March 13th line up

West Seattle Art Walk, Thursday March 13th 6pm-9pm

SPECIAL! Fashion Show "Art Meets Fashion" during the March 13th West Seattle Art Walk: Because turning heads IS an art form; Sponsored by Clementine, Carmelia, Sweetie, and Twilight Artist Collective.

1. Hotwire Online Coffeehouse Featuring black & white photography
2. Ginomai Artists Studio Featuring local West Seattle artists
3. Clementine Jenna Robertson, woolie originals collage ** see image below**
4. Keller Williams
5. Windermere Real Estate
6. Coffee to a Tea with Sugar Debra J. Burnett. Black and white photography of landscapes and portraits.
7. Verite Coffee & Cupcake Royale Scott Hermanson ‘Crackers’ acrylic on Canvas “Watch what you eat”
8. Carmelias part of the fashion show
9. Georgia Blu collaborative art work of SAL, Sam and Talese Heckler
10. Arts West Gallery Ashley Wells, Joey Katzer and Blue Mitchell "Its Just Life" March 9 - April 5, 2008.
11. M3 Bodyworks Photography and Art by Nancy Swigger
12. C&P Coffee Kelly Rae Cunningham: mixed media paintings "anything round"
13. Click! Design that Fits new collection by owner Frances Smersh, paintings by Brad Strain. Frances's new work is highlighted by several colors of dyed cork set in sterling silver and 22k gold vermeil. Brad's images are created with house paint, crayons, markers, spray paints and stencils.
14. West Seattle Nursery presents Kathy Johnson, Janet Calvo, Jack Strubbe, and Mary Holdworth.
15. Sweetie Ben Kerns is an artist photographer who celebrates beauty in all it's forms, from series Seasons of Beauty and Old Masters.
16. Wild Rose Victoria Shaw's photography "SPRINGTIME in PARIS"
17.Shoo Fly Pie Stephanie Norris "How Do I Look?" Acrylic, watercolor, and mixed media paintings inspired by the ideal woman of the 50's and 60's
18. Divina featuring the designs of Farinaz Taghavi (a white story)
19. Styling Studio Kathleen Lopez polaroid manipulation
20. Talaricos presents Elise Lindborg
21. Steve Klinkel Studio
8 limbs youga studio paintings by Liz Nelson

upcoming events at the art walk

Fashion Show "Art Meets Fashion" during the March 13th West Seattle Art Walk: Because turning heads IS an art form; This will be a potent injection of fashion inspiration. Four West Seattle art and fashion standards have come together to create visual magic...
When: February 13, 2008 during the West Seattle Art Walk, 6-9 PM
Where: Twilight Artist Collective West Seattle Gallery: 4306 SW Alaska Street, 206.933.2444
Why: Because there's nothing better than finding that perfect shoe, ring, hat or bag EXCEPT when you find it all under one roof!
What: Clementine’s, Carmelia’s, Sweeties and Twilight have brought their favorite designers together to create a wearable art extravaganza that will intrigue any clever woman. Chemical Wedding, Shelli Markee, Jenna Robertson, Don’t Quilt Your Day Job, LiMH Design, Dotted Line Jewels, Lucid Designs, Timora Dolores, and N. Palsley Design will all be featuring originals for your viewing and purchasing pleasure. From your toes to your crown we will show you new ways to dress it up. Complimentary wine and snacks provided. FREE
*image woolieoriginals