Windermere Kim Tingey & Barb Ogden October Artist Eric W. Fillmore

Kim Tingey and Barb Ogden, Realtor's with Windermere Real Estate are proud to present Eric W. Fillmore. Artist will be showing his paintings and other works.Light appetizers and beverages provided.

Activspace October Artists and Sue Quigley

Performing: Sue Quigley

ARTISTS: Olivia Pendergast – Full showing!
Sarah Leonard
Mary Shea
Lori Randall
Vita Cohen
Kazon Rotz
Rocco Dante – Tara Sauvage

Olivia Pendergast is a full-time artist represented in galleries in Utah. She moves to West Seattle two and a half years ago and spends about half her time in Africa Painting. She leaves for Africa next Tuesday and is having a large Studio Sale at her Activspace Studio during Art walk 6-9pm to move along some paintings and drawings. Prices will be up to 85% off for older works (at least one year older) and newer works will be 60% off (gallery prices). Olivia has shown in museums around the country and received awards in national competitions. To see her resume and samples of her work please visit her

Alki Bathhouse October Artist Lindsey Cohen

"Birch", oil on canvas by Lindsey Cohen
Please join us for the opening of our fall show! Enjoy work by local artists Barbara Benedetto, Ginger Brewer, Glenn D. Brewer, Tatyana Brown, Sarah Browning, Lindsey Cohen, Laurel Coleman, Lori Diaz, Rajaa Gharbi, Gretchen V. Hansen, Talese Heckler, Theresa McCormick, Patri O'Connor, Judy Salter, and Donna Stewart.
Alki Bathhouse is a community art studio and gallery operated in partnership by the City of Seattle Dep't of Parks and Recreation and the Associated Recreation Council.

Hotwire Coffee October Artist Mike Doyle

Serving champagne cocktails and cheese wiz.

Click! Design that Fits October Artist Rachel Austin

Portland artist Rachel Austin is showing a joyful collection of adorable birds, flowers, and paper airplanes that float over real maps and into your heart, and quite possibly your living room: her work is very affordable.

The Body Bar October Artist Cameron Anne Mason

Cameron Anne Mason combines her love of working with fabric with an aptitude for creating in three-dimensions. This has led her to create fine art for the gallery, celebration art for performance, and interactive installations.
In the work shown in this month’s West Seattle Artwalk, the figure is used to explore that which is seen and that which is kept close to the skin. The Waitress, the Mother, the Lover, all of these roles play a part in a woman’s life, fragmentary and coexisting.
Cameron’s artwork is informed by the exploration of surface design on fabric. She is largely self-taught, experimenting in the studio to find successful methods. The fabric for this body of work was created through breakdown printing, a silk-screen process that changes with each print. Patterning, forming, and stitching complete the pieces.

The Building October Artists

The hallways linger with the smell of wax and plaster. The whirring of woodworking tools overlaps with muffled NPR jazz. Come visit us on Thursday October 8 from 6-9pm to see what we've been doing over the summer. The Building, 4316 SW Othello Street. Find directions and find out more about us at:

Twilight October Artist RobRoy Chalmers

RobRoy Chalmers has been making art for over 20 years. His current body of work is comprised of torn, woven and folded Intaglio, lithographic prints and drawings which are mounted as trophies, shrines and/or free floating entities. These works reference the ebb and flow of the natural world as well as the pretense of modern life. Chalmers work is precise yet random in nature allowing it to speak on multiple levels and to a myriad of viewers.

ALSO, OUR MUSICAL GUESTS: The Wayward Drifters

Sleepers in Seattle October Artists Glen Caballero and Klaire Rueckert

Sleepers in Seattle is hosting selected works from Glen Caballero and Klaire Rueckert. Glen is a NYC transplant who has come to love Seattle, especially West Seattle. He enjoys painting the surreal, with a healthy dose of humor. Klaire is a graduate of San Diego State University with a degree in Art and Applied Design.

Dream Dinners October Artist Betty Olson Vacca

Betty Olson Vacca has taken her mastery of other art forms and her attraction toward intricately woven, intense colors to produce brilliant and immersing award winning works of oils, watercolors and pastels.Coming from the incredibly varied disciplines of weaving and rosemaling (Norwegian floral painting), Olson Vacca’s attraction to color called her to painting. Also influenced by the deep colors and graceful themes of Asian traditions, Olson Vacca used the favored themes of koi, ponds, and flowers to reach for unified works of great playfulness and meditative stillness.

