West Seattle Senior Center February Artist Michael Hathaway

West Seattle Senior Center entrants are:

Michael Hathaway--Digital art and acrylics

Grandchildren are the icing on the cake of life.

Chloe Cho-Alki Beach Jewelry
Bonnie Bennedson-Water colors
Katherine Kauffman-Water colers
Mart Ersoy-Jewelry
Dorothy Streiff-Soy Candles & Soaps

Coffee to a Tea with Sugar February Artist Michelle Taylor

Tonight we have live jazz from Billy and the Bouncers, a beer, wine and cupcake reception for our artist Michelle Taylor.

Bird on a Wire Espresso February Artist Sin in Linen

“Sin in Linen invites you to get between our sheets. We bring free-spirited designs to quality bedding that will delight babes and beaus alike. For sultry sleep and devilish dreams, make your boudoir blush and visit Sin in Linen at Bird on the Wire Espresso.”

Bakery Nouveau February Artist Debra Greenfield

I have been a photographer for as long as I can remember, and began printing in a darkroom at age 16. By the age of 23 I was working in the Black&White department of a commercial photo lab as well as printing for several high end portrait photographers in the Boston area as their personal printer.

As a lover of antique photographs and alternative printing processes I embrace the slow, low tech aspects of old school fiber printing. I often shoot with antique and toy cameras, develop my own film and print, paint and frame all of my own portraits and artwork. Utilizing available light, fine Black&White papers and translucent oils and pencils, I try to create photographs that are both pretty and unique using the finest quality papers available.

The Body Bar Featuring Live Piano and Cider

The Body Bar will be featuring live piano music by Sasha Veregin. Music will be piped onto the sidewalk for your enjoyment. Due to our couples Valentine's special, the interior of the Body Bar will be closed for the romantic privacy of our clients. Hot cider and heart cookies will be available on our sidewalk, come enjoy!

Sold Home Decor February Artist Linda Thorson

Cast Stone Garden Sculpture/Architectural Detailing

Inspired by my background in history, art history, horticulture, and travel, my original sculptures are created mostly from clay, with occasional use of paper, wood or glass.

I have developed a specialized, high-strength concrete mixture for my casting, which allows me very fine detailing. After fabrication of a silicone mold, a piece is cast and trimmed. Finishes, also created by me, usually start with an integral color, with oxides and pigments layered and burnished after casting. The pieces are then sealed and hand buffed, to bring out their detail and luster. They weather beautifully outdoors. For more information visit http://www.lindathorsondesign.com

Shadowland February Artist Katie Yakovich

Paintings by Katie Yakovich

Kim Tingley & Barb Ogden Realtors at Windermere are proud to present "Heart Art for Haiti".

Kim Tingley & Barb Ogden Realtors at Windermere are proud to present "Heart Art for Haiti".

Tonia Arehart: tsuearehart@yahoo.com
Consistent landmarks such as geometric shapes, especially circles, and a varied use of color and texture, surface throughout much of my work. When I start a painting the only thing on my mind is to explore a passion or maybe to discover a new way of doing something.

Redd Walitzki:ReddWalitzki @candygears.com
Redd has worked with multiple genres of the arts,
ranging from painting, sewing, digital media, video animation,
photography, and ball-jointed-doll faceups to name a few
Join Kim the 2nd Thursday of every month for the West Seattle Artwalk. Stop by Windermere, pick up a map, have a snack and a bev. and enjoy a wonderful community event! Hope to see you soon!

Mikal Whoberry:Mikal Whoberry @ mikalwhoberry.com
I work with the mediums of fresco Italian plaster, pigments, acrylics and a variety of waxes. My goal as an artist is to use these mediums that best represent the way I see and experience our world. Doors, landscapes, and views from rooms are some of my favorite subjects. I like to think of myself as someone who can lead people into their own imagination by following the paths that are inspired in my work.

ActivSpace February Artist Daniel Wiegand

Daniel Wiegand is a Seattle based painter who’s whimsical work explores our inner zombunny. He explores bizarre situations in this joyful and colorful imagery. Daniel is previously experienced as an editorial illustrator who produced quirky characters and situations for editorial pages in newspapers and magazines.

