Sterling Images January Featured Artist Ryan Henry Ward

Along with the "regulars" showing at Sterling Images Gallery, we will be
featuring Ryan Henry Ward (, nominated by Seattle
Weekly for the 2009 Seattle Muralist of the Year.
We are honored to be able to represent Ryan and display his art in an
environment which is as fanciful and special as his art. Come on by and
be delighted by it all. Our "regulars" who, well, cannot really be
called "regular" are John. Cerminaro (world famous principal horn for
the Seattle Symphony Orchestra whose art can be described as "sublime
kandinskyesque miniatures"; Xavier Lopez ("veteran" of over a hundred
shows and many different art forms showing pieces from his extraordinary
"pop-surrealism" world, featuring the series "Into the Deep End"); and,
Ron Sterling, showing fine art photographs, many from the pre-digital
world of film. Please feel free to drop in as early as 4 p.m. to the
gallery. We have a new series of greeting and note cards based on the
Chagall ceiling fresco in the older Paris Opera House. Drinks and eats
will be served. Happy New Year (watch out for the disco ball at the

West Seattle Cellars January Artist Joey Bates

Joey Bates has been drawn to the arts all his life. He says, "My work is illustrative, but I'm not an illustrator." He hopes to spend the rest of his days making art involving extensive line work and people. His work has been shown in various venues, from art institutes to coffee shops and clothing stores. For more info on joey and his art, go to The art walk falls on the night of West Seattle Cellars’ regular free Thursday wine tasting.

This Thursday, January 14, from 5:30 to 9:00, we invite you to drop in and enjoy Joey's artwork while sampling a wonderful selection of this week's feature: Greek wines.

Edie's January Artist Chantelle Monique

Chantelle Monique

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. I am strongly influenced by bold colors, fun shapes and patterns. My inspiration comes from the people I interact with everyday. Each painting represents a different time in my life. I hope you enjoy these Acrylic on canvas Pieces as much as I enjoyed painting them.

We will be serving wine and treats. Look forward to seeing you.

Artswest January Artists Kelly Lyles and David Peacey

ArtsWest Gallery explores escapism in 2010 with oil paintings by L. Kelly Lyles and David Peacey. From Pablo Picasso’s multiple paintings titled “Absinthe Drinker” and Hieronymus Bosch’s depictions of hedonist pleasure seekers in his “Garden of Earthly Delights” to early Greek sculptures and sarcophagus’ with representations of Dionysian abandon, individuals participating in excesses and overindulgences have been portrayed since time immemorial. From January 4 – 30 ArtsWest Gallery brings a new interpretation to this theme in “Drunks, Junkies and Saints” featuring Pacific Northwest artists L. Kelly Lyles and David Peacey.

Lyles’ 12 new colorful oils on canvas with Byzantine inspired glitter applied for textual narrative are from her “12 Steps” series. As a recovering alcoholic/addict with over 23 years clean and sober, Lyles com­bines humor and pathos to the theme, while cleverly removing some of the stigma. Interpretations of Step 1 of the 12 Step recovery program are abundant with a painting of a woman waking up next to a stranger with bold text in pink, puffy glitter that reads, ”WHO ARE YOU?,” or a scene of a woman on a cell phone with a rolled car behind her reads, “I’LL BE A LITTLE LATE...”. Her fantastical realism and bold glitter text brings a light hearted quality to the illusory beauty, drama and escape promised - but rarely delivered - by drugs and alcohol.

J.R.R. Tolkien explained in the 1930s that escapism was a liberating vehicle to figure a different reality. Peacey’s abstract oils on canvas are a definite escape from reality, but they also provide the viewer, as well as the artist, pure joy of creative expression. For Peacey, a brush working colors, line and gesture is a vehicle to discover the truth about himself and the world around him. It is an alternate reality that exists in this post-modern world of digital media and image overload. Abstract painting can be a focus for artists that are escapist by trade. It requires slowing down, being messy, and finding order in the chaos. For Peacey, painting is a way to express himself and, while he says he is not a saint, it is the pure expression of creative joy that he represents in this exhibition. Peacey received a BA in studio art from Western Washington University and has been exhibiting his work regularly in his Pioneer Square studio at the 619 Western artist lofts and throughout the region.

Connect with art and artists in the New Year. Join us at the artists’ reception during ArtWalk on Thursday, January 14 from 6 to 9pm.

The Building January Artist Laura Marks

For January, The Building is highlighting Laura Marks. Laura Marks is a painter living in Seattle. She works out of her studio in The Building and is currently finishing a series for a new late January showing at Chez Shea.

Check our blog to see all of the artists who will be open for the Art Walk. Then, bring a buddy and come see us at The Building, 4316 SW Othello Street. Find directions and more at:

The Kenney January Artist Tonhya Kae

The Kenney will be showing photography by Tonhya Kae
Also selling jewelry by artist Boo Balkan Foster, Balkan Designs.(image attached)
Live entertainment by Doug Deems who will be performing his “White Center Blues.”
Refreshments & food compliments of The Kenney Catering Team!

Cupcake Royale January Artist Lynne Alexander

Lynne Alexander

Skyscraper Series

Artist Bio - Lynne’s parents were both rocket scientists. They raised her in a home without a television, in an environment that encouraged creativity.

Cupcake of the Month: Velvet Elvis - a cupcake fit for The King! Banana cake topped with rich chocolate peanut butter fudge frosting.

Sold Home Decor January Artist Linda Thorson

Cast Stone Garden Sculpture/Architectural Detailing

Inspired by my background in history, art history, horticulture, and travel, my original sculptures are created mostly from clay, with occasional use of paper, wood or glass.

I have developed a specialized, high-strength concrete mixture for my casting, which allows me very fine detailing. After fabrication of a silicone mold, a piece is cast and trimmed. Finishes, also created by me, usually start with an integral color, with oxides and pigments layered and burnished after casting. The pieces are then sealed and hand buffed, to bring out their detail and luster. They weather beautifully outdoors. For more information visit

During Art Walk, Sold Home D├ęcor will also have live music and wine for your enjoyment! Select merchandise will be 50% off!

Wild Rose's January Artist Marilyn Van Cleave

Oil paintings and poems by Marilyn Van Cleave

Marilyn is an impressionistic artist who explores the dynamism of living things as well as abstract compositions through the use of mixed medium, acrylics, and oils on canvas.

Hotwire Online Coffeehouse January Artist Wyn Bielaska

Barbie is back in America. Fluffy cupcakes will be served.

This photography exhibition documents the adventures of Barbie and her 2 friends……… her rescue from the Vienna Flea market…………… the bars of America………..and finally a makeover in a salon. These images in the exhibition are printed on vinyl and have been manipulated digitally into painterly impressions.