Admiral Theater Seeking Artists

The evening consists of 3 acoustic musicians in a round, followed by a spoken word artist. At the same time on stage, 4 artists are on 4 canvasses painting. After each "round" they rotate to the next canvass, adding their own special touch to that canvass.

At evening's end, the four canvasses come together to form one painting which then gets auctioned off to an audience member. The painters split that money amongst themselves.

We encourage the artists to get together prior to the show so that they can discuss a "theme" for the painting and even sketch out whatever they want to make the evening go smoothly.

We start at 9:00 PM. There are usually 2, 45-minute sets split apart by a 15-20 minute intermission.

We promote the artists in a variety of ways;

On our website;
On our marquee
On our movie-line
Through posters; (see attached)
Through press releases and media advisories
Through blogs and event locations like; culture mob, eventful, Craig's List, Seattle Twist, etc.
Also, prior to the show, the artists are encouraged to bring their work to hang in the lobby not only for sale, but for increased visibility prior to the show.

We do ask our artists to put their involvement out on their social network pages and websites as well as send out an invitation to their own email lists.
We do these shows to benefit the food banks in West Seattle. We have received nothing but great testimonials from both the artists and the community. The audience loves watching a painting come to life right in front of them as well as have the chance to purchase the work.

Windermere Agents Kim Tingley & Barb Ogden August Artist Susan Johnson

Kim Tingley and Barb Ogden are proud to present local artist Susan Johnson.

In addition, special guest Seattle mayoral candidate James Donaldson will be available to address any of your neighborhood concerns as well as fill you in on his campaign platform.

IMENA Salon August Artist Emiko Keller

Emiko Keller : Born in Japan, a longtime resident of West Seattle.My passion for jewelry and accessories started in Japan when I fell in love with the art of silk flower making and studied under a Millinery artist, Naoko Ogita.I majored in Jewelry making and Goldsmithing in Seattle and received an AAS in 1994.My designs are inspired by the colors and luster of gems, flowers and Japanese art and crafts.Website:

The Building August Artists

The Building August Multiple Artists
The Building is host to 12 art studios. You're invited to peek inside our studios and see what's in progress and newly completed. Near the end of California a few blocks south of the Morgan Junction, turn west on Othello. This month you'll see drawing, painting, encaustic, sculpture, ceramics, and paper-cutting. Plenty of parking nearby. The Building, 4316 SW Othello Street. Find directions and find out more about us at:

Hotwire Coffee August Artist Dusty Bolyard

Short bio
I've always painted, it's the color of my blood! Every painting I do is an expression of my internal and on every canvas I leave a piece of me. I do art for the love of it and I hope that message gets through! I'll be playing some of my personal music at my showing!

Shoofly August Artist Jennifer Forland

Jennifer Forland Mixed Media & Jewelry

Clementine August Artist Emily J. Williamson

Clementine is proud to host West Seattle artist, Emily J Williamson, whose mixed-media show, How I see You and How You See Me, presents whimsical portraits, self portraits, and portraits of people Emily knows if they were animals. For more information about Emily, checkout her website:

About the artist in her own words:I love color. Colors can evoke a response like no other sense; cool moonlight on snow, the fading glow of sun on a still lake, the bright flash of a bird’s wing. These are the things that inspire me. Nature is pure art, all we can do is attempt to emulate some of it’s features.

Roccoedante Handbags Activspace

Wallflower August Artists Debra Gerth and Michelle Smith-Lewis

"Treasures" In this intriguing series of images, photographers Debra Gerth and Michelle Smith-Lewis explore different interpretations of treasures, both found and lost.

AKA at ActivSpace

Active space (#113 off the street and just South of #104)

Coffee at the Heights August Artist Justine Blank

Specials on $1.00 lattes and mochas.

Artist is Justine BlankDigital photo art. Justine Blank from Port Angeles shows her digital photography. Unique pop-art perspective using photos with a passion for the animal faces, flowers, and other interests. Web site is Justine will be here at the shop on Thursday night to answer any questions and meet all.

Click! Design that Fits August Artist Gail Howard

I do my art because it calms my racing mind, rewards me with surprises and sometimes makes me laugh, both while I’m making the work and afterwards when I look at it. I get a perverse pleasure out of doing a whole bunch of busy work to create something that looks minimal and tranquil.

