Bakery Nouveau June Artist Wyn Bielaska

I have been photographing SHIP HULLS for the past 15 years on weekends.....after working 40-60 hours a week as an architect. These ship hulls were found in Vancouver BC, Seattle and Tacoma Washington. These photographs are part of an ongoing exploration utilizing large steel ship hulls as the central subject matter in the study of manmade materials and the impact of natural forces upon them. As an Architect, these explorations become very important to attaining a deeper understanding of the nature of materials. They are also important exercises for me as a visual designer in the evolution of my visual perception that serves my daily pursuit of spatial and form composition.
Some of the original images from these shoots are included in this show. Some of the "composite" photographs are the result of many digital manipulations of original images to a level of abstraction. The composite is, in fact, a more minimal, 2 dimensional representation that detaches the meaning of the original object from space and time and opens the reading of the composition to a multiplicity of interpretation. The intent here is to mystify rather than clarify what I have observed.

GreenWorks Realty June Artist Eric Dennett

Location:GreenWorks Realty Operations Center, ActivSpace
Street:3400 Harbor Avenue SW, Suite 104

Potter extraordinaire Michael Eric Dennett is back for another art walk and selling more of his handmade pottery.

"Functional ware" is Eric's specialty, much of it made from recycled clay. You will find lots of bowls, vases, and other pieces Eric sometimes experiments with.

You can get more info, see more photos, and RSVP to this event on Facebook: No need to be a member to view this page.

Wendy Hughes-Jelen of GreenWorks Realty is hosting this evening.

Baked in Seattle Grand Opening With Art Walk Treats

Come say hello to Shaw Dixon! at Baked In Seattle's grand opening celebration
Thursday, June 10th, 2010 6-9 p.m.

Enjoy free appetizers, wine, mini-cheesecake and fruit-filled crumblepie
at Baked In Seattle's new home in West Seattle with Blue Willow Catering & Luncheonette

Westside Yoga & Doga June Artist Emily Rieman

Photo's by Emily Rieman. Beer, wine and snacks served from 6-8.

Twilight Artist Collective June Artist Eric Osborne

Tucson born, self-taught artist, Eric Osborne is turning the big four-oh!
In honor of this event Eric has produced a new body of multi-media works, 40 sketches and a sculptural cherry on top. Come join us!

CAPERS June Artist Jennifer Ament & 25th Anniversary Celebration

CAPERS features the newest works of resident artist Jennifer Ament. Jennifer's woodblock prints of flora, fauna and local icons [Vashon ferry/lighthouse] are showcased in vintage frames. Her newest works are a heron, unicorn, peacock and sea creatures. 20% of the sales of her work will be donated to WWF to aid in the rescue of wildlife in the Gulf.

CAPERS will feature wine/hors d'oeuvres and 20% off everything in the store. We're celebrating our 25th Anniversary & the gift is a discount to the customers.

From flora and fauna to french pop art, to park avenue chic, Jennifer Ament's work is detailed, meticulous, and gorgeous. Each piece is complimented in a vintage or custom frame..

Brunette Mix June Artist Jennifer Young

Images of still moments, faded memories, and fleeting gestures find their way into my artwork. I’m drawn to a realm in which we are connected somehow to what’s around us and to each other, and how this plays a part in the inevitability of our transitory state. It’s the epiphanous moments of silence and solitude that I am most interested in conveying through my art because I think these moments give us the beautiful awareness of what we are.

Red Cup June Artist Miles Toland

Miles Toland is a young, inspired, and progressive artist born in Santa Fe, New Mexico and attending college in Portland, Oregon. His style is a fusion between the rawness of graffiti art and the beauty of realistically painted portraits. Miles pulls his audience into a layered narrative of his chaotic thoughts that harmoniously manifest into words, figures, and explosions of shape and color. His background in graffiti has made him proficient with the aerosol can, paint markers, and stencils while his classical training in oils allows him to eloquently capture life forms.

