Click! Desgin that Fits May Artist Roger Shurleff

Roger Shurleff will be showing two distinct bodies of work: Ghostland and Tools of the Trade. The Ghostland series occupies itself with Humankind’s abandonment of the past. Roger depicts vacant dwellings inhabited by skulking animals and the on-looking ghosts of former occupants. Tools of the Trade takes tools for what they represent, and elevates them to iconic status; presenting them in the gentle, luminous materials of paper and wax.

Alaska Dream Dinners May Artist Otto Lang

Otto Lang, a skiing pioneer and filmmaker, was a Northwest icon who had few equals in elegance, work ethic and zest for life. He also became an accomplished photographer, woodworker and writer. He wrote ski columns for the Seattle P-I and two books."He was an unbelievable human being," said skiing filmmaker and longtime friend Warren Miller. "He is the last of the old Austrian ski instructors; it is the absolute end of an era."

Bakery Nouveau May Artist Kate Fluckinger

Featuring the art of Kate Fluckinger.

ArtsWest May Artists Associate Group

May at ArtsWest brings the annual ArtsWest Artist Associate group show, Puppies and Ice Cream: a discourse on contemporary sublime.

The opening reception with the artists will be on June 11th from 6-9pm with musical accompaniment from internationally recognized Flamenco guitarist, Marcos Carmona. This stimulating show exemplifies that art is about transformation: both of line and shadow, as well as individual and cultural beliefs. The inspired and magnificent pieces chosen encourage the contemplation of the use of comfort and distraction to engage a contemporary viewer. The work clearly displays the diversity and strength of differing ideas within an arts organization.

Alki Bathhouse May Artist Talese Heckler & Refeshments

Alki Bathhouse is featuring guest artist Talese Heckler, showing "Textiles", her colorful new series of paintings. This new body of work is inspired by her background in fashion and her travels abroad. Our Spring 2009 show will be up through June. Also showing artwork are artists Jason Astorquia, Barbara Benedetto, Colleen Doherty, Jennifer Jennings, Laurel Mercury, and Donna Stewart. Please join us for refreshments.

Brunette Mix May Artist Sophie Pangrazzi & Refreshments

This month Bjay from Brunette Mix is proud to feature French fashion photographer, Sophie Pangrazzi. Sophie PangrazziBorn in France, Sophie is now based in the US where she shoots clients in NY, LA, San Francisco and Seattle. Published in Cosmopolitan, Elle, Marie Claire and Vogue.

Please stop by to see Sophie's incredible work and meet her!! *Wine and Sweets will be served*

Windermere Real Estate May Artist Mark Stearney

Kim Tingley and Barb Ogden are thrilled to have local artist Mark Stearney. Markwill be presenting works that represent a reinterpretation of the WashingtonState landscape from the Palouse to the Pacific Ocean. These aresmall abstract watercolors, done in a non-traditional way, of subjects gatheredmostly from road trips across the state. Contemporary in style, but easilyrecognizable as iconic and ageless elements of the Pacific Northwest.

The Building May Artists

West Seattle’s best kept secret is The Building, a former private school turned into 12 artist studios in 2008. At the south end of California turn west on Othello. You’ll see The Building, a green-grey tribute to 1960’s architecture on your right: 4316 SW Othello. Plenty of street parking.

Lad: In May Lad will be showing her latest paintings and drawings. She builds up the surface of each painting as one would weave materials together to form cloth. See more of her paintings and male figure drawings at

Joyce Gehl Studio: Spring brings an abundance of opportunity for Joyce's encaustic studies. Her layers of textured wax, photography, drawing, oil paint and deep carving reveal things both unseen and indefinable, creating links among seemingly unrelated subjects and events.

Craig Kosak: Craig is preparing for a large solo show in Santa Fe later this year and many of the show’s larger paintings are complete. Stop by for a preview of the newly finished work and many other paintings in progress. For more information about Craig and his work visit

Randy McCoy has abstract paintings, prints and other works in his studio available for purchase which are constructed from cast paint and recycled copper, his new work is a terrific compliment to today's modern home interiors and specifically West Seattle's prevalent mid-century modern aesthetic.

Pre-K Atelier: Visit our traditional, figurative sculpture studio and see works from Roberta Browne, Shawn Mclean, Paul Vosper and Matt Buckner. See plaster casting in various stages as well.

Kerrie Howell will be hosting an ongoing installation project.

Alisa Lahti: From traditional motif to modern adaptation, Alisa's inspiration comes from the folk art form of papercutting from her Polish heritage. Her latest project is the restoration of a large "szopka", a creche made primarily from paint, paper and cardboard following a long tradition from the city of Krakow.

Twilight Artists Collective May Artist Equinox

Equinox Represented
Twilight opens up the back gallery to some of the terrifically talented folks from Equinox Studios. We'll be showing a mixture of artwork from the working members of this metalworkers studio in Georgetown.
Equinox Studios has given new life to a 1941 industiral building in Georgetown, creating studios and workspace for artists an artisans. Over 30 artists welcome you to experience the building, studios, art, music and more.

Admiral Tattoo May Artist Mike Mullins

Mike Mullins has been involved with many mediums of art including sculpture, photography, video production, and painting. He has combined his love of pop culture, art, and graffiti into his art. He moved to the Pacific Northwest three years ago to pursue a job at the Art Institute of Seattle in the video production program.
His work can be found online at

Body Bar May Artist Marcell Marias

Marcell Marias of Lunaglow designs and fabricates unique sculptures that glow with integrated illumination. He utilizes sustainable materials as much as possible and prioritizes energy efficiency in his designs.
Materials used include re-purposed metals including copper, stainless steel and aluminum, recycled glass, and various natural materials including bamboo and weathered wood. Designs range from simple candle-lit pieces, to wall sconces, to large-scale sculptures that incorporate LEDs, moving imagery and sound. Lunaglow pieces conjure wonderment and reflect the importance of our natural world.


