Shoofly September Artist Romy Ehrsan

8 years old!

Bakery Nouveau September Artist Robert Howell

Bakery Nouveau welcomes Artist Robert Howell

Edie's September Artist Joe Tinsley

Check out Joe's work at We will be serving wine and treats, we hope to see you there!

The Kenny September Artist Phil Gelpi

This month The Kenney is featuring amazing photographs by our own Ballymena Resident Phil Gelpi.Unique and elegant handmade jewlery by Johanna Lindsay of Penguina Designs. Website: Images by photographer Josh Miller. website:’t miss belly dancing by Nadira, 2007 Belly Dancer USA & 2006 Belly Dancer of the Year. Website: fabulous flavors from around the world with food from The Kenney Catering Team.

The Body Bar September Beata Ondikova Metzelar

Featuring the fine art of Beata Ondikova Metzelar, Arist/Designer.

The Body Bar is pleased to welcome Alicia Pond, LAc to our wellnes team. Come meet and greet her, she will be offering complimentary mini-acupuncture sessions from 6:30 to 8:30. Please feel free to come and check out what acupuncture has to offer you!

Sample organic fruits and cheeses and drink from The Body Bar's Fountain of Youth, a powerful age-combatent botanical cocktail-elixer. Yeah, quite a mouthful and so much better than wine!

Pure Hair September Artist Karlee Furtwangler

At a young age Karlee Furtwangler hoisted herself out of the rural countryside of Enumclaw and moved to the bustling big city of Seattle. It was here that she first discovered her predilection for painting. In time, her passion for painting and all things "art" would lead her into the world of Interior Design. After graduating from Bellevue College, the twenty-seven year old has spent the last couple of years working as a commercial interior designer by day and a freelance artist and design consultant by night.

Skylark Cafe & Club September Artist Cash

Special Note

Scroll down to the Feedback Lounge post or click

Sterling Images Gallery September Artists John Cerminaro, Xavier Lopez and Ron Sterling

Presenting the art of John Cerminaro, Xavier Lopez, and Ron Sterling (founder of the gallery).
Mr. Cerminaro is the world famous principal hornist (french horn) of theSeattle Symphony whose art can be described as "sublime kandinskyesqueminiatures." Mr. Lopez who is a "veteran" of over a hundred shows andmany different art forms, will show pieces from his "pop-surrealism"world. Ron Sterling, who is well-known for his rubber ducky characterswho inhabit his garden and entertain visitors, will be showing fineducky art and other fine photography.

Drinks and eats will be served. Children are welcome. The World's VeryFirst Rubber Ducky Water Park is right next door and includesinteractive fun for "kids" of all ages. Drawings are held everyThursday for one child and one adult prize (choice of t-shirt orcalendar). The sunsets are fabulous!

Dream Dinners September Artist Betty Olson Vacca

Betty Olson Vacca has taken her mastery of other art forms and her attraction toward intricately woven, intense colors to produce brilliant and immersing award winning works of oils, watercolors and pastels.Coming from the incredibly varied disciplines of weaving and rosemaling (Norwegian floral painting), Olson Vacca’s attraction to color called her to painting. Also influenced by the deep colors and graceful themes of Asian traditions, Olson Vacca used the favored themes of koi, ponds, and flowers to reach for unified works of great playfulness and meditative stillness.

Gail Ann Photography September show Saving Grace

Our September Artwalk will feature "Saving Grace"...a display of angels photographed in Poland, Chicago and Boston.Artworks are featured on canvas, polaroid transfers and note cards.

Windermere September Artist Terry Peart

Kim Tingley and Barb Ogden, Real Estate agents with Windermere are proud to present Terry Peart a local West Seattle resident. Terry Peart, having lived in Renton most of her life, moved to West Seattle along with her husband Darrell two years ago. She has been drawing and painting since childhood. Her latest endeavor is painting "Scenes from the Road of Life" inspired by images she has seen from the driver's seat of a semi while working in the King County area for over 25 years.Her artistic eye captures the warm colors of the play of light and shadow on overpasses and buildings, streets and alleys. You can see some images and read about Terry at

Wallflower September Artist Kelly Rae Cunningham

Alki Mail and Dispatch September Artist Kristie McLean

Exhibitor: Kristie McLean Description of Work: Photography

C&P Coffee September Artist Julian Mueller

Local photographer Julian Mueller traveled to Chile during January and February of this year. Retired from a demanding professional life, travelling and photographing have become his passions.

