Keller Williams April Artists Ben Scherer and Kristy Logan with Catering by Emerald Cove


Ben Scherer’s passion for photography is clear through his work. His preferred style is often black and white with highlights, shadows, and contrast; usually with little to no editing. He particularly loves taking photos of the everyday things people walk by, but give little notice to; buildings, signs, reflections.


Kristy began her career in public relations working with talent, entertainment, and travel destination clients. From there, she segued into television development. Six years ago, she started a side business of making jewelry. Within a short time, Kristy’s sales volume demanded her full time attention.

Emerald Cove Catering comes to you through the vision of two culinary professionals, Freddie Detore II and James Privette, who met while working at the famous Seattle restaurant; Palisades. Their specialty is Pacific Northwest cuisine with Asian and Mediterranean influences.

ArtsWest Artist Panel During Art Walk

ArtsWest Playhouse & Gallery announces Artist Panel
“The Value Of Nothingness”
April 8, 7:30 pm in collaboration with the exhibition: contemplating nothingness

ArtsWest Playhouse and Gallery announces the panel discussion “The Value of Nothingness”, a free event open to the public on Thursday, April 8th at 7:30pm. Gallery Director, Nichole Dement, explains that “the discussion will explore the current trends in art making, buying and collecting.” In the current economy funding for the arts has decreased dramatically, as have art sales. Conversely, this past February brought the highest art purchase on record at an auction for Alberto Giacometti’s , The Walking Man I. The sculpture sold for a cool $104 million, barely beating the 2004 record of $104.2 million for a 39” x 40” Picasso. “This panel discussion is for artists and art-lovers alike, who are interested in learning about new art market trends and how they relate to this tricky economic climate,” Dement states.

Deborah Paine, City of Seattle curator, and Michael Alhadeff, art advocate and avid collector, will be among the panelist speakers. Both Paine and Alhadeff will discuss current buying trends and various motivations for purchases and acquisitions.

The conversation will also include the participation from abstract artists, Jane Emens, Akiko Kino and Maxine Mattson, three of the featured artists from Contemplating Nothingness, currently showing at ArtsWest.

Wild Rose's April Artist Janet Ramble

Wild Rose's- Janet Ramble is back! See her new collection of floral and landscape oil paintings. Complimentary wine will be served.

West Seattle Helpline Taste of West Seattle

Taste of West Seattle – May 20th, 2010 at the Hall at Fauntleroy – 6:00-8:30PM – Tickets and information available at

All proceeds benefit the West Seattle Helpline

Shoofly Pie March Artist Zoya Naskova

Zoya Naskova

I do not remember when I took my first photograph.
The first camera I used was my dad’s Zorkiy, a
Russian 35 mm. Some years later when I moved to
the US I took photography courses and enjoyed
printing my own black and white. Since my family
presented me with a digital NIKON a couple of years
I have been exploring digital photography. In any shape and form, I believe that photography has
changed me and made me a better person.

Feedback Lounge March Artist Scott Cahill

Scott Cahill Rude is a native Seattlite who returned home
in late '07 after living in other parts of the country for the previous
10 years. His "Reflecting on Seattle" series shows a different
perspective of our city; a unique and fascinating view of the place that
we all know and love. Scott uses very low-tech equipment, his pictures
are presented as he saw them. His use of water and light reflection
shows the world as he sees it; this is Seattle through his eyes.

Windermere March Artist Robert Hardgrove

Robert Hardgrave : Local Seattle Artist!
My paintings are meditations on the unpredictability of life. Despite all the information we are given, I believe much is unknown to us in the moment, with clarity only achieved upon later reflection. My working process parallels this belief. There is never an overall plan or formula in my work, but allowing the imagery to manifest itself, it becomes an exercise in movement and a dedication to discovery. It is about the excitement in each evolving moment in life be it minute or grand and savoring it.

Join Kim the 2nd Thursday of every month for the West Seattle Artwalk. Stop by Windermere, pick up a map, have a snack and a bev. and enjoy a wonderful community event! Hope to see you soon!

Coffee to a Tea with Sugar March Artist Dave Ryan

Dave does whimsical stencil art, spray painted on recycled goods such LPs, windows and canvases. Dave with be around during the art walk having a beer and wine reception complete with cupcakes. We will also have live jazz from Billy and the Bouncers.

