image: Janet Miller @ Click! Design that Fits!

1. Colorful, contemporary subjects by local painter Marilyn Van Cleave Ullin0

2. Ginomai srtists open studios, and Brandon Baker in the community room with paintings, magnets, and t-shirts.

3. kelly rae cunningham, "it's really ok" encaustic paintings

4. Brian Nunes,

5. Mary Hildebrand ~ Jewelry, Bret Lyon, Tim Mulligan ~ acrylic on wood

6. not participating

7. Barbara Modey, Oil on canvas In Ms. Modey's figurative work nostalgic themes and pondering poses often emerge as a reaction to the speed at which contemporary life moves. The paintings grow from an interest in gesture, color relationships, juxtaposed flat and volumetric form, and painterly mark making.

8. Todd Rolleri

9. Matt Jones is an expressionist painter, his works are vibrant,expressive & huge!
Matt is also the founder of



12. Sarah Vissers, colorful and abstract interpretations of birds and urban landscapes

13. Todd Karam, famed graphic designer and painter showing right and bold painted bikes, trikes, toasters "Move fast, keep going, and never slow down" is his motto.

14. Brandon Ilenstine "Time & Time Again" Edgy Mixed Media works featuring beautiful women and bird men. Acrylic and Mixed Media on Panel

15. Mariah Scee, photography

16. Audrey Kaplan, Glass Artist

17. Connie Conley artist, author and illustrator

18. Arts West "Circles in Square Holes" Debbie Cahn, Jan Koutsky, and Ellen Miffitt, fiber art and mixed media collage



21. Janet Miller, mixed media and encaustic on paper, wood, and books.

22. sitting this one out.

23. Jack Han, modern and abstract oil pantings

24. Kris Latta, Acrylic mirror work

25. Rick Simpson Digital Art, Mixed Media

26. Merlin Chamberlin

27. Tarsha Hall, gouache on canvas,

28. Scott Nelson photography


30. not participating

31. Victoria & Ken Lapp of White Hawk Photography are presenting Fine Art Nature Prints at Seattle Wellness Programs. Victoria and Ken are based in Bothell, but travel all over the Puget Sound, and beyond. They offer images from their many travels around the beautiful Pacific Northwest and other spectacular areas around the country.
ymhaos - michelle steen-paintings, weavings and protraits

32. paintings by local mixed media artist Terry Blumer