C&P Coffee June Artist Jennifer Ruemping

Showing at C & P Coffee Company for the month of June, west seattle artist Jennifer Ruemping. This Seattle native, pursues her passion for all things creative. From jewelry and product design to interior design and cooking, Jennifer's mantra is living a beautiful life, simply.

For the show at C & P, Jennifer uses photography to frame an experience, a moment in time that captures a story. Using photos, ticket stubs, maps, any type of memorabilia from her travels around the world, stories are recreated in digital collage, layer upon layer, creating custom pieces that evoke memories that last beyond the experience or experiences yet to come.
Common themes in her work highlight the beauty in repetition, focal points that suggest something beyond, and finding the beauty in our everyday life. Some of the most interesting images in our world come from the pure simplicity of life.
For more information, contact Jennifer at: jennifer@jrinteriordesign.com or visit her website at: www.jrinteriordesign.com


Anonymous said...

After touring the photo dislplay at C&P it's clear the Jennifer has an eye for images that can capture imagination and "take you places".
I was particularly moved by the sheep "out for a walk". Her subtle sense of humor and the detail of the sheep marching down the road brought a very genuine smile.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic display of photographs! C