Click! kicks off their end of summer sale with 20-50% off handbags, juice glasses, clocks, and magnetic organizers!

Endolyne Joes August Artist Laif Bannon

Featuring the Art of Laif Bannon and various Outsider Artists.

Wine tasting behind the Red Doors.

Bakery Nouveau August Artist Lisette Wolter-Mckinley

Artist: Lisette Wolter-Mckinley

Artist bio: Lisette is from Washington, where she grew up loving the outdoors and creating whenever she had the opportunity. She has always been fascinated with color, texture and composition. She likes to cook, entertain, craft, run, hike and snowshoe. She currently lives in West Seattle with her husband Cameron. Artist statement: My work consists of finding the extraordinary in the ordinary, which I constantly explore through different contexts. The subjects I choose are generally simple, ordinary and natural. They reside in a world where people easily pass over them and do not take time to appreciate their inherent value. As an artist I seek to unearth the missed beauty and appeal of such moments. The idea that extraordinary beauty exists all around us is the theme to which I constantly return. To this end, I take photographs, create mixed media art and whatever else catches my interests.

Medium: Photography Size of work: 8" x 10" prints with 15" x 17" frames

Gail Ann Photography August Artists Shan Coleman-Reggae and Belli Vita

Gail Ann Photography, Studio and Gallery presents Shan Coleman - Reggae Artist and Belli Vita - Belly & Body casting

I have had the pleasure of working with both of these great artists. I just met Shan and was overwhelmed by his sense of spirit and his smooth flowing reggae style.We had a wonderful photo session. Several of my images are featured on his website.

Laura Marie is another great artist. She has an eye for design and color and it shows in her belly castings.I have photographed many of her pieces that appear on her website. Stop by to see her castings and of course, the fine art work and portraiture of Gail Ann Photography.

Sterling Images August Artists

Sterling Images Gallery August Artists

Sterling Images gallery is pleased to announce that its official "gala"opening will be the evening of the August 2009 Art Walk. The gallery isthe creation of Ron Sterling who is now well-known for his rubber duckygarden art, interactive creations, videos, greeting cards, and fineducky art prints. The Sterling Images gallery is next door to the WestSeattle Rubber Ducky Reserve at 7035 Beach Drive SW (Lowman Beach Park). Sharing the gallery space on August 13 will be the art of John Cerminaro and Xavier Lopez.

Mr. Cerminaro is the world famous principal hornist (french horn) of theSeattle Symphony whose art can be described as "sublime kandinskyesqueminiatures." Mr. Lopez who is a "veteran" of over a hundred shows andmany different art forms, will show pieces from his "pop-surrealism"world.

Alki Bathhouse Art Studio August Artists

This summer Alki Bathhouse Art Studio features Patri O'Connor's dreamscape environments in oil on canvas. Also showing are Donna Stewart, Barbara Benedetto, Sharon Ackerlund, Laurel Coleman, Kris deLancey, Tatyana Brown, Lindsey Cohen, and Talese Heckler.

Please join us August 13th for refreshments.

Edie's August Artist Barbie Bond

“Washed Ashore: A Vintage Collection” "Barbie Bond has been creating mixed media for most of her life. She has a fine arts degree from Washington State and is currently designing kitchens. This work incorporates vintage objects found in flea markets from Seattle and Barcelona. Her jewelry is a unique combination of watches, skeleton keys and vintage pieces- treasures she has collected for years. The shadow boxes include 1920's era postcards from Spain reminiscent of travel, intrigue and love left behind."

We will be serving wine and treats.

Fresh Bistro August Artist RobRoy

RobRoy has been making art for over 20 years. His current body of work is comprised of torn, woven and folded Intaglio lithographic prints and drawings, which are mounted as trophies, shrines and or free floating entities. These works reference the ebb and flow of the natural worlds as well as the pretense of modern life. Chalmers’ work is precise yet random in nature, allowing it to speak on multiple levels and to a myriad of viewers.