West 5 February Artist Laura Boos

After a several year hiatus from canvas work, artist Laura Boos has not only reacquainted herself with her craft, but is exploring an entirely different outlet for her skills with a brush. Past works mostly included photographic-like portraits of people and animals she found visually appealing. "I never truly felt there was any real expression in what I did. It felt more like a specialized, sometimes even obsessive technique, like being able to do complicated math in your head," Boos reminisces.

Artist's Contact: BoosArtistry@gmail.com

Sterling Images Gallery February Show and Shuttle

Scuttle to the Shuttle!

The "star" of Sterling Images Gallery this week will be "The Shuttle."
Yep, the latest member of our team will be a a comfy shuttle for you to
ride in from the Junction down to us, to the Kenney, to Gail Ann
Photography, and to West Seattle Wine Cellars and then back to the
Junction. You could call it "The Love Bus," I suppose. Adventuring to
the southern artistic exposure has never been more fun. We already know
that the Art Walk rocks. This week, it's also going to roll! Yah,

Our "regulars" who, honestly, cannot really be called "regular" will be
showing many new works: Ryan Henry Ward (nominated by Seattle Weekly
the 2009 Seattle Muralist of the Year); John Cerminaro ("sublime
kandinskyesque miniatures"); Xavier Lopez (extraordinary
"pop-surrealism" pieces); and, Ron Sterling, showing fine art
photographs, many from the pre-digital world of film. You can drop in
as early as 4 p.m. to the gallery. You just gotta see the Valentine's
display next door - "Unforgettable" in many ways. Drinks and eats will
be served. Happy Love Day!

Gail Ann Photography February Show

Gail Ann Photography
4507 Wildwood Pl
Just down the road from the Kenney!

*O'fashion love song - Vintagey valentine cards
*Polaroid Transfers - Love Bug
*Lucky Break Wishbones – Wishing for tall dark and handsome?
*Twisted Sister makes handcrafted jewelry out of left over computer parts!
*Murragy's Private Night Out by local author is the perfect Valentine Gift for children.
*AngelCare Breast Calendars - all proceeds benefit Angel Care.

Stop by to browse or just say "hi!"

West Seattle Wine Cellars February Artist Phil Stoiber

West Seattle Cellars February Artist, Phil Stoiber

This month, West Seattle Cellars welcomes the art of Phil Stoiber. He says of his work: "I have had guidance, coaching and coursework all over the world and have enjoyed making art on five continents. Heavily textured and brightly colored papers used in the chine colle process are from Mexico. Other more subdued papers are from Japan. May these prints be a reminder that treasures in crates are not the only part of our world that many of us consider very FRAGILE."

West Seattle Cellars hosts a free wine tasting every Thursday and this Thursday we will be featuring wines from Burgundy. Come and try some excellent French Pinot Noirs and Chardonnays while you enjoy Phil's artwork.

Alki Bathhouse Art Studio February Artist Talese Heckler and Art Films

Alki Bathhouse Art Studio: Featuring Talese Heckler

Our winter community show features beloved teaching artist Talese Hecker. Her abstract iconic paintings with a textural sensibility grace our walls, juxtaposed with the creations of a dozen local artists. Find that special something for your valentine! To learn more about Talese Heckler, visit her fantastic new website at www.taleseheckler.com.

Enjoy refreshments and FREE art appreciation films!
4:00 P.M. Mary Cassatt America’s most famous Impressionist and her dog treat us with talking statues, mad scientists, and mysterious missing paintings. Perfect for families with children, or anyone wanting a short introduction. 25 minutes.
7:00 P.M. Miss Potter The story of Beatrix Potter, the author/illustrator of the beloved and best-selling children's book, "The Tale of Peter Rabbit", and her struggle for love, happiness and success. Rated PG. 92 minutes.

Wallflower February Artist Jessica Creager

Just in time for Valentine's Day, Wallflower presents the sweet sweet work of Jessica Creager.
Giant cupcakes, huge chocolates, and the Swedish Fish are a must-see!
Her show "Craving" will be up through March 9th.

