Shoofly June Artist Jennifer Nerad

Activspace June Group Show/Sale

Activspace open tonight for WS Artwalk! We have an open storefront for this Thursday's artwalk with various art goods for sale. Featuring handmade jewelry by Melanie Garton (, candle holders made from salvaged wood & hardware from Red Barn Woodworks ( and art prints from painter Tarsha Rockowitz ( It's a little off the beaten path, but we promise it'll be well worth it!

3400 Harbor Ave. SW, Seattle, WA 98126

The Kenney June Artist Lillian Swenson Music by the Eagles and Nibbles

Kick off Summer Thursday at The Kenney Retirement Community on Fauntleroy. Spotlighting oil paintings by Resident Artist Lillian Swenson and “wearable art” by Anita Corby (
Musical Guests: The Fraternal Order of Eagles Band. Hors d’oeuvres, beer, wine and sunshine will be served!

Click! Design that Fits June Artists Sally Shintaffer and Poppy Barach & Sale

Click! Design That Fits celebrates fresh and local art, design, and food this month. The June featured artists are Sally Shintaffer and Poppy Barach of

Sally and Poppy write about and photograph the beauty of living locally. Their images are intimate portraits of fresh produce and local landscapes. There are large framed prints to inspire you in your home, and small greeting cards available as well.
For Art Walk we will sample some of the food and drink recipes from their blog, featuring local, seasonal ingredients.

We will also have special discounts on market trolleys, locally made jewelry, and more.

Windermere June Artist Gini Lawson and Musician Terry Holder

Kim Tingley and Barb Ogden, of Windermere Real Estate are proud to present: GiniLawson local artist/Terry Holder, local musician

Gini Lawson:Artist Statement:

My work is informed by my fascination with human relationships - the real,imagined, and wished-for. The inspiration for my paintings comes from thequickly composed, ubiquitous family snapshot: everyone in “camera face,”smiling and happy. Through close examination and subtle manipulation of facialexpressions, body language and composition, these seemingly innocent mementosconvey underlying psychological and emotional tensions that tell quite adifferent story from that which was intended.

Terry Holder is a singer/songwriter that delivers her emotionally driven songsthrough her evocative, tender voice around lyrics that take you on a journeywith flashes of abandon heartbreak, love, and self awareness.

Capers June Artist Jennifer Ament

West Seattleite Jennifer Ament debuts her collection of linocuts this month at CAPERS. Her graphic prints of flora, fauna and contemporary images are showcased in gilded frames or limited edition prints

Red Cup June Artist Erin Montanarelli

My name is Erin Montanarelli. I am a long time resident of West Seattle. My passion in life is learning about other cultures and I do this by traveling and taking pictures. I travel to Italy a couples times a year and am fortunate enough to travel within the country and seek out new destinations. My photos are all in the Northern part of Italy, Piemont and Emilia Romagna. Every picture I take has a memory and a story. When you look at a photo, you create your own story.

Wallflower Shooting Gallery June Artist Liz Moody

Liz Moody 2009"Burgeoning Blossoms/Fairy Tales"Artist Statement:

Liz Moody is inspired by her mother's old vogue dress patterns, the magic and texture in the pages of vintage children's books, and the profusion of blossoms when spring finally arrives in the Northwest. Liz uses acrylic paint, India ink, collage, and pastel to build up layers of texture in each piece. She loves brilliant, saturated color and playful organic shapes that reveal small mysteries of text and paint.

8 Limbs Yoga June Artist Jennifer Jenkins

Jennifer Jenkins: "My area of concentration over the last three years has been composition-that based on line and shape, but also color and color interaction. I am always eager to discover how the these elements effect and react to one another, and am frequently finding myself not painting ON the canvas, but having a dialogue WITH it. It is this dialogue that keeps me coming back again and again."

The Mural June Artists in the Art Gallery

Robroy Chalmers - Printmaking

Todd Karam - Painting

Michelle Smith-Lewis - Photography
Also stop in to Mural and see the permanent collection of 13 paintings by kelly rae cunningham including a 12 foot by 10 foot painting for the lobby and 12 small 20x20 inch paintings for the 6 elevator lobbies. Limited Edition prints available at Wallflower, located in the same building.

The Building 12 Artists Open Studios

The Building, 12 Artist Studios open during Art WalkWe've been told coming to The Building was worth the extra walk. Happily, we have plenty of car and bicycle parking for guests who choose to tour by wheel instead. Even the bus stops only a few steps from our front door. Trek south on California past Caffe Ladro to see artists of all media making paintings, sculptures, guitars and any other kind of mess we can make with encaustic wax and fire.

Get a peek inside our studios and find a map to us at

Clementine June Artist Roger Fernandes

Roger Fernandes is a well known Native artist and storyteller who has produced many commissioned and public artworks in the greater Seattle area. He has taught art to children and adults and has researched and taught the traditional art style of the local native tribes called Salish art. His show at Clementine, "The Sacred Song that Every Baby Sings," will feature jazz and blues references integrated with with children's art and traditional Native design. Please visit us for champagne and chocolate. Roger promises to tell us a story or two!