Alki Bathhouse June Artist Tatyana Brown

Alki Bathhouse Art Studio June Artist Tatyana Brown
Last chance to see Tatyana Brown's amazing linocut, drypoint, and chine-colle prints. Shown is "Four Seasons".
Find out more at

Watercolors and gifts by Theresa McCormick.

Also in the gallery: Acrylics by Jason Sinclair Astorquia, Mixed Media by Lori Diaz, Acrylics by Sarah Dorsett, Oils by Vera Ponomareva, Watercolor by Mike Raney, Photography by S. Raymond, Mixed Media by Bonnie Rieser, Photography byTonje Taylor, and Drawings by Carla Wakefield.

Stop by and pick up our summer schedule of pottery, painting and drawing classes!
Or find it online by clicking SPARC at

Alki Bathhouse is on Facebook! Find us at

Windermere June Artist Talese Hackler Presented by Kim Tingley & Barb Odgen

Kim Tingley and Barb Ogden are proud to present local West Seattle neighbor, Talese Heckler . For more information go to,

West Seattle Wine Cellars June Artist Joshua Gosovich

West Seattle Wine Cellars June Artist, Joshua Gosovich, followed by Tim Marsden.

Due to scheduling conflicts, we will be displaying the art of Joshua Gosovich for a few more weeks, and then will change over to our next artist, Tim Marsden. We have been enjoying Joshua's artwork, from the colorful Day-of-the-Dead-inspired skeletons, to the soothing depictions of forests and trees. Tim has been curating our Art Walk exhibits since we joined up (thanks, Tim!), and some of his art is permanently featured in our cool "stained glass" windows. We look forward to seeing what he has in store for us later this month! In the meantime, check out his work at

West Seattle Cellars' free wine tasting on Art Walk night will feature the wines of Lost River Winery, in Winthrop, Washington. Come on down and meet the winemaker, try his wines, and enjoy the art!

Hotwire Coffee June Artist Emily Williamson


Whimsical, fun, accessible, inexpensive. See Doodles page on website for available work.

Stop by Hotwire to meet Emily and grab a mini cupcake and glass of vino.

Bin 41 June Artist Lee Copeland and Wine Tasting

Wow, we can’t believe it’s that time again. Don’t miss this upcoming art walk event. We’ll be hosting our dear friend, Lee Copeland as he shares some of his wonderful watercolor art pieces with us. Lee is an architect, educator and artist. A native of Seattle, Lee developed a growing interest in watercolor while an undergraduate at the UW. As an educator, Lee served as dean of the College of Architecture and Urban Planning at the UW and as dean of the Graduate School of Fine Arts at the University of Pennsylvania. He has traveled the world sketching, photographing and producing beautiful watercolors.

In addition, we’ll have musical artistry at the bin by local acoustical stringband, Reddog during the art walk hours. Visit their website to learn more about the band at

In the spirit of keeping things fun, we’ll have a wine tasting with a line-up of wines from South Africa to get ready for World Cup. Stop by and share in the fun at the bin from 6-9 pm!

The Kenney June Show by Residents & Live Entertainment

Featuring Arts & Crafts by Lincoln Vista Residents.
Paintings by Future Resident Robert Minckler.
Paper Tole Art display by Betty McCarver.
Live Entertainment by Doug Deems of White Center fame!
Sale items of felted knits from $ 15 and above by Mary-Ann Cozens and photo cards created by Susan Cullor.
Appetizers & Beverages provided by our own Kenney Catering!

TILA Real Estate June Artists Machel Spence & Noelle Congdon Music by DJ Darwin

Nature Walk..a look into the Wild side of the NW
Join us for an artist’s reception with dessert and wine bar

Machel Spence has been a resident of West Seattle for 12 years, originally from Florida she is a zoologist and a lover of everything nature has to offer. She has been a beach naturalist for the Seattle Aquarium for 7 years now & an avid photographer. “I am really horrible at following directions or reading manuals so I completely learned how to use my camera just by pushing random buttons and finally figuring it all out (took me many years!)