Edie's May Artist Stephanie Norris & Treats

Stephanie Norris lives in West Seattle. Her art reflects her love of all things vintage. Acrylic is her preferred medium but she also enjoys watercolor, pastel, and mixed media collage.
Visit: for more information

Edie's will be serving wine and treats, please come out and see us.

Shoofly Pie May Artist Raina Anderson & Sweet Slices

Raina Anderson TigerLily Designs plus sweet slices special (buy one, get 2nd half off)

8 Limbs Yoga May Artist Kristi Lynn Tamcsin

Black and white infra red photos by Kristi Lynn Tamcsin. Infra red film is now off of the market, these are the last photos Kristi took with this heat sensitive film. The images are of tropical plants and the infra red makes them look dreamy and soft and like they are glowing from within. Kristi uses the natural patterns inherent in plant life and gives them a mature and sensual quality. You can see some of the images from the show at her website in the recent black and white portfolio.

Keller Williams May Artists Ken Ketchum, Mark Morgan, Kyle Rees with Catering by Fred Detore and Jame Privette

Ken Ketchum BIO: Ken's approach to photography comes from years of painting and drawing. Now the images are painted with light, yet, his motivation is still to capture visual poetry through form, color, and composition.

Mark Morgan BIO: Mark Morgan, a longtime resident of West Seattle, was introduced to photography by his father. This began a passion that would endure the intervening 41 years. Mark uses his camera to document glimpses of the unexpected and views of his world from new perspectives.

Kyle Rees BIO: Born & Raised in the Pacific Northwest, Kyle found his love for metalwork in high school in a Jewelry Design class.

Fred Detore and James Privette: Emerald Cove Catering BIO: Fred Detore, started his love for cooking while watching his mother in the kitchen as a small child. At the age of 13 he started his tenure in the restaurant business. James Privette attended South Seattle Culinary Arts School. He met Fred while working at the Palisades Restaurant.

Styling Studio May Artist Craig Orback

Styling Studio proudly present Craig Orback. Craig is a freelancechildren’s book illustrator living in West Seattle and received hisB.F.A. in illustration from Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle in1998. He has illustrated "Nature’s Paintbox: A Seasonal Gallery of Artand Verse", "Keeping The Promise: A Torah's Journey", "Paul Bunyan",and other award winning children's books. Craig also does commissioned portraits and paintings and can be contacted at or by calling 206 932-4043. For more on Craig Orback's work visit

The Kenney May Artist Alina plus a Step Back in Time

Visit The Kenney and step back in time, as we continue our participation in the West Seattle Art Walk. It will surely be an evening of fun and nostalgia! View old Kenney photographs & documents and purchase Glass Art by Alina of Atlantis Designs. Enjoy tasty hors d’oeuvres, wine and champagne while listening to The Astoria Combo performing the greatest music of all time!

Verite Coffee/Cupcake Royale May Artist Joan Engelmeyer

Verite Coffee/ Cupcake Royale is showing the work of Joan Engelmeyer through May."Sink or Swim"encaustic paintings on board.Encaustic Paintings by Joan Engelmeyer depicting the joyof being weightless

C&P Coffee May Artist Alisha Baker

Paintings by Alisha Baker at C & P Coffee Company. Born in Northern California and grew up in Washington, currently residing in North Seattle. She has spent most summers of her life traveling back to California to visit family and spend time at the ocean. Often road tripping, she has visited numerous beaches all along the west coast. The ocean has become her artistic muse, and those good memories along the water’s edge inspire her work.

Wild Rose's May Artist Carla Davis

Carla Davis will be showing her collection of expressionist, mixed media drawings and paintings which continue to explore her interest in the theme of birds.

Craze May Artist Soule

*Simple Pleasures*
Artwork by Soule

Coffee to a Tea with Sugar May Artist Machel Spence

“I have lived in West Seattle for 11 years and love everything about this area...especially the parks! I started photographing people and places before I realized I was interested in a career in photography. In college, I majored in Zoology and was constantly amazed at how symmetrical and unique everything relating to the biological world was. I hope that my photography ignites a passion in anyone who views it to take the time to look more closely at the beauty that surrounds us. We are all very lucky to be a part of it.”

Hotwire May Artists Seattle Lutheran Students

Kayla Stull
Age 17, Senior
My work is inspired by other cultures and other artists work. I also love to paint portraits, and most recently I painted a portrait of my friends dog.

Emily Meyer
Age 18, Senior
My paintings are inspired by the people around me, and by things that I have experienced in the past few months. Painting is an outlet for my feelings, and it helps me express myself.

Garret Richwilson
Age 17, Junior
My most recent drawing was inspired by the movie The Dark Knight, and I did this drawing in honor of Heath Ledger.

Alexa Jacobs
Age 18, Senior
I am most inspired by people in general. Every piece of art I make is unique, and in my opinion diversity is key. I try and reflect this in the images I choose to paint.

Melissa Stein
Age 16, Junior
Art inspires met o be myself and show my creativity. I like art because it makes me forget about all of my troubles and feel free.

Lindsey Kelly-Huff
Age 16, Junior
I like to make paintings that are simple, cute, and fun. I love mixed media, and like to use bright colors in my paintings.