Senior Center March Artist Michael Hathaway

Michael Hathaway will be the main attraction....He Is multi=talented working in WC,acrylic,oil,Digital art with embelishments. Crafts will include Terrina Wrona"s Hand crafted cards,Mary Ersop"s jewelry,and Dorothy Streiffs" hand poured soy candles and her Hand Crafted Soaps.

Bathhouse Studio March Artist Talese Heckler & Free Films

Teaching artist Talese Heckler tantalizes us with stripes of color and cosmic orbs. Coming soon, registration for her art summer day camps at our location! Indulge yourself with a visit to

With an array of lovely shapes and sizes by a dozen local artists.

This season's final FREE art appreciation films, highlighting Vincent Van Gogh:

Early Bird Film
4:00 P.M. Getting to Know Van Gogh from Mike Venezia's series. "Playful cartoons and great art come together in this animated video about Vincent Van Gogh. Meet Vincent, his brother Theo, and fellow artist Paul Gauguin in this remarkable story of Van Gogh's life and art." 23 minutes.

Evening Film
6:30 P.M. Vincent and Theo "This is a passionate story of an obsessive artist driven by inexorable demons and his alternately devoted and despairing younger brother, who seems unable to live with him ... or without him." 140 minutes. An MGM film. Rated PG-13.

Bird on a Wire Espresso March Artist Bethany Bachmann


My artwork examines emotions like solitude, peacefulness, sensuality, joy, introspection, and nurturing. The human figure is central in the exploration with the environment supporting this journey. I try to embrace the full experience of life, the emotional, physical, and spiritual.

Sold Home Decor March Artist Gary David Anderson

Recycled metal artist Gary David Anderson has been Upcycling and Repurposing discarded items since long before it was considered cool. He brings character, color and ingenuity to his one of a kind pieces in a way that is unparalleled. His influences include pop culture, modernism and a sustainable living code that can spot a burgeoning masterpiece in a junk pile. His materials are always found, never bought, and his creations are never duplicated.

If you have any inquiries about his 100% recycled, functional art please contact him at

ActivSpace March Artist Martin Rosenblum

My goal when working with precious metals and gemstones is to go beyond the known limits of expression and design the perfect piece for the client. The challenges are endless and I gladly accept commissions. I want my clients not only to view the form but feel and experience its many colors and textures.

Each piece is signed and stamped with my MR logo. I chose the name Art to Wear because of my desire to combine this lifelong passion with my love of working with all metals and gemstones.

Please visit or at Google, I am located in Seattle WA. By appointment at 206-708-1424 or my cell, 777-834-5890 or write to:

Funky Janes March Artist Jersey Girl

Capturing life’s moments...

It started when my father gave me his old 35mm Canon a few years back. The way I saw the world changed. I was no longer just seeing life pass by me in a moving sense but began to see life in still frames.

Capturing the moment

The irony is that change and movement can exist in a still frame.
How life has been so different here but yet so the same.


San Pellegrino and TJ's chocolate butter cookies will be offered well as postcards with postage paid

Gail Ann Photography March Special Guest Jo McNeal

Celebrate Spring at Gail Ann Gallery
4507 Wildwood Place
Just down the road from The Kenney!

You'll find photography, note cards, frames, & more.
For Easter you'll enjoy the digital wycinanki and delightful Pierogi Soaps!

Special guest this month will be Jo McNeal with her beautiful, handmade,
beaded jewelry. Proceeds from the sale of her earrings, necklaces and
bracelets will benefit Jo's fundraising efforts for the Susan G Komen 3
Day Walk.

Wild Rose's March Artist Carla Davis

Wild Rose's presents "THE BIRDS" mixed media birds by Carla Davis
Complementary wine will be served.

Imena Salon March Artist Rajaa Gharbi

Exclusive Designs & Collectible sets made with precious and semi-precious stones, antique, rare or artist hand-made beads and sterling silver from North Africa and the Mediterranean. Gharbi will also show Feather jewelry for spring cheers, fun and elegance.

We will be serving wine and cheese from 6:00-9:00. We will doing a drawing for a gift basket of products and a gift certificate at the end of the night!