Twilight Artist Collective February Show Bad Words

ABOUT THE SHOW: What makes a word bad? After all, they're just words. It is the human imagination that generates a context in which certain words are frowned upon in common usage. These words vary from region to region, but every language seems to have some. There is really nothing wrong with a word. It can't harm anyone literally, but again, the human mind can take words very seriously at times and can create its own damage from them. Despite all that, they can come in handy and express things good words just can't.
This show is intended to be an examination of words that could be construed as "bad". I asked several artists to play with this concept of what makes BAD WORDS.

FEATURING: Nat Damm, Kevin McCarthy, Kelly Lyles, Kamala Dolphin Kingsley, Troy Gua, Molly Norris, Kristen Ramirez, Sara Lanzillotta, Lisa Geertsen, Shaun Kardinal, Warren Dykeman, Mary Enslow, Michael Alm, Aubrey Nehring, Gail Howard, Erin Frost, Andrew Drawbaugh, Sharon Arnold, Sierra Stinson and Michael Leavitt.

Keller Williams February Artists Denny Stern & Michelle Lenae with Catering by Emerald Cove

Painting and Mixed Media

Nicholas “Denny” Stern is a Seattle based artist and musician who’s colorful work expresses the rhythmic vibrancy of music. His visual artwork often spans and blends elements of drawing, printmaking, painting, and collage.

Metal smith, Jeweler, Designer

Michelle Lenae’s jewelry is designed and handmade solely by her and created from the finest materials. She does not use any dyed or synthetic gems. Everything is created for lasting integrity with love and passion for the creative process.

Emerald Cove Catering comes to you through the vision of two culinary professionals, Freddie Detore II and James Privette, who met while working at the famous Seattle restaurant, Palisades. Our specialty is Pacific Northwest cuisine with Asian and Mediterranean influences.

Revolution Coffee & Art February Artist DL Martin

Artist Name: D. L. Martin
Show Title: A Thousand Tiny Disappointments

D.L. Martin's show titled "A Thousand Tiny Disappointments" is a collection of five new original paintings. While some of these works attempt to capture a moment in time, other pieces use symbolism to communicate a feeling of transition and transformation. These paintings also have a sculptural element, many incorporating three dimensional objects or structures. During the art walk two interactive sculptures will also be displayed. Please join us for champagne and appetizer service!

The Kenney February Pet Celebration

The Kenney will be celebrating pets in February!

We will be featuring 2 pet artists
Striking fine art photography that captures your best friend’s individuality.
Raindog Pet Photography by Jenny Persing www.raindogphoto.com

Haute Portraiture, colorful hand painted acrylic on canvas animal portraits by Jennifer Bloom

Also featuring colorful collage art created by Kenney Residents, members of a class taught by fellow resident Alma Penberthy.

Jewelry for sale, inspired by all things vintage! Orange Box Jewelry by Krissy Maier www.orangeboxjewelry.com

Finally-fabulous swing and jazz standards performed by The West Seattle Big Band!

Wild Rose's February Artist Carla Davis

WILD ROSE'S presents "HEARTS & BIRDS" by Carla Davis mixed media pieces.
Please join us for: Hearts, Chocolate, Candlelight and Wine.

ArtsWest February Show Urban Constructions

Dalkin presents playful constructions in shapes of homes. Working adeptly in many mediums, her strong conceptual pieces in ceramic and mixed media on panel convey a natural creative expression. Her iconic house shapes convey a myriad of ideas from warmth and protection to stability and social standing, all the while creating labels for those that live there.

Osgood paints idiosyncratic characters with a bold palette in a graffiti art style. His collection of colorful oddballs are inspired by life and represent the uncomfortable and forlorn circumstances that can occur within it. These unique characters are the embodiment of all of the idiosyncrasies recognized as one peers over the walls we surround our true characters with.

Hotwire February Artists West Seattle Christian Pre-School

There is a creative spark in even the smallest of us. West Seattle Christian Preschool is committed to giving it's little artists the opportunity to explore and develop a love of creativity. We are honored to be part of the February Art Walk and thankful for the support given to us by Hotwire Coffee.

Red velvet cupcakes by Companion Baking Company will be served too.