Sterling Images Gallery October Ducky Tower of Terror

Halloween images have always been displayed at Sterling Images Gallery("SIG"), but, now, the gallery, in association with Duckies Rule!,presents the World's First Ducky Tower of Terror. Interactive Halloweenfun has never been duckier! SIG (at Lowman Beach Park) presents the artof John Cerminaro, Xavier Lopez, and Ron Sterling (founder of thegallery). Images include "Ducky Vampire 2.0" and "The Wizardess of Awe."

Mr. Cerminaro is the world famous principal hornist (french horn) of theSeattle Symphony whose art can be described as "sublime kandinskyesqueminiatures." Mr. Lopez who is a "veteran" of over a hundred shows andmany different art forms, will show pieces from his "pop-surrealism"world. Ron Sterling, SIG's founder, presents delightfully quirky duckyimages and many other fine photographic prints. Drinks, eats, andtreats, plus drawings for prizes!

Clementine October Artist Jennifer Carroll

Clementine presents Jennifer Carroll's "Shoes and Mirrors; It's All About You" Jennifer, who in addition to being a visual artist is a ballet teacher, choreographer and puppeter. Her current show at Clementine was inspired by a friend who remarked to her that in a way, all art is self-portrait. But Jennifer's (self-described) contrary nature wanted to mess with that... She explains, if I can't see you, you can't see me...

Wallflower Custom Framing October Artist Kelly Rae

Kelly Rae is mostly a self-taught painter learning through explorations in color. Her paintings employ layers of color, boldly worked with palette knives and brushes. She is inspired by green green grass against blue blue sky, anything round, old fabric, yarn, aging shutters, doors and windows, a tulip or allium from underneath, color, spring, fall, and everything she sees when she opens her eyes.
Come see her latest series in the Shooting Gallery, located near her 10'x12' piece commissioned for the Mural lobby next door.

Gail Ann Photography Supporting Angel Care Breast Cancer Foundation

Stop by Gail Ann Photography and help support Angel Care Breast Cancer Foundation.Gail Ann was chosen to photograph the twelve 'angels' for this year's calendar "Faces of Angel Care, Unveiling the New Year 2010"All of the angels are breast cancer survivors and trained to provide one on one emotional care to those newly diagnosed.Proceeds go to the Angel Care Foundation. Purchase your calendar tonight, $15 each and help make a difference.

Wild Rose's October Artist Cody Blomberg

Cody Blomberg loves to paint animals, people, and birds oh my. Cody will be doing on the spot sweeet doggie painting while art walk is happening. Come check out the Sweeeet Doggie portraits (dog sketches = $40 bring your dog photos!) , moody folks, and a few odds and ends. To see other work by Cody go to his website

Feedback Lounge October Event Smashing Pumpkins

Artists are Tim and Bradi Jones, V. Blast, Joanne Marachi

Revolution Coffee & Art October Artist DL Martin

D.L. Martin was born and raised in the Puget Sound area. As a professional home remodeler he has had the opportunity to work with a wide variety of material, which he incorporates into unique contemporary artwork. He adores his wife and daughters and draws inspiration from the realms of art, music, nature, personal experience, and world events.

Coffee to a Tea October Artist Tammy R. Deneau

Tammy creates one-of-a-kind, handcrafted leather masks.

30% of all profits from the month will benefit United Way.

C&P Coffee October Artist Elizabeth Bachman

C & P Coffee Company welcomes Elizabeth Bachman's first West Seattle Show: “Out for a Walk.” An inspirational look at the beauty of the little and the big.
Join us for an artist reception and wine tasting too.

Josh Boender Allstate Insurance October Artists Sharon and Terry Blumer

Sharon and Terry

Sharon: “Why do I paint?” Art is a form of communication. By sharing ideas, and feelings we educate ourselves and our children. Instead of teaching in a classroom I hope to encourage thought and discussion about our world through my art. I paint primarily in oils. I have a penchant to interpret the world around me, be it people or landscape, in vibrant color. I hope those who view my paintings share the passion I feel for life, through my use of the medium and its colors.”

We are going to have wine, cheese, crackers and some cookies.

Cherry Consignment October Artist Dave Sheely

Dave Sheely Designs: Plastic is the new gold.