Josh Boender Allstate Insurance March Artist Paulee D'Agostino

Paulee D'Agostino began painting at a young age while spending quality time with his grandmother (an avid water-colorist). Their playful nature helped develop ideas outside the norm. Their love for vivid color grew on trips to throughout coastal regions of the Pacific Northwest, California and Mexico.

Wallflow March Artists Jennifer Mercede, Elena Cronin & Betsy Levine

"Three Faces" by artists Jennifer Mercede, Elena Cronin, and Betsy LeVine.

Jennifer Mercede, an artist originally from the east coast is inspired by graffiti, color combinations and little kids art.

Excerpt from Elena Cronin's artist statement:
A large portion of my recent work centers around a first-person perspective of my own body. This concept is something that is rarely seen in art, even though any second-person rendering automatically detaches both the artist and the viewer from the artist's true perspective.

Excerpt from Betsy Levine's artist statement:
This show started as a celebration of the children I met in Fiji this summer while leading a community service trip. They ran through the village calling everybody mother, and their laughter rang in my ears the whole month. I loved capturing their faces on film and later on the canvas.

GreenWorks Realty Suite 104 ActivSpace March Artist Michael Eric Dennett

Wendy Hughes-Jelen welcomes once again potter Michael Eric Dennett, who first participated during the Grand Opening of the GreenWorks office in this location in November.

Eric’s pottery is a good value – a steal really – and there have been many happy shoppers since his wares first appeared at this location. They have a Facebook Event page that includes photos of some of his work at

The Kenny March Happenings including Girl Scout Cookies

Visit The Kenney to see a fine art retrospective, by Peter Watters, son of Ballymena residents Harry & Gerry Watters

Storytelling oil paintings by Marcia Van Doren

Pottery by Pete Wolf of Coho Team, Loren Lukens & friends

Dance a jig with the dancers from
Tony Comerford School of Irish Dance

And if you have a craving for cookies...
Girl Scout Troop 41382 will be here selling their treats!

The Kenney Catering Team will be providing food and refreshments

Ginomai March Artist Scott Cahill Rude

"Scott Cahill Rude is a native Seattlite who returned home
in late '07 after living in other parts of the country for the previous
10 years. His "Reflecting on Seattle" series shows a different
perspective of our city; a unique and fascinating view of the place that
we all know and love. Scott uses very low-tech equipment, his pictures are presented
as he saw them. His use of water and light reflection shows the world
as he sees it; this is Seattle through his eyes."

West Seattle Wine Cellars March Artist Tim Stevens

This month we’re excited to have one of our favorite winemakers, Tim Stevens, of Stevens Winery in Woodinville, as not only our featured artist, but also as our featured winemaker for Art Walk night.
Tim’s newest collection, “Barrels,” is done in acrylic/charcoal. The works are inspired by the wine in barrels that he works with every day.

And while you admire Tim's art this Thursday (March 11), you can sample wines from those very barrels that inspired his works. Tim will be on hand pouring his current releases, which will also be available for purchase. He will be joined by fellow winemaker Darby English, of Darby Winery, who will be pouring some of his great wines as well.

ArtsWest March Show Relics of Light

Relics of Light from March 2 through March 27, 2010. Relics of Light features four notable artists: Keith Troester, Amirra Malak, Lyosha Grechishkin and Susan Bari Price.

Keith Troester presents “In a Landscape”, a 6 minute projection of two contrasting urban scenes, inspired by avant-garde composer.

Susan Bari Price is a realist painter that works to convey the human spirit as the foundation of her work. Each technically refined object is re-presented with a simplicity that makes it universally recognized.

Amirra Malak is an awarded Oregon artist mainly working in vibrant, colorful acrylics on paper and board.

Lyosha Grechishkin is a Russian artist currently residing in the Pacific NW. Grechishkin’s still life paintings reflect a strong contrast of natural light and darkness.

Hotwire March Artist Patrick Robinson

I've been taking pictures ever since my brother handed me a camera when I was twelve. I've shot with every film format you can think of and then I went on to do other things only really buying my first serious digital camera three years ago. I look for light, color and mystery if I can find it but I love great images. Working for my family and the Robinson Newspapers has given me an opportunity to not only document our community for the West Seattle Herald but keeps a camera in my hands so when I see a chance to make a good photograph, I'm prepared.

Patrick Robinson
Robinson Newspapers & the West Seattle Herald

Join us too for cupcakes, cookies and vino