Imena Salon September Artist Emiko Keller

There will be a drawing for free jewelry! Emiko Keller : Born in Japan, a longtime resident of West Seattle.My passion for jewelry and accessories started in Japan when I fell in love with the art of silk flower making and studied under a Millinery artist, Naoko Ogita.I majored in Jewelry making and Goldsmithing in Seattle and received an AAS in 1994.My designs are inspired by the colors and luster of gems, flowers and Japanese art and crafts.Website:

Sleepers in Seattle September Artists Joshua Von and Sarah Parent

Joshua Von is a new artist to the Seattle scene. His work in photography focuses primarily on industrial and architectural elements. He recently relocated from Moscow, Idaho after receiving his degree in Advertising and Fine Arts from Washington State University. He is grateful to be included in the West Seattle Art Walk.
Sarah Parent. Exploring the possibilities of pottery has captivated me since my first class, taken on a whim at the local junior college. I’ve since moved on to be a ceramics major at the University of Washington, and my fascination is greater than ever. I like to bring a sense of movement to my pots, a ball of plastic clay can be twisted and stretched, cut and chattered on the wheel. A moment when a design choice is made, tweaking a rim here or pushing a finger hold there allows the user to connect to the clay’s history. I enjoy the metamorphosis that occurs during the process of soda and crystalline glaze firing. The excitement when opening the kiln, never knowing what is waiting for you inside keeps me intrigued. The crystals have a life of their own and the path of the soda vapor through the kiln is like a river of fire painting the final piece.

Clementine September Artist Karol Sample

Clementine will host local artist, Karol Sample, at September's Art Walk. Karol describes her show, "Messengers" as paintings of both recent and familiar faces... all with a story to tell. If you listen, you can hear them. Join us for champagne and chocolate!

Ventana Construction September Artists 3G's Glass and Kristie Wehe

Will be having an artist blow out extravaganza! We are inviting 3G’s Glass back, and will also be featuring photography by Kristie Wehe, and handmade market bags by Rat City Rags.

Brunette Mix September Artist Pam Mandel

Recent transplant to West Seattle Pam Mandel makes collages out of natural history encyclopedias and fine arts magazines -- from the turn of the last century. Pam is a multimedia artist with a fine arts degree from San Jose State.

Verite Coffee & Cupcake Royale September Artist Lina Raymond

Artist: Lina Raymond Show Title: When I grow up

Medium: Mixed mediaAttached: It will always be my turn “When I Grow Up…” is a mixed-media series that escapes into childhood longings, fun and fantasies…no matter what age you actually are. The challenge in producing these works was to think, feel and paint as a ‘child’ would. This project began when that actually happened quite organically, and, without any pre-conceived intention of doing so."

Carmilia's September Artists from Seattle Art Insistute

'Bras for a Cause'

Coffee to a Tea with Sugar September Artist Jason Sinclair Astorquia
in november 2007, i picked up a paint brush
and have yet to put it down trained in applied mathematics
a software architect by trade my true passion lies in creative expression
writing, film, music, and fine art i experiment in abstract nature, figures, colors
concepts and process i believe that we, with our capability
of abstract thought, have an opportunity to invoke emotion, to stimulate conversation
to come together and help one another to manifest beauty and harmony
on earth

30% of proceeds from this show will go to a scholarship fund striving to ensure
that deserving youth in developing countries have access to education … a basic human right

Revolution Coffee & Art September Artist Josh Becker

Featuring Artist Josh Becker – a local photographer. Web site is

Cherry Consignments September show West 5

Showcase jewelry and crafts from friends/artists who are employee's of West 5 Lounge. This talented group not only knows how to serve up mighty fine cocktails and some of the best food in West Seattle, but they also are some of the most creative artists in West Seattle. Cherry Consignment is proud to present this ensemble of handmade jewelry and crafts as "the 5 Dive".

Styling Studio September Artist Bonnie Allen

Bonnie Allen lived in the Seattle area for over 50 years before movingto Ellensburg, Wa. where she now lives. She first began painting withwatercolors about 20 years ago when she retired from her teachingcareer. She is mostly self taught but loves workshops now and then tolearn new technique. Bonnie enjoys painting landscapes and streetscenes with a soft, loose style, while using a wide range of color! See more of her work at:

Hotwire Coffee September Artist Mark Morgan

Mark Morgan, a longtime residence of West Seattle, was introduced to photography by his father. This began a passion that would endure the intervening 41 years. Mark uses his camera to document glimpses of the unexpected and views of his world from new perspectives. Most recently, Mark is taking a more conceptual approach to his photography. Beginning with an idea, he photographs the different elements needed to bring his vision to life. Combining these various elements, along with layers of color and texture, affords him the ability to better express his imagination. Most of his images begin with the use of infrared – its unusual tones offer just the right amount of surreal mood to keep him happy. In addition, Mark will sometimes loft his camera into the air on the string of a kite to gain that different perspective and to keep a bit of adrenaline flowing.

Wine and light snacks.

ArtsWest Gallery September Show Altered Associations

The ArtsWest Gallery launches its 2009-10 season with Altered Associations, a show featuring surreal oils on canvas by Jeff Mihalyo, Lucy Carpenter working in reclaimed plastic bags and chicken wire, and Therese Buchmilller with minimalist re-creations utilizing various appropriated materials.

Altered Associations was curated specifically to complement the concurrent stage production at ArtsWest, Dead Man’s Cell Phone (September 9 – October 3).

Oil paintings by Jeff Mihalyo are based on a daily ritual of sketching during travels in Italy, France and Spain for the past 5 years. Quixotic coliseums are suspended above lush landscapes created from an aesthetic based in velvety realism. Vibrant jewel-like colors are only part of the beauty found in his oil paintings which are filled with universal metaphors for larger than life emotions and dreams.

Lucy Carpenter recycles plastic bags in her larger than life sculptures of human organs. A heart and a kidney are on view from her series, Plastics in Our Food Chain: When We Become Our Waste. Carpenter explores the ways in which we are becoming quite intimate with our trash.

Therese Buchmiller is a contemporary artist that re-organizes found objects such as a plastic frog, paper wings, Styrofoam pellets and a q-tip to create out of the ordinary installations based in simplicity and nostalgic beauty. The space between often means more than the objects themselves as she diverts meaning and identity of Objects by recontextualizing them on the gallery wall.

Twilight Artist Collective September Show The Ontology of The Image

SHOW: The Seattle Group - The Ontology of The Image, curated by Chris Crites
WHAT: Twilight Artist Collective is pleased to announce The Ontology of The Image, a group exhibition featuring works by fourteen Artists, all members of The Seattle Group. The grip of attention regarding this show comes from two seemingly unrelated poles:

1. The show is based on a feverish conversation regarding the nature if the Image. The intensity and passion of this subject has created impact and effect within our work, and is in part, the glue that anchors this show.

2. The work represented is not the typical unification of medium, technique and approach, and this opens up the field. Each Artist represented is pushing the limits in their own style, medium, and expression. The Image alone is being carved out, created, and respected. It's about the work, all else comes secondary.

This group show will display larger works in painting, works in collage, smaller works of fine detail, and many other variations towards The Ontology of The Image.

Participating artists:
Paul Young, Mark Tracy, Shaw Osha, Matthew Olds, Kevin McCarthy, Joseph Keppler, Carl Jackson, Robert Hardgrave, Shawn Foote, Bill Fahey, Andrew Drawbaugh, Chris Crites, James Brown, Tracy Boyd

The groups first publication, "The Seattle Group - The Ontology of The Image" will also be available at the show.

Keller Williams September Artists Jason Mercio, Dale Calkin, Krissy Maier with Catering by Emerald Cove

Jason Mercio

Jason Mercio’s passion for the outdoors has also been the motivation and inspiration for his photography. Many of his images are familiar landscapes, with a different perspective. Jason combines several age old techniques and modern lighting technology to accomplish all of these images.

Dale Calkin

A native of West Seattle Dale M. Calkin was raised in the High Point Project during World War II. His family left Seattle in 1955 and headed south down to Los Angeles, California where he lived for the next 40 yrs. 18 yrs ago Mr. Calkin returned to the Seattle area and took up oil painting with a pallet knife.

Krissy Maier

Orange Box Jewelry is handmade by Krissy Maier, an avid collector of sparkily bits and pieces. Inspired by the beauty of all things vintage and passionate about living a fair trade, eco-friendly, sustainable life, Krissy realized that by using discarded vintage jewelry components and beads she could create new fashionable pieces.

Fred Detore and James Privette: Emerald Cove Catering

BIO: Fred Detore, started his love for cooking while watching his mother in the kitchen as a small child. At the age of 13 he started his tenure in the restaurant business. ames Privette attended South Seattle Culinary Arts School. He met Fred while working at the Palisades Restaurant. Cooking alongside each other the two became fast friends.

Wild Rose's September Artist Sherry Buckner

Sherry Buckner is a master printmaker.Her art uses the simple beauty of native birds and plants. Her subjects include Junco's, Hummingbirds and native wild roses in delightful colorfulcompositions. The current exhibition at Wild Rose's includes silkscreen prints which are signed and numbered by the artist and cards of her most popular prints.

Complimentary wine will be served.

Feedback Lounge Paintball

Come to the Feedback Lounge during artwalk and watch some amazing art in progress. Click the Feedback Lounge link for more information.
Vblast is a full time professional artist working in the field of modern contemporary abstract. His unique style of heavily textured and highly detailed work draws the viewer in like the swinging stopwatch of a hypnotist. For over 25 years, Vblast honed his skills in the cutthroat arena of independent graphic illustration, creating shirt designs, tattoo flash, cd art, as well as magazine and book illustrations. In 2001 the artist decided to leave the world of commercial art and devote himself entirely to his own work. The abstract art of Vblast has been exhibited in a variety of northwest galleries and venues as well as being part of numerous private collections across North America.

I started my creative career after Art school by working in sign shops, learning sign fabrication, hand lettering and design. During this time I started painting Murals for schools, commercial buildings and public buildings over the years I have painted over 50 Murals. All throughout this time I continued to create fine art. And have shown my work at number of shows. Up till this point I have chosen to work outside the gallery system choosing instead to self pro-mot and host events showcasing my work, most recently a Friday the 13th show at the Admiral Sanctuary. I have been working as an Illustrator since the ‘90s and have specialized in spot illustration, at this point I have sold over 3000 drawings.

I have been tattooing&painting for the greater part of the last ten years.I enjoy using many different mediums and am always looking to learn new tricks from peers. Thats how I made it to the Paint Ball in the first place. A collaborative piece with Vblast and here we are at the FeedBack lounge. It's a great way to keep inspired & work with other artists. So thanx Jeff & all the Feedback lounge crew for the opportunity!