Endolyne Joes November Show Staff and Laif Bannon

Various Artists displayed for our Little Italy/Federal Hill-Providence Rhode Island themed menu.
A good percentage of our Artists are Endolyne Joes Staff members.
Featuring Acrylic “Banners”. Three dimensional hanging Collage piece.
Backroom Show by Laif Bannon. Laif will be at Joes to chat about his work and sign new small prints.

Bakery Nouveau November Artist Liz Moody

November and December artist Liz Moody

Craze Boutique November Artist Sharon

"The Essence of a Moment"
"Exploring phases of women's lives - Sharon uses mixed media to celebrate women in passage. From childhood to motherhood and beyond, her poignant work captures the essence of a moment in a woman's life."

Kim Tingley & Barb Ogden Windermere Real Estate November Artist Julie Costanzo

Kim Tingley & Barb Ogden are proud to present local artist Julie Costanzo she describes her art as, "Oil paintings inspired by nature, featuring autumnal landscapes and lively impasto pieces." Visit Julie @www.juliecostanzoart.com.

In addition we will be hosting Marilyn Murphy, she will surprise us with "Murphy's best of the month", treasured finds for the holidays! Also, we would like to present The Dreaming Dane, a local catering company owned by Jon and Sandy Anderson. They believe in preparing food for people is more than just putting food on a plate...it is a privilege! Stop by for free treats,great art & friendship of community!

Click! Design that Fits November Artist Rachel Austin

Rachel Austin

Click! will be showing a new collection of Rachel's map paintings: adorably sweet pieces featuring birds and paper airplanes flying over real maps. Rachel is a full time artist living in Portland Oregon; she will be joining us for an artist reception Saturday, November 21st, from 6 to 9pm.



Brunette Mix November Artist Wil's Paper Cutouts

"Join us at Brunette Mix this Thursday to view the works of Wil's Paper Cutouts.
Stop by to see his fun, colorful works, and learn more about Wil Clark Kerner,

"The Cutout Kid!"


images titles
and "Rat"

GreenWorks Real Estate November Artists Michael Eric Dennett and Delores Johnston Peck

These artists will be located in Suite 104 at the front of the building at 3400 Harbor Avenue SW in the Activspace building.


Artist: Michael Eric Dennett, functional ware - pottery/porcelain.
Photo album:

Artist: Delores Johnston Peck, Lella Rae of Lella Rae Designs, maker of handmade jewelry.

Lella Rae Designs is the place to find wonderful, unique handmade jewelry with a flair for fashion. Custom orders are always welcome.
Lella Rae Designs Fan page:

Twilight November Show Compilation of Ironwork

WHAT: A compilation of contemporary ironwork by members of the NWBA ~ Northwest Blacksmith Association, curated by Twilight’s own, Andy Blakney and Lisa Geertsen.
This association just celebrated it's 30th year and has a membership spreading through Canada, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and beyond. It is a group committed to the pursuit of education and preservation of the craft and many of its members have passed on their knowledge to others to create this large group of talented smiths. This show is a small representation of the membership, but it includes some of the most talented smiths in the Northwest and even the country.
FEATURING: Bill Apple, Elija Burnett, Paul Casey, Maria Cristalli, Pat Maher, Jeff Holtby, Jaden Fischer, Jorgen Harle, Steve Howell, Lauren Osmolski, Larry Langdon, Dave Lisch, Andrea Lisch, Nick Rinehart, Grant Sarver, Scott Szloch, Bart Turner, Mark Manley, Bruce Crittenden, Erica Gordon, Dean Mook, David Tuthill, Gary Eagle, Darryl Nelson, Lisa Geertsen, Andy Blakney

Clementine November Artist Monika Dalkin

Clementine is delighted to host local artist, Monika Dalkin, for the November 12th Art Walk. Monica's work has been greatly influenced by her two daughters and their interest in fashion, as well as the use of clothing as a metaphor for experiences in daily life. Her show at Clementine will include monotypes, collagraphs and mixed media pieces.

