PC Mobile August Artist Paul Sattler

All watercolor renditions are of my interests in landscapes, wildlife and Native American lifestyles. Artistic inspiration is drawn from the mountain ranges and seashores that abound in the Western United States. I've been fascinated by the great outdoors all my life. Many of my painting ideas have been collected from hiking/backpacking excursions and travels around the Western United States.
The face that I have always romanticized about the Native American experience and the Old West provides painting motivation as well. I strive to capture some imagined experiences from that time period and the great wild outdoors that surrounds us. Living in Seattle provides a rich outdoor environment with many inspirational situations and opportunities for painting. I hope you enjoy my work and please visit my online art gallery.


mobiles gallary said...

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Anonymous said...

The photo pictured is actually in a show by Lois Grammon-Simpson, hanging at Funky Jane's.