild outdoors that surrounds us. Living in Seattle provides a rich outdoor environment with many inspirational situations and opportunities for painting. I hope you enjoy my work and please visit my online art gallery.

Capers August Artists Allen Emhoff & Connie Conley

Allen Emhoff is a West Seattle artist who has exhibited his sculptural works at On The Edge and West Edge Sculpture Invitational in Seattle, the United States/Canada Peace Anniversary Association Sculpture Invitational, The Maryhill Museum of Art’s invitational, the Center on Contemporary Art, and other group and solo gallery exhibitions.

Allen’s current works are constructions of ABS, PVC and HDPE plastic that incorporate iconic images drawn from social, ethnic and cultural sources.

My name is Connie Conley and I have been painting since 2002.

I have no formal training and am completely self-taught, I’m proud to say. No one was more surprised than me that I even had the ability to paint, but here I am!

I am a Pet Sitter by trade and pets, especially dogs, bring me so much joy that I was inspired to start painting them. Their sweet personalities come thru and always make me smile. In fact, that is my goal, to bring a smile to anyone who sees my paintings. I am not afraid of color and always use bold and very vibrant shades in my work. I have even started a line of greeting cards from the paintings that I have done, so even more people can enjoy my art.

Windermere Real Estate Kim Tingley & Barb Odgen August Artist Randi Starup

Kim Tingley and Barb Ogden are proud to present Ballard resident Randi Starup to the August 12th art walk in West Seattle. Randi will be showing a series or tree paintings, these paintings are done on recycled wood panels and are simple images meant to evoke a reverence for tree’s, our Northwest icon. Randi has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Washington and works at Salty Dog studios in Ballard (4602 14th Ave. NW 98107).

Knows Perfume August Artist Geoff Garza

I have a background in theatre and recently began thinking that the materials I use; pigment, media, brushes, combs, turkey basters, eye droppers, stencils, wallpaper, alkyd and the wide variety of colors are actors in a drama I am directing.

So I cast these "actors" in roles that I feel they will excel in as well as be challenged by. I orchestrate their movement in "rehearsal" making sure
that the work is vital and authentic throughout. If an actor is miscast he
is fired on the spot and replaced by one with the proper chops for the job.

I polish up the performance and literally hang the stage under lights in an "opening" and let the audience in.
I have created my drama and am the nervous director. This is the best way I can describe my process. It keeps me engaged, interested, constantly experimenting and most of all I have fun. Lotsa Fun!

Shanti Salon and Spa August Artist JD Harman

JD Harman has been an enthusiast of photography since he was a child. His primary preference of film is Polaroid, but he also likes using 35mm & medium format. For this series he decided to go with digital photography. All photos are mounted on stained pine blocks and varnished. Jd Harman also likes long walks on the beach"

Shanti Salon and Spa has a new website: sign up for our email list and receive a discount for salon services. Customers can also sign up in person during the art walk.

Bin 41 August Artist Graham Clark and winemaker Brian Carter

August 12th - Art Walk with Brian Carter wines (6-9 pm)
It’s that time of month again and we couldn’t be more excited about both the artist and winemaker that will be at the bin this week. Last month, we discovered a photographer with a very talented eye down at the Alki art festival. We are pleased to be hosting Graham Clark at the bin as our August artist. Graham has traveled the world via the perspective of his camera lens. He tends towards experimental fine art, striving to achieve a global, multi-cultural influence. He currently resides in Seattle when he’s not traveling the world and maintains gallery presence also in the Denver, Steamboat Sprints and Ft. Collins areas. For more information, visit Graham’s website at

In addition, we will be joined by renowned veteran Washington winemaker, Brian Carter. Brian is a master blender, producing a unique array of hand-crafted European style blends. He has been twice awarded ‘Winemaker of the Year’ by Washington Magazine and was selected Vintner of the Year by his peers.

This is a rare opportunity to mingle with two great artists; viewing the vision from the camera lense while sampling some amazing wines...we hope you can join us at the bin for a fun evening!

ArtsWest Gallery August exhibition Tenuous Truths

From August 22nd through October 2nd ArtsWest Gallery presents the exhibition Tenuous Truths. Artists Piper O’Neill, Eric Montoya, Yun H. Chang, Rajiv Kapoor, and Jessica Plumb explore the cultural fabric that makes up the expanding culture in our Information Age and provide an authentic look at the sometimes awkward and solitary experience of contemporary life.

Piper O’Neill’s ink and pastel paintings of strained stances of girls in pretty dresses on silver-leafed paper are copies of her grandparents’ snapshots from the 1950s. Her work presents an idyllic world of nostalgia and underlying tensions found within everyday moments.

From his series, “Memoir Americana,” Eric Montoya explores the collective experience of being an American male from mid-1960s on. Memory and historical fact collide in his large-scale oil paintings that speak to the complexities of the landscape of boys on trikes to men on tractors with guns and industry by their side.