Styling Studio November Artist Tarsha Rockowitz

Originally from Maine, Seattle resident Tarsha Rockowitz is an artist
and freelance graphic designer. As is evident in her bold, yet
intricate body of work, she is inspired by nature's patterns, colors
and all of its strange inhabitants. She believes that art does not
always have to be overly conceptual and instead creates simple works
of pure eye-candy. She enjoys brightening the world with her vivid
color palettes and stylized subject matter. In addition to painting,
she can also be found combining the art of hand-embroidery with
screenprinting and has recently been trying her hand at her new love,

More of her work can be viewed at: www.varinia.com
and www.trockowitz.etsy.com

ArtsWest November Show I Am/I Am Not a Woman

Chamberlain’s colorful oils on textured canvas and hemp combine visual representations of the contemporary sensual woman alongside spiritual notions from artistic cultures of the east. Pasties paired with an androgynous figure clothed only in gold and sapphire striped thigh highs are Chamberlain’s exploration of a sacred playfulness in contemporary life.

Siege paints expressionist images of women, with lascivious details obscured, furtively positioned within typography, graphs, fabric and found objects such as broken cassette tape cartridges, razor blades and spark plug boxes. He describes the female form as “the most powerful shape in the world.” A passionate internal confrontation between this adoration and a refusal to recreate the centuries of abuses of the female form is palpable within the many brilliant layers of his work. Both Siege and Chamberlain are graduates of Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, WA.

Video artist Susie J. Lee presents a playful flapper singing and dancing for her viewer. Her work explores the intersection of experience and memory. Lee was awarded a Bachelors of Science in Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry at Yale University and a Masters in Education at Columbia University. She received her MFA at the University of Washington. She is represented by Seattle’s Lawrimore Project and Galleria Tiziana Di Caro in Italy.

Join us on November 12 from 6-7:30pm for wine, hors d’oeuvres and conversation at the opening reception with the artists in I Am / I Am Not Woman.

The Kenney November Show is a Harvest Celebration

The Kenney will be having a Harvest Celebration.
Collecting donations for the White Center Food Bank.
Brock Mason Photography will be shooting holiday portraits in front of our decorated tree.
Hand crafted jewelry from Spoonful of Sugar by Cindy Hegland.
Primo will be playing the piano and invites you to sing along as he performs.
As always, The Kenney Catering Team will be providing a yummy autumn spread!

Cupcake Royale November Artist Erin Shafkind

"Growing up in Los Angeles, with a single mom, McDonald’s every Tuesday, and lots of television I have been greatly influenced by popular culture and modern mythology. I always felt that there was something else, something intangible that I needed, but more and more I wonder if this is a product of growing up in American Corporate culture that strived to create illusion so we would consume. Do I know what I want? What makes me happy?

In this show I am sharing a few photographs and several objects made from 1/4” birch plywood. Spinning off the idea of the flat image I am trying to create something fun yet iconic, therefore potentially mythic and even sacred. Each wood piece is editioned to 11, the idea of repetition hopefully pushing the boundaries of the machine. Yet all are hand cut and drawn and are objects that I find to be truly beautiful."

Show title: Flats of Life

Alki Bathhouse November Artist Lindsey Cohen

"Birch", oil on canvas by Lindsey Cohen, anchors our fall group show with local artists Sharon Ackerlund, Ginger Brewer, Glenn D. Brewer, Tatyana Brown, Sarah Browning, Laurel Coleman, Lori Diaz, Rajaa Gharbi, Gretchen V. Hansen, Talese Heckler, Theresa McCormick, Patri O'Connor, Judy Salter, and Donna Stewart. Several artists will be present with a gift and card sale. Join us for refreshments and an art appreciation film! We'll be collecting donations of non-perishable food for the West Seattle food bank. The Alki Bathhouse is a community art studio and gallery operated in partnership by the City of Seattle Dep't of Parks and Recreation and the Associated Recreation Council. www.seattle.gov/Parks/arts/alkiart.htm

Funky Jane's November Artist Sarah Barrick

Sarah Barrick was born in 1982 in Northern Virginia. She and her family moved to Atlanta in 1997 where her artistic endeavors evolved as a studio art major with a concentration in photography at Georgia State University’s Ernest G. Welch School of Art and Design. She graduated in the spring of 2005, Summa Cum Laude, with a presidential award. She was also awarded Undergraduate Photography Student of the Year. After working as an artist and photographer in the metro Atlanta area for 5 years, she relocated to the town of Issaquah, WA in August, 2007 and made another move to West Seattle in September of 2008 where she currently resides with her housemates and 9 cameras. Sarah is frequently seen photographing events in the Greater Puget Sound area and spending time with her cats in her backyard organic veggie garden. Sarah will be donating 10% of all sales to Feed Washington, a non-profit organization feeding hungry children in Washington State. www.feedwashington.org

MAIN ARTIST WEBSITE: http://homepage.mac.com/sarah_barrick/GnomonicSpiral

Light Refreshments will be provided!