This is no mere plastic jewelry! Each piece is unique. I hand mix industrial-grade urethane with color and found objects, mold and cure it for 24 hours in a high-pressure tank, then sand and polish it by hand.

The result is jewelry that is not only beautiful, but extremely durable and virtually shatterproof. Choose your design carefully; it's going to last for a long, long time.

The Kenney October Show 'The Bazaar'

The October theme at The Kenney with the “The Bazaar!” with hand made items and home made goodies for sale by our residents. The proceeds will benefit The Resident Life Care Fund.Paintings by Ballymena Resident, Jan Hahn.

The Kenney Catering Team will be offering trick or treats for the kids and Oktoberfest food and drinks for the adults.

Live entertainment will be The Bonnie Birch Bavarian Trio.

Bird on a Wire October Artist Jessica Creager

"Craving"Jessica studied painting at the University of Washington, where she graduated with two BFA's in 2003. Currently living in West Seattle and immersed in the national economic crisis, she has turned her focus to those little things in life that cause her to spontaneously smile. In this series, Jessica is studying frosting and cupcakes, translating them into oils, craving frosting, and smiling to herself. ...have a bite!

Red Cup Espresso October Artist Henry Wilson

Henry Wilson is a real Renaissance sort of guy. He has interests and talents in many areas of life for a young man of only 14 years old.

Along with photography he likes to play guitar, drums and keyboards. Some of his other interests include old musical instruments, manual typewriters, vinyl records, record players, antique books, historical architecture and memorabilia and vintage video games.
He has been collecting old cameras and taking pictures since he was little. In the past year his passion for 35mm film cameras really took off and he started taking his photography seriously. The reason he uses film cameras instead of digital is that he feels it gives his pictures more warmth and control.

He hopes you enjoy his work.

ArtsWest On Stage During Art Walk

ArtsWest On Stage Returns with Controversial Constructions
What: On Stage for (de)constructing men
Topic: “Controversial Constructions”
When: Thursday, October 8 - 7:30pm
Price: free

Join ArtsWest Gallery Director Nichole DeMent and ArtsWest Gallery artists Cory W. Peeke, Grego Rachko and Arun Sharma in a lively discussion about controversial issues surrounding constructions of the identity of men at On Stage Thursday, October 8 at 7:30pm Free and open to the public, ArtsWest’s On Stage Series was created to connect the world of art to the world around us, by discussing everything from themes and cultural context to programming choices and design concepts. In (de)constructing men, three male artists create work about contemporary manhood.

Styling Studio October Artist Chuck Pefley

Seattle photographer Chuck Pefley has been known for over 30 years for his iconic images of the Pacific Northwest—Mt. Rainier, the Space Needle, tulip fields, city skylines, foggy fishing boats, and ferries against snowy peaks---sold daily at the Pike Place Market. These and many others of his photos are often seen in magazines, advertising media, textbooks, and travel brochures. This show reveals his love of another place, half a world away: vibrant Old Italy. Rich in music, food and wine, art and architecture, color and design, Chuck has returned over and over in recent years to capture compelling scenes and enjoy the genuine warmth and great passion of the Italian people, immersed in their ancient culture and picturesque way of life.

website - www.chuckpefley.comblog -

West Seattle Wine Cellars October Artist Tim Marsden

Artist Tim Marsden

Image: Radish
It's possible one of the pieces will be cheese.

Cupcake Royale & Verite Coffee October Artist Chona Kasinger

Artist Name: Chona Kasinger: A glimpse into the incendiary world of rock and roll as seen by an underage live music photographer/writer.Show title: Almost FamousWebsite/Flickr link: Medium: photography

Skylark October Artist Jenny Jimenez & Mens Wet T-Shirt Contest!

Photography exhibit showcasing the past decade of music photography by Jenny Jimenez. The show runs from September 29th - December 12th at the Skylark Cafe in West Seattle. With opening party on Thursday, October 8th at 6pm.

Opening party will feature a tongue-in-cheek male wet t-shirt contest (sign up on site for your chance to win a print from the show!), fortune telling and sets later in the night from Damien Jurado & Amy Blaschke.

A sample of the bands / artists featured: early Death Cab, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, the Gossip, Telekinesis, Cave Singers, Interpol, Say Hi, Aqueduct and more!