50% of shared plates, just mention your favorite artist from the West Seattle Art Walk

Ventana Construction August Artists 3Gs Glass

3 Gs Glass was created by Truus Grandbois, and her daughters Rose and Annette. They started making fused glass during a few sessions at an art studio in Issaquah, and realized they had a passion for glass. A kiln & supplies were purchased, and they started creating beautiful pieces of art. The first piece that were created were the wine coasters, and soon after they were paired them with matching bowls and trays. The trio make a fantastic table accessory, whether you're looking for casual or fancy. With spring came the idea of creating garden art. The glass houses are their best summer sellers.

Twilight Artists Collective STOP! COLLABORATE for August

STOP! COLLABORATE!Featuring: Eric Osborne, Matt Calcavecchia, Nate Stottrup, Marty Gordon, Stefan Caswell, Mara Rivet, Justin Hillgrove, Jessalin Beutler, Mark Gunderson, David Enriquez, Brad, Strain, Clare Bowers, John Osgood, Debbie Bianchi, Stephanie Doll and Todd Karam.

The first annual "Stop! Collaborate!" show, curated by local artist Todd Karam. This is one-of-a-kind opportunity where 16 artists from Washington and California collaborated with each other. Of course there's a twist. Each participating artist contributed one of their own "completed" pieces. After drawing names from a hat, another artist from the group then took the once completed piece to expand on it. You ask "..but, but will they respect the work of the other artist? Is this normal?" The answer is, "who knows." Slide, roll, dance, jiggy, jump, run, skip, breakdance, moonwalk your way to Twilight in West Seattle. Whatever you do, don't miss this one-of-a-kind show! Erik Chillman and dj Joel Dipietro will be spinning during the opening so bring your dancing shoes and props, if you plan on becoming more than a spectator. Dance music, and old hiphop/funk party stuff!

Dream Dinners August Artist Betty Olson Vacca

Betty Olson Vacca has taken her mastery of other art forms and her attraction toward intricately woven, intense colors to produce brilliant and immersing award winning works of oils, watercolors and pastels.

Coming from the incredibly varied disciplines of weaving and rosemaling (Norwegian floral painting), Olson Vacca’s attraction to color called her to painting. Also influenced by the deep colors and graceful themes of Asian traditions, Olson Vacca used the favored themes of koi, ponds, and flowers to reach for unified works of great playfulness and meditative stillness.
During the Art Walk, Dream Dinners will have samples of Arroz con Pollo, just one of the great dinners on our upcoming September menu.

Sleepers in Seattle August Artist Erica Curnutte

Erica actually comes from a performing arts background and holds an MFA in Acting Performance from the University of Idaho, and has worked professionally all over the country before landing in Seattle. During her tenure here, she has worked for such companies as Book-It Repertory Theatre, Thistle Theatre and Animus Theatre Project. Photography and visual arts came about rather accidentally. It began with taking snapshots of the kids at the school where she works, and then, rather magically, a wonderfully amazing camera fell in her lap and away she went! She is still working to find her aesthetic, but currently finds herself drawn to shooting people, especially women, and capturing the beauty that lies behind the eyes and putting it on paper.

Georgia Blu August Artist Mimi Inglin

Mimi Inglin is a portrait photographer specializing in contemporary andlifestyle photos of babies, children and families in Western Washington.Using a candid and documentary style approach, she captures images that arespontaneous and fun - the way childhood should be remembered.

C&P Coffee August Artist Sarah Browning

Artwork by Sarah Browning for the month of August at C & P Coffee Company. Sarah uses painting and cut paper to explore themes of survival and nurturance. Lavishly colorful acrylic land and waterscapes contrast with iconographic, reductionist paper cuts. Also, Thursday, August 13th from 6 pm - 8 pm, Wine Tasting. Local distributors “Small Vineyards” will be our guest and they will share some of what their company has to offer.