Wild Rose's November Show Home for the Holidays with Janet Ramble and Michele Spence

Wild Rose's presents "Home For The Holidays"
The very popular Janet Ramble is back with holiday oil paintings.

Michele Spence's enchanting vintage inspired Christmas trees and ornaments.

Meet local author Carol Smith and preview her newly released book of rhymes
called "Rhymes Over Easy". The book is full of West Seattle charm and makes the perfect hostess or holiday gift..

Josh Boender Allstate November Artist Lunaglow

Lunaglow designs and fabricates unique sculptures which have integrated illumination.
A major emphasis is on energy efficiency and the use of sustainable materials.
Designs range from simple candle-lit pieces to large-scale sculptures that incorporate LEDs, video and sound. Some of the pieces also express issues of eco-consciousness, with botanical designs and the incorporation of natural materials reflecting the importance of our natural world.
Light is an amazing medium that has incredible potential. Lunaglow tries to utilize it's unique properties to inspire wonderment and to communicate peace, respect and love.


We are offering free coffee cards with completed (short forms) allowing us to give free competitive auto quotes. The coffee cards are from our neighbor and friends at Red Cup Espresso. One small local business helping another.

Wallflower November Show the Puny Picture Show

Join us in Wallflower at the Shooting Gallery, where we feature an artist's show in coordination with the West Seattle Artwalk. This month we present: the Puny Picture Show

The Shooting Gallery at Wallflower Custom Framing is proud to present its biggest undertaking yet! Each of these fabulous local artists (and artists with local ties) was asked to create work with one common theme: they must be tiny. The results are amazing...and small.
Participating Artists: Jennifer Ament, Bethany Bachmann[3], Christopher Balder, Elizabeth Blake, Jessica Creager[7], Kelly Rae Cunningham, Mike Doyle, Jennifer Mahar Gilroy, Harry Householder, Todd Karam[5], I.H. Kuniyuki, Longina[2], Shelli Markee[6], Jennifer Mercede, Liz Moody[1], Mark Morgan, Tarsha Rockowitz[4], Jeff Sievertson, Shay Troupe, Ms. Vivian Yamakoshi.

ActivSpace November Artist Devrim Ozkan

Devrim was raised splitting her time between Las Vegas, NV and Istanbul, Turkey before moving to Seattle to finish her B.A. in Visual Arts from the University of Washington. She attributes much of the organic nature and patterns that appear in her work to the Native art of the Southwestern desert as well as the intricate designs that dominate Turkish culture.

Typically, Devrim works in mixed media, with a strong tendency towards mono-typing and oil painting. She is versed in ceramics, photography, sculpture (plaster, wire, wax, wood and clay), weaving, jewelry and installations. Her motivations for moving color are instinct based and rooted from the many memories she has acquired throughout her journeys. She believes visual art is an instinctive method of internal showcasing.

Tel: 206 484 0399 E-mail: devrimster@gmail.com
Web: www.devrimozkan.blogspot.com

Coffee to a Tea with Sugar November Artist Cara Granger Astorquia

Inspired by the population of crows in West Seattle, Cara has created a stunning collection of paintings paying homage to these curious birds. Cara will be available to meet at her reception taking place during art walk. 30% of all her sales through the month will be donated to Toys for Tots. Check out her work at caragranger.com
Joining Cara this month will be West Seattle author Lyanda Lynn Haupt. Haupt recently release he book Crow Planet; Essential Wisdom from the Urban Wilderness. The book profiles crows and their behavior "inviting us to explore our own wilder edges, where are cities are not as impoverished as we've been told; our sidewalks not as straight as we thought" (from Crow Planet, Haupt, Little Brown and Company, 2009). Haupt will be signing books through out the evening. Read her blog at thetanglednest.com

Emerald Spiral November Artist Iris Muranaka

Some of the images Iris has created are a blend of black and white photography with a touch of color to imitate a sense of nostalgia with the present. Iris’s other specialties are landscapes and architectural images portrayed in a surrealistic fashion.