Yun H. Chang’s delicate porcelain pieces are unique in that the works are intentionally fractured during creation and then stitched back together with strands of Chang’s hair as thread. “Memory”, her fractured and delicate work sewn back together, speaks to fragility and loss. Another piece titled “You and I” presents two similarly shaped vessels leaning against one another with a rounded puncture connecting the two vessels.

Meet the artists of Tenuous Truths at the opening reception on September 9th at 6pm during the West Seattle Art Walk.

West Seattle Wine Cellars August Artist Tim Marsden and Wine Tasting

West Seattle Wine Cellars August Artist, Tim Marsden

We've had so much fun with Tim Marsden's "Tools of the Revolution" series, that we will continue with it for one more month. Tim has lived and worked in the U.S. and Europe, and now makes his home in Seattle where he has been involved with the local arts community on many levels. He has shown extensively in the area, from his own studio/gallery space, to the Lava Lounge, to Pioneer Square. Tim's work is a figurative style using a bold palette and cartoonish imagery, while also exploring the darker, more absurd aspects of human existence. To see some of his work, go to

Thursday is also the night of our weekly free wine tasting. On Art Walk Night, August 12, we will be featuring wines from Latin America with our good friend, the fun and knowledgeable, Cat Bodgon, of TGIC Importers. She will be pouring wines from both Chile and Argentina, including Torrontes, Malbec, Carmenere, and Carignan. Come and admire Tim Marsden's "Tools of the Revolution" while sampling some great wines from Chile and Argentina.

Bird on a Wire Espresso August Show Birdfeeds and Wine Tasting

Featuring sweet Bird feeders and houses from another sustainable, woman-owned business!

We will also have a wine tasting by Renwood Winery.

ActivSpace August Artist Wyndell Williams

Wyndell was born into a family of water well drillers in the small town of Broadway Virginia in 1960. He developed an interest in art from his Mother, who was always involved in doing arts and crafts. He received a BFA in art from James Madison University in 1983 with an emphasis on painting and glass. While attending James Madison, one of Wyndell’s painting teachers, Jerry Coulter, became a big influence for his artwork. Working with joint compound he builds up surfaces and then carves, sands and then paints the surfaces with acrylic and oil paints
However, glass still held a bigger draw for Wyndell. Starting in stained glass, a summer at Pilchuck Glass School introduced him to glass blowing and he spent the next 15 years devoted to glass blowing, attending Pilchuck, Pratt Fine Arts and Penland School of Crafts, before opening his own public-access studio in Washington, DC.

The Kenney August Show plus Bluegrass Music and Catering

The Art of Fly Tying Bruce Clark and Greg Tompkins are your
guides with live demonstrations & everything fishing.

International Award-winning wildlife Photographer Caryl Utigard
Caryl has traveled world wide to capture her subjects in their natural habitats.

Seattle artist Chet Everett. He is interested in the
connection between text and image as well as social justice themed artwork. His work is primarily done in oil paint and ink wash.

Chet will be accompanied by his watercolor class of
Kenney Residents.

Entertainment by Convergence Zone Bluegrass
Performing bluegrass to country, folk and a little pop.

Light appetizers compliments of The Kenney Catering Team

Keller Williams August Show plus Catering by Emerald Cove

We are very proud to present “Three Young Artists/Photographers” for the August 12TH 2010 Art Walk.


Julia Carlson has always been interested in creating things visually. She received her degree in Visual Arts from Seattle University, completed one year of the Still Life Painting Atelier at Gage Academy of Art, and is currently in the Graphic Design and Illustration program at Seattle Central Community College.


Nihar has had the good fortune of being able to travel over all parts of India since his father took up photography as a hobby.


Sid Pai is a freelance photographer and an accomplished engineer at Catepillar. An avid photographer, his work mostly consists of people, places, culture, and landscapes. He recently launched his personal photo blog chronicling some of his favorite photographs.


Inspired by the beauty of all things vintage and passionate about living a fair trade, eco-friendly, sustainable life; Krissy realized that by using discarded vintage jewelry components and beads she could create new fashionable pieces.

Emerald Cove Catering comes to you through the vision of two culinary professionals, Freddie Detore II and James Privette, who met while working at the famous Seattle restaurant; Palisades. Their specialty is Pacific Northwest cuisine with Asian and Mediterranean influences.
Phone: 206-246-5495

Cupcake Royale August Show Urban & Amy


Urban&Amy is a collaboration between husband and wife, Guy Allen
and Amy Bengtson. Current work is inspired by the intricate structural
patterns found in both natural and built environments.
The process begins with digital photography enhanced in Photoshop
and then sent to a laser etcher. Wood panels are laser etched, hand
painted, sanded and spray finished.

Hotwire Coffee August Artist Dave Ryan

Stencil Records

I paint silly pop art on recycled goods such as LPs, windows and second-hand canvases