Noelle Congdon
Although I have a punctuated history of working in two-dimensional media – prints, drawing, scientific illustration …and a tattoo or two – more recently I’ve tended toward Relief Sculpture, cast in concrete and/or bronze that can be enjoyed alone or as architectural elements in pillars and walls, post caps and decorative framing, etc .

Wild Rose's June Artist Joseph Aprile

WILD ROSE'S features Joseph Aprile, mixed media artist.
Complimentary wine will be served.

ArtsWest Playhouse and Gallery June Exhibition (Dis)Connect

ArtsWest Playhouse and Gallery announces a new gallery exhibition (dis)connect: a response to popular culture on display from June 1 through June 26. A collaborated effort from the members of ArtsWest Artist Associates (AWAA), (dis)connect is an artistic response to the Seattle Art Museum’s concurrent exhibitions, “Andy Warhol Media Works: love fear pleasure lust pain glamour death” and “Kurt”. The aforementioned SAM exhibits explore pop culture and the societal fascination with all things ephemeral, from beauty and youth to celebrity status through main stream artists.

Wallflower Custom Framing June Artist Jessica Creager

Wallflower is proud to present the photography of Jessica Creager, June 10th - July 6th.

A reception for the artist will be held during the Art Walk June 10th, 6-9pm.

Coffee to a Tea with Sugar June Artist RyAnne Morris

RyAnn Morris. When RyAnn was 20 years old, she took her first road trip out West that would turn her vision to the camera and shape her vision as an artist, drawing her creative eye to nature and landscapes. She returned to Minneapolis to attend the College of Visual Arts and shortly there after began assisting Robert Lesch. Finally, in 2003 RyAnn moved to Seattle, got her master's degree and started a family. Her daughter was born 2 months premature and 30% of all sales from this showing with go to the March of Dimes, to help premature babies. RyAnn's work can be found through out Seattle, in New York and on her website

During Art Walk, Coffee to a Tea will be hosting an artist's reception, including live jazz, wine and cupcakes.

C&P Coffee June Artist Jennifer Ruemping

Showing at C & P Coffee Company for the month of June, west seattle artist Jennifer Ruemping. This Seattle native, pursues her passion for all things creative. From jewelry and product design to interior design and cooking, Jennifer's mantra is living a beautiful life, simply.

For the show at C & P, Jennifer uses photography to frame an experience, a moment in time that captures a story. Using photos, ticket stubs, maps, any type of memorabilia from her travels around the world, stories are recreated in digital collage, layer upon layer, creating custom pieces that evoke memories that last beyond the experience or experiences yet to come.
Common themes in her work highlight the beauty in repetition, focal points that suggest something beyond, and finding the beauty in our everyday life. Some of the most interesting images in our world come from the pure simplicity of life.
For more information, contact Jennifer at: or visit her website at:

ActivSpace June Artist Tammy Spears

Tammy Spears has been painting in Seattle for 25 years after receiving her BFA from the University of Kentucky. Her paintings are richly colored oil paintings influenced by nature and plant formations.
Available series include palm trees from Miami, Hawaiian vegetation, and prickly pears from the desert.

Keller Williams June Artists & Catering by Emerald Cove

We are very proud to present “Three Young Artists/Photographers” for the June 10th 2010 Art Walk, all of whom will be present at the event.


Julia Carlson has always been interested in creating things visually.


Nihar has had the good fortune of being able to travel over all parts of India since his father took up photography as a hobby. He has learned many skills from him.


Sid Pai is a freelance photographer and an accomplished engineer at Catepillar. An avid photographer, his work mostly consists of people, places, culture, and landscapes.


Jem’s Jewelry offers classically styled jewelry for women who love jewelry.

Emerald Cove Catering comes to you through the vision of two culinary professionals, Freddie Detore II and James Privette, who met while working at the famous Seattle restaurant; Palisades. Their specialty is Pacific Northwest cuisine with Asian and Mediterranean influences.