Gail Ann November Artist Lucky Break Wishbones

Gail Ann Gallery & Studio offers a mixed bag! You'll find Lucky Break Wishbones - invented by a local entrepreneur they are perfect for Thanksgiving dinner! Twisted Sister (also local) makes handcrafted jewelry out of left over computer parts! Basia's Journal's are made of recycled books found in the trash and brought back to life in the form of a journal! Plus lots of other interesting pieces of handcrafted works and fine art photography that make for cool unique gifts.

Visit this link: http://gailannphoto.wordpress.com/2009/11/06/november-west-seattle-artwalk/

Don't forget this end of town...Stop by the studio located just beyond the Fauntleroy Ferry dock!
4507 Wildwood Pl.

C&P Coffee November Artist Jennifer Nerad

C & P Coffee Company welcomes painter Jennifer Nerad. “There is something archetypical about the natural landscape and human interaction with it. It is as if the answers lie just beyond that line of trees or those rows of waves, and if we stare long enough it will reveal itself in full. My hope is to create this sort of intimate connection with the viewer, a step closer to understanding. I seek to evoke that feeling of looking out into the sea: one of wistful contemplation, introspection, and general peacefulness. “ www.jennifernerad.com

Feedback Lounge November Event ZZ Top Documentary

West Seattle Filmmaker Jamie Chamberlin’s second ZZ Top-related
documentary was released Oct. 20. The 2-DVD set, “Double Down Live,”
features the legendary band performing live, peppered with
behind-the-scenes footage. The film will be screened at the Feedback
Lounge Thursday night, Nov. 12, 7pm and again at 10pm, in conjunction
with the West Seattle Art Walk. Admission is free/21 & older.

To clarify, Disc 1 was not filmed by Chamberlin, but was recorded live
in 1980 at the Grugahalle, a large performance hall in Essen, Germany.
Chamberlin filmed the hour-long Disc 2 last year while he toured with
ZZ Top across the United States and Europe. They perform 11 songs on
Disc 2, including “Jesus Just Left Chicago,” “I’m Bad, I’m
Nationwide,” “La Grange,” “Hey Joe,” and “Tush.”

“I shot close to 70 shows over the course of 2008, 95-percent shot on
one camera,” said Chamberlin, who attended Vancouver Film School and
met Billy Gibbons while producing rock segments for Fox-TV. Chamberlin
also filmed “Billy F Gibbons: Rock + Roll Gearhead,” based on four
days with the ZZ Top band leader.

Bird on a Wire November Artist Zach Bohnenkamp

Zach was born beside the railroad tracks in Iowa City. He spent most of his childhood in a tunnel beneath the very tracks upon which his first blood spilled. An adventurer by birth rite, he first reached the Gulf of México at age 7 on a raft he fashioned from lilac branches.

For the last 10 years Zach has called Seattle home but the rich black soil of his homeland still remains between his toes, where morel mushroom grow to this day.

He is currently printing out of Print Zero Studios in Georgetown and making murals with the crew Matamuros in Seattle.

Website: Zach: www.flickr.com/photos/willpowers
Matamuros: www.flickr.com/photos/matamuros13

The Building November 12 Artists

THE BUILDING - November Artist Lad Decker
Each month we'll be highlighting one of our 12 artists. For November, Lad shows both work in progress and finished paintings and drawings in her studio. She layers intense lines with emotionally charged colors. Lad uses her work to communicate on levels where words and obvious narrative can't reach, the way poetry supersedes prose. Check her website for more images at www.deckerfoundry.com .

Most of our artists will open their studios this month also. Check our blog for a peek into the future. Then, bring a buddy and come see us at The Building, 4316 SW Othello Street. Find directions and find out more about us at: http://westseattlebuilding.blogspot.com/

West Seattle Wine Cellars November Artist Jeff Mihalyo and Wine Tasting

West Seattle Cellars is pleased to announce this month's Art Walk Artist is Jeff Mihalyo. Jeff is an accomplished painter who's Mediterranean colors and surreal European landscapes will brighten the walls of an establishment that focuses on it's own European tradition of winemaking.