Coffee to a Tea with Sugar June Artists Rich and Sonny Timms

Coffee to a Tea's artists this month are brothers Rich and Sonny Timms. Their collection is inspired by growing up with a father in the service. They caught the travel bug and now spend their time searching the globe. Their showing is comprised of stunning pictures from every crevice of the world.

The artists will be available during the art walk (complete with wine and cupcakes!). 30% of the profits made while hanging at Coffee to a Tea will benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Edie's June Artist Lonjina Verdugo and Wine & Treats

Lonjina Verdugo’s career includes graphic design, mixed media, textile design, and interior design, that consistently imparts her point of view with brilliant colors and playful shapes.Her artwork is inspired by her children. Her first collage was created for her daughter when that affordable and unique piece couldn't be found. Working with mulitcolored papers in her collage creates layers of texture to each piece and are representative of her own aesthetic of contrasting colors, organic shapes and abstract designs.

C&P Coffee Company June Artist David Walega

Nationally recognized artist, David Walega creates custom paintings of your dog, cat or any pet/companion animal. ‘When referencing your personal photographs, my goal is to bring out your pet’s unique personality in paint. I try to convey a sense of timelessness and dignity from your companion in the final artwork. The highest compliment I could receive is that I have captured the essence of your best friend.’

Dream Dinners June Artist Otto Lang

Otto Lang Renowned, ski instructor and film maker and adventurer. Dream Dinners, West Seattle is privileged to share a sample of Otto Lang’s photo collection. Stop by for look at some of Otto’s adventures.

Twilight June Artists Group Show

"ART NIGHT" GROUP SHOW @ Twilight in the Junction

Featuring: Michael Alm, Joey Bates, Liz Brown, Angielena Chamberlain, Susan Cole, Chris Crites, Christian French Claire Johnson, David Kane, Joel Lee, Rich Lehl, kelly Lyles, Tim Marsden, Jeff Mihalyo, Scott Nacke, Demi Raven, Rebecca Raven, Phil Stoiber. What is Art Night?

Art Night is a group of Artists (capital A) who meet on Thursday evenings to create, discuss and gossip about Art (another capitol A). The idea came about when the original members (god only knows who they were or are anymore) felt day jobs and other responsibilities were making the making of Art a tad too solitary. The idea was to put aside one night a week where we could get together and give ourselves an evening of making art and cover some social bases at the same time. Wine and beer were not just allowed, but actively encouraged to lubricate the creative process. Going back at least six years now, the original group was small, numbering around eight members. Since then the group has grown in size to over forty people "officially" on the Art Night list. To be fair, not everyone on the list has actually participated in Art Night in any way other than being on the list, but there is a group of 25-30 people who regularly attend a Thursday night. The more likely gathering consists of 10-15 core members who bring something to work on that evening.
This is about as casual an art group as is possible. There are no dues, no selection process (another member's word is good enough), no adherence to a particular school of thought, no stylistic restrictions and not even a requirement to participate. This, of course, leads to the question "What do these people have in common?" and the answer is "Not a bloody thing!" barring the desire to make art and the commitment to support others in doing the same. It's a big art world (small a) out there and there is room for many approaches. There is, however, safety in numbers.

Sweetie June Artist Debbie Bianchi

This month at Sweetie, Seattle artist Debbie Bianchi presents her enchanting Spring 2009 series of acrylic paintings. Delightful bluebirds and mysterious ravens dance across her canvases among fanciful blossoms, trees and landscapes. Her main inspiration for this series is a family of crows she has observed for sometime. Bianchi finds these birds endearing and wants to convey their sense of fun and wit.

Alki Mail and Dispatch June Artist Susan Weir

Exhibitor Susan Weir Description of Work Acrylic Landscapes

Keller Williams June Artists Cara Granger, Jason Sinclair, Laura Green and Catering by Emerald Cove Catering

Cara Granger Astorquia BIO: I was Born and raised in Oakland, CA and have been a Washington resident, specifically West Seattle, for the past 10 years. My love for drawing and painting began as a small child when my intrigue for interpretation and how the world is put together began.

Jason Sinclair AstorquiaBIO: An native of Idaho, I now call Seattle home, having lived in the area for more than a dozen years, the past eight of which in West Seattle.

Laura Green Jewelry

Fred Detore and James Privette: Emerald Cove Catering BIO: Fred Detore, started his love for cooking while watching his mother in the kitchen as a small child. James Privette attended South Seattle Culinary Arts School. He met Fred while working at the Palisades Restaurant.

Styling Studio June Artist Kathleen Lopez

Styling Studio presents Kathleen Lopez,
“Winter’s chill, spring erases...", flowers and images
of warmer climes. Come celebrate spring and
Kathleen’s art.

Hotwire Coffee June Artist Kelli Eggers

Kelli Eggers is a local Seattle artist. She enjoys creating unique and fun mosaics. She uses stained glass and hand cuts each piece. She also offers custom mosaics as pet portraits or other designs.
phone- (206) 819-9327