Styling Studio January Artist

Artist name: Joni James

Bio: Joni began her career creating illuminated calligraphy pieces of quotes and poetry. She moved on to life drawing, focusing on the human form. One of her nudes, in acrylic, hang in hospitals throughout the country, after placing in "Snapshots of Survival." In her most recent series, "Sound through my Brush", Joni takes her love of music and the instruments themselves to her canvas in bold and intricate detail. Mixed media, you can almost hear the sounds coming from the collection. First created in 1995, Joni's "Faces Sans Masks", a series of small faces in a bold colorful style is her interpretation of who we are underneath the masks we all wear. Naming each one, giving them a description of their character makes them a joy to see and explore!

Websites: &

Notes: artist will be present during artwalk to meet with patrons, and as always snacks and drinks are served.

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Joni said...

The second web site is missing the "s" after masks.