Jeff Mihalyo attended Otis/Parsons in Los Angeles and has been exhibiting on
the west coast for twenty years. He supports his art by providing clients
with print or interactive graphic design, illustration, and animation. His
paintings have also appeared on theatrical backdrops, book-covers, CDs,
magazines and other ephemera nationwide. His recent travels overseas have
resulted in nearly sold-out solo exhibits. Collected nation wide, Mr,
Mihalyo is also a photographer and is recognized internationally as in
innovator in the field of Scannography.
For more information visit www.mihalyo.com

West Seattle Cellars would also like to remind everyone that, as always on Thursdays, there will be a wine tasting. The week of the art walk will feature the wines of Eric Dunham, a Washington winemaker.

Sterling Images November Show

The Peace Duckies have arrived! It's Thanksgiving at Sterling Images
Gallery ("SIG"). Along with the exquisite art of our current artists,
John Cerminaro, Xavier Lopez, and Ron Sterling, you will find a new
species of animal called the "Indiepilgroturk Ducky." The Lulu Duckies
of West Seattle stand in solidarity with all those who participated in
that first Thanksgiving event but, especially, their cousins, the
turkeys. "Ducky" Holiday cards and three 2010 Ducky calendars are
available, including "Peace Duckies 2010."

Mr. Cerminaro is the world famous principal hornist (french horn) of the
Seattle Symphony whose art can be described as "sublime kandinskyesque
miniatures." Mr. Lopez, who is a "veteran" of over a hundred shows and
many different art forms, will show pieces from his "pop-surrealism"
world. Ron Sterling, SIG's founder, presents delightfully quirky ducky
images and many other fine photographic prints. Children are welcome.
Eats and drinks will be available.

Edie's November Artist Julie Fisco

Come out and see the amazing work of Julie Fisco in her first solo Exhibition. Her Print work has an incredible range and will be available framed and unframed for those of you on a budget. Wine and treats will be served. Thursday Nov. 12th 6-9.

And as an extra bonus her brother Nick Rhinehart will be showing next door at Twilight in a metal Exhibition. It will be a family affair, not to miss!

Ginomai November Show Ace of Frames

Artist: Ace of Frames
Phone: 206-841-4728
Email: aceofframes@gmail.com

Show theme: Sports, Politics and Rock n’ Roll
A collection of Seattle Sounders, Five US Presidents and a Signed Rolling Stone Guitar
A West Seattle framing concierge that develops unique pieces with specialized matting cuts and elaborate frame designs. Using Museum Quality UV glass or Plexi product. Many signed collectible pieces or great for kids school and sport photo’s.

Artist: Lucie LaMaine

Medium: Acrylic Paint, Mica Flakes, Glass Bead Gel, Molding Paste, Organic Paper, Netting, Glitter and Nail Polish on Canvas and Wood.
I have spent many years in the Northwest loving the forest and the sea, from shopping at the Public Market to boating in the San Juan’s and camping in the Hoh rain forest. I’ve faced challenges like commercial fishing in Alaska, losing my direction in the woods, and fearing the unseen but heavy breathing Sasquatch.
People want to know what motivates me as an artist. Why do I create? I create because I am able to communicate with others and express my deep thoughts and feelings. My focus is to paint images that evoke emotion, tell a story, amuse people and make the ordinary extraordinary. I want to bring light and color into a world of dark images and reflect on the creation of life in the Northwest.

Hotwire Coffee November Artist Todd Martin

I was born and raised in Bellingham, Washington and has been a lover of animals since he was a small child.
After high school I Studied Design. I also studied radio broadcasting independently, and hosted a radio program at WWU. I traveled to Thailand to discover the riches of the jungle, and that opened my eyes to the adventures of photography. For many years I have been involved in the design and sales, and have been featured in such newspapers as the Everett Herald and in 2008 was featured in a Christmas special on HGTV. I work in many types of media, but really enjoy photography. I have been a West Seattle Resident for 9 years.

The show: “Head Shots, if animals were celebrities”, is based on the idea of what it would be like if the paparazzi chased animals instead of celebrities. While I do not claim to be the greatest photographer in the world, I do believe I can connect with the animals on film. I do not just take random shots. I wait for them to happen. Whenever I take a walk with friends and I take my camera I can hear a sigh of despair….”I thought we were going for a walk”.
Besides photography I enjoy working with non profits. For this show I have partnered with the Woodland Park Zoo, and will donate 25 percent of the proceeds to their good works. I also like designing holiday décor and sometimes consider myself the John Waters of Christmas. I take a holiday theme and stretch it as far as I can go, many times searching for hours and days for items exclusively for this matter.