Wine club meets on the 2nd Thursday of every month. Everyone is welcome to join us as we explore a new theme each month and feel free to bring an appetizer. Send us an e-mail: if you are interested. There will be a $15.00 tasting fee, 21 and older please. C & P Coffee Company, 5612 California Avenue SW. (206) 933-3125

8 Limbs Yoga August Artist Kim Eugene

India and the Four AbodesWanderings on the Char Dham pilgrimage

Black and White photographs by Kim Eugene Hood

The Char Dham (The Four Abodes) is the most important Hindu pilgrimage in the Indian Himalayas. Located in the Garhwal section of the state of Ultarakhund, the circuit consists of the four sites-Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedranath and Badrinath. For centuries, saints and pilgrims in their search for the divine have walked these vales.In the fall of 2008 I traveled to India and was fortunate to be able to journey to this special region. I saw India as a very unique, welcoming and familiar experience.

Artist Statement: There are moments when life gently pushes against our chests. When the rush, stress and blur stop for a moment.Our senses come together and we pause, realizing our impermanence.For some of us, this sensation becomes an obsession.
Kim Eugene Hood

Youngstown August Artists Featuring The Nature Consortium

Wild Rose's August Artist Janet Ramble

WILD ROSE'S presents "SUMMER IN SEATTLE" Summer Gardens & Ktchensoil paintings by JANET RAMBLE. Complimentary wine will be served

Cupcake Royale & Verite Coffee August Artist Alisha Baker

Alisha Baker was born in Northern California and grew up in Washington, currently residing in North Seattle. She has spent most summers of her life traveling back to California to visit family and spend time at the ocean. Often road tripping, she has visited numerous beaches all along the west coast. The ocean has often been her artistic muse, those good memories along the water’s edge inspiring much of her work. Alisha has earned a degree in Graphic Design and Illustration from Seattle Central Community College, and has studied and practiced fine art her entire life. She has taken courses in drawing and painting at the Kirkland Arts Center, Gage Academy of Fine Arts, and most recently at the University of Washington, where she graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting and Drawing.

ActivSpace August Artist #104

Serving wine and featuring fashion design artists.

Funky Janes August Artist Stephanie Norris

The Kenney August Artists Janet Price, Karin Mick, Gisela Schultz & Krissy Maier

¡Hola Amigos y Vecinos!
You are invited to The Kenney for a Southwest Fiesta during our Sizzling Summer Art Walk Series!
Kenney Resident Artists: Karin Mick will be showing her watercolor paintings along with some acrylics. Gisela Schultz will be selling wonderfully handcrafted cards. Guest Artists: Orange box Jewelry by designer Krissy Maier
Inspired by the beauty of all things vintage and passionate about living a fair trade, eco-friendly, sustainable life, Krissy realized that by using discarded vintage jewelry components and beads she could create new fashionable pieces.
Artist Janet Price I have returned to art after a career in information technology management. While my primary medium is acrylic, I also work in collage and print mediums. I do pleine aire landscapes but also use photos from my life and travels as the basis for paintings.
Enjoy live music performed by the world music duo Correo Aereo!
Kenney Catering will be turning up the heat with a salsa bar, food and drinks!

Styling Studio August Artists Joni James & Tom Stanaway

Styling Studio presents, "1 Place, 2 Artists, 3-D"Do you like the unusual? Come to the August Art Walk at the StylingStudio and check out the three dimensional works of two local artists, Joni James & Tom Stanaway.

Artist reception will include refreshments as always & lots of fun.Come join us! We think you'll be surprised!

Arts West August Artists NW Faculty Group Show

In the Gallery: Inspired by Light Photographic Center NW Faculty group show

July 26 - August 22

Wine and Cheese Artist Reception: August 13, 6-9pm

Coffee to a Tea with Sugar August Artist Kerry

Kerry is a latecomer to the art world. At the age of 49 he picked up a brush for the first time. He quickly decided his main tool would be the painting knife and he hasn’t stopped since. He received an award in his first juried competition and recently received 1st Place in the Normandy Park Arts Festival for “Spring “09” which is currently on display at Coffee To A Tea With Sugar in West Seattle.

The majority of Kerry’s work is done in the style he calls “Dollopism”. Using a painting knife he carefully places dollops of oil paint, one at a time onto canvas or board. This technique allows him to create highly textured, colorful works of art.

Kerry has more than a dozen of works on display at Coffee To A Tea With Sugar during the month of August. He will be donating 30% of any sales from that display to the Prostate Cancer Foundation in memory of his